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  1. I agree. I have been dosing the carbon but it has been difficult to be consistent. I’m doing the Amano Shrimp path now and I’ll let you know how it goes
  2. Sounds good! Is there any additional tests/ things I could try to cut out the source of the Staghorn? I remember you mentioning on a stream that it takes time to arrive so it will take time to get rid of.
  3. There is a lot of Staghorn algae on the Val and the edges of the leaves on the anubias and the swords.
  4. @Cory would love some input if possible 🙂 or is it okay to make a repost?
  5. I am not sure what you mean by that. It’s on a timer for 6 hours total in the day. And is in the first light setting that this lamp comes with.
  6. Hello! I am currently battling with Staghorn algae. Which for some reason is only affecting one of my tanks. Would love some help! The tank is a 16 Gallon Fluval Spec and I use the included light on a two light cycle day. In the morning for 1 hour, and in the evening for 5. Stocking: 1 Kuhli Loach 6 Cherry Shrimp 6 Spotted Blue Eye rainbows 8 Ember Tetras 4 Pygmy Cory Cats Parameters 16 Gallon Tank PH 7.8 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5ppm (water changed yesterday) I am currently dosing Easy Carbon once a day. But it seems to only have an effect when I spot treat. And not when I dose the entire tank.
  7. The Yellow Dwarf rainbow fish is a different one. Pseudomogil Gertrudae is known as the Spotted blue eye Rainbowfish. And is a great little nano fish that’s very active and also easy to breed if you want to try that later down the line.
  8. Yup I meant shrimp! Thank you for the Info! I’m hoping to breed some for fun but also wanted to breed cherry shrimp too.
  9. Has anybody ever breed these before? I want to breed a small fish in a 16 gallon but I’m not super hyped on live bearers (sorry Cory). And do people think they would be okay with some cherries? I included my tank! And will remove the Betta before adding these.
  10. Not a Matin filter. It’s a Fluval spec so it’s their “all in one” filtration system. I threw a sponge filter for extra filtration and to have a cycled sponge ready incase I ever need one.
  11. I would be moving the betta to another tank once I got them in. I’m a bit worried about the Pygmy corys maybe eating some eggs.
  12. Here you go! Sorry I should have thought of that lol. The Betta will be moved to another tank.
  13. Hello! I am looking to start breeding some fish for fun in addition to cherries. The 16 gallon tank already has some ember tetras and some Pygmy corys. Any recommendations for nano fish that are fairly simple to breed? I am fairly on top of my water changes and have extra filtration to accommodate for the extra waste. I added a picture for reference! And I’ve been thinking of doing CPD’s?
  14. Hello! I have a 16 gallon with a school of Ember Tetras, and a school of Pygmy Corries. I would like another small schooling fish. Any suggestions? Preferably a non orange/ red color?
  15. Hi! It is properly cycled, has been running for about 5 months now. And I’m doing water changes once a week, I have been gravel vacuuming so I shall stop that. I have reached out to a friend about taking my ottos and some embers already. I will def look into some floating plants so thank you!
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