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Found 4 results

  1. This is the start of my tanks/tubs journal. current tanks 20 long planted, 10 gallon pearl danio grow out (D. albolineatus), 75 gallon for the pearl danios(I don't have all the stuff to set it up plumbing, lighting, hardscape, gravel), 10 gallon qt with pair of kribensis, 2.5 gallon tub for holding some cherry shrimp until they start breeding, potentially (I don't have it yet) a 20 long for the kribensis, 10 gallon reef (I don't have all the equipment for it and who knows when I will 🙄) . I will post picture tomorrow or over the next week? (I am lazy so it takes a while 🤣). I plan to breed the kribs and shrimp (not in the same tank btw) to sell and hopefully buy more tanks, plants, etc. the 20 long planted tank My 20 long hopefully jungle
  2. Hi was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could breed lots of guppies that are healthy with a larger success rate
  3. I currently have 7 pregnant platys in a 20 gallon tall, that are due in 2 weeks. The tank is packed from the middle to top with Elodea. I don't have gravel at the bottom, but I did put in pieces of PVC piping/connectors (~25), like 3 big fist fist sized rocks, and a little tower filled with holes too small for an adult to fit through. All my platys are part of the same brood, so I assume that all the females got pregnant around the same time, since all the males matured at the same time as well. June 11th was when I first saw a male and a female going at it. So I would like to scoop out the female as soon as she's done giving birth, but with 7 in the same tank, I imagine that it's going to be pretty tough to find out which one already given birth.
  4. I have a female quad. red that laid eggs underneath my sponge filter in a 10 gallon, and she's doing an amazing job guarding them but they are all white. Which I believe means they are infertile (if I am wrong please correct me). She isn't beating up the male or the pair of guppies I have in there, but I don't want her to stress over eggs (I got the guppies and apistos last week so they are still being quarantined) that are not going to hatch. I was wondering if I pulled the eggs off the bottom of the filter, would she attack the other fish thinking that they ate them?
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