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  1. Love the scape! What type of plant is that floating in the upper right of the bottom tank? Its not hornwort is it?
  2. This is all part of the nitrogen cycle! Just leave it be, as the amonia will soon become nitrites and then to nitrates. The tank will be cycled when there is 0 amonia and nitrites and around 10-20ppm of nitrates.
  3. Agree with @Fish Folk If you dont have the funds for a 10 gallon heres a video made by @Irene. In this video she uses it as a quarintine tank but you could also use it for a breeding setup.
  4. Within the next month or so I want to start my first breeding tank! With me being a total NEWB to breeding fish I want to start off with something easy like Platys. Soon I want start doing egg laying fish like Apistogramma, Corycats, Killifish. But with me planning this tank I want to see everyone elses tank to get some inspiration. I will be using a 10 gallon aquarium.
  5. So the only ones I can think off would be the... Snowball Pleco (last picture) Dalmation Molly (first picture) (it could have also been the dalmation platy in the video that you saw as I beleive he brefily talked about one in a recent video, could have been another creater though)
  6. I heard from someone on this forum that fish are fine going from cold-hot, but not vise versa. Just like you can easily jump in a hot tub, but you couldnt jump as easily into a ice bath. I suspect its not temp shock as the water was probably cold because of shipping and not overly hot.
  7. A Few questions: When you added the fish to the tank did you add the water that was in the bag to the tank? Or did you add the fish sepertley? Whats your water parameters like? Its really hard to tell what happend if we don't know your water parameters I would do a waterchange regardlesss. Not to necessarily remove the meds but to remove anything toxic that may be in the water. It always seems to help me when my fish are acting strange.
  8. Even though I'm not a member so I cant put questions/ hang out in the live chat its so educational!
  9. I dont think therers any corolation between post bubble nest and the behaivor. I've owned a total of 3 bettas. One of them would make a bubbles nest quite often, maybe once a week or once every other week where as the other one would make one rarely. The one I currently own has only made one bubble nest in the 3-4 month period that I've had him. I personally have never seen there behavior change that drastically when their bubble nest is going away. I suspect that theres something else happening. I might suggest to do a waterchange, that always seems to help when my fish are acting strange. Maybe someone who has bred bettas like @Daniel could give you a better response.
  10. Almost all rhizome plants seem to really like Potasssium. To fix this I would pickup the seachem flourish potassium. Its widely availble and should be seen at your lfs or a petstore. But if its not, heres a link: https://www.amazon.com/Seachem-116046305-Flourish-Potassium-500ml/dp/B0002APILO
  11. Well that sucks! The worst fish deaths are the ones where you don't know whats happening, but they keep on dropping dead. @Colu has some excellent advice, but maybe instead of doing just Maracyn I would add in Paraclense. They could have some sort of parasites which is why there isnt really any significant signs. I recently had an angelfish pass who showed no signs of parasites till he was dying. It seems that your tank is cycled, due to the fact that you had shrimp in the tank for a few weeks before adding the other fish. And the corydoras are completley fine. It would also help if you post pictures of the fish.
  12. Heres my 40 Gallon Community Tank, houses Angelfish Zebra Danios Upside Down Catfish Bristlenose Pleco Cardinal Tetras Plants Red Twist Amazon Sword Anubius Nanna Hygrophillia Siamensis Crypts Wendetii Red (hard to see, stil recoviring from crypt melt)
  13. Heres Hugos Tank, its had a major rescape as well as some stocking changes. Hugo was just playing with his neon tetras, and then he saw me and started attacking the feeding tube.
  14. No... Amano shrimp aren't part of your regular neocaridina shrimp (like cherry shrimp) they get a lot bigger. probably a 5-10 gallon is best for them.
  15. When you temperture acclimate (such a floating the bag) and then you drip acclimate in a bucket, wouldnt the temperture of the water fluncuate. Drip aclimating I think is more common in saltwater because you also have to acclimate to the salinity of the water, and I think SW fish are more sensitive to changes to their water parameters.
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