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  1. Thank you everyone for your input! I sincerely appreciate it. At the end of the day doing a little outcrossing sounds a lot easier than dealing with some nefarious pathogen 🙂
  2. First a picture of this gorgeous endler line which I am lucky enough to have in my possession. I purchased these fish in the beginning of February from a breeder about 100 miles south of me. After driving to pick them up, I quarantined them for one month. I treated once with kanaplex as one fish developed a fin infection but otherwise had no issues. They have since been in a 29 gallon tank with some least killifish. The adults have been doing well and get a varied diet. A female dropped their first clutch about 2.5 weeks ago. I counted 10 surviving fry 24 hours later. They have been growing quickly due to heavy brine shrimp feedings. However, I am now down to 4 fry. I frequently observe the fry in the open water without being harassed so I don’t believe the issue is fry predation. I’ve seen two fish develop consistent symptoms which makes me believe the issue is disease. Their body shape distorts, they have trouble swimming, they spend most of their time near the surface, they appear to lose proper buoyancy and always swim with their head above their tail. By the time, I notice these symptoms they quickly perish. This disease is not yet effecting the thriving population of least killifish in the tank. Just hoping someone has run into this before and can give me some guidance. Thank you!
  3. Has anyone encountered pearl weed breaking off at the end of stem and floating to the top of the tank? I’ve been noticing this recently in my 29g endler setup where the pearlweed has recently taken off. Not sure if this is being caused by a nutrient deficiency or is just a self propagating behavior. At the moment, I am running a dimmer nicrew planted+, 25% weekly WC, and Easygreen dosing at 2mL per week (slightly under-dosing). This typically leaves me with between 5-10ppm measurable nitrates before each weekly WC. Thank you for reading through the post!
  4. I’m attempting to balance my 20 long shrimp tank and have made some good progress I think! 😄 I was having some issues with BBA and green hair algae. After doing some research, I reduced light intensity, using a dimmer, and reduced fertilizer dosing to 1 mL a week. After about a month of monitoring this new regime, algae growth and the standing stock of algae has been reduced but not eliminated. Nitrate levels are pretty consistently between 5 and 15 ppm so I have reduced water changes to 20% once every other week. At this point, I think I may need to increase fertilizer dosing to the recommended 2mL per week or decrease lighting intensity to fully balance the tank. Just hoping someone with a green thumb can point me in the right direction. Happy to provide any additional details. Thank you!! Pics for reference:
  5. Thanks all! Appreciate the insight. I’ll boost flow a bit and manually remove. Hopefully it’s an ephemeral inhabitant of my aquariums.
  6. I know many things contribute to algae blooms in a freshwater aquarium but I’m just curious if people have encountered this type of algae before. it’s a floating green algae that develops bubbles as it photosynthesizes. I think it may be due to low circulation on the tank? It’s growing in a tank with both low and medium light so I don’t think it’s due to light levels.
  7. Thank you very much! Based on this and some other resources I found I think I need to keep dimming my light. I guess it’s easy to underestimate how much light a 30” fixture can put into a 20 long. Inverse square law and all that.
  8. Does anyone recognize this kind of algae? I believe it may be “staghorn” algae. If so what are the typical causes for its growth? I am developing this algae in a 20L shrimp tank with ~20ppm nitrate from easy green. Water changes are 15% once a week. Lighting is a dimmed Nicrew Planted plus.
  9. Looking for some help sexing my golden eye dwarf cichlids (Nannacara anomala) I believe 1 is a female and 2 is a male. At the moment I have them separated as they were getting aggressive with each other. If the sexing is accurate I’m not sure why that might be. I included a picture of the whole tank tank in someone can see an issue there. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Any ideas what I’m looking at on my female Nannacara anomala? Her anal vent is somewhat swollen and is trailing something behind. She is currently in a tank with just a male. Appetite and behavior seem normal. Pardon the torn fins. She was with a group of 7 N. anomala I was growing out for breeding and her fins got a bit torn up. No territoriality between her and the male she is with currently. I don’t believe this is Camallanus as no other fish she has been in contact with is present these symptoms and the protrusions are brown, floppy, and always visible.
  11. I added a UV sterilizer I had laying around to a 29 gallon that is empty at the moment. I had a bad outbreak of columnaris in the tank and I’m leaving it for fallow for 6-8 weeks to try to reduce pathogen levels in the tank. Last night when I added the UV sterilizer the tank was clear with no tint to the water whatsoever. This morning the tankwater has a dark tint to looks almost purple compared to the typical brown tannin stain. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on a possible cause? This is the normal state of the tank water for reference
  12. Have you had any experience raising killi eggs with cherry shrimp? I'd love to try that pairing (since I have both species in my possession currently) if it has a decent chance of producing well.
  13. Those white patchs on the skin look a bit ominous. Are those a recent development or has she had those for a while? Are there any other fish in the tank with white patches on the skin?
  14. I'm now on day three of treatment I have been dosing as was described in the previous post and completed the prescribed 25% water changes today. Only 1 additional fish lose in the main display tank which was a very small individual. No loses of symptomatic fish. Keeping an eye on things. I have a feeling I will know more about the effectiveness of the treatment ~5 days post treatment.
  15. As an update, I have decided to pull the symptomatic fish (5/~50) and place them in the quarantine aquarium. I then dosed as follows: qt aquarium (10g) - 1 packet triple sulfa / 1 tablespoon of salt per 3 gallons Main aquarium (29g) - 3 packets triple sulfa / 1 tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons I plan to follow the dosing instructions on the triple sulfa which are as follows: “ For each 10 gallons of water, empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 24 hours. Wait another 24 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water. Repeat this treatment for a second time, for a total of 4 doses. Then make a final 25% water change and add fresh activated carbon or replace filter cartridge.“
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