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  1. Hello, 75 gal community tank with: Danios and 15 Bettas at top/middle, neon tetras in the middle/bottom, panda corydoras at the bottom, hillstream loaches and a snail. Any recommendations for mealtime? I have a variety of foods - a fridge full of different kinds, including Rapashy Community. (The only thing none of them seem to want to try yet is the Rapashy.) I have never seen the loaches eat and I know they need more than just the tank algae. How do I know they’re getting enough? And the poor little tetras that are so tiny and slow! 😩 What are your tips for feeding a community tank?
  2. I recently started this 10 gallon cherry shrimp tank back in October 2020. I was following the dosing instructions on the fertilizer bottle and getting a TON of algae growth. I taped up the lights to reduce lighting a bit and stopped dosing fertilizer for a few weeks and did hydrogen peroxide dips on a few of the badly effected plants. Most of the algae was gone but not all so I figured to add my 2 Otocinclus to the tank to fix up and maintain the remaining algae since they're considered shrimp safe. They appear to be shrimp safe as the shrimp don't appear bothered at all, especially because one comes to feed on the shrimp king complete food just about every time I feed them. I also added an algae wafer today and only shrimp are on it but the oto is on the shrimp food. Anyone else have any experience with this? Both Otocinclus seem more relaxed than they ever were in my 20 gallon with neons, a single guppy, and betta. The shrimp are breeding like crazy and by the end of the day there's no food left. I'm thinking this is a great arrangement but I want to make sure there's nothing too weird about it.
  3. Hi Everyone~ Okay on todays episode of Sandra the fish rookies fish in cycling, we are on Day 3, Here are my parameters and 2 questions below I am hoping to get some advice on. PH 7.2; Ammonia 0.20 ppm; Nitrite 0 ppm; Nitrate 0ppm; KH 65 ppm; GH 120 ppm and water Temp 78.2. Because I am below 0.20 ppm should I hold off on a water change this morning, and wait to see what my chemistry looks like this evening? Last evening, the parameters were the same as above, and I added some Fritz Zyme in the evening (Day 2 I did a 10ish % water change, and added 1/2 cup of Fritz Zyme and prime in the AM and after repeat chemistry, added the second 1/2 cup of Fritz Zyme). I have NOT fed my 3 fish and 1 snail since 09 Jan 2021. 1) Should I feed them a small amount today? Yay or Nay? Will this cause a crazy ammonia spike? 2) Is there such thing as adding too much Fritz Zyme? I searched all over the intranet last night and the actual Fritz site, and could not get anything "concrete". I have given 2 cups to date. Should I relax on that? Use it again when I do a water change? Thanks everyone for your advice and support, its appreciated. Sandra 🙂
  4. considering their larger and broader body shape than guppys for example. should they need something larger, or do they not mind eating something so small.
  5. i had run out of frozen brine shrimp and so had my closest pet store but they had frozen Mysis Shrimp. Never heard of this before and I did research it on the net and most things say its better than brine shrimp. I know its a larger shrimp and for my betta's and nano fish I have to cut it up into smaller pieces and feed with a pipelet and I dont mind doing it this way. Lets me spend more time with my fish. So my question is: I have heard of baby brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp and daphnia but i have never heard anyone mention feeding with Mysis. Is there a reason?
  6. My oto's feasted on the brown diatom algae (BDA) in my tank but then refused to eat anything else after all the BDA was gone. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to grow brown diatom algae? I know most people are trying to get rid of the stuff. I read somewhere that people have grown BDA on rocks in a separate tank and added those rocks to a tank with otos.
  7. Every time I try to feed my corys, my betta always comes down just to get their food. No matter what I do he always finds their food and eats it. I am worried he will be sick from eating too much and my corys not getting enough food.
  8. discus had not been vissible eating and leaving his food just laying wear it lands but he has been like this for about 3 or 4 days and i was just looking for advice ive been feeding flakes and frozen blood worms any idea what i can do to help the fish
  9. My fish absolutely love bloodworms. I keep reading that frozen is better than freeze-dried but there's no real reason as to why. Some say it's because they expand and cause bloat, some say there's less nutrition in them, and some say that they're functionally identical. I'd love to know. I could get frozen blood worms from my big box pet store but 1) I like supporting the coop (they're one of my 2 LFSs, although I've not been in person yet!) and 2) freeze-dried is just easier
  10. So I have what I believe to be a very pregnant otocinclus. I have 5 of them in a ten gallon along with a still very tiny pea puffer. Literally about the size of a pea still. I got the otocinclus a few months ago for the purpose of trying to breed them. Attached is a feeding regimen (I guess you could call it) I found while reading up on another tony catfish. The writer had good luck with the following. Does this seem like a good mix of feed for young otocinclus? Also, My tank has a couple pieces of wood along with about 1/3 of the bottom with fluval stratum heavily planted and the other 2/3 are just sand where I have the wood and some lava rocks with moss, will this be adequate space for the fry to hide from my pea puffer? I got a breeder box to put the puffer in temporarily if he's gonna eat all the fry. Any advice on rearing these up or any other input would be much appreciated. This is my first time with baby fish and I want to get it right.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a male pearl gourami in a semi-planted 29 gallon community aquarium. He is quite peaceful most of the time. He is around 3 inches long so far, and I haven't even seen him eat any guppy fry (yet). He is even a little timid when I come up to the tank. The only problem arises when I feed the fish tank. I provide plenty of floating foods (flakes, crisps, freeze-dried bloodworms, fry food, etc. varies depending on the day) and I also provide sinking foods (pellets, Repashy gel food, algae wafers) for my bottom dwellers. The gourami gobbles up a portion of the floating foods, but then instead of eating more, he goes straight to the bottom of the tank to eat the sinking pellets, where my bristlenose pleco, SAEs, Amano shrimp, and various species of cories feed. Whenever a cory is eating nearby, he will suddenly get aggressive, chasing them and nipping/biting them until they swim off. The strange thing is he will only nip the peppered cories and albino cories, and completely ignores the pleco, SAEs, guppies, pygmy cories, and Amano shrimp. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do about this situation? I want him to stop picking on my cories. Any advice would be well appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I was wondering what's everyone's feeding routine for their aquariums. I usually feed my fish small quantities two or three times a day; I feed them mostly dry food, and then I feed them freeze dried or frozen foods 2 - 3 times a week. Does anyone feed their fish frozen and / or kive food exclusively? If so, that ot affect the frequency ofbyour water changes? Also, I was wondering how many of you have a day when they don't feed their fish at all. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone is there a human food that you give to your fish to celebrate? (Birthdays, holidays, etc...) I personally have given some thought to peas, sashimi, lettuce, and shrimp. Happy New Year!
  14. look to breed snails for puffer food and was wondering what should the water be and what is best food
  15. should i use vita chem with my spotted congo puffer
  16. best food for wood eating pleco that is not wood is there anything else that i can use to shake up the diet
  17. I've got two mystery snails in my 30 gallon aquarium along with entirely too many ramshorn snails and some trumpet snails. I'm trying to feed enough to keep these mystery snails alive because I've already lost two of them but the ramshorn snails are eating everything too fast and they just explode in population. I don't really have the option of moving the mystery snails to a different tank because the only other tank I have right now is a 10 gallon quarantine tank for my betta, how do I keep the mystery snails alive long enough to get through this quarantine? I love all of my snails but having lost three of my favorite ones, another being my only japanese trapdoor snail whom I lost this morning, I would rather make sure that the mystery snails don't die as well. Should I get another tank and what should I do in the mean time while I wait to have the funds to do this?
  18. Hi! My name is Evan I’ve had my mud turtle for about 4 months now, and I was told that corydoras make good tank mates for slower turtles. I have 3 now and they are doing great. My mud turtle ignores them and everything is peaceful. I was just told that they are horrible for turtles because if they get eaten it will block thiamine. anyone else have corys and turtles together? Specifically mud? thanks
  19. Hello Fellow Fish Fans! Being. Goldfish fan (plebeian. I know) I have an established relatively new frameless tank. I don’t know how many gallons it is. (Horrors) I “rescued” four feeder fish from a giant chain store tank and they are beautiful and healthy. I recently added two algae eaters. The nice salesperson told me I needed a tabs to feed them. So I feed my fish with a pinch of tetra food and One pellet. Guy and Giacomo are now BIGGER snd I notice they peck at the pellet! No wonder they’ve grown! Ugg! Hrlp! Do I stop the pellet a day ? Will the algae eaters be ok vacuuming my tank? geez! Thank you for any suggestions Fancy Nancy
  20. I've had these upside down catfish for almost a week. In my experiance fish will skip out in the first few meals (one or two). But thesee upside down catfish, havent been coming out for food. I started feeding them when the lights were out, and still no luck. How do I get these guys to eat? Do they take awhile to get adjusted to their new home? Thanks for any help!
  21. So out of all my tanks, I have one tank that tends to keep green water. I have been struggling with this tank now having green water for six years. I tried to reset this 35g hex tank two years ago by removing all the substrate (sand and dirt) and replaced it with ecocomplete (3" depth. Plants in it are: 1- aquarium dwarf lily, 2- amazon swords, a full thick carpet of dwarf sag, a row of ijungle val in the very back behind the amazon swords, and frogbit that covers roughly 1/4 of the top. A few months ago I discontinued using root tabs. In regards to liquid fertilizers, A while back I was using dry ferts mixed but switched over to easy green liquid fertilizer. I have for the last month discontinued even easy green. Current nitrate levels are beneath 10 ppm. The aquarium does have 1 Nicrew Gen2 Classic on it for light, with a dimmer bringing it to 75%. Natural sunlight does get on the tank for roughly an hour each day (7 - 8 am). The light schedule is 6 am - 10 am., and 6pm to 10 pm (8 hours total). Like all my tanks I do supplement with passive CO2 (257ml for this one) daily. So my fellow fish nerms, I was wondering what is your suggestions for my next step? Should I test for phosphate or any other nutrient? And if so what tests would you recommend. Currently I use API liquid master test kit and I use the easy test strips by tetra. I do also have the API test strips too. After six years with this tank, I am at a complete loss on how to stop the green water. I am considering going back to using a UV sterilizer. I don't mind a little bit of cloudy water as long as I can see the fish, but having green soup is no fun. Edit: The current filter is the moving bed the Coop sales. Which btw is working great.
  22. I thought my female black molly was pregnant because her belly was so large. However, I notice that every morning she is "thinner". During the day she gets larger and poops. A LOT. And the strands are long. (Today my male platy and molly ate her poop twice.) I am feeding 2 mollies and 2 platy. I put in enough food that it is gone within 3 minutes. However, I notice that the female molly stays at the top of the tank swimming around, skimming the surface with her mouth open. The platy fish who come up to the surface about 30 seconds after I place the food in the tank barely get any of the food. How do I change her eating habits without starving the other fish? Should she be separated? I only feed them twice a day (8am-ish, and 6pm-ish). I am afraid she is going to eat herself to death. (I have attached a picture of her at 2:40 pm today. She has not eaten since 8 this morning. But she has had repeated long strings of poop.)
  23. Hello all! I’m wondering if fasting my American cichlids once a week is recommended and healthy tor them?
  24. Received some new plants and they had some hitchhikers, bladder snails. These are in my new, still cycling tank. I have been removing and squishing. But thought, would these be ok as a tasty treat for my fish in my established tank? Can they get parasites from eating these? I would squish them first, so not live.
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