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  1. he did an online presentation for I believe Chicago Cichlid Association, on his fry tank and how he built it, and if I remember right he said he uses a maxi-jet 1200 powerhead with a pre filter sponge. As @MickS77said, he may be discontinued now, but anything similar should work, the thing would be connecting a hose to your water manifold above the tank.
  2. You might have to trim back lily pads, as some water lilies can get quite large. I had a 8x10 foot pond at a house I used to live in and I had two lilies in there and probably 60-70% of the surface was covered in lily pads. I am planning on having a tub or two this summer, and will have water lettuce, hornwort and a couple dwarf lilies in them.
  3. Depending upon size and a few other things, the other two could possibly be a male and female starting to court, pair off, or it could just be that they might be slightly larger than the other two, so they want to be the boss. The biggest thing is to make sure that the two that are less dominant get enough food to eat. If the two bullies don't let them eat, and are constantly harassing them,, it could very well be a contributing factor to the other issue that you are seeing of the white spot on the fin. When a fish is stressed, it is more susceptible to infections and diseases.
  4. I have not used this particular filter myself, but I have heard that it takes some time to "break in" and that the bubbles become smaller and less noisy after it is broke in.
  5. The two things I would consider first is heating the entire space rather than individual tanks, and having a central air pump and air loop. Figure out how you are going to do water changes, how close are you to water and a place to drain the tanks? If you are very far away, you may want to run water and drain lines into the room, which depending how handy you are, can be a DIY project or you may have to hire a plumber. There are lots of good ideas between here and on YouTube on building out a fish room, Good luck with your build, make sure to take pics and document, you never know how much it could help someone else down the road.
  6. Shrimp are so neat in that for a while it will seem as if there is no babies or anything, then they take off and have an explosion of babies.
  7. I would just take it and rinse it off and use it. I have a large tub/ tote in my fishroom that I have a few pieces of wood in soaking, have been for a while, I just pulled a piece out of last weekend, rinsed it off and put in a tank. Unless it has a part that has gotten soft and started to rot I would not worry about it.
  8. I have used the easy root tabs since Cory brought them out and have had great results. I can definitely tell when I need to add more, especially with the big red flame sword in my display tank, it will start showing yellow leaves and other signs. I have used the Seachem tabs once when I ran out of tabs and I just grabbed a pack at a LFS, and honestly I didn't notice much of a difference. I was glad when Cory finally came out with the larger pack of root tabs, as I was buying 2 or 3 small packs at a time. When you have 20+ tanks with plants, you can go through them quickly.
  9. I made my own tabs a few years ago with the osmocote plus. I had issues with ammonia with tabs that I didnt get buried deep enough, the little balls of fertilizer are annoying if they work their way to the surface of the substrate. I stopped using them, because of the above but also, I didn't think the results vs the time and efort it took to put the tabs together was saving me a whole lot over buying ones from the co-op.
  10. I have used golden pearls for fry before with good results. I know a lot of fish breeders have used it for the small fry that are too small for BBS, such as some rainbows.
  11. That's how the sump trickle filters were made years ago, my first sump filter I had on a tank in the early 90s was like that. I am sure with plenty of surface area of water being exposed to air as it trickles through the bioballs that more oxygen is being added to the water.
  12. To an extent it would be if you are using what was known in the past as a trickle filter where the water goes into a tray with a bunch of holes drilled in it, then trickles down through some bioballs. A lot of people tend to shy away from those filters anymore, and instead use a bunch of sponges and filter mats for biological filtration. If you do want to make sure that you have plenty of aeration but don't want an airstone in your display tank, you could always set an airstone in the sump someplace and it will aerate the water in there which then is pumped into the display.
  13. If the top of the stand is not flat and level, what I would do is get a piece of 1/2" or even better 3/4" plywood cut to the exact size that your stand is. put it on top, and if it doesn't sit level, rocks side to side or corner to corner, use shims under the plywood to get it where it is sitting level and has no rocking. nail or screw the plywood down to the stand, being sure to go through the shims you just added so they don't come out of place. another thing you could do, but I only would recommend if that difference is small, like less that 1/8" or less, get a piece of styrofoam and cut it to the same size as the stand and tank, and set it on the stand and then put tank on top of it. That's an old timers trick used in a lot of fishrooms when stands might be a little uneven. You can then add a piece of wood to match your stand or paint the edge of the foam so it's not so noticeable.
  14. I have gotten fish in direct import from the wild as well as from wholesalers, and lost quite a few before I learned what works for me. Even though I may get 100 or 200 small tetras in, I don't put them in their final display tank, always a smaller quarantine tank. I've done 200 cardinals in a 20 gallon tank before, no issues. The best thing I have found is to just use my tap water, which is around 7.2-7.4 pH, have an established sponge filter, I float the bag for 15 minutes or so, then open the bag and net the fish out and put in the tank. I put Ich-X in the tank right away, and observe the fish over the next few days before adding any other meds. I like to get the fish out of the bag water ASAP because they have probably been in there at least 24 hours if not more. I have had good luck doing the float and net fish out and directly into the tank, instead of the prolonged process of adding a cup of tank water at a time. You could also talk to the LFS you ordered them through and find out if they had any issues with the fish that they got in from that wholesaler. Maybe they did as well, never know.
  15. I have sop many old tupperware and similar plastic containers in my fish room. I use them to thaw frozen foods, put plants and fish in to move between tanks, float on surface of tank I'm working in to throw the stems and leaves I cut off plants.
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