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  1. Hey! I actually meant the bottom picture. Sorry it came off funny. It seems like my juvenile beta which looks full grown in body is taking forever to grow out longer fins. So much in fact he has been mistaken as a she. Yours do look amazing! This is my first experience with a baby. As for the other betta I have, he is stunning and full fins. He just won’t ever let me get a good picture! The best I can do are attached. The baby hangs out and hides a lot. He goes to different tanks depending on the community features. Thank was keeping him on close watch because he was a baby and I want to watch his attitude against others. Now my bettas are both in 10 gallons. The baby with a school of tetras and the other is waiting on some mountain minnows. I have endlers scattered in hopes they will stop reproducing or at least eat the babies if I don’t feed when they are born. I have well over 50 now that started from six.
  2. Wow! My exact two alllmost! However what is the bottom? I have a supposed juvenile boy a year old now from the LFS that is still trying to grow his fins.
  3. I have been breeding endlers just to see if I could successfully do it. I did start with 6 of equal female and males. Now I am not giving or selling them, but it is very interesting to watch the different color patterns that come. Not every fry survives because I do let it happen in community tanks and actually now would love for the colony population to slow down, but it has greatly! The males are highly colorful, but they are not a variant or hybrid. They are simply feeder fish. Their colors, patterns, and even the way their fins are shaped or angled are beautiful. Some are more lowly or straight, longer or shorter. Now I did not chart the colony because it was not a pull and breed from specific tanks unless I felt the colony was getting too inbred. There was a time that the fish were losing the original colors of the founding fish so I pulled an original member and bred it with the females remaining in the tank many generations down to continue the color pattern. I wanted to try my hand at this and something that simply cost be less than $5 for probably 100 fish or more continuing the eaten fry. It has been a great joy too! I started about March or April of 2020 and I’m coping to get all members moved to my community tank soon to slow down the remaining generations. Now, there are still a few fish living with my beta, but for company only and hoping he will eat the fry. That is until I find something else flashy he would keep company with but not disturb as he does them.
  4. I added some and my nerite snails were fine and my plants, but I don't think my mystery snails liked it. I am planning on moving it to my tetra tank.
  5. My tank has been running for over a year. I have had multiple mollies for that long and since most of them at the LFS are full grown, I have lost a few. Not usually to any signs of disease. Sometimes they look thinner when my tank is having issues, but then that is the whole tank going through something. I have been working on growing live plants and my mollies are looking fat and healthy (in a good way lol not a pregnant or over weight way). I do have two babies that are growing beautifully that the mom dropped the fry in my quarantine the day after I brought her home last spring from the LFS and she died. That was a bad batch of mollies and I lost one fry but the two that survived are doing well. One has a rounder stomach and I am wondering if it is mixed with a balloon molly. I know the inbreeding doesn't help, but I can't even get mine to breed lol. I do feed a variety of flakes, frozen food, veggies, and bug bites. They have a light timer, added some salt and need to remove the snails that don't like that, they have a balanced and cycle tank that only gets new live plants added and new fish after quarantine. I watch closely for signs of aggressiveness and stress. Maybe I just need to add another male? I was hoping mine would breed because they haven't yet and I hate paying $5 a molly at my LFS..
  6. I think mine are active, but the male is smaller than the females and so it loses out at being more aggressive a lot of the time.
  7. Anyone else have issues with their mollies not breeding or even showing signs of breeding? Parameters are all well in range, plants are growing well now, and fish are thriving. I see the endlers showing signs of breeding but not the mollies. I have one male to 2 adult females and 2 juvenile females not born from this set. Any help is appreciated!!
  8. Here is the recent buys from Aquarium Co-Op. They shredded the annibus first 😣
  9. I have a 30g cube tank for 10 BA tetras and 13 neons, with some snails. I have a soil layer then gravel and then drift wood with some plants glued with others planted in gravel and soil. It doesn’t matter what I feed my Buenos Aires tetras or how often, they with chomp on the plants and roots. Any ideas to stop this?? I am trying to cover the tank in plants so the neons feel free to swim to the top. I’m at my loss with these BA tetras for over 6 months. Everytime I get growth, they kill it so I keep moving them from tank to tank for isolation or more room. Nothing helps, so I set up a tank as close to their natural habitat but they won’t stop with the plants!!! I’ve given high quality omega one flakes, bug bites, fresh frozen flood worms, frozen mixture, and frozen daphnia. Help!! TIA!
  10. I bought one pack and then another pack labeled pond lilies. The onion grew and a red Lilly like plant took off in my ten gallon. Good news is the beta loves the protection to swim through. I hated that only four bulbs out of about 8-10 sprouted and I looked for more Friday but they all looked bad. I hate that they don’t have a guarantee or return.
  11. Usually ich comes when the fish is stressed and the immune system is low. Like a cold in humans is how I see it. It could be from moving a new fish in constantly and that's how they react or from bad water quality. Some things to consider: -Turn lights off for 24-48 hours when acclimating new fish to reduce stress. -Check water quality and make sure it is always prime conditions, including before and after moving fish. -Try quarantining new fish first.
  12. I do have chronic illnesses that will not change but keeping fish help. I started changing my tanks to live plants and realized why I was growing algae was the phosphate levels. I thought I needed to go longer in water changes so it was my mistake. I also was doing well in water changes until I tried live plants and my Buenos Aires tetras wanted to eat them all so I fed heavier which caused more nitrates and I didn’t water change more as plants were settling. It created a bad cycle. I’m trying to jump start back down to normal to restart and start again learning from my mistakes. My other tanks are not having these issues just too high phosphate levels to grow outstanding plants although the bulbs are doing great! All my filters are HOB so it’s easy to change.
  13. My pads are literally a giant pad sponge off Amazon and I cut it to fit in my tanks just like I do for my filter sponges. I buy in bulk and cut to fit. I have intake filters too but I have the round ones but I use the square ones and cut a whole for intake filters to go in.
  14. I do know the pads need rinsed weekly and changed often. I know I have potting soil in my tanks which add to the phosphate and my fish food does too. My tanks are highly stocked and I need to get back on weekly water changes, but my health is not well and I’m hoping to get back to the bottom of the problem. I do have high filtration and 50% water changes help but I don’t want to shock my neon tetras.
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