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  1. I was running late so I did not get a chance to get all the little pieces. I'll gravel vac tonight when I get home I just hope it won't harm my cories if they decide to eat it. 😬
  2. My CO-OP root tabs were uncovered. Now there are tiny little white pieces of the capsule everywhere. Is it safe for my cories or do I need to gravel vac as soon as I get home?
  3. Yes. I use a wonder shell in my tank. I use the XS in my 10-gallon. It brought my GH up from 0. I'll have to do some more research on them. Any tips you can share would be great. What do I feed them? And how do I make sure they are getting enough to eat? My corydoras are chunks I feel like they might eat anything. 🤣
  4. Really!? I was told Nerite snails need a 7.5 ph. For them to be happy. If 6.4 works for them I'd love to add one to my crew. I started the tank in December. So it's only 5 months old.
  5. Yes, I use tap water. My Ph is low but I tried crushed coral and nothing changed but my GH. I've thought about getting some more plants or some moss balls. I do use easy carbon so I'm not sure how that would interact with the moss balls. Since I read in Aquarium co-op they are a form of algae. My pearl weed in the picture I just added is when I first got it. It was so green. Now it has some browning but also some growth. It's my first tank so I'm at a bit of a learning curve. I wish I could add a snail to help with the little algae I do have but my Ph is low. I'd rather work with the water parameters I have than try and do extra steps to my tank maintenance.
  6. My plants have seen better days. Any advice? I do tank clean-up every Saturday. I dose easy green once a week and dose easy iron once a week a few days later. Also use root tabs. My parameters are Nitrates at 10 Ph 6.4 Kh 0 Gh 75 Nitrite and ammonia at 0. I have 3 anubias plants that seem okay and a pearl weed I just got and a pogo. The pogo and the pearl weed are pictured above. I have the Fluval spectrum light set at 25% for 8 hrs a day. I do have some algae issues not too bad. I have 6 Corydoras and 1 Danio that was a rescue.
  7. That's a great idea. Thank you! ill adjust my sunset and sunrise times and lower my lights a small amount and see if that helps.
  8. Hello, all you beautiful people. I was hoping to get advice I have a 10-gallon tank and I am currently using the the Fluval 3.0 24-inch light. I currently have 3 anubias plants. Two of which are sprouting new leaves. I use easy green once a week and just got easy carbon from aquarium co-op to use. My tank now appears to be fully cycled. I've noticed algae on the leaves. Every week I am cleaning some of the algae off the leaves but it comes right back. Do I have the lighting too high? I've already lowered it 3% a couple of weeks ago. Any suggestions? I have attached a photo of my light settings and tank. Thanks for the help!
  9. Noted for next time! 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Okay thank you! That's the one I used. 😊
  11. Okay, so I did the super glue method. I sort of made a mess of things. (newbie). I let it cure for five minutes on the rocks before transferring it to a bowl of dechlorinated water. I used gorilla super glue. It says on the package to allow 24 hours to cure should I have left it out of the water for that time or is it okay to put it in the tank today after my water change? Thanks for the help. 😊
  12. They are still young. Not full grown but not tiny.
  13. Just ordered some java moss from aquarium Co-Op. Will the mesh be okay with my corys?
  14. Has anyone had an issue with the mesh and their bottom dwellers? I purchased it to put the java moss down like a little carpet patch but I'm worried about the mesh and my corys.
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