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Found 4 results

  1. This is the start of my tanks/tubs journal. current tanks 20 long planted, 10 gallon pearl danio grow out (D. albolineatus), 75 gallon for the pearl danios(I don't have all the stuff to set it up plumbing, lighting, hardscape, gravel), 10 gallon qt with pair of kribensis, 2.5 gallon tub for holding some cherry shrimp until they start breeding, potentially (I don't have it yet) a 20 long for the kribensis, 10 gallon reef (I don't have all the equipment for it and who knows when I will 🙄) . I will post picture tomorrow or over the next week? (I am lazy so it takes a while 🤣). I plan to breed the kribs and shrimp (not in the same tank btw) to sell and hopefully buy more tanks, plants, etc. the 20 long planted tank My 20 long hopefully jungle
  2. Hello! I just joined this forum and hopefully it will be a nice and helpful place as it seems so far. I have a 10g , the S. S. Valhalla. She holds a betta, one endler livebearer, 3 bumblebee gobi and some snails: My goth king Admiral Harold Mustard: I also recently acquired a 39/20 gallon that I plant to make a nice peaceful community tank. I got it off of craigslist-- came with the 2 harlequin Rasboras and an 8 year old Anubias its crazy. I have added 3 otocinclus, 3 khuli loaches (I have been reading that it is totally okay to add more so I plan to do so very soon so they can feel less shy,) and I have 8 glowlight tetra in quarantine since I noticed a couple had ich when I brought them home... I am using a heater, air stone, probably not the best filter, and ParaGuard and hoping for fast recovery and no casualties In the future I plant to add a black background and then get the tank nice and bustling with life. I have looked into rummy nose tetras, Chili Rasboras, maybe something blue- I was looking at neon blue rasboras but open to any suggestions and ideas. I will re-scape at least this big tank with some rocks for hiding caves and try to contain the wild Anubias. The newest addition is a 10 gallon that I picked up because I have just fallen in love with dumbo ear bettas (a particularly sad looking one from Petco that was a lovely white and pink/red) so I will start setting that up and cycling... Ideas for scaping will be also greatly appreciated! Nice to meet y'all 🙂 endler ID??? bonus "smoochin" ottos
  3. I found this link earlier today. It has pictures of so MANY planted tank aquascapes that is meant to inspire/ motivate fellow aquarists. the pictures are sorted by the difficulty, size and aquarium type. https://tropica.com/en/inspiration/ Tropica in my opnion is one of the best (probably tied with the co-op) planted tank companies. I am a huge fan of there root tabs and aquarium plant fertilizer. Hope this links helps anyone in need of inspiration for there next tank build, or they just need some motivation!
  4. In a lot of my responses to posts you may see me link these two videos. These were two videos that helped me the MOST when figuring out what was wrong with my planted tanks, and some of the most frequent questions asked. Do you have any videos that you found EXTREMLEY helpful? Link them below: I link them so often I made a playlist with them:
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