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  1. Thank you. My current tank is 5.2 gallon. I have a 10 gallon tank I am waiting to start.
  2. He also is not eating and I guess really stressed, holding all the time now. It's causing me stress. I want him back to himself.
  3. Hello aquarist! I am happy to find you! I have been treating my veil tail for a week for fungal and possible bacterial infection he got when I put him in a small hold tank with fresh water and tank water, for 24 hours while I cleaned and put fresh water in 5.2 gallon tank and let it cycle my aquarium supplements. Tonight was last night of treating my betta named, Crimson. Tomorrow I will be doing a 25-30% water change and putting a carbon filter back in. His wound took off some scales after a few days of treatment and there was white fuzzy looking stuff from beginning. At first the skin looked natural after scales fell off, and yesterday started turning white where the scales are missing. I think I found this forum from a article about using aquarium salt for healing. I would like to try that. I have only 1 other fish now in there with him, an Ototincula Cory. Here's my question. Will the Oto and my Betta be ok with 3 tablespoons of aquarium salt for a week or few days? I also have live plants. I need all the help I can get. I've had the Betta since May last year. He looked about 3-4 months old. So I think he turned a year this month. I've tried tetras and other Cory's, to no avail. 1 Punctatus lasted a while, and he had a run in this week with my new filter. Now just the Oto. I want to get a few more fish. Little guys. Guppies? I like a clean tank and changing things up. I check the water parameters all the time and treat accordingly. Thanks for being here, look forward to getting to know you all! I live in San Diego, CA Jacqueline The 1st picture is his sore The rest are random over past year plus baby pic. Sooo cute!!
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