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  1. My wife thinks my online spending habits have gotten crazy since quarantine but i don't buy things unless i or my pets need them.
  2. I've backed off from constant maintenance, fertilize once a week, ensure there's decent root tabs, and increased my fish feedings from one modest serving to two generous feedings per day (skipping sundays for fasting). The lotus i let it go ham and cover the vast majority of the tank until i figured that my tank was a little too dark and then i trimmed a bunch of leaves. I left about 5 huge leaves to stay at the top and 2 weeks later i noticed the bud. And it's growing tall FAST.(Trimmings seen here )
  3. Just wanted to share some plants that I'm super proud that are doing well. I got 3 plants getting ready to flower and successfully attached moss to twigs to make a tree. Super stoked about the lotus flower bud. For the tree I'm gonna include a before and after pic.
  4. Doing a long over due water change as the tannins have reached a level I'm not a huge fan of. I've been trying a hands off approach recently and the tiger lotuses have been abusing it lol. So time has come to restore light to the bottom of this tank. I wish i took a better before picture, but check out what i did get. These pads are like, 10 inches from tip to tip. Im pretty sure the jungle val is taller than i am if i had cut it at the root at 5' 11". Excuse the mess we're currently reorganizing for a move <_<
  5. I have a hospital tank where i keep lose plant trimming to grow out. My theory is the dense vegetation also helps reduce stress in fish while quarantined. I was trimming plants in my guppy tank and i went to throw a plant in there, and i noticed a tiny blue dot moving. I dropped to the floor and looked closer and saw a cloud of blue dots. There's fry in there. I haven't had a fish in there for like, 2 months. The last fish i had in there were forktail rainbow fish and i left them in there a little longer than intended (5 weeks) before moving them to my main tank. Zero clue how the fry have been surviving or how long ago they hatched. Thankfully i have fry food on hand and started feeding immediately. I'm still blown away that i somehow bred fish.
  6. This is what i was planning on my next substrate. Sand looked nice, but being inert and constantly replacing root tabs is annoying
  7. I bought a pack of red root floaters and salvinia to help soak up nitrates in a 7 gallon. After somentime the salvinia is doing well but the red root floaters are browning, sinking and disappearing. I've read care guides that say they dont like surface agitation but they're pretty hardy. But i can't get them to survive in my tanks. The only agitation is from a sponge filter. I dose fertz regulary and lightly over feed the tank. Anyone have any ideas? Water stats 0-0-20ish. 8.0 ph. 8 hours of high light per day. Dose 0.7 ml of iron once a week. Soft water hardened with wonder shell.
  8. That pic looks super blurry, hopefully this one is better
  9. We're approaching the 2 month mark and it's gone through a few changes. It's definitely more mature with a fine layer of mulm on the substrate. I swapped out the emerald rasboras with pseudomugul luminatus, got some floating plants to make them feel safe, and added some bushier plants. The tree moss started to die pretty hard, but like aquarium coop suggests, i waited out the die back.Then came back incredibly lush
  10. So i am moving across country from Florida to Pennsylvania in the next 4-6 months, and I'm kinda excited. Mostly because i feel like it's a free excuse for a reset in aquarium keeping but i get to start over with over a year's worth of knowledge to build from the ground up correctly. I am kinda sad because of our current predicament, I'm not going to be able to keep all our fish that have stayed with us for so long. We have 7.5, 10, 10, and a 75 gallon tank teeming with life, not to mention 2 cats and a dog. The plan is to take the inhabitants of the 7.5 and 10 gallons with us in a tub in the car and all my fave plants from all the tanks in a 5 gallon bucket, but the 75 gallon inhabitants will probably have to go back to the lfs 😧 So i do have a question. In a perfect world, we're moving to Bethlehem, PA, but we're also looking at other cities that are about an hour away in any direction of Bethlehem, Allentown, Quakertown. Is anyone from that region known what the water conditions are like up there? Or the more fun question, what are cool/good fish stores in those cities? I value the opinions of any locals to that region on this forum higher than randos on google reviews.
  11. So i had been quietly testing to get my nitrates up putting increasingly copious amounts of ez green (up to 72 pumps) every day to try and get my nitrates up. It would always stay at 0. I gave up, and just went to 8 pumps a day and toned down the lights to fluctuate between 50% power for 6 hours and 10% for 4 hours to lessen nitrate consumption and just hoped the fine algae would stop covering my leaves of plants. Today i noticed my seachem filter nob pop up, which if you don't have one, is a thing they have where if the water filter flow starts to slow down it causes a little peg to be pushed up on top as a signal that you may want to service it. Like the lights on my dashboard, i usually ignore it. But it's been about 4 or so months since i wrung out the sponges so decided to service it today and do a large water change. I was wrung out the prefilter sponge into a bucket, wrung out the coarse sponge in the filter basket, shook off all the bio media in the dirty tank water, and squeezed my fine filter sponge. I stared at the fine filter sponge and realized it wasn't just a fine filter sponge, because my LFS only had coarse sponges and NITRATE ABSORBING sponges. I never got it for its ability to absorb nitrates, i just wanted a finer sponge as part of having a diverse set of non-chemical filtration assuming that "nitrate absorbing" was just a buzz word to get people to buy it. I just assumed it was gonna suck at its job of absorbing nitrates and just be a fine filter sponge. I feel like if my life in aquairum keeping were a book, it would be called "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Over corrections"
  12. Admittedly I've slacked on water changes to about once a month. I haven't felt much pressure since the nitrates are pretty much 0 for me all the time. I only did them to help get rid of visible fish poop and because of online reading pressuring me to "always keep up on water changes!" I think the play now is to crack open the big bottle of easy green, measure out what i have been dosing, then increasing the amount and seeing what it takes to get to 20ppm. And then like Cory suggested, time how long it takes to get to 0 and then tone down the lights to try and keep it at 20. I've learned so much from everyone. Thank you!
  13. I actually just bought the big bottle an order ago. I go through the small ones so quick.
  14. Yeah it's pretty heavily planted. I actually recently increased my lighting about 2 weeks ago (i think? Time has lost all meaning in quarantine) and ferts but have noticed algae slowly growing on the newer plants so dialed back the intensity of the lights from 100% to 70% while continuing to dose 16 pumps. Still not seeing an increase in nitrates. As im typing, I'm starting to wonder if this is an excuse i can use to add more fish to increase the bioload O_O
  15. So I've been dosing Easy Green since forever in my 75 gallon, and it wasn't until fairly recently that I actually read the online store's instructions. So if I'm reading correctly, after dosing fertilizers and after some time for it to mix in, it should register on water test kits as nitrate? If that's true, never seeing a significant increase in nitrates is probably a symptom of not dosing enough fertilizers? The tank is super over filtered but strictly with sponge and biomedia, so I don't think either would reduce nitrates. I also have been dosing 16 pumps about 4-5 times a week while also increasing my feedings to get more fish waste over the past 2 weeks. Thank you for the input!
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