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  1. Doesn't happen too often because I need a step ladder, my 110 tank.
  2. Consider material cost vs buying a metal rack. Lumber prices are through the roof because of covid, could be different per region.
  3. I made a mold out of a piece of eggcrate because I was bored one weekend. Wholly unnecessary but works good, you can just pop out each square into whatever container you want. I also like using small mason jars because you can just mix it in the jar, let it set up, then scoop out what you want to feed with using a spoon.
  4. Shrimp was posing for pictures, couldn't resist 📷
  5. It doesn't look too alarming to me, could be a female full of eggs.
  6. I have a power strip connected to mine with six led lights on it.
  7. I was really lucky to get this shot of a baby shrimp next to mom
  8. Are photos getting flipped today? The photos I'm trying to upload keep coming in upside-down, this is the first time it's happened to me. Using Chrome mobile on Samsung Note 9. Update: it's now working fine
  9. My first blackwater tank, I can't imagine setting another tank without leaves and other botanicals.
  10. People say that dosing something like Flourish Excel or Easy Carbon works for them but it didn't have any effect in my experiences. I did manual removal as much as possible and got my nutrients under control. You just have to get the plants growing and out competing the algae. You may even add more plants to help. It takes time but eventually it will slow down and stop proliferating. A picture of the tank would be helpful too.
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