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  1. This if from @Tazawa Tanks youtube page. Thought it was funny so I decided to show the nerm community
  2. Do a waterchange and floating plants will help too.
  3. I would love to own these guys as a out door tubbing project. Where did you get them? I can't find them anywhere!
  4. Post it on youtube copy and paste the link in the message. It doesn't have to be youtube it really just has to be that has a link to it. Some people use google photos or google drive to show us their photos by using the link.
  5. Cory suggests paraclense for everyone. If you have had issues it could be that you didn't cycle it properly My angelfish has a poop like that for YEARS. I feel like it as it may be a sign of parasites its one of those thing where it could back up another symptom (ex. if I have a sore throat chances are it isn't anything serious, but If I have a sore throat AND a cough it could be a sign of covid) If the paraclense didn't do anything and the fish seems healthy and is eating, its probably fine and I would stop treatment.
  6. the sponge filter and the hob will do fine, it doesn't matter. I like the seachem prime as a water conditioner and as for the heaters, fluval makes some nice ones.
  7. It really depends what your dad wants to do with it. Does he want to do live plants? or fake plants? etc. For Live Plants I would do stuff like Easy Green, Root Tabs, Water Conditioner, Heater, Filter, Planted Tank Substrate, API Master Test Kit For fake plants I would do do everything above that is bolded
  8. I wonder if the portals in all our tanks are all going to the same place. A place where fish complain about how their human missed a feeding, or how their waterchanges weren't exactly a week apart.
  9. Winners make sure you send us a picture/ video of the care package, always fun seeing whats inside
  10. Water Lettuce and Hornwort have done well for me where it has gotten much colder!
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