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  1. What would they mean by "the best"? Would it not do the same thing as Fritz and prime and safe? Also, do you know your chloramine level in your tap water? I have about 1ppm usually, but water quality reports say it can be as high as 2ppm. I tend to overdose anyway out of laziness. I have a pump head on my prime bottle and it's about 1.5-2ml per pump.
  2. I've bought so many varieties that I couldn't list them all, but the bright stuff on the right thats about to flower is just your normal green wavy variety. Among the others are brownie blue, godzilla, and some mini varieties that might recover one day. Buce variety naming is out of control. You find the same plant a mile down the creek and it's an entirely different name. And you add blue to the name if you squint at a piece of buce at dusk while you're a little tipsy and one leaf kind of looks blue.
  3. Very nice scape! My buce is not doing so well, particularly the parts that are on the outer edges of the shade that the tree provides, algae really taking hold. I think I have a lot of emersed leaves right now too, and it's a CO2 injected tank which maybe is putting those leaves in more of a stasis rather than converting. My goal was a buce carpet around the tree, but I may have to rethink.
  4. Yeah, this tank wasn't all sunshine and rainbows in the beginning either. I got a hard lesson in why people quarantine, and that fancy guppies from my LFS are garbage, or at least not ready to be sold to the average person. Had a decent colony going, and introduction of new guppies caused fungus, bacteria, and/or other mysterious illnesses that wiped out more than half of the guppy population -- strangely didn't touch any other species in the tank.
  5. Maybe I'm a crazy person, but I just let my live bearer tank do its thing. It is full of plants which helps, but also I don't increase feeding when I notice new fry. It looks like an overstocked nightmare, but it's actually a pretty healthy ecosystem, and I can go months without changing water.
  6. I started selling my yellow tiger endlers on eBay and aquabid back in January, and I initially priced the females cheaper than the males because they have no color. I did not expect them to fly off the figurative shelf. I ended up pricing the females higher later on and still can barely keep up with demand. Apparently a lot of breeders do hoard the females. Fortunately, my colony produces a lot more females than males.
  7. I am so mad at myself. Waterchanging with the python today, looked away for a minute, my betta wedged himself at the end of the tube. Got him out of the tube, but I think it's too late. He's alive but doesn't appear to be able to move much or at all, been like that almost all day. Edit: unfortunately he passed. The siphon pressure must've done internal damage. This is perhaps my lowest point in fishkeeping thus far because it was a completely preventable accident caused by my own negligence. I mean, I'm still going to betta-shop this week. But I'll be sad about it. RIP
  8. I did some DIY to add more dynamic lighting to the Current Serene background kit, just uploaded a video on it. This time, I'm on camera at the beginning and end of it. Also, I bought a green screen and simply cannot take it seriously.
  9. Me too! I loved watching the evolution of this product in just 24 hours. And people should be talking more about that fluval 3.0 extender!!! Fluval 3.0s really perform best at a slight elevation because of their light spread, and the elevated mounting options designed for it are practically nonexistent.
  10. I live in the Baton Rouge area but haven't had the opportunity to visit New Orleans fish stores yet. My wife has good things to say about Jefferson Feed but hasn't been in many years -- it's a local chain around the Jefferson, Metaire, and New Orleans area, so I'd call and see which locations still sell live fish if any. A good friend of mine also recommends Causeway Pets, Rose Garden Center in Marrero, and 50 Fathoms in Metaire.
  11. A piece of poly-filter in each bag to absorb ammonia is all I put in the bag with the fish and water. I prepare a 5-gallon bucket of fresh water at the appropriate temperature with dechlorinator and use that water for all the shipments that day. I've been shipping fish for a few months and have had success shipping endlers, guppies, and platys, and bristlenose plecos, via UPS 2-day (Was using USPS but they got really really unreliable). I was having success even before I started using the poly-filter, though, so it's just added protection. 72-hr heatpack when it's going anywhere with night-time temps below mid-60s since UPS doesn't store packages in climate-controlled buildings. A month ago that was everywhere in the U.S., and in the past couple weeks I find myself using heat packs about half the time. How many fish per bag is still a big question for me, too. I've been using about 8 fl. ounces in a bag with about 6 to 8 endlers or small guppies. Plecos go one per bag. Air is super important. About a 2:1 ratio of air to water has worked for me. Luckily UPS doesn't care as much about weight as it does dimensions for air shipments, so I've just been winging it with the water volume (going over) and making sure it all fits in a reasonably sized box. You want something insulating the inside of the box. I use 0.75" thick foam panels I get at Lowes to create a foam box within the box, and then wrap the fish bags in newsprint paper, and stuff the boxes with paper surrounding the fish bags on all sides. I open and let the heatpack breathe for 30 minutes to an hour before I pack the box to make sure it's going to get warm. I then put the heatpack in a brown lunchbag, tape it to the inside of the foam box lid (stripe side of heatpack facing out), and tape it all up. Oh, and I fast the fish for 24-48 hours before I ship.
  12. The trimmed leaves usually die back anyway as new leaves are growing, so when I do I trim, I just go full teenage boy "f- it, let's go full buzz cut." Funny how they call it "dwarf' as it towers over some of my stem plants.
  13. I don't think you can except for express shipments. Priority never has had a guarantee, but used to be very reliable before 2020. I reported the half dozen packages that were extra late a while ago, and all they said was "sorry cuz covid". Hell, in February they even temporarily suspended their Express guarantee, and they made the suspension retroactive by a few days. 😂 I think all of UPS air shipments are temporarily "not guaranteed" as well, but I've had better reliability with them so far.
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