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  1. Hey, I have just recentley switched to pellets for my fish and my female swordtail will go for the pellet, and then spit it out and then go for it again? Will she start eating them normally? if not how do I fix this problem?
  2. When I got my betta a few weeks ago, I started feeding him omega betta flakes. He liked it, but it was hard for me to measure a consistent amount each time. I was always cautious of overfeeding. But otherwise, he is relatively happy with it. Although this pollutes the water pretty quickly. To try something different, I got him Hikari Betta Bio-gold baby pellets. I remember someone saying give 5 pellets a day. So I usually give 3 in the morning, 2 at night. Although these things are so tiny that I may give him one or two more on accident. So my question... Because these are baby pellets, when should I upgrade to bigger ones, or increase the amount of the baby pellets? What signs of growth do I look for to make sure he's being fed? Or that he needs more daily? While I am cautious of overfeeding, I also don't want to leave him hungry every day.
  3. There is no doubt in many fish keepers minds that the xtreme red krill flakes are "the best fish food on the market". And as much as I do agree that the xtreme red krill flake is really good, how about the New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets. Lets take a look, First 10 Ingreidents in each foods New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets Whole Antartic Krill, Giant Squid, Whole wheat flour, whole menahaden fish, Ulva Seaweed, Chlorella seaweed, Wakame seaweed, Kelp, Garlic, Ginger 7/10 of these ingreidents are natrual Xtreme Red Krill Flakes Krill meal, fish meal, shrimp meal, wheat flour, soy flour, brewers dried yeast, sodium alginate, spirluna, soy lechitan, corn starch 5/10 of these ingeidents are natrual Both of these quality foods have krill as there first ingreident. Krill will enchance colors in fish, especially the redish, orangeish color. New Life spectrum food has more quality/ natrual ingreidents. Price Newlife Spectrum Pellet: $16.90 usad (5.3oz) Xtreme Krill Flakes: 14.99 usad (3.5oz) Newlife spectrum food is cheaper per the oz. Availibility From my research I have found that it is hard to find xtreme food outside of USA. I live in Canada, so in my experiance it was tough finding the xtreme food after watching all the awesome reviews. Infact in order to get xtreme food you have to order off amazon.com meaning you have to pay more for shipping, if you live somewhere other then usa. Where as the newlife spectrum food is much easier to find outside of the usa. Its in all of the fish stores I've been to. i also know that you can find newlife spectrum food in europe and north america, not too sure about asia. You can get your hands on newlife spectrum food easier and cheaper then xtreme flakes. Conclusion I like newlife spectrum food better then xtreme. I find that there ingreidents are better quality then extreme and its cheaper then xtreme. and because I am a teenager in this hobby I look for the cheapest yet, best quality food. Which in my opinion is newlife spectrum. I beleive that xtreme has better marketing and advertisement and therefore is more popular. Newlife spectrum is an underated food. What do you like better?
  4. I recently purchased a pepper mill to see if it could grind down food for small fish or fry. It worked great. I have been using nano and both 1.5 xtremes along with several other foods. I bought sera discus granules by the pound and made a video showing the pepper mill in use. Can come in handy if you like to buy food in larger quantities and want more options for what size it can be fed to.
  5. Can anyone recommend a quality Flowerhorn food that you’ve used and had good results with coloration and kok development? We’ve only had Petey a few weeks now and the entire family has fallen in love with him. Even my wife enjoys him and hasn’t been complaining about all my tanks since we brought him home!
  6. Had a bit of a rescape in my display tank and taken out a lot of Java moss. It's now in a 5 gallon bucket in the garden with a sponge filter running on solar. Dropped half a dozen cherry shrimp in to hopefully breed with some stinging nettles. Question is how often do I feed other than fresh nettle leaves? I'm guessing there will be quite a lot to eat in the Java moss?
  7. I want to add moss covered tree bark to my tank for my wood eaters. What should I do to prepare the bark for the tank?
  8. I pulled out about 25 sterbai eggs this morning. In the past I've only pulled 2 or 3 eggs and not made a big effort to raise them. With this many eggs i'd like to get these to adult. I'd like some food that wont' pollute the water too much as the only container I have for them is a 5 gallon pail. I have hirkai and omega-one first bite on hand as well as soilent green an rephashy igaloo on hand as well as general flake. I'll put in a very mature sponge with them which will have some micro organism. My game plan is if i can get them past 2 or 3 weeks i can put them in a 5 gallon tank or put them in a fry thingy in the 29 and once they get to 12 or so weeks i can put them in the 120. I had a few in the 29 that would make it for a while but eventually they would vanish (the tank has hongsloi which is a bit unfriendly for the frys).
  9. Most of my fish are 1 inch (4 black skirt tetras), 2 silver flying fox, 1 golden ram, and 1 3 inch pleco) how many times a day would you feed them? My Angel fish are about 3 inches tall how many times a day do you recommend feeding them? I feed both flakes and brine shrimp. I have been feeding 3 times a day.
  10. Well I have 2 aquarium 125 gallon 8 Thai orandas in each. Aquariums 6ft long and a lot food wouldn’t be found so I did this. I feed goldfish is bowls. Might help someone else I have plenty algae for bristlenose I don’t need over feed. 1.I have auto feeder at top giving small snails all day. 2. Then a funnel with a sponge filter shooting water down it get cyclone motion. 3. Down a shrimp pipe to bowl. 4. I also have lights go off minute and as soon pop on auto feeder drops food. I don’t think 1 pellet gets lost. I do feed a messy vegetable mix since goldfish and bowl helps contain mess. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/6O_7hpLvQrO2t-ium3lmEQ.yUcO9qdMnlpTfshH-He5Gj https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/d08tQ6WzTqmNSUm4DRRaBg.x_gwhGwjQwdpjktoEKjQL0
  11. What is the best way to feed discus will they eat the food off the bottom, and if they don’t I have a L 193 gold nugget pleco will it eat the blood worms
  12. Finally set up my new Aquarium Co-Op auto feeder, and I'm impressed with the ease of the setup and mounting. However, even with the smallest "setting" on the sliding panel it feeds way too much when I use pellets. Should I be using flakes with the auto feeder? edit: I'm currently using Xtreme Nano in a freshwater 40-breeder and PE Mysis in a 140-gallon reef
  13. So I have a Dicus Community tank with a couple gold nugget plecos. So I try and provide food for the Plecos with Algae wafers. Well it seems the Angles, the rainbows and the dicus all enjoy nibbling on the wafers. Not sure if this is 'normal' or not My Dicus are not full adults yet.
  14. After acclimation guppies and fish are in the tank how soon should they be fed? Should first feeding be a light one or more regular one with maybe brine Shrimp. TIA
  15. What is your opinion on the best flake, pellet, and wafer brand? Also, what is the best/easiest live food culture to keep?
  16. I'm going to try a second round of treatment for my sick betta, and will try a mix of metroplex and kanaplex. I've read that when the two work together, it is more effective against culminaris. Assuming that is the cause of his dropsy. It was recommended to feed using focus to bind it with food. But if I do this, will the otherwise floating food still float?
  17. I am intrested in knowing how others feed their fish. What times do you feed? How many times a day? What do you feed? Until a year ago, I had only ever fed flake food and I did it when I woke up and before bed. I never forget when it is part of the routine. I have since added in moderation the following. Freeze dried blood worms, freeze dried brine shrimp. Frozen blood worms and brine shrimp. Viber bites. Shrimp pellets. Oh, and I have aways done wafers for algae eaters. I cut back to 1 feed a day on my 30g as I was battling some major algae. I was also trying to find the balance between 🐟 🪴 🐌 💡 and fertilizer (no cute emoji). I am slowly moving back to 2 feedings. Part of why I am asking is now that I have the 90g and I am getting closer to the first fishes going in, I want a rough idea of how or where I should start with a feeding schedule.
  18. So I have a small bristlenose pleco and 3 juvenile blue acara cichlids. The pleco is about an inch and I've tried to drop algae wafers in the tank for him but the cichlids grab the wafers and move them around pecking at them not giving the pleco a chance to eat, ive tried dropping one in with the lights off at night but im pretty sure the cichlids ate it, they all had full bellies when I checked the tank in the morning. I have 1 small piece of wood and 2 large pieces and some algae in the tank will that be enough for it to grow until it gets large enough to take the wafer for itself? I feed the cichlids xtreme pellets, cichlid gold pellets, and I have frozen brine shrimp. Any tips, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hey Guys Quick question here. I go lots of left over cucumbers,carrots and peas this year. Could a guy dehydrate them and make them onto a powder and feed it to Angelfish, Guppy's, and sword tails? What fish would eat thinks like this Thanks
  20. Hello! As the title says, I'm raising up fish fry so I have baby brine hatching every day. It feels like a waste to hatch out just a tiny amount to sustain the few fry I have right now, so I always make some for my other tanks. They're happy as all can be eating it every day (and so is the hydra...), but am I keeping them on a permanent "cheat" day? I still feed veggies to my tetras to balance that out, but it's been about 3 days of straight baby brine and I'm wondering if I should cool the jets... thanks!
  21. I cooked a frozen green bean until it was tender yet still firm. After 4.5 hours in the tank, no takers. Is it supposed to be mushy or do I just have picky snails?
  22. Hi there! Happy Friday! I was just wondering if this level of plumpness is healthy... This is one of my female honey gouramis: And this is a female corydoras habrosus: Both fish are acting completely normal and have been this level of plump for about 2 months for the gourami and about 4 months for the cory. I just want to make sure everything ok to prevent things from going south. Am I feeding too much? Or could it be a disease? I feed about a pinch of food twice a day. Most common things I feed are Spirulina Bug Bites or Bottom Feeder Formula. I also feed Omega shrimp pellets, algea wafers once or twice a week, and ~once a week or two weeks I feed tubefex worms, and once a month I feed frozen baby brine shrimp. Thank you!
  23. Hey Fish Friends! I have 3 pea puffers in a 20 gallon and I thought about trying to hatch Brine Shrimp to add another food source. I feed them live ramshorn, frozen blood worms, and frozen Carnivore Lover blend but I have always wanted to hatch brine shrimp. Can you rinse the salt off the live shrimp before adding them in the tank. I don't use salt in my pea puffer tank because they dont have scales so it didn't seem right to add salt. Any advice on Pea Puffers or Brine shrimp would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Well, the Bristlenose Pleco Fry in my 55 gal have blown the coop, and are like little wiggly pieces of shrapnel all over the tank. So this eve, I prepared a first for them: boiled zucchini discs. First, I cut out four thin slices of zucchini, and start water boiling. Once water is ready, I plop in the slices minus the rind. Now I let them boil until it seems like they’re not really floating anymore. Then they go into a measuring cup of tank water. These get dropped into the tank next, wherever there room. After a little while, a few Plecos find the zucchini pieces Once lights go out, the other fish Fry in here (electric blue Acaras) settle down to sleep. But Plecos can stay active in the dark. But so do snails... so the race is on! Who will get to the zucchini first??!!
  25. I have kuhli loaches and pygmy corys and feed them Xtreme Community Crave.
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