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  1. I can see that some people takes here about ammonia reading between the methods . But for me I get consistent opposite pH results the strips tells me I have very low pH 6.4 the lowest red color in the strip. While the API telling me I have 7.6 the darkest blue in the chart What is going on ? I have male guppies , young neocaridina shrimp and ramshorn snails. So far only the the snails are breeding ( shrimp are too young and guppies all male ) but all of them seams to be active , playful , eating and happy so I am not sure what to think ...
  2. Agree I am not sure what did it but some how I did ... It's a small tank so easy to throw out of balance . The good news the guppies being guppies seams like the don't care one bit. Still playful and active like a group of puppies
  3. a little update , a local store gave me a cycled filter media lets see if that will save the day . example why we need local stores that are not petsmart and petco
  4. yes I have fritz complete from aquarium co op its strong stuff , I am at the moment dossing a tiny bit of it daily to bind the ammonia and adding bacteria from fritz 7 daily I basically need to re do the cycle since in my stupidity I killed my established bacteria but this time I have fish in the tank and plants that I worked hard on and are at risk , plus the algae threatening to destroy everything and my snails will not eat hair algae
  5. So frustrating, I was doing everything right, I cycled my tank for a moth and then for the next two months everything was nice , plants growing , guppies happy .tank looking pretty. About a week ago I did a too big of a water change about 50% I did not have enough dechlorinate water so I topped it with 2 cups of tap water. Dumb dumb The results was a huge bacteria bloom , the bacteria bloom went away but now I have 0.25 ammonia not moving at all . On top of that I see the early signs of hair algae . The guppies seams to be in thier usual happy campers still. I dossed fritz complete and fritz 7 bacteria. But the ammonia still does not change after 4 days. Checking every day with API kit I feed my fish very light so the food is not the problem I only have 4 guppies so they don't poop too much but I do have snails poop . Now it's a race for making sure the guppies don't get sick, the hair algae does not destroy my tank , and the plants don't dye on me if I will change the light . Attached a picture to how much plants I have currently... Where should I start? what should I do first ??
  6. I am a newb, I went to a store to buy a fish tank for my daughter I got back with a tank full of plants and no fish I had no idea that I will go down that rabbit hole now I am obsessed about these plants . I don't think any of these plants I currently have need CO2 thou I got a fancy light and I am dossing easy green daily now otherwise the plants start to suffer .... long story short I will get another tank do a more fancy scaping and leave this one for my doughtier
  7. I would like to get neocaridina , cherry or ideally nice blue ones since I have red snails in the tank
  8. what is a good GH for the shrimp? I always thought that GH 150 ppm is hard water ?
  9. I also think that the law KH is from my substrate form what I found out but not sure I got this substrate with the kit it looks nice in my opinion but if I do it all over I will choose something better for sure
  10. I am dossing easy green once a week and always thought the nitrate are from that ?
  11. Hello all , having some successes this week and slowly learning , I replaced the top on my aqueon 7.5 kit with a custom built lid and got the fluval 3.0 nano / plus root tabs from the co op! The effects are supper interesting (at least for me) the biggest effect was on my crypts lutea after two day with better lights (even before root tabs) the crypts grew tons of new fresh green leaves (always thought of this one as a low light plant) after along time of nothing , My micro sword is carpeting well was doing pretty good before the ne light too !! my hygrophila polysperma that was the fastest grower before new light (its basically an invasive weed that is illegal in some southern states but legal in Manhattan ) went straight up like soldiers but does not grow as fast anymore not what a thought that will happen but cool !! thinking about playing with some CO2 but this is for another day Now after I bored you all I have a question about keeping neocaridina in tap water ? who had success doing that ? I am using NYC tap water in my tank it seams to be stable so far 0. ammonia, 0 nitrite , about 20 nitrate, PH 7.0 , KH 40 ppm (problem?) , GH 150 ppm (my tap water are hard) I have pink Ramshorn snails that are doing good and having lots of babies and 4 guppies two normal two endlers what do you think can I bring in some shrimp? some of the internet is telling me no ROI water no go I attached a picture of my 2 months old tank still nothing to write home about but gives me great pleasure also I can not get a good picture with my phone of my bountiful endlers the move too fast 😞
  12. Hi as I assume many people do I decided to buy a aquarium kit before knowing that I will fall in love with the hobby. I got this kit : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HHK92XX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_TJ7QGPNAWB916SSKBSWF after two weeks I realized the kit filter will not do and got a sponge filter, now two months in I think that I need better lights . Now the way this tank built the only place I could hook a light is if I got rid of the kit filter , I do have another sponge filler but the kit filter been running for two months and building bacteria that I will lose . what do you think? Is it ok to take out? also... I have my eyes on the fluval nano light from aquarium co op . Will it be good enough for a 7.5 gallons
  13. I do have a sponge filter and lots of plants and a air bubble inside the filter . I got the guppy from a very good store I trust in NYC called pacific aquarium . They are in business for years and years and are very knowledgeable . I don't think it's something they did wrong I know that they quarantine and everything
  14. I have a sad update , I am new to the hobby . Apparently my best guppy was sick... it was hard to spot since he was so pretty , but now when thinking about it he was slower and hanging at the top more then the rest . Even with cycled tank , perfect water parameters he did not survive the fist 48 hours from the store to my tank . He passed away last night . Now everything is calm in the tank I don't see any signs of the other fish being sick they are active, nipping algae and eating well . The endlers stoped flaring and look calm and playful . Sad story especially because I work so hard for two months to get this tank to the best condition to my ability for fish . But that's that. Now the two endlers and two guppies all get along and even play with each other while before the endlers kept to themselves in one side and refused to get closer to the guppies other then flaring at the sick one.
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