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  1. Im currently going through a similar thing. I have a 75 gallon that only has shrimp, but we dont have central air and the tank is in the finished basement that has no way of cooling the space. What's worse is we have our gaming set ups down there so between 2 cats, a dog, 2 people, 4 monitors, 2 computers, and rgb lights everywhere, and aquarium equipment, it's not uncommon for the room to hit 90+ degrees. I noticed a shrimp death and saw the water temp was a whopping 87 degrees. Things i did to help were cool it off: -Add a floor fan to circulate air better -Remove the aquarium lids. This encouraged more evaporation but cools off the tank more. I have to top it off more often and it makes our dehumidifier fill up faster, but it's brand new and does a great job. -And the biggest contributor that was a hard decision to make; i swapped the hours of light time to be opposite of when i use the basement. I work from home from 730 to 4pm and usually game from 6 to 10pm~12am. So i have the lights turn on at 1030pm and slowly reach 100% brightness at 4am, then slowly dim to off by 11am just before the peak of the day. Plus my plants aren't missing out any photosynthesis. It sucks that i can only enjoy it on my lunch/breaks and for a few minutes before bed, but it's helped keep the water in the 74-78 range. And i havent had any more shrimp deaths. Once winter rolls around i can set it back to normal hours where i can enjoy it more often.
  2. Just a warning, depending on the rock, boiling/baking them can cause them to explode. I usually just rinse and dry any rocks i find. If in were genuinely worried about rocks, i would put the rock in a bucket or tub with water and let it sit for a week or two and then test water parameters.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/shrimps247 Here's a shrimp stream. I think it's just strictly streaming shrimp and i dont see anyone really chatting all that often. I like to have it on during work.
  4. From what I understand they strictly do fly fishing and catch and release as these hatcheries are meant to inject more trout into the surrounding lakes and streams as they're popular for sport fishing. I don't have tanks big enough to house adult ones haha. Theyre super pretty though so i definitely would if i could. The pics were all done on my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S8.
  5. I recently moved to Pennsylvania after living my entire life in Florida (32 years). It wasn't until i started fish keeping that i realized what a haven Florida was for the hobby. I've been feeling a little regretful that i didnt take advantage of my time there to really take in the wildlife and vegetation, so I've been trying to find ways to incorporate more nature in my life here in PA. As it turns out, i live a 9-15 minute drive away from SEVERAL hiking trails AND fish hatcheries. I was able to visit a trail and a Trout hatchery yesterday and i grabbed a few nice pictures that I think some may appreciate here more than my generic social medias.
  6. I accidentally bred them once and it was a good amount of time before i could even tell they existed. I fed them fry food heavily every day to help the grow and i think it was like 5 or 6 months before i could start distinguishing between male and female. But they were sooooo tiny lol.
  7. Haven't been here in a while since not much is happening in my world since I'm working on moving, but i had a surprise last night that turned into a bigger surprise this morning. This is the 3rd attempt at growing a flower for this plant and probably the fastest ive seen it go from the base of the plant to pressing against the lid, so i left it open over night.
  8. My wife thinks my online spending habits have gotten crazy since quarantine but i don't buy things unless i or my pets need them.
  9. I've backed off from constant maintenance, fertilize once a week, ensure there's decent root tabs, and increased my fish feedings from one modest serving to two generous feedings per day (skipping sundays for fasting). The lotus i let it go ham and cover the vast majority of the tank until i figured that my tank was a little too dark and then i trimmed a bunch of leaves. I left about 5 huge leaves to stay at the top and 2 weeks later i noticed the bud. And it's growing tall FAST.(Trimmings seen here )
  10. Just wanted to share some plants that I'm super proud that are doing well. I got 3 plants getting ready to flower and successfully attached moss to twigs to make a tree. Super stoked about the lotus flower bud. For the tree I'm gonna include a before and after pic.
  11. Doing a long over due water change as the tannins have reached a level I'm not a huge fan of. I've been trying a hands off approach recently and the tiger lotuses have been abusing it lol. So time has come to restore light to the bottom of this tank. I wish i took a better before picture, but check out what i did get. These pads are like, 10 inches from tip to tip. Im pretty sure the jungle val is taller than i am if i had cut it at the root at 5' 11". Excuse the mess we're currently reorganizing for a move <_<
  12. I have a hospital tank where i keep lose plant trimming to grow out. My theory is the dense vegetation also helps reduce stress in fish while quarantined. I was trimming plants in my guppy tank and i went to throw a plant in there, and i noticed a tiny blue dot moving. I dropped to the floor and looked closer and saw a cloud of blue dots. There's fry in there. I haven't had a fish in there for like, 2 months. The last fish i had in there were forktail rainbow fish and i left them in there a little longer than intended (5 weeks) before moving them to my main tank. Zero clue how the fry have been surviving or how long ago they hatched. Thankfully i have fry food on hand and started feeding immediately. I'm still blown away that i somehow bred fish.
  13. This is what i was planning on my next substrate. Sand looked nice, but being inert and constantly replacing root tabs is annoying
  14. I bought a pack of red root floaters and salvinia to help soak up nitrates in a 7 gallon. After somentime the salvinia is doing well but the red root floaters are browning, sinking and disappearing. I've read care guides that say they dont like surface agitation but they're pretty hardy. But i can't get them to survive in my tanks. The only agitation is from a sponge filter. I dose fertz regulary and lightly over feed the tank. Anyone have any ideas? Water stats 0-0-20ish. 8.0 ph. 8 hours of high light per day. Dose 0.7 ml of iron once a week. Soft water hardened with wonder shell.
  15. That pic looks super blurry, hopefully this one is better
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