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  1. @Robertany idea if any of the Agassizi Double Reds are female? I picked up a pair a couple weeks ago but they turned out to both be male.
  2. I live close to the Coop and visit almost once a week. If you wanted we could work something out where I update you on their stock weekly and could buy and hold them for you if you see something you'd want. If you're interested, let me know and we could possibly work something out
  3. Additional question to everyone... which would be a more ideal temperature for guppies, 60F or 84F?
  4. Hello, I am thinking of breeding some guppies in a 15 gallon aquarium with my German blue rams. The aquarium is heated to 84 F at the moment. Would guppies be able to breed and thrive at such a high temperature, or would it need to be lower. Interested in anyone's opinion on the ideal temperature to breed guppies for maximum production and fish health....a range would be nice to know also if possible. Thanks guys!
  5. Forget the haters man. Those look awesome. Do what you love... it's the only thing you should do in this hobby.
  6. I am nearly positive those would both be in. They've been in for at least a month straight and when I was there a week ago they still had tons of both.
  7. 🤣 probably a ton of Repashy. My pocket book will cry in the short term...but hopefully fatten with time 😁
  8. I'm guessing that would be something not worth the software development time for the Coop...I honestly think any water change related features you could use in an app would just be easier to do in a small notebook.
  9. Unfortunately the fish passed away. I left him with heater raising the temp overnight and smell clearly indicated this morning 😔. I don't care at all about the investment lost, just feel really bad for killing that fish. Definitely going to prepare better next time. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  10. I picked up a fancy goldfish yesterday from Aquarium Coop and transferred him to my new outdoor, unheated aquarium. I figured 40 F wouldn't be ideal for him, but I was surprised to find him dead/immobile on the bottom of the tank this morning. He looks totally healthy but his operculum didn't appear to be moving so I believe he's a goner😔. Just in case he's still alive, I'm adding a small 50 watt heater to hopefully bump the temp up to 50 to see if he wakes up. I feel really stupid for not anticipating this happening and using a heater to begin with. Can fancy goldfish survive sub 40 temps? Was it just too sudden a change for him to tolerate? Chances he could still be alive?
  11. Oh my gosh he is so far away. Think you can breed a million Guppies?
  12. Personally, I'd bump the temperature up to at least 76 F. 70 is a bit low for a Corydoras species (Aeneus) that originates from Northern South America. Also, I'd focus a bit more on food volume and a little less on variety. A varied diet is always a good thing, but your goal with feeding should really be to get those Corydoras FAT. Lastly, I'd just be patient. How long have you had the group? I've had Corydoras groups before that took multiple years before spawning. Maintain your quality care and feeding, and I'd guess with patience you'll be well rewarded. Good luck!
  13. Could be ...I've never really kept Central American cichlids so I'm hoping some expert will chime in...just think we might actually be able to sell him if we knew what he was.
  14. Wondering if anyone could ID this fish at my LFS. Someone dropped it off and they had to cram it into a 55. I was thinking Red Honduran but on further querying I believe I'm wrong...any theories?
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