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  1. Some of you may heard in the live stream we bought a new house so that we could get away from our current neighbors who made it impossible to film outside pond content. We also need more space to store aquarium coop products for the warehouse. We had been “looking” for like 8 months for the perfect space but our requirements were odd, needed a building for a studio, fish room and storage and away from neighbors while still being close enough to town for good internet. Here are some pics snapped quickly with my cell phone of the starting space. And 1 picture of the view from today that my wife took. None of the stuff in these pictures is ours, they were from a day when we had an inspection done. now the task of getting this space ready, then moving the fish room and selling our old house is ahead of us.
  2. I'm in a rigorous residency program and will be taking a boards exam in September. I'm currently working about 60 hours a week and studying in my free time. Come July, I will be studying 7 days a week. I need to have little nuggets along the way to keep me going, so I've decided that a little reward each day I'm studying is to research my future build - a 20g long that I want to be a planted tropical community tank. I am planning on putting everything together this fall once I get settled in my new home and job as a congratulations gift to myself. I've never planned a tank this complex, so I would love any advice along the way. I figured the best thing to do would be start with the stocking and plan the substrate, plants, decor and parameters around the creatures? I am just dying to get my hands on some panda cories and CPDs. I also really want to try to keep a robust and reproductive shrimp colony. I bought a few for my heavily planted fantail 40g figuring there were plenty of hiding places, but damn can those two hunt...huge mistake. I think I have one lone wolf (shrimp) remaining... The attached picture is a general idea of how I want to stock this tank. I'm not 100% certain about the compatibility of these species or how many of each to keep, but I think I've covered all levels of the aquarium. I could give or take the cardinal tetras, but I've heard great things about them. Once I decide my stocking plan, my future journal entries will be deciding other factors like substrate, plants, decor, stand, etc.
  3. What would you do or recommend? I set up my 1st planted tank back in March - It's a 75gal planted tank w/ rocks and driftwood. The tank has finally hit its stride, the plants are growing wonderfully, the water balance is great, and the algae is finally in check. We are unexpectedly having to move 3 hrs away AND! we are temporarily moving into our 5th wheel for a few months. We will eventually be moving into a rental until we can find another home to purchase or until we can build a house. My thought was that if we get a rental I would just put the tank in the garage (we live in CA so I don't have to manage freezing temps) - is that a terrible idea? I doubt any landlord would allow a 75gal tank inside the home...right?? I can move the tank to my parents home, and have them manage it on a basic level, and I would have to come down once a month for more in-depth maintenance. If I decide to tear down the tank...I have not stocked the tank with my long term choice in fish so I don't have much attachment to the fish, but I'm struggling with loosing all the time invested in the balance of the tank, bacteria and healthy plants. What do you suggest? What would you do? Here are the details of the tank: Substrate - Eco Complete & Fluval Stratum Filtration - Fluval 407 and coop sponge filters. Plants - Jungle Val, CRYPTOCORYNE WENDTII 'GREEN', & Anubis petite Livestock - 6 nerite snails, 10 amano shrimp, 5 otocinclus, 7 siamese algae eater, 10 ember tetra, 9 sword tails, 3 sterbai corys, & 1 bala shark that is being re-homed as he is too big for this tank.
  4. I’m probably a little late in asking about this… I am moving to a new town - about 30 miles away - next week. I have a 75 gal African cichlid tank, a 40 gal planted community setup, and a small betta setup. Should I do any preventative meds, etc before/after the move? The cichlids and betta have been 100% healthy for months. no signs of illness. In the community tank, I have lost a couple of Tetras in the last 2-3 months to what appeared to be dropsy… One at a time, spaced weeks apart. Still trying to figure that issue out, but haven’t treated for anything since the cases seemed mostly isolated and water parameters are stable with regular 25-30% water changes.
  5. Hello! I recently compromised the stand that came with my 125 gallon tank through a slip up and water spill, I know I should've built my own from the start so now i recently completed a very nice DIY stand. However, I was wondering how best to go about moving this tank. I need to move it onto the floor briefly so I can remove the old stand and bring in the new one in its place, and then I need to move the 125 back onto the new stand. I'm guessing I 100% need to remove my fish right? So far its just small rainbows and Denison barbs, but I was barely able to catch these guys in a 15 gallon so how can I hope to catch them in a tank this big? I have barrels for draining the tank as much as possible which is good, but just how far do I need to drain this tank? All the way? Also I have roughly 150 pounds of sand (dry) and a good bit of rock and driftwood in there, do I need to remove these as well? If so how much? Thanks for all help you can offer on this topic! I've never had a tank this big and its been hard to find a guide for something exactly like this. I really appreciate each and everyone of you guys on here!
  6. I am so excited to share our fish keeping journey. My husband and I live in MN in a rental house and just made a purchase agreement on a home. We are currently in a cramped one bedroom rental and have 4 fish tanks. Our landlord said no cats/dogs so we decided to get a small 29 gallon fish tank and life has not been the same since. We, (but mostly me) are addicted now. I currently have a 20, 40, 75, & 125. I recently found a guy selling all his fish room tank/equipment so I made him an offer and we got 15 tanks from him in various sizes from 10 to 125 gallons. Our new home is much bigger and is a split level. I have already been trying to design on paper something in the lower level so we have an idea of where to put a few tanks right off. I am nervous about moving my 4 tanks and making sure everyone survives the event. We plan on keeping our rental an extra month so we wont be rushed. I want to set up 4 new tanks and get them cycled then move the fish over. Any ideas would be welcome. The new house is only about 40 minutes from our rental. I will post our journey as we move through this process.
  7. While still living in my house, I need to get it looking tidy and relatively empty to be shown to potential buyers. I have 4 fish tanks. Need I really say more? I can kind of tuck away the many electric cords, air tubing, etc. But then there's the random wet net, cups, extra quart-size container that I had to temporarily put some snails in, tons of water sitting out to come to room temp for water changes... And it's not like I can just set wet things aside and put a lid on it. Hello, mold. This is 1% of my current problems, but I assume I'll find empathy in this group. Ugh.
  8. HI All! Last post I made was just 6 days ago which was an update on my aquarium that is doing so well. Well, it looks like we are going to be moving across country. What do we do with our Aquarium and fish? We're looking to move to Raleigh, NC from Seattle area. Looks like there's some good stores in Raleigh!
  9. Hello! i am moving soon and need to tear down my 16 gallon. Since I will only be able to keep my two 5 gallon tanks. I want to use this as an opportunity to rescape since I will be using some plants from my 16 gallon and want to change gravel. Should I do this before the move so I don’t have to save plants in a bucket while I move? Or would it be better to wait?
  10. Hi all, I have been seeding a canister filter on my cycled tank for a couple of weeks now (can't remember if 3 or 4 now). My husband and I are going to be making a 6 hour total trek to pick up the fish I plan on stocking my new tank in. Right now this tank does not have any fish, just some plants and whatever hitchhikers came with them. If I transfer the seeded filter before we go, I don't think there will be anything for the bacteria to consume and I don't want them to die. Is it best to wait until we have returned with the fish to install the seeded filter?
  11. Established, 2 yr old planted 36 gal glass freshwater tank with EcoComplete substrate and Fluval plant light. Couple of large sword plants and several pogo octopus plants. Stocked with 1 large Angel, 6 Cories , 4 otocinclus. Bought same size acrylic tank and need to switch everything over, eventually. I have brand new EcoComplete but can I or should I still use some of the old substrate ? Should I put the old under or over the new ? My plan is to get the new tank going and get a bit of algae built up before moving the Otos over. They are thriving and I don’t want to lose them. Or would there be enough for them eat on the plants themselves to sustain them if I move them sooner? Any advice on making this type of switch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all !
  12. So i am moving across country from Florida to Pennsylvania in the next 4-6 months, and I'm kinda excited. Mostly because i feel like it's a free excuse for a reset in aquarium keeping but i get to start over with over a year's worth of knowledge to build from the ground up correctly. I am kinda sad because of our current predicament, I'm not going to be able to keep all our fish that have stayed with us for so long. We have 7.5, 10, 10, and a 75 gallon tank teeming with life, not to mention 2 cats and a dog. The plan is to take the inhabitants of the 7.5 and 10 gallons with us in a tub in the car and all my fave plants from all the tanks in a 5 gallon bucket, but the 75 gallon inhabitants will probably have to go back to the lfs 😧 So i do have a question. In a perfect world, we're moving to Bethlehem, PA, but we're also looking at other cities that are about an hour away in any direction of Bethlehem, Allentown, Quakertown. Is anyone from that region known what the water conditions are like up there? Or the more fun question, what are cool/good fish stores in those cities? I value the opinions of any locals to that region on this forum higher than randos on google reviews.
  13. Before class I was in the process of moving my 10 gallon tank to a higher table right next to the stand it was on to make space for a 29 gallon. BUT in the process I managed to further crack the tank when there was just a tiny sliver on the top edge under the black trim. Luckily I had a spare 10 gallon and used it to redo my tank. Lots and lots of broken down aqua soil and almost a silt like substance. But in the panic of it all I managed to put the 10 gallon back onto the same stand it was on and forgot to place it onto its new stand. Do I have to completely redo the process and remove everything just to move it a few inches over onto a taller table? Anyways during class the explanation to my teacher of why I was busy was... complicated. Anyways here’s some pics of the new ten gallon.
  14. Hi all: I'm drowning in multies! Some months ago I purchased 7 neolamprologus multifasciatus from my LFS, hoping they would breed. Boy did they ever! Now, I want to redistribute some and sell some back to my LFS (who wants them). Since catching shell dwellers is very difficult when using the more natural-looking escargot shells, I thought I should document the process I will attempt after having consulted Mister Internet: I will temporarily migrate the fish to PVC caves that are easier to empty. I originally gave my multies a 20-gallon long on my Home Depot rack all to themselves: They started breeding almost immediately. I fed the fry freshly-hatched BBS and Aquarium Co-Op Easy Fry Food, and they grew fast. After giving away 7 to a friend and moving 7 more to an office tank, they exploded again (over 20 juveniles just in the pic below)! There were over 30 in the last batch...maybe it was two simultaneous batches? Now that they've grown a little, it's time to find them homes. Extracting them from the shells, one at a time as I was instructed by my LFS (holding the shell out of the water on its side until the fish lets itself slide out), takes hours and can really stress out the fish. Instead, I plan to move the shells higher in the water and entice the fish over a few days to move into some PVC-based caves, from which it will be much easier to get the fish out. So I started by making my caves. Each one is simply a 1-1/2" length of 3/4" PVC pipe glued into an elbow, with a PVC cap that remains removable. I made fourteen: Next, I cut a couple pieces of "eggcrate"-style lighting diffuser, at roughly 4-1/2" x 12" each: My understanding is that shell dwellers prefer to live on the ground, not above it, and generally won't want to swim "upward" to get to their home. So tonight, I will suspend these two eggcrate sheets in the tank as "shelves", and move the shells up there, with the new PVC caves available below. More to come! Bill
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