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  1. Hi everyone. I've been really struggling with a staghorn outbreak in my 55 gallon. I've read many forums on here and other websites for advice, i just want to ask again and see what worked best for others. I bought 4 siamese algae eaters for my tank yesterday, as i can't have shrimp due to my other fish in the tank. I don't run CO2 but plan on getting a setup pretty soon. Other options i see that have worked best are a tank blackout and spot treating with liquid carbon. Any advice would be great. And to skip any questions, yes it is staghorn algae, PH 7.2, Ammonia and nitrite 0ppm, nitrates 40ppm, lights on about 8 hours but at 85% intensity
  2. Hi All! I had a bit of staghorn appear in my snail tank recently so I reduced the lighting in the tank. It seems to have all turned red overnight. Is this a sign that it's dying? The only other change I've made is I added wondershell. Could that have affected the algae?
  3. What are some ways you all kill staghorn algae?
  4. I have been having issues with staghorn algae and noticed on the co-ops identification guide there's no staghorn on there. Is there a reason why? Is it too close to another type of algae to put on there?
  5. Yes, they pulled a lot of the moss apart, as well, but they picked the staghorn algae clean off of the whole tank, leaving plants intact. It took them less than 24 hours to eat every speck of staghorn, which is usually too tough and fibrous for other algae eaters to want to bother with. The moss will grow back, and quite honestly I have more than enough to replace what was eaten or pulled off the wood. People like to say that flagfish are nippy and aggressive, but that is only the case with the males. A group of 3 female flagfish makes an excellent algae management system and they are not territorial like the males are. A group of them will hang out together and they won't usually bother other fish. They're nothing fancy, just a plain little brown and green fish, but they are very active swimmers and they are fun to watch. I wish I had more pictures of the whole tank before I put them in, there was staghorn all over the place... Now it's sparkling clean!
  6. I'm a new into aquarium life still lol and got this gem of algae in my tank. I've looked into types of fuzz or hair algae but I'm looking for a direction. Do I need to take action or let it do its thing. I'm worried for the plants I don't want them to get starved out and lose photosynthesis and die. I have 4 Amano shrimp 4 ghost shrimp and one guppy. I have recently treated for fin rot after my guppy poked a hole in his tail. I used maracyn. Problem was there before treatment. Also using a finnex stingray light. I occasionally used fertilizers.
  7. So this is my first time doing planted tanks and this one was set up for almost a year and then we moved and I re set up and now I have this crap is it bba? How do I get rid of it? It's on my Java fern and on the guppy grass
  8. Hi everyone! I need some advice. How can I get rid of staghorn algae? I’ve never had this type of algae and I’ve read several articles but not sure how to best get rid of it. I have a planted tank and want to be careful to not harm the fry I have in the tank. It’s a 55 gallon planted tank. I don’t use CO2. Thank you for any help you can provide!
  9. Hello fellow tank lovers! I have staghorn algae growing on a lot of plants right now. I am not experienced with this type of algae, but I did read where basically nothing will eat it. Maybe except a SAE, but I do not have the proper set up for an SAE. Should this algae stay or go? It's ugly as sin. And I don't think my plant leaves are loving it. How do I kill it? I have been spot treating with Excel, but it's almost like just as fast as it starts turning red and dying off in one small area, more grows elsewhere. Parameters are good, API master test kit confirmed. Two different tanks, a 9 gallon flex with a betta, a snail, and bamboo shrimp. And a 13.5 gallon Evo with a betta, small colony of neo's, and 3 ember tetras. Each tank gets fed 1 time a day, I spot clean uneaten food in the evening (fish are fed in the morning). Maybe it's the lights? They are on from 9AM to 9PM. The only thing I use for plants is Flourish Tabs in the substrate. Both tanks are moderately planted with some cholla wood and natural rocks. Both tanks use Fluval lights. Pre-Set to the 'Planted' parameters. I do not use CO2. Any ideas? As in *why* the staghorn would be growing so quickly and how to kill it (if it's bad and needs to die)
  10. Disclaimer: All of this is due to my incompetence, so no, hydra didn't come to my house and rob me. So I had a little 10g tank that had some plants in it (the main one I'll be talking about is some parrots feather I got. Now, I cannot confirm nor deny this was actual parrots feather, because there are so many species that look like parrots feather and hornwort and...ugh its making my head hurt. But anyways, I had a little HOB and a sponge filter in front of the HOB, catching the flow on the way out. The parrots feather was catching the bubbles and the flow between both the filters. It was a kinda new tank (not really though, the bacteria wasn't at least), and it started growing some kind of algae on the very fine leaves of that plant. I hear a lot algae is not necessarily bad unless its killing the plants, and I thought the couple of cherry shrimp I was planning to keep would benefit off of it, and I would just leave it there. Big mistake. Fast forward 2 or 3 months and it was a a lot thicker and small and black, just coating the plants. But I was still in denial. I forgot to mention, the algae was some staghorn algae. But I didn't know at the time. With the tons of pond snails I had, they were creating a ton of molm and poop in the giant pea gravel I had (that I recently covered up because I couldn't plant any plants in it), and from that there were a bunch of small cyclops and copepods, and Im assuming from that, there were a bunch of hydra. About 2 months ago I finally gave in and looked into what it was. I read that it can be treated with Seachem Excel or increasing flow and it was from a lack of CO2. I also heard it can kill Val and Anarchis, both of what I had. I figured I'd do a plant dip, and took out all my regular baby tears, which was barely growing in sand, and parrots feather. It didn't really do much but turn white/gray on me and I decided to cut everything off, and now the Baby Tears just stands out more. From there I watched and learned about balancing your tank (probably the video from Girl Talks Fish was the most concise but anyways..). I just added some plants, covered the gravel and heavily gravel vaccumed (not that much actually, and a lot was in my HOB, which is a Tetra Whisper 40 literally filled to the brim with sponge. Literally. It died down a little and now theres only a wall or 2 covered in it, but I assume theres still a lot in the algae- some I still have in my java fern or whatever else plants. I wanted to add some fish live livebearers (I was already planning to add some platies) but then I figured that since it was a 10 gal, the platies would not let the shrimp at least make a baby or 2. So I figured I would put some shrimp first before the platies. But then I remembered the hydra and it was back to square one. Anything I should do? Also, anyone have experience battling Staghorn Algae and it turning really short and thick, but stringy enough to not look like BBA? Honestly I just want to cut off all of the affected plants, add some new plants and forget about it.
  11. Does anybody know what this black stuff is? Initially I only saw it on the tips of my cyperus helferi and thought maybe it was just a normal process for the plant (like how Java ferns will make baby Java ferns on their leaves)... but yesterday I had a major die off of my cherry shrimp (after several months of smooth sailing with this planted/Walstad method shrimp jar.) I did a big water change and noticed some of the black things growing in the anubias and buce too. Now I’m concerned maybe it is some kind of parasite? I treated with Paraguard out of caution but can’t speak to whether or not it’s changed anything yet. Of note, I do NOT believe it to be black hair algae. I’ve had plenty of that in other tanks and it doesn’t look the same. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. I am having issues in my 29g with staghorn algae I have the brown algae under control and have been spot treating the staghorn with excel and it's kind of working I also got 2 nerite snails my next step is taking my co2 setup from my other tank and setting it up in my 29g will this help with the staghorn and do I have to "ween" my tank off of co2 to make the switch? The tank with co2 right now only has a snail in it I plan on stocking both tanks with fish this weekend.
  13. I got some plants about a month ago from the coop my dwarf sag is producing some new growth but has alot of what looks to be hair algae growing. The Amazon and red flame sword are kind of stagnant they will grow new leaves and then have some die. And my scarlet temple is producing some roots above the gravel line but not doing very well. On top of all that I have a ton of brown algae I thought too much light may have been the culprite so I turned the lights down from where they were at first and they are on for 9 hrs I also found my temp was near 80 F so I turned it down to 74 F. I tested my water today and came back GH 25 ppm KH 40 PPM NO2 0 NO3 10 PPM PH 7.6 there are only plants in this tank but I have my java fern from my other tank in this on it developed what I thought was blackbeard algae and I treated it now it has black spots on it but otherwise doing great and producing baby plants and my red dwarf lily bulb is absolutely thriving so It makes me scratch my head why the other plants haven't really come back after melting back. I have easy root tabs and dose easy green 2x a week.
  14. Tank is about 10 weeks old. Made it past a green and white algae bloom, then past 4 weeks entered brown algae bloom. But now the brown algae looks more black. Very hard to remove. In the third photo you can see the difference between the brown and black hairs.
  15. Hey guys, I have an outbreak of Staghorn Algae in my 29g shrimp tank. It’s mostly on the driftwood and Java moss that’s on the driftwood. There’s a little on the Vallisneria. Ph is 6.8. Nitrates 20 PPM. No nitrites no ammonia. I don’t dose CO2 and there’s pretty good flow. I have an Aquaclear 70 on there for now. I dose Fluval Gro+ fertilizer once a week at 2.5 ml. I’ve tried dosing H2O2 at 1.5 ml per gallon. It hasn’t had any effect. I’ve tried Seachem excel and did not like the effect it had on the Shrimp, Val, or mosses. Would I be able to drain the tank down to spot treat with hydrogen peroxide without killing my shrimps with the peroxide or subsequent water change? Should I spot treat with the water in? Or should I continue the H2O2 fogging method?
  16. Hi guys I posted another topic about my bba and stag horn issue. So I did some research (aquarium co-op videos lol) about balancing nutrients and lighting so I did my weekly water change yesterday but for I did it I tested the nitrates they were at 40 ppm but I dosed the tank with easy green the day prior.then like I said I did my water change and dosed with easy green and this morning I tested the nitrates and they were at 20 ppm.now my actual question is are my light times and power levels to high still. I have been gradually decreasing time and levels every two weeks. Now I know Corey said nitrates should stay around 40 so I wonder if I need to dim the lights and lessen the time or just add more ferts? I also have root tabs in under the sword as well.so that this is so long and all over the place. And here’s a photo on what exactly my light is on and the tank it’s self. Thanks everyone
  17. Can anyone identify this algae? It is growing on my java fern from aquarium coop. Thanks!
  18. I recently dosed my tank with a few meds and some salt. I used API super ich cure, API erithromycin, API Melafix, and salt. Literally a few hours later my stag horn algae problem had already started to turn red and is dying. I would love to know if it was the salt or the meds. I dosed them all regularly by the instructions accept for the salt for which I used 1 tablespoon to 2 gallons of water.
  19. Does anyone recognize this kind of algae? I believe it may be “staghorn” algae. If so what are the typical causes for its growth? I am developing this algae in a 20L shrimp tank with ~20ppm nitrate from easy green. Water changes are 15% once a week. Lighting is a dimmed Nicrew Planted plus.
  20. I'm working on a new tank. I've got plants ready, but I'm going to move some cuttings from my other tank because it has so much java moss and hydrocotyle tripartita. That tank has a staghorn issue that I'm battling. How can I move the plants without the chance of transferring the staghorn with them? I can pick and choose easily, but tiny bits are all you need. Also if anyone has advice about dealing with staghorn... the tank is well planted. No CO2. I'm dosing easy green. No more iron in case that's making things worse. I've been trying to fight the staghorn with Easy Carbon (shooting it right on the algae, 1ml/10gal) and aggressive trimming. ...It's still growing and it's getting a bit frustrating. Advice appreciated. Can you up the dose of easy carbon? Should I stop the easy green? Thanks!
  21. Hi guys, new to planted aquarium and I have a 40 breeder with a 3 ft. 2-Light 45-Watt White Integrated Utility LED Shop Light from home depot. I ordered some dwarf hair grass from the co op and it was doing well until two weeks ago it developed or exploded in algae. Idk what type it is but I’ve been hitting it with 5ml excel every day right after light goes on. I keep water steady at 0 NH3-4, 0 NO2, and 5-20 NO3. Weekly 25% water change and I house 8 mystery snails, multiple pond snails, 2 SAE and 21 neon tetras. I only feed em in the am before work and when I get home late pm, only what they eat in 2 minutes. I did add a small branch of broccoli for the snails and they devour it in 24hr period. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  22. Hello! I am currently battling with Staghorn algae. Which for some reason is only affecting one of my tanks. Would love some help! The tank is a 16 Gallon Fluval Spec and I use the included light on a two light cycle day. In the morning for 1 hour, and in the evening for 5. Stocking: 1 Kuhli Loach 6 Cherry Shrimp 6 Spotted Blue Eye rainbows 8 Ember Tetras 4 Pygmy Cory Cats Parameters 16 Gallon Tank PH 7.8 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5ppm (water changed yesterday) I am currently dosing Easy Carbon once a day. But it seems to only have an effect when I spot treat. And not when I dose the entire tank.
  23. My first assumption was hair algea, but it doesn't seem like it. This algea is very brittle and brown - very difficult to clean as it just breaks off.
  24. Is hydrogen peroxide effective at killing staghorn if i pull out my anubias and spray it on and let it soak?
  25. My tabk has had an off and on battle with staghorn algae for a while now. Im almost ready to give up. I trimmed off almost everything in the tank that has stag on it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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