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  1. I recently purchased a used 125 gallon. The sides have obviously been resealed as they look in good shape and are black vs clear around the bottom. Question is should I redo all the seals or just worry with the bottom?
  2. I would like to hear Gianne speak to any differences/challenges she has encountered breeding wild vs aquacultured bettas.
  3. That’s a pretty close setup to the one I’m struggling with. I decided to try an all crypt tank no co2. Though I do have an unused rig sitting around. Looks awesome and I’m working to get mine looking good like that!
  4. I appreciate the input those are some good ideas of where to start. Here is a screenshot of my lighting profile and current pic of the troublemaker in question.
  5. I’m starting this thread to be a personal journal on the trials and tribulations of my 40 breeder. I’ve had it up and running a little over three years. It was first setup with some inactive Flourite red substrate, a Fluval 306 canister, and Fluval Plant 3.0 led. In it I was keeping a guppy colony, a school of neons and some Cory cats. Once the neons started dying out a few months ago I moved the guppies and corys to a new 20 long and that tank has been doing great. The 40 had started growing a large amount of bba so once the fish were moved I drained the tank as much as possible stirred the substrate and let it sit with no light for a week or so. I purchased a variety of different crypts and planted with root tabs here and there. Filled the tank up. Turned everything back on waited two weeks and added 10 phantom tetras and two angels. This was about three months ago. The first month everything was going as planned. I was dosing liquid fertilizer per recommendation during this time with a light cycle of 8 hrs. Low and behold I’m now growing every algae known to man including Cyanobacteria. It’s basically beat the snot out of my smaller crypts (parva and lutea) Lasy week I pulled them out of the tank cut the leaves and tossed the root structures in a non affected tank. I don’t know if the will recover but here’s hoping. I’m going to snap a picture later and post it if any of y’all have words of wisdom. My battle plan for now is weekly water changes and bi weekly filter maintenance with manual removal of the algae I can get my hands on.
  6. This has been my first attempt to set one up. I made a few mistakes while setting it up which contributed to the green water. I am fairly happy with the result though. I have two fantail goldfish in there and they seem pretty stoked about it too.
  7. Hi everyone; my name is Chad I’m from Western NC. I’ve been into fishkeeping close to four years now. I’m currently keeping guppies, angelfish, ancistrus, various tetras and a couple goldfish. I’ve here in the past year or so gotten into photography. Looking forward to chatting and learning from each of y’all.
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