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  1. I am obsessed with it as I am sure you all know the feeling 😂 Also just to make it clear this picture is super closeup on a small algae spot. My tank is not that dirty ....
  2. Hi all, I am a newbie and still cycling my planted tank , (no more ammonia but nitrite still high ) The thing is that I go some algae in the process... with the algae I started to see other creatures appear (hitchhikers form the plants) I am guessing . I see baby snails and I know that these are good , I also see very skinny and long worms, they almost look like white hair until you notice them crawling and eating the algae . I also see tinny little creatures looking like small bugs or fleas ? I know that some worms are and some creatures are good and some can be very bad I going not find on google a worm that looks like the one I have and I want to make sure nothing bad is going on before adding fish after the cycling . I tried to take a picture but these are very small things we are talking about so it blurry Thank you
  3. That so pretty and green. I am using aqueon shrimp and plant substrate , I don't think the substrate it self has nutrients . I add API root tabs and true ... I noticed an explosive growth. Sadly the API tabs also clouded my water and algae covered the walls of the tank after 3 days 😂 I followed the instructions then learned that they tell you to put way too many. I don't have any fish in the tank yet just watching the plants . I cut off most of the brown leaves today and only small green leaves stayed on so the tank looks pretty empty now. Hoping it will grow large and green like in your picture.
  4. Thank you !! if I put some snails in the tank will they eat the old leaves ?
  5. Does any one here have an experience with hygrophila? The plant is growing a lot I had to trim it because it got out of the tank but the leaves are melting ... There are new green leaves coming out everyday , there is plenty of nutrition in the tank (too much I am getting algae as you can see form the cloudy water ) what do I do with the dying leaves ?
  6. I just did a water test and one thing these root tubs did is spikes the ammonia in the tank, Luckily no fish yet !! so what's the next step? it read ammonia at 0.25 after 25% water change 😵
  7. I do think that it is algae thou I am starting to see it on the glass and guess what 2 snails just showed up . All this life from my stupid mistake yesterday 😂 I feel like I have superpowers
  8. Thank you for the long and helpful reply . I learned my lesson 😄 luckily no fish is in the tank just yet I am just enjoying the plants . Is there a way to make sure that it is in fact an algae bloom ? These root tabs dissolves very quickly . in the case that what I am seeing is a root tabs mess and not algae bloom what do you think I should do ? Will it hurt my filter ?
  9. This is my tank today after adding API root tabs 😟 Luckily no fish yet in there ... What do I do ?
  10. I only found about easy green root tabs after buying these on amazon . reading reviews I think it may dissolve by itself after a day or two time will tell , kind of scary will not use again
  11. Help .. any experience with these? I added 4 of these to my 7.5 gallon tab and the water got very cloudy even thou I put then deep in the substrate , Then I read other reviews and saw that it is a common thing that the water get cloudy and a lot of angry reviews but no one said how to fix and if it will be fixed ? anyone try those? did I ruin my water ?
  12. what fish would that be that can live in 7.5 gallon ?
  13. I got the API kit all the colors showed zero , I thought it was strange too but then why would I have ammonia or nitrate if I don't have fish in ? I though maybe it will be in NYC water ? but nothing it was all 0 I will try the test again but I followed the instructions very closely and not sure what could I have done wrong
  14. sadly I did no keep the rock wool, the plants are in the substrate , I see some growth but also I see some dead leaves on the bottom . will easy green help that ? do I need both easy green and tubes for such small aquarium ?
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