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  1. I want to get my discus some blackworms just to add some more variety their diet is there anything I should know?
  2. With sera changing the formula for the o-nip tablets I have been looking for a good replacement. Has anybody tried the TROPICAL BRAND SUPERVIT tablet A. If you have how did your fish like it. Did it hold together and not just completely fall apart like the sera does for me
  3. Hi folks! Q for you all - how do you get fish fry to start eating non-live foods? I have 26-day old Honey Gouramis that have been eating infusoria, then Sera Micron for their first two and a half weeks, but I’ve slowly started to integrate BBS for the last week or so. I’d like for them to start eating more powdered/pelleted food (like Hikari First Bites and Micro Pellets), but every time I’ve tried to feed them either of the two, the food just ends up sitting at the bottom without them touching it. I’ll leave it for a whole day to see if they’d munch on it but unfortunately, they aren’t interested. That being said, how do you get baby fish to become enticed by “regular” fish food (non-live food)? TIA!
  4. I have seen several references to a fish food called golden pearls. It's supposed to be neutrally buoyant and you can buy it in very specific sizes. It looks to be kind of a magic bullet for some applications. I think @Bob mentioned it in a video but I can't find it again. Anybody tried it? How did it do?
  5. I’ve been buying the Zoo Med Nano Banquet blocks for a while now from the Co-Op. I dropped my last two in my tank yesterday, and was surprised to find it Sold Out on the website. Then I remembered Cory featured it in a recent video. LoL. It is awesome for anyone with shrimp and snails in a community tank. I just wish I could convince me of my local stores to carry it.
  6. I was wondering which repashy food would be best for my tank. It will have cardinal tetras, gold dust mollies, albino corydoras, guppies, a pleco (hopefully bristlenose but will have to see what LFS has) and possibly a betta. At first I was leaning towards community plus but then I thought I should get the morning wood because I have no driftwood in my tank. Will the corydoras eat the morning wood? Or should I just go with bottom scratcher or community plus? I know plecos like to snack on driftwood but how important is it for their diet? I added pictures of my tank. I know a couple people on here wanted to see it. I’m going for a Bermuda Triangle/ shipwreck theme. First batch of fish is going in today, 6 cardinal tetras with established filter media of course.
  7. Wanted to get a discussion question out here about what you're feeding your fish and why. Do you go for variety? Simplicity? Higher quality? I recently got Repashy Community with an ACO order to try it with my platys, tetras and cories (and my growing mystery snail population, but they'll eat anything). I made the food and was surprised they didn't all jump on it the first time I added it, but they've since decided it's good food. Prior to that I've rotated between flake/dried foods, frozen blood worms, frozen brine, frozen greens, and for my bottom feeders some good disc foods. Way more variety than I had intended when I started in the hobby! So what foods do you all prefer and how often do you rotate through them?
  8. So I used the coop trio on Sunday. Today I noticed the tank has a bunch of fry in it. I know the fry need to eat pretty often. Why does the instructions say to not feed the fish while doing the trio. the tank is currently planted and the females have started nipping at each other. There are only two females in there besides the fry. TIA
  9. Wondering what you guys like to feed your tiny nano fish! I have a dozen chili rasboras, and I have tried several foods for them: Xtreme Nano Pellets are too big (they constantly spit them out; I wouldn't consider this a nano fish food despite the name). Sera Micron is too small (it just floats on the surface and makes a mess, and it's really annoying to get it out of the bottle...I would not buy it again!). BBS is a bit hit (no surprise there) Hikari Fancy Guppy food they also love (these are tinier than the Xtreme Nano) Hikari freeze-dried tubifex worms (they do eat these...but not that exuberantly; main problems are that tiny pieces of a cube don't stick to the aquarium glass like a full cube will, and this food floats and the chilis don't prefer getting their food from the surface) Hikari frozen bloodworms (again, they kinda like these but they have to be manually pulverized and they tend to sink too quickly to be practical) I want to try Hikari Micro Pellets next. And I also need to get more fish that will eat all these foods I bought, LOL. 🤣 FWIW, here I'm considering nano fish to be fish that are under 3/4" or 2cm. I also keep licorice gouramis and I don't consider those nano fish. They only eat BBS, but that's a different story (spoiled little micro-predators 🤣😆 ).
  10. I recently got some snow white corydoras and was told that they were fed a diet of live blackworms and live baby brine shrimp. I don't currently have those two things and was wondering if I could somehow get the corydoras to start eating things like frozen and dry foods. The cories are pretty small, about 0.5-0.75 inches. They are big enough to eat stuff like frozen bloodworms but should I invest in some live foods or is there a way to get them to take frozen and dry foods?
  11. I've read through several fish profiles for White Cloud Minnows but there seem to be a lot of generalities listed ("brine shrimp but don't forget some vegetable matter, a good flake food, maybe daphnia etc.") I was just going to pickup some brine shrimp I'm not clear if I can feed that alone. Can anybody recommend some of the specific products they use for their minnows so I can be sure I'm buying the right thing or things? I'm probably making this harder than it is but just want to be sure I don't miss anything. Thanks!
  12. Howdy Nerms, I recently added 10 juvenile Blue Rams to grow out. I have never had them before and I was trying to vary their diet. They love the blood worms and fresh baby brine but The dry food appears to sit there. Krill flakes were a dud so I tried nano fish food. They would eat it, chew it, and it looked like they would spit it out. Now I imagine that they are getting some of that food but just wondering am I really off course here. Your guidiance is appreciated. I also added some dither guppy fry to make them not so nervous and help them come out more. Many thanks, Tedrock
  13. It always seems like my otos are grazing on something. I removed my nerite snails from this tank to make sure the snails weren't taking up precious resources and so far I have not really seen a pause in the constant grazing. However, I have read that algae alone isn't going to be sufficient for a group of otos to live on. I have dropped algae wafers for them but I have not once seen one try to eat one, or by the time they might get close to a wafer, the wafer is being worked on by any of my various omnivorous fish. The gouramis are particularly gluttonous. I don't want my otos to starve. Is there anything (a veggie or something) that gourami or tetra won't eat so my otos can?
  14. Are Hillstream’s active at night? Trying to make sure these guys eat enough. Also Will they feed on vegetables?
  15. I'm preparing to leave my betta alone for about 4 to 5 days. I've heard that's fine to go that long without food. But I have some questions... 1) the room he's in is relatively dark even in the day time. Not enough natural light. Should I put a timer on the tank light? I've read they like the dark anyway much like their natural habitat. But I wasn't so sure... 2) he's a very active fish. Any time I enter the room, he comes to the front. I'm actually worried he'll get depressed (stressed) if he doesn't see someone for that long. Am I worrying too much? 3) should my last feeding be more than usual or the usual? 4) any other things I should make sure to do? I'll be changing his water and gravel vac a few days before.
  16. I've given some consideration of getting a 5 gallon for a single pea puffer. I just adore them and been wanting now for a while. I do have a 10 gallon community tank but I'm not risking putting one of those in with the honey gouramis and the platies. anyway, I now seem to be finding conflicting information online regarding good pea puffer care. what I was finding initially when I first looked into getting a pea puffer was that one in a 5 gallon would be fine, but now I'm noticing some sources of information state that they should be in groups of minimum of 3-5(?) I also initially read that they only eat frozen and live foods, especially snails and bloodworms. while the snails is very consistent and a given, I recently read that bloodworms can actually be rather unhealthy for them and make them sick? can anybody provide solid information as to the best possible type of care they should receive as far as diet and tank environment? anything is much appreciated! thank you!
  17. There is no doubt in many fish keepers minds that the xtreme red krill flakes are "the best fish food on the market". And as much as I do agree that the xtreme red krill flake is really good, how about the New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets. Lets take a look, First 10 Ingreidents in each foods New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets Whole Antartic Krill, Giant Squid, Whole wheat flour, whole menahaden fish, Ulva Seaweed, Chlorella seaweed, Wakame seaweed, Kelp, Garlic, Ginger 7/10 of these ingreidents are natrual Xtreme Red Krill Flakes Krill meal, fish meal, shrimp meal, wheat flour, soy flour, brewers dried yeast, sodium alginate, spirluna, soy lechitan, corn starch 5/10 of these ingeidents are natrual Both of these quality foods have krill as there first ingreident. Krill will enchance colors in fish, especially the redish, orangeish color. New Life spectrum food has more quality/ natrual ingreidents. Price Newlife Spectrum Pellet: $16.90 usad (5.3oz) Xtreme Krill Flakes: 14.99 usad (3.5oz) Newlife spectrum food is cheaper per the oz. Availibility From my research I have found that it is hard to find xtreme food outside of USA. I live in Canada, so in my experiance it was tough finding the xtreme food after watching all the awesome reviews. Infact in order to get xtreme food you have to order off amazon.com meaning you have to pay more for shipping, if you live somewhere other then usa. Where as the newlife spectrum food is much easier to find outside of the usa. Its in all of the fish stores I've been to. i also know that you can find newlife spectrum food in europe and north america, not too sure about asia. You can get your hands on newlife spectrum food easier and cheaper then xtreme flakes. Conclusion I like newlife spectrum food better then xtreme. I find that there ingreidents are better quality then extreme and its cheaper then xtreme. and because I am a teenager in this hobby I look for the cheapest yet, best quality food. Which in my opinion is newlife spectrum. I beleive that xtreme has better marketing and advertisement and therefore is more popular. Newlife spectrum is an underated food. What do you like better?
  18. Hi, I'm very new to fish keeping and currently doing a fish in cycle (because I didn't know any better) on a 20 gallon long with some Guppies but already I'm thinking I'll upgrade to a 40 gallon breeder in the next couple of months. Really interested in getting some Oto's once I have the bigger tank established but have seen a lot of posts where people are having problems keeping them fed. The place I keep my horses uses 150 gallon poly water troughs and those things grow algae like crazy, would it be an ok idea to scrape off some algae from the troughs and put them in my aquarium for Oto's? The source water would be different than what is at my house, would that be a problem? We have feeder goldfish in the troughs for mosquito control and they seem to be thriving. I do have a couple of live plants in my 20 gallon and plan to move them and add more to the 40 gallon
  19. Hi new to forum and been loving Aquarium coop videos ! been struggling with new addition to my 30 gallon community tank. The Pleco eats a little of the hikari sinking wafers but not the Sera catfish chips and shrimp pellets. I tried chopped up shrimp in a glass Petri dish and no luck. He will munch black worms. he is also very shy. It’s been 3 weeks since introduction. thank you for the advise! Lm
  20. So I currently feed my discus frozen blood worms and frozen brine shrimp this had worked for me for years but i was wondering if I should add anything else to there diet
  21. I have a fluval 15 very heavily planted. I added 4 pea puffers and 5 ammano shrimp three weeks ago. My mom is now sick in the hospital and I am going to have to leave the tank unattended for a couple weeks. Anything I can do to help the fish and shrimp live? I assume I can’t get an auto feeder for blood worms?
  22. I have a pair of angelfish who paired off and got too aggressive in my community tank so I set them up in their own tank. They had good appetites for about ten days and laid their first batch of eggs. I left the eggs alone (most didn’t seem viable, which is fine as I’m not looking for more angelfish), the parents didn’t eat them and spent a few days guarding them. However, they stopped eating as soon as the eggs were laid. I have been testing the water parameters and done twice-a-week 50% water changes so all is pristine and the new tank was well cycled and has gravel, plants and sponge filters transferred from one of my other tanks. I removed the eggs yesterday as I was concerned about them not eating but as of this morning, my normally voracious angels still aren’t eating. Is it normal for angelfish parents to stop eating while guarding eggs? I’ve not been able to find anything addressing this online. Thank you!
  23. Is it safe for an African Dwarf Frog to eat baby ramshorn snails? My concern is the shells. (I recently added ramshorns to the frog's tank, and they've laid eggs. I'm wondering if I should scrape them out and drop them in a different tank.)
  24. I recently bought some Boesemani Rainbows. I have xtreme krill flakes, vibra bites, frozen brine shrimp and then ordered some hikiari micro pellets for food. What does everyone feed their rainbows and is this food ok for them ?
  25. I recently stumbled upon an electric bug zapper on a site that has a mesh basket to catch the dead bugs. The thought occurred to me that the zapped bugs could be a handy food source for fish. The bugs were healthy enough to fly to the bug zapper and therefore likely not poisoned by insecticides. While not technically a "live" food they'd be a recently alive food. It could be the world's easiest source of recently live food for fish. Just go out everyday, unscrew the container and dump it into the tank. For smaller fish you might even be able to blend them up. If you had a surplus you could toss them into a bag and put it in your freezer for use over the winter when bugs aren't around to be zapped. I've never heard of anyone doing it though. There's probably a reason no one does it, but I'm not sure what it would be.
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