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  1. Hi all, I'd love to hear your suggestions for another plant to add to my 15 gal tank (picture below). The tank has 6 white clouds and 6 glow light tetras in it. I'm so new that I really don't know the options - what would be good vs bad, etc. My criteria: easy to maintain and hard to kill The plants I have in there are: Anubias nana (I think), and a Staurogyne Repens (bought 1 plant, split into 3). While I'm asking, any suggestions for a floating plant for my betta tank? Same criteria if possible. Thank you all in advance for your suggestions! -JP
  2. My Betta Tank is looking a bit bare as of lately. It doesn't have a lot of plants as I would like. I have a really nice hygrophillia in the front left corner, its really growing. Also have lots of different anubias on the driftwood. Other then that its really bare. I want to buy some rotala and put it in behind the driftwood to fill in those empty spots but I want something in the front right corner. I dont want anything that'll grow really big. Originally I was thinking a crypt, but I have so many of those in all my other aquariums. So I really am lost. I did want to do Alteranthera Reinecki Minni there but I think it would do better with higher light. All though I could try it out in there and if I see it would want more light move it to my 10 gallon that has higher light. Then I was thinking putting some java fern windelov there. But maybe that'll grow too tall. Any more suggestions?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and excited to be here. I just won a giveaway and received a ton of Bucephalandra which I have decided to use as the showpiece in my Fluval Spec V (5 gallon). Does anyone have advice for other plants that I can use to complete my scape? I'm running a low tech tank with the stock light (for now) and am using fine sand for substrate with root tabs. I intend to purchase red root floaters to provide shade, so this will ultimately be a low light tank. I'm currently thinking that the eventual occupants of the tank will be a betta and a Dwarf Mexican Crayfish, but that is TBD. I've been considering maybe doing some crpyt wendtii along the sides and some crypt parva throughout the middle of the tank, but I'm not sure how successful that will be with my sand substrate. I was also thinking microsword?? I want the buce to remain the star of the tank, but I also want to increase my plant load to fight algae and clean the water. I'm currently only running the light for 6 hours a day as the tank establishes and have popped in some EZ green to get things going. Any other general advice people have for a tank this young?
  4. Hi everybody! I'm going to get a 40 gallon tank really soon and I need some ideas for a scape for the tank. If you have any photos of your tank, please put some pictures of it here! Just need some ideas for a new scape.
  5. Here is the stocking 2 discus 1 angelfish 1 rope fish 1 dwarf (I believe) pleco I want a light carpet and a couple plants that float at the top like Lilly pads I would like it to be a medium planted tank kinda like this picture but with a light roof also any idea of price to do this
  6. So, I recently bought a 6 gallon cube, and I'm liking the idea of turning it into a small biome for a single betta to love and thrive. I know Java ferns are native to Asia, but what other plants would be ideal for me to put in. The tank is not that big, but I'd like to heavily plant it for the little guy. My plan is to use a Co-op sponge filter for filtration, planted tank substrate, a preset heater, and a planted tank light. What plants other than Java ferns would fit the Asian theme?
  7. Thanks to the winter storm that rolled through Texas last week, I lost both my betta and my pea puffer, leaving me with two uninhabited tanks. The 6 gal cube is lightly planted with some anachris, anubias attached to driftwood, banana plant, duckweed. The Fluval Spec V is now empty save for some rock and all the ramshorn snails that survived what my pea puffer could not. Clean slate here! I know there are a ton of people with super cool nano set ups, and I would like to join the ranks, or at least try! So, brain storm with me! If these were your uninhabited tanks, what would you do?
  8. Pulling the trigger on a large plant order as soon as the floor reinforcements are ready for a new 120! Help me scape, keeping in mind that I am a veteran house-plant lady, but this is my first real planted tank. I have some rock, and manzanita that I will be moving over from the 55, and I may add a few terracotta pots... but I'd like to spend enough to get a nice looking tank put together that will be able to grow in and be relatively easy to maintain... I am ok with routine maintenance, and would like a bit of color variation... Currently have the following in a shopping cart on aquarium coop, but what should I add, or swap? I have about $200 to spend, and am currently at $110. Red Dwarf lily bulbs (2) Anubius nana (2) Anubius gold coin (1) Scarlet Temple (2) Amazon Sword (2) Java Fern (3)
  9. I possibly have and opportunity to buy a several hundred gallon tank I don’t know exactly but I believe around 300 and I want to know what others would do with it
  10. I decided to get another tank to grow a snail population to feed my puffers. First, is 5 gallons enough? Second, what would you stock it with? I want it to be a bit more fun than just a snail party house.
  11. Hi All, I am new to plants but I have been keeping fish for years. I have a 20 long tank I am going to plant for my very first panted tank. I am going to buy one of the Coop's sponge filters, and a 24" Phoenix light. I already have ActivFlora substrate so I doubt I will need root tabs. If you had this tank and no plant budget what would you get from the current inventory to fill the tank. I was going to buy 2 of the Easy Planters to try out. With the new substrate, is Easy Green really needed at this point? Thank you for the suggestions Go nuts folks... Thanks
  12. So want to ask here for some feed back on what to do next with my 150g tank. Quick back story the tank has been setup for 6+ years with Lace catfish and big Texas cichlid. The Texas has passed and the LFS is interested in the lace catfish so think it is time to revamp the setup into some thing different. Idea #1 Break down the tank give it a full clean change the gravel to sand drop in some large drift wood and pick up two Oscars 2"-3" long and let them live there for the next 10+ years. Even with regular water changes and vacuuming the gravel there is still a lot of fish poo still in the bottom of that tank. So if I do Oscars I will want to strip it all out and start off fresh (keeping the cycled filters) Idea #2 That gravel could be a gold mine for plants at this point. I could drop in some 2-3 Amazon swords and some Dwarf sagittaria along the front of the tank in the gravel. They should grow like mad for a long time. I will have to add root tabs at some point but that wouldn't be too hard to maintain. With live plants I can't do the oscars so thinking moving my Lyretail yellow mollies and maybe add some swordtails. That is a huge tank for livebearers but seeing 75-100 of these guys swimming around all the live plants would be awesome. So what do you think Oscars or Mollies with plants?
  13. Hi guys, I've always wanted a dedicated angelfish tank and I think it's time I get one! The 55g seems ok for them, I'm planning to put 6-8 golden marbled angelfish. I want them to stand out really good so I will be painting the background black, and adding a black substrate. Do you guys have any dedicated angelfish tanks? I would love to get ideas from you, if you could post a photo that would be great!. I cannot decide which substrate to get, I'm looking at CaribSea Ecocomplete and Fluval Stratum. It seems stratum might be a bit better and more nutritious, but I am not a big fan of the spherical shaped grain, I like the more natural, rough, rocky look of the ecocomplete. Any commentary? Thanks! Happy new year!
  14. I am going to be setting up a 100 gallon stock tank as a pond this summer, and am planning on rainbow shiners in it. What substrate does everyone use in their outdoor tubs? Gravel or river rocks? Also, what underwater plants does everyone do? I'm thinking about a lily, and doing a couple of crypts in the shaded sections. Thoughts / suggestions on submerged plants?
  15. Hi, I want to start a planted tank, but I dont have co2 , I do have plant substrate though. What plants should I egt that need high light and no co2?
  16. I got a tank that is 36 x 16 x 18(D). How many plants would I need if I want to have a planted tank? Thank you.
  17. Since I just got a new 20 gallon long, I would love a plant that covers that entire back wall of the tank. Beginner friendly, any plants that would do the job?
  18. Are there any plants like Pearl Weed that will do well in low light conditions? Mainly to creep along rocks/driftwood like a ground cover, so ideally probably not a stem plant. And also something with actual leaves, so not a moss, but that stays small? Thanks!
  19. I have a 30G tank with live bearersin it. I love swords, ferns, and other larger plants towards the back of the tank. However, I'd like to find a smaller plant that I can plant towards the front of the tank as so not block the view from the front, but also provide some cover for small fry. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  20. Hello, I am wondering what I should plant in this future shrimp tank. It’s a five gallon tank. I want to use plants I have in other tanks, but I’m not sure what’s best. I really want to do some dwarf hair grass because the light is so strong. I have some in a 20 gallon but it is shaded under a ton of hornwort. The only reason it’s growing, I think, is because their is a window that gives the tank direct sunlight for a couple hours in the morning. Anyways, should a get a carpet going and add hornwort later? I also have Anubias and vallisnera availible.
  21. Here’s my 5 year old 55. It has a little bba on the edges of my plants. But it has become a excess fish catch all. I don’t know how to improve it without tearing it apart and starting completely over. I have spider wood, and lava rock. Just looking for ideas. I hate to make changes until the bba is off the edges of my leaves. There’s a pair of Asian algae eaters and three Chinese algae eaters, and a clown pleco in there but they’re busy, busy, busy.
  22. The bowl is tiny, about 1.5 gallons. I found a nice red rock to put in the middle and would like some plants to accent that. I'm quite new to the hobby (started right before covid), and don't have encyclopedic knowledge of plant choices yet. Ideally, I'd like something small to make the rock look like a mountain for some shrimp to conquer. And I'd rather the soil be mostly covered, so whatever I choose, I'll get enough of it to heavily plant from the start. I have some dwarf hairgrass in another tank, and I think it might look nice in here, but I'm not sure how it will grow since I'm just using a desk lamp for this bowl. It does sit near an east facing window that gets some nice morning light, but I'm not sure how much it will help. Current Candidates: Dwarf Hairgrass Dwarf Baby Tears Micro Sword Cryptocoryne Parva Thoughts?
  23. My kiddo has a fluval spec 5 gallon and would like to upgrade her beta to 10 gal. She has had terrible luck growing plants and has tried low light plants with root tabs, easy green and has black substrate from co-op store (not sure what’s it’s called). Yet no luck. Hoping when we upgrade the new setup will better support plant growth. As a surprise I would like to get her started with buying her a new set up as a holiday gift. Can someone recommend a 10 g tank, light and heater? There are so many options and I am not a fish person.
  24. So if you are reading my other posts, I've been trying to figure out the centerpiece stocking choice for my 350 gallon heavily planted aquarium. As I said in one of the post, I already got a group of platinum angelfish with my swordtails, guppies, platys, endlers, corydoras, plecos, etc.... When I added the angles, The tank is still pretty empty, and I already have plans on upgrading the aquarium to a larger aquarium that my dad and I are planning on building. The stocking will be the same for the new tank, except for I wanna get some rosy loaches, panda loaches, and panda garra. I really wanna get some more larger fishes for the aquarium. What would be your suggestion? I'm leaning toward getting more of the wild type scalare angles, and maybe even some uaru cichlid, but I the uaru might eat the plants. So please leave some stocking suggestion please.
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