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  1. Hi my name's Cody and I'm new to the hobby. I had acquired a 20gal tank for free about 4 or 5 months ago and spent about a month buying what I thought I needed and setting up the tank. Once I THOUGHT I was ready I went and bought a pair of parrot convict cichlid hybrids? I bought them from a mom and pop store and the pair were advertised as a breeding pair. Also after questioning the store owner he informed me they had spawned one time in the store for him. I bought these in a very typical way and wish I had done ALOT more research prior to my purchase. For the first two months everthing was going well and the fish were happy. The weather was warmer at the time, and the building I live in is extremely drafty. Once the weather got cold I noticed the male acting differently. Not coming out to eat and not seeming to want to do much of anything. So I dove deep, real deep into a wealth of online content. This I'm happy to say is how I came to find aquarium co-op. I'd like to quickly tip my hat to you guys and say that I enjoy the content and information provided and also that in general Cory seems like a knowledgeable honest and simply kind person. So back to my issue the male was not himself and the female seemed fine and was acting normal but had developed a rosey hue. The fish are both chalk white. I'd picked up a API master test kit started testing all I could. After about a week of research and fiddling with the tank I realized they were cold at about 74°f. I've since adjusted the temperature to 80°f and they are both are looking and acting normally at this point and both seem to be doing much better. Also the females color has come back. So there's a run down on what I've been through recently and I'm now having two questions about the fish. 1. The males gills are kinda cupped and I'm not sure if everthing looks healthy the way it should. 2.any tips on breeding this pair would be greatly appreciated. I will attach a link to a short clip of the male to the article. Sorry about the video it's not the best. also im feeding sinker pellets and live blackworm. Any cause for concern of constipation? Or the female becoming egg bound? Any information would be great. Thanks for reading.
  2. A cory had crossed the rainbow bridge when I looked into the tank this morning. She looked bruised. No white spots or anything. I added some new fish (purchased from Aquarium Coop local store) yesterday night. pH - 6.4 Nitrates - 5-10ppm Hardness - 2 Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 2d Water Temperature - 74
  3. So Ive noticed one of my guppy fry has this thing coming out of his anus and I dont know what it is. I treated the tank with fritz para cleanse because some of my females have wasting disease but they dont really seem to be doing bettee after about a week after treatment. Here is the picture of the fry, if anyone could help me identify what it is I would appreciate it a lot :) (by the way all the pictures are the same fish, just really hard to catch on camera)
  4. Hey guys, I got a pair of cacatuoides about 6 weeks ago and have been in love with them. They have an awesome personality and are the coolest looking fish. About 2 weeks ago I realized the female has a pretty bad bulging eye (popeye) but was acting totally normal. I treated with maracyn, and now with paraguard but it has gone unchanged. The last week now, though, she's hardly eating and mainly hides all day long (see photo below). My guess is she stays vertical like that so she can keep an eye on the male, but all the flirtation between them that I've ever witnessed has not been violent whatsoever (although I have to think that he's the one that damaged her eye). Last night on the livestream Bob recommended that I separate them. I've got a sponge filter seeding in my tank that's been in there for 3 weeks, so it should be good to go into my 2nd tank in a week. My main question is, which one would you move to the new tank? The male is doing fantastic, has nearly doubled in size and is definitely very healthy, so part of me wants to move him because he should be able to handle it. But I also feel like moving him would be silly if he's doing so well where he is?
  5. Just noticed this tonight. A little light spot above the fin. It isn't acting ill and this may have always been and I just didn't notice. Thoughts?
  6. Alright everyone, I did full rounds of treatments together of API Pimafix, Melafix, and EM Erythromycin. I lost many fish to red sores, white cotton mouth fungus/bacteria, and fin rot. I have done proper water changes, my levels are all good, and I replaced the carbon filter (since I couldn't have a carbon filter in during treatment). A week or maybe 2 after the treatments, I now have a black skirt tetra losing the bottom of its back fin, and the fishes gills are looking more red again. So do I do another round of all of these treatments or try something else?
  7. 55 gallon tank w/ Hang on back Filter with Biological and Mechanical media. Air Stone strip. Drift wood and stone along with fake plants. Water Parameters: Ammonia 0PPPM Nitrite 0PPM Nitrate 20PPM PH 8.2 TEMP 75F I had 6 Angelfish now only have 2 4 Molly 2 male 2 female Had 2 Rainbow Shark only have 1 now 1 common Pleco And 2 fancy goldfish My first angelfish died about 3 weeks ago for a reason I dont now which got me worried, a week later another angelfish died a few days after that i noticed that one of them was rubbing its self up against stuff in the tank so I did some research and found out that it could have been Flukes, I treated with API general cure immediately as directed and did the 25% water change, then two more died. But after I dosed the tank I noticed that my angles and one of my rainbow sharks were hang out at the top of the tank alot as if they were trying to get more oxygen. Which makes no sense being I have a hang on the back filter and a nice size air stone strip so their should be plenty of oxygen in the water. Also my water Parameters are perfect with 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and about 20ppm nitrates. 2 more angles and 1 of my rainbow sharks died today I check their corpse to see if I seen anything in the hills or on their body but seen nothing. None of my other fish seem to be at the top of the tank or showing any signs of sickness except my 2 remaining anglefish which are just at the surface of the water also my pleco which usually stays pretty calm and eating away algae, has been swimming up and down the glass alot. Please help.
  8. Hey, I hope I can get some help before it's too late! I've had my guppy for a month or two now, he's been living in a 20 gallon tank with four females, 4 leopard Danios and a bristle nose pleco. Sunday night he was doing fine but I noticed yesterday that he was laying at the bottom of the tank. he's still swimming occasionally but not very often and he is struggling to swim a bit. He's also still eating which is a good sign but I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with him. The other fish are doing great in the tank with no issues. The pH is around 7.6, ammonia level is 0ppm, nitrites between 0-0.25ppm and nitrates are around 20ppm-40ppm. The tank is a planted aquarium with live plants. I did a water change and put him into a breeder box to keep him a little more secure and so that I could monitor him a little easier. I have noticed his pectoral fins have lost a bit of their colour, I'm thinking potentially fin for but I'm not 100% sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated? Thank you 🙂
  9. Planted 20g long; 78 degrees; Ammonia and Nitrite 0; Nitrate ~20. 1 Betta, 9 Kuhli Loaches. I bought my Betta (“Aurelius”) from the Co-Op in June. About 1 month ago he went blind. I treated with both Paracleanse and Maracyn just in case something secondary was causing the blindness. About 1 week ago a tumor began to grow under his “chin.” It has continued to grow and his breathing is now labored. He is in his floating log with his mouth at the top of the water so that he can get air. My guess is his gills aren’t working well enough to sustain him. I don’t want him to continue to suffer, but I am too emotionally invested to properly executed the “whack and stab” method of euthanasia, and I have read mixed messages about clove oil. If anyone has an advice on how to ease his suffering, please let me know.
  10. Hello One of my 4 Corys has developed a lump right below his mouth. I feel like it's size increases and reduces on its own. This is also my smallest Cory and I am always a bit concerned with him ever since I have bought it home. It is one on the left side in the photo. Tried my best with the picture. Thanks. Parameters: 30G tank planted tank (swords, water sprite, dwarf hairgrass, frog bits) PH- 7.0 to 7.2 Ammonia- Somewhere between 0 and 0.25ppm. I can’t really can’t make out for sure if it is 0.25 on the chart. I am regular with my water changes though. Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- Between 0 to 5ppm.
  11. Hello all! My Dalmatian Mollies are sick. I'm not sure of the illness. At first it was white spots (where there weren't any before) then I noticed it was affecting their mouths and fins. I fist thought of ich and treated for that. Then when it affected their mouths I thought it was Columnaris and fin rot. I've treated them with the treatments suggested by Aquarium CoOp. I've done aquarium salt, Maracyn, Ick-x, Paracleanse, and Maracyn 2. I have purchased general cure but don't know if it will help any better than what I've already tried. I've been testing my water and it is with in the normal range. I gravel vac at least once a week. I've been fighting this illness for a month now. I've had one die and the other 2 are miserable. I can't get really good pictures and they are black and white fish so it is hard to tell. I'm at my wits' end! Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  12. I had a fish die from an illness I couldn't determine(water parameters were not cause). He was the only fish in the tank so now only has a snail and plants. Is there a process I should do before restocking tank to ensure new fish don't get sick as well? Thanks for the help!
  13. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates ph 7.4 temp 79° gh was 3° but raised to 8-9° a week ago for the first time I have a 55g community tank and a 29g guppy tank. My fish are flashing in both aquariums since I bought them in June and started treating in July. I’ve treated with ich-x, kordon ich attack, paraguard, prazipro and wormer plus. Nothing has helped. The zebra danios in the 55g flash a lot during water changes. I use api stress coat during water changes. I didn’t know if the gh was an issue so I raised that but that’s only been a week ago. I lost a few guppies but not sure if it was related. I have 7 adults and 3 different fry births. They are all doing good. At this point I have stopped treating. I’m running carbon so there are no meds present. I live on well water that contains iron. It does turn things rusty looking. I’m not sure if that would cause the issue. Any idea what this could be or how to treat? I had a ton of small snails that snuck their way into my tank. This wormer plus killed them all.
  14. 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 10 nitrates Ph 7.4 Gh 8° Temp 79° I’ve had my 10 neon tetras since June and they were fine until a few weeks ago when I noticed one or two of them becoming very skinny and isolating from the group. Their gills looked like they were protruding. They were in a 55g community tank but I have moved them all into a 10 gallon quarantine tank. I am now down to 7 neons and a couple more that are very skinny, one is missing an eye as of a couple days ago and the others have bumps/knots on their stomachs. I’ve treated with multiple parasitic meds with no luck.
  15. Hey guys hoping I could get some help.woke up this morning and seen my gourami looking like this he’s still breathing but barley.any idea what it could be? Thanks in advance guys
  16. I have a sick Bronze Cory and I’m stumped on what to do. He started turning pale 2 weeks ago and basically scooting along the bottom of the tank. I also noticed he wouldn’t eat. I moved him to a quarantine tank treated with some salt and pazipro. (I had already treated the whole tank with general cure before he got sick) I waited a couple of days and so no improvement so I did a water change and started treating him with kanaplex. Still no improvement. As a suggestion from my lfs I started erythromycin and we are currently on day 2 of that. I am keeping the lights off of him as that does seem to stress him. Any suggestions?
  17. I have a platy in my sail fin mollie tank she is always hiding and looks to have a bacterial infection. I have treated with salt and the med trio for 3 weeks on and off. Do you guys see any problems with the fish and if so am I doing anything wrong.
  18. My fish have fin rot and no cure is working I have tried everything except uv light because that is way out of my budget please help
  19. I had been dealing with some Columnaris like infection- treated with Med trio then Maracyn for 5 days - with my Apisto cacactoides and one of my older bronze Cory cats. The Cory looks great active and feeding well. Unfortunately I found my apisto out in front of the tank breathing hard and now all the white flat spots are gone and her left gill had a white pebble like mass. I had tried to fish her out yesterday before the white pebble showed up but she swam off - didn’t look right. Today she was more lethargic and easy to grab. I’ve got her in a breeder box with an air stone. I’ve put some drops of methylene blue in, 1/8 tsp of salt and a quarter packet of Maracyn. She is looking better breathing has slowed she ate some freeze dried crushed blood worm (not a usual food for her just wanted to tempt her to eat). Now im wondering if I should drop some paracleanse in as well. My neighbor has the Seachem abx - KanaPlex and Polyguard. I could try those as well. Thanks in advance for this community so helpful. Cheers.
  20. I had a betta in a 3.5 gal tank. He died this morning, but he had been sick and bloated with fluid for 3 months. I was told it was dropsy. I treated multiple times with Kanaplex, epsom salt baths, and Cory’s aquarium salt treatment over the last three months. My question— How long do I need to wait before getting a new betta. I had done a 30% water change a couple days before the death so 30% of the salt has been removed. I would like to do a 95% water change with a good gravel vac. Put plants and snail back in to clean up the algae and eventually a new fish. The betta was very bloated with liquid but never did pine cone, not even at the end.
  21. Hi everyone, So I know I should have a quarantine tank and trust me, after this I will but I need some advice in the mean time. Long story short I have been dying to get some new fish for my 29 gallon tank pretty much since the COVID quarantine started back in March (I had to rehome my goldfish as I was temporarily living with family to help out and could not keep up with their water changes). I recently bought 10 Rummynosed Tetras and 3 Balloon Mollys to add to my 4 Corydoras in a 29 gallon. The store I got them from was far from as clean as anyone would hope but I knew I had enough meds to an Aquarium Co-Op style "quarantine" in my tank. Initially 2 of the Rummynose died almost immediately and another 6 had died by the next morning, I took this as poor quality from the shop as well as water hardness differences (I have a TDS of 200 from the tap and the shop is in a coastal town on the water so they most likely have very soft water) but added the meds that morning. I started with a full dose of API General Cure and API E.M. Erythromycin. The day after I added a full dose of Herbtana Microb-Lift. Everything was going great, no more deaths and the only visible issue was one Molly showing what looked like a bacterial infection. After almost a week of fasting and being in the medicated tank I realized the issue with the Molly was going to need another round of meds to fully cure it. So I ordered the Quarantine Trio from Aquarium Co-Op. This is where the chaos comes. I did a 50% water change and added a full dose of Fritz Maracyn, Fritz Para Clean, and Ich-X. Everything was going fine until the next morning when I realized I had cloudy water. At first I figured it was from my hard water, as I live on the east coast in the DC area and I have seen that happen before since I switched to sponge filters. Half way through the day I noticed it got worse and realized it was probably something else and started doing water tests. My current Water Parameters are: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: between 40 and 80 ppm PH: 7.4 TDS: 400ppm (Water from tap is 200ppm) So I think I may have killed a lot of my beneficial bacteria in my sponge filters by mixing all of the anti-bacterial medicines which would explain the bacteria bloom I am now seeing. Here is my dilemma, I know I need to do some water changes to lower my Nitrates and TDS but I dont want to re-dose any antibacterial medicine. Should I let the bloom settle down first and let the plants hopefully mitigate the Nitrates or should I start doing small water changes now? What would you do? I have attached an image of the Molly with the infection (notice it on its lip and gills) and a picture of the tank. Thanks for the help.
  22. Ammonia:0 Nitritre:0 Nitrate:10ppm GH and KH:300+ Temp:77F I've been trying to decide treatment plan. So far I've read: fasting(he's on day 2 now), peas, epsom salt, and daphnia. I'm unsure of how long I try these methods. Do I try multiple at once? How long till I should expect results? Anybody have other methods? Help appreciated. I can give more info if needed.
  23. Hi, everyone! This is my first post here and I’m so glad this forum exists. I’ve been struggling with facebook, trying to get help for my male betta. Problems started about two weeks ago. He became very lethargic and was staying in his cave all the time, but it seemed like he was having trouble staying down, like swim bladder issues. It’s progressed to the point that he is at the surface, turned on his side, all the time. He’s still interested in food and can swim okay to get to it. But, the tips of his fins are a little bloody, though the water parameters are good. Could it irritate his fins to be just floating there like that all the time? Also, I’ve tried fasting him for two days and it didn’t have any effect. I just finished the first round of Cory’s recommended meds trio, minus the Ick-X because he’s so weak. There’s been no improvement. The only other creatures in his tank are ramshorn and pond snails. I’m including a photo showing the sand substrate, which seems overly dirty. Maybe from the snails? Could this be irritating him? Every time I gravel vac, it’s back in a few days. Thank you so much to anyone who can offer help. I hate to see him like this, but I really want to believe there’s still hope. He’s not very old at all and is normally such an active, engaging boy. 10 gallon tank, sponge filter, heater set to 80 degrees ammonia-0ppm Nitrite and nitrate-both 0ppm KH is 40ppm GH is 120ppm pH-6.9 All tests done with API and Tetra test strips. He is fed a rotation of Fluval Betta Bites, Tetra BettaMin and I just started introducing frozen brine shrimp, which he’s had once.
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