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  1. @KentFishFanUK Can you link the video down below, and possibly include a time stamp? This may make it easier to see in video.
  2. @StreetwiseYeah I do have a lot of windows, especially in our living room. However the window has couches and stuff by it, no place for an aquarium. All though there is one window that I may see myself using in the future. It is right above my communtiy tank. I have though about perhaps making a racking system of muscel racks, one rack woud be high enough to reach the winow. And I dont know if I trust any of my window cells enough to hold an aquairum long term.
  3. Would love to start a window tank! I just dont have space by a window for one.
  4. Its your thread! If you choose to continue keeping fish, i'm sure we would all love updates. However, its totally fine if you choose to stop updating this thread as well.
  5. a Nerm is someone who is secretly a big fish nerd. At work a nerm may act completley normal, but when they get home they nerd out on their fish, they watch cory for 2 hours straight, go on the forum for hours at a time, etc.
  6. Exciting! Yes the price is unbeatable! My LFS sells the 40 count of seachem flourish tabs for like $50, which is more then a dollar per root tab. But eay tabs are like 60 for $20! Thats less then 50 cents a tab! Cant wait till mine comes in a little over a week! Unforatnley I was working all day when cory announced the news so I had to order them in the evening, when the first batch of tabs was already sold out.
  7. Plants that grow fast and suck up lots of nutrients would be the best bet for this. Plants like hornwort would be a great example! If you want to go completle eco-system (no waterchanges, ferts, filter) I would try the walstad method aquarium. Dianna Walstad wrote a fantastic book about it, would reccemend a read! I've actually seen WAYY better plant growth using the walstad method, then I have the "regular" method.
  8. Very effecient! Instead of using a bar to hold all my stuff I use the command test strips, I stick it to the side of the stand. I use it primarily to hold my nets and usb air pump. I like the bar idea a little more as it seems you could store more stuff on it.
  9. My betta does the same! Theres been a few time where I have checked up on him during the evening when he was sleeping. Surely he woke up once he noticed me to say hi. I get nervous when I look in the tank and don't see a betta right away. Often if I dont see him he has himself burried in plants and is trying to get out so that he can say hi! The other day during my waterchange I was trying to pet him, he swam right up to my hand and I was able to somewhat hold him in the water. He had severe finrot at one point, almost died a few times and even during the worst of his treatments he would come and say hi:
  10. Beautiful tank, I love the ambient lighting and the no-tech to it! My plants have been doing wonderfully since using the dianna walstad method as well! Didn't think i would witness such rapid growth that I'm seeing now, looks like you are too!
  11. Just tested the water, it has pleanty of nutrients: 40ppm Nitrates 0.25ppm Amonia and Nitrite If it weren't for it being a walstad tank I would do a waterchange. I'm thinking of switching some hornwort around. The hornwort in all my other tanks are growing wonderfully, very green and lush. Just the one in this tank doesn't seem to be doing very well. The dwarf sag is growing wonderfully though!
  12. I'm all for embracing duck weed! I just cant seem to get enough, my snail likes eating it!
  13. You know you have a duckweed problem when your newly aquaried co-op plants already have duckweed before being their evem added to a tank.
  14. My crypts were like that too @ErinV. its been 6 months after they completley melted back, now its just a few small leaves popping out of the sand.
  15. With the remainder dwarf sag that I used in my rescue bettas tank rescape, I used in hugos tank. The hornwort I got a weekish ago has been multiplying like crazy, already doubled. Its thriving the best in hugos tank, very green.
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