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  1. Hello everyone! I have an Aqueon 45 gallon tank. I am attaching a picture of it. It came with a kit light and hood but I upgraded to a Fluval 3.0 plant light. Now my iron and calcium right water is leaving behind residue on the light so I need a glass lid to fit! I've tried several but I don't think I am getting the right fit. What do you all suggest? Thanks!
  2. I real be super honest here- I have kept tetras for a few years and in a school at least one or more develops this or loses an eye, etc. They are fin nippers in my life atleast and get lock jaw at times. They live and have lived over a year like this. It happens! As the school grows they have more aggression in my tank with the buenos aires tetras, but it is usually when the sun rises in the tank and at night time. I am not sure why, but they do school a lot and are extremely neon blue or neon blue like pictures most of the time. So if they aren't dying and your maintenance stays up and they ARE eating, then I don't see much going on. Now if it is a disease and it is one that can't be cured or you have to treat the whole tank I just haven't ever had the issue where if i didn't treat they would quickly die. Maybe I am completely wrong but it is working for me to let nature do its thing.
  3. Mine did this too but it actually separated into three plants so now I have two growing ones with roots and the original root bulb!
  4. Piggybacking off this-I was gifted the same type of filter and have the same flow issues. I do have tetras and snails in the tank so they are used to slightly higher current water so I don't worry too much about the speed. I did get a buffer that was 3D printed for the flow output and it kind of disperses it. I did have. the sponge technique and it helped! I find an issue finding a prefilter sponge to fit mine. I did use filter floss and tied it around instead. My issue with the filter is more of it sucking the water up correctly. You can do it from the bottom or top of the filter intake on mine and I can never quite identify what is going on with it when it doesn't want to suck it up correctly. Either way my neons are living and the tank is clean!
  5. I love the rainbow fish! Almost wanting a tank dedicated to them only wow cool! Definitely considering now!! I did have danios and liked them for sure! I think at this point I am moving in Marchish and don't want to have to capture them lol YES! i love gouramis but I have a dwarf one now and I am afraid it will kill any others
  6. I thought about that but was told that they wouldn't have enough room to swim in the 45 gal
  7. I have a 45 gal freshwater with mollies, shrimp, snails, clown pleco, and endlers. I have one dwarf gourami and hate the endlers because of the millions of babies. I wanted the mollies to breed but no luck. I have tetras in other tanks. I wanted something fun to watch that will be great in the tank. Ideas? Thinking about focusing on more plants first. Hard water, neutral PH, cycled and planted aquarium.
  8. Hey everyone! Where is your favorite place to buy fish online? Has anyone ever gotten from aquabid? I live in North GA and there are not any stores within an hour or more from here. Let me know your good and bad experiences!
  9. and it doesn't hurt the light? how do you rinse the dawn off? I just don't want to ruin this light!
  10. I have the fluval LED plants light but I have seriously hard water. Calcium deposits are on the light so I ordered a glass canopy. In the meantime how do I clean the light? I want the deposits and the splotchy smaller deposits off. I’ve tried glass cleaner and a water vinegar mix. The light was pricey so I don’t want to ruin it. What would you do??
  11. It was the dwarf lilly bulb and I had good success in a different tank so I popped it right in. The mystery snail was all over it even though I feed veggies when I can. Most of my driftwood and bulbs do that, but the snail literally ate a hole in it almost immediately. I don't do heavy cleaning on the glass of the tank to leave the film for them. I was decreasing the amount a week I fed them due to too much brown algae diatoms with the new fluval 3.0 light. I just decreased the strength of the light this week and started feeding more to help with algae growth to support more plant growth.
  12. Mine were a lot of duds too! I actually bought a bulb from the Co-op and my snails ate through it! How do you keep from that? I really was looking forward to that!
  13. I realized that after posting! lol sorry..however I do let my community tank run the temperature by GA weather and its beneficial because I raise comet goldfish in the tank till they are big enough to go into our pond/small lake. I don't want the turtles eating them. The degrees is set at 71 but it goes higher and lower with the weather outside plus the lake gets tons of sun so it helps prepare them for that life without too much shock. I do acclimate and really let to test the boundaries of what can live together in a community tank within my tap water parameters on a well. It has worked out so far and everyone is thriving. The betta community tanks though do stay in tropical levels. I have five tanks. Two are bettas with tetras or endlers, one is a shrimp tank which is a little cooler and fluctuates as well with snails, the last is a giant community, with my final and favorite an amazon tank of tetra schools that stays on the higher temps. I do try and accommodate my fish breeds, but I have been listening to a lot of the Co-op podcast and letting the temps do their thing with the bottom number set lower has been wonderful for my fish. The biggest thing is watching the light settings so that the tetras are happier with darker water like the amazon. My community planted tank is brighter but doesn't have tetras just mollies. They are my favorite. I am a little untraditional in my keeping but I try to experiment (safely and humanely) to find what is best for the fish closest to their natural life in the wild even knowing they are farm bred at times. I want to treat my fish as humanly as possible of course!
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