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  1. Thanks Nerms! It's nice to be part of such a great forum.
  2. Couldn't leave this guy in the pet store cups, too cool. Promptly named Oynx by my lovely girlfriend.
  3. I keep two 10 gallons with a sponge filter going all the time, bare bottom with plastic plants for cover. I use the med trio regardless if I see something obvious or not.
  4. Thats what it looks like to me. I have a whole tank full of it haha.
  5. I use the Cobalt MJ1200, seems like they may be discontinued now. I think Marineland sells the same pump under a different name.
  6. Thats my thought as well, I went with 30ppi for all my filters.
  7. Make sure the faucet has enough height to get the Python on and off. Also bathroom sinks are usually fairly small and some sinks may not have overflow hole in them. I have overflowed a bathroom sink in the past because it couldn't drain fast enough to keep up.
  8. I'd think something like these would do the trick and be easier to remove. A local hardware store may sell them individually instead of buying a whole pack.
  9. If you look close you can see black dots of the baby's eyes in her swimmerets.
  10. For my 110 planted tank I use a 20LB CO2 tank, Green Leaf Aquariums regulator, ph controller, and an Aquamedic 1000 CO2 reactor driven by a MightyJet DC Pump.
  11. I have some where the silicone is barely visible because they used so little, still holding water fine.
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