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  1. My nitrate levels dropped to zero. I use API leaf zone. I have a 3 gallon tank, moderately planted. I’m new to planted tanks, and was told to keep my levels low, but I have also read that a certain level of nitrates are needed. Honestly I’m confused as to what I’m supposed to do.
  2. I have had a constant battle with nitrates in my 45 gallon. Sitting roughly over 80 ppm nitrates. I have graveled vacced everything (substrate is about 4 inches deep) ive cleaned the sponges in the filter along with the large aquarium coop sponge and i still am testing high nitrates. I have performed multiple 30% water changes. Stocking is 6 golden rams and a bristle nose. Could rotting plants be the issue? I have had a stem plants that keeps sending out roots but is mushy and doesnt grow. could this be the issue?
  3. Hey all, I have a 75 gallon heavily planted tank with community fish and I do water changes typically every 3-4 weeks my nitrates typically always stay around 10-20 ppm but last week I put in some API root tabs for some of my plants and tested my water today with the CoOps test strips and API test kit and my nitrates are through the roof. Like 100ppm. Nothing has changed except the root tabs, is it possible the root tabs caused the jump in my nitrates?
  4. I just finished a 2 week process of deep cleaning my substrate but I still have nitrates showing 80. Will plants handle this high of nitrates and help use it up? Another problem is that my GH is still over 190 ppm
  5. Recently got my planted main tank back onto a more normalized fert schedule, got my CO2 refilled, and dialing it all back in after about a year of severe depression made me neglect the tank pretty badly. Sorry to my plants and fish (luckily no losses), but I'm back! Anyways, on Friday, I did a fairly large water change ~60% (meant to do 50, but got sidetracked while draining, whoops) to bring my nitrates down from ~80ppm, and then dosed dry ferts (potassium sulfate, monopotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, edta micro mix) to add approx 24ppm potassium, 2ppm phosphate, 6ppm magnesium, and 2ppm iron (also contains other micros, but majority iron) in a modified EI dose. I've never intentionally dosed nitrates since fish waste has always provided more than enough in the past... however, when checking my water today, I was down to ~20ppm nitrate. If I keep my current bio load (11 neon tetras, 5 rummynose, 6 cory cats, about 12 juvenile guppies) and 2x daily feeding schedule, am I going to have to start dosing nitrates as well? Do those of you who have high tech tanks find you bottom out nitrates unless you dose?
  6. For a tank with PH around 7 with cardinal tetras and a breeding group of L134
  7. I just did my pre medication chemistry and noted my Nitrates are 40. There ar 15 Otto's and 1 Panda Corydora in there (and pest snails to keep it cycled). QT trio is complete (dosed on Saturday June 26th) and I usually do a second dose of Paracleanse (day 3. Should I hold doing that? They are fasting and I did a water change and vac prior to starting the QT meds. They are all fine, swimming around happy as can be. There are no signs of illness at all. This is week 2 in QT. Week one I feed them and observe, and week 2 medicate, week 3 observe. I know that 40 can be okay. I do have plants in little terracotta pots and the tank is bare bottom. Just wanted to make sure that if I medicate it will not be an issue. Here are the rest of the parameters: PH 7.3, Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 40.
  8. What might cause continued high nitrates in a tank that is heavily planted and gets regular water changes? I gravel vac regularly (every few weeks) and water change about 25% weekly. Nitrates out of the tap are 0. Heavily planted 10 gallon with only 3 guppies, snails, and shrimp. Has internal filter and sponge filter. Would not cleaning the filter often increase nitrates? I have a similar situation happening in one of my 29 gallon with platies, but not the my 3 other tanks.
  9. So... my parents' house has well water and a water softener system installed so it has a GH of 0. Unfortunately, there is still around 40-50ppm of nitrate in the tap water itself. I am looking for something on the market that can specifically remove nitrate from the tap water when I do water changes. I found something like this: https://www.filterwater.com/ps-350-7-inline-nitrate-removal-cartridge.aspx Does anyone have any experience with products like these? Anyone else have nitrates in their well water? What did you do about it?
  10. Hello Everyone, I have posted a similar question before but this time i need help in relation to my planted tank. Parameters: 30G with weekly 30-40% water changes. Been running for 8+ months. Moderately heavy planted- Java fern, Crinnum, Ludwigia, Crypt, Some grass like plant i forgot name of, dwarf hairgrass, water lettuce, frogbit,water sprite, amazon sword variant. Ph-Always around 7 Ni-0 Am-0 Na- Always around 40 and higher if water change is delayed or missed. Stock- 2 adults Honey Gouramis, 2 fry HGs, 6 F. Julii Corys, 3 Otos, 2 nerites What I cannot figure out is: 1. I am around 80% stocked as per online calculators. Do I have to rehome anything? 2. Why do my plants struggle so much with absorbing Nitrates? 2. I cannot add ferts as it means having to change water more than twice a week . I put a tab once a month targeting different plant each time. 3. I thought floaters would help but even after extending the photo period the plants under them visibly pale for the lack of light. 4. The Epiphytes do very well hence I don’t tend to put liquid ferts. I am redoing the tank in couple of weeks and would love to set this one for success now that I am more educated about this than the first time. Thank you.
  11. Nitrite is up, Nitrate holding steady and pH is up slightly. After testing I dosed three pumps of Easy Green (low light) bottle says once per week. Should I stick to that while cycling? 05-19 0900 Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 0.15 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 6.6 05-20 0930 Ammonia .10 ppm Nitrite .20 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 6.4 05-21 0900 Ammonia .50 ppm Nitrite 1.0 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 6.6
  12. Hey guys, need some advice. I recently bought a 43 gallon tank and have cycled it but have now tested my tap water and looked at a local water report, and my tap water comes out at about 40ppm nitrate, 37.8 according to the report. I have 2 bristlenose pleco, and was planning to add 6 mollies, 6 guppies, and 6 corydoras, possibly glass catfish as well. Now I am uncertain as to what I should do? I dont have the kind of money to buy an RO unit or buy water from a shop each week instead of using tap water. My tank is rather well planted but it seems based on water changes and testing this has not been enough to bring it below 40ppm. Thanks in advanced for any advice.
  13. I went to a larger tank a week ago. Used sponge filters some established substrate on very bottom adding new substrate over it. Used decorations and plants from established tank. Let new tank run for 24 hours before adding the fish I took out of old tank that were in a bucket. Been testing water daily all testing came out good until today. My Nitrates are extremely high using the API testing kit. i did a 15% water change and will check it later today. What else can I do? I have no fish loss ——knock on wood. Fish are all extremely active and eating well. Input please.
  14. I’ve never understood what nitrates and nitrites are I’ve just known what is good or bad so what are they and(because it’s always nice to know what others think) what is a good level of both I know nitrites should be 0 but what is good for nitrates
  15. Sorry this is little on the long side. I had a tank with a lot of plants and the nitrite levels were very high. Ammonia was at zero and the nitrate was at the lowest level. I did a big water change and the nitrite level dropped to zero. Ammonia and nitrate was zero. The next day, before I left for work I tested the ammonia,nitrite and nitrate levels and the nitrite was at 5ppm and the others were zero. I did another water change and set up a plastic container to put the plants in. My plan was to take out everything out so it was just fish in the tank. The tank with the fish has had the levels at zero. It has been almost two days and the tank with just plants nitrite levels are super high(around 10ppm or more). The ammonia is showing little(.25ppm). 1. Can plants make the nitrite level super high? 2. Could it be the fertilizer or to much light? 3. Can the fertilizer cause a false reading? 4. Has anyone have had this happen to them and if so, what did they do to fix it? I cycled the tank with out fish for about 6 weeks. I do water change once a week and do a big water change once a month. I have stated using Thrive fertilizer and ThriveCaps. I didn’t have this issue with API root tabs and API fertilizer. Was thinking I should stop using Thrive. My pH is between 7 and 8. My KH is at 4. My GH is at 7. My tank is 29 gallons.
  16. Help. This 55 gal planted tank is getting me frustrated. Nitrates are high around 100-160, ph is steady 6.8, gh is 120-180, kh is around 40, zero nitrites, zero ammonia. Just did a second 50% water change in 2 days. City tap water (ph 6.8) (zero nitrates) through declorinator filter. Tested after water change and it's 80. Just ordered crush coral and large pore filters. I am running 2 sponge filters with water pumps on top of them. Tank was set up in Sept 2019. What can I do?
  17. Straight to the point: I'm just about to move into a new place that is on a well, we signed for it already and have the keys. Today I moved the first load of crap to the place and brought back some water to give the ol water parameters check (API liquid test kits) because I figured the gh and kh would be significantly higher than my super soft municipal tap. Well, it is. But I'm also showing a slight greening in the ammonia and the Nitrate is wayyy to high. I can never tell the difference between 40 and 80ppm, but I'm pretty certain that's not good for drinking let alone fish keeping. So here's my concern, I gotta move, it's already happening. Best I can do is get a water sample to the lab in the morning with results likely not coming back until Monday. From what I found 10mg/l or ppm is considered safe for drinking. My question; is what my test kit showing accurate enough to ensure that when I start the conversation with the new landlord about this issue the lab results are going to be similar? I'd hate to raise this big stink only to have my water come back at 8ppm or something. Im kicking myself for not testing the water before signing but with the rental and housing market in my area we felt like we had to pounce or miss out. I'm afraid this is going to become quite the headache.
  18. I have a well established 35Gal tank that I've converted over to live plants. Fish and plants seem to be happy, but wanted to start tracking water parameters. Have 3 inches of inert pea sized river gravel, and have been using EG and root tabs. Water parameters with Tetra easy strips are reading: Nitrate Nitrite GH Total Chlorine KH PH 20 0.5 150 0 40 7.8 80 0 150 0 120 6.8 The top row of numbers is my tap water, 2nd row from tank. I've done two 25% water changes since 4 days ago and Nitrates still at 80ppm. Have stopped dosing with EG until the nitrates are consumed.. Any other water parameters above I should be concerned with? I'm nervous about the tap water having 20ppm on the nitrates and have thought about installing RO/DI. Thoughts?? I clean the HOB filter media sponges and water polishing cloth as to not build up organic waste. Dechlorinate with API Proper PH 7.0 on weekly 25% water changes
  19. Has anyone tried the EA Premium Nitrate Reducer Filter Pad? Will it work, in general? And, more specifically, will it work in a hang-on-back filter?
  20. I've been researching plants for a possible 55g in the future. I currently only have a 10g with silk plants for a betta. I wanted to experiment with some plants in my 10g first. But I had a question... My nitrates have never gone above 10. If I'm wanting plants, do I need prolong water changes to get the nitrates higher so the plants have some food? Or am I not understanding this properly?
  21. Hi everyone! We thought our new tank was cycled. In any case, here we are! LOL... One fish was added on 3/8. The water was cloudy, so we changed 20% of the water on 3/14. (Adding our Aqueon water conditioner, API StressZyme+, and API Aquarium Salt) We definitely know now we were overfeeding our juvenile American Cichlid, which did not help!! 😛 Water hazy again, so tested parameters. Ammonia is at 1.0, with zero Nitrates and zero Nitrates. PH looks between 7.0 and 7.2 Naturally, we don't mind doing whatever it takes, but we would hate to mess up the process by prematurely doing another water change. Should we go ahead and do another water change since there is Ammonia at but no Nitrates or Nitrites?
  22. What is a safe amount to rase my nitrates in a given amount of time? Can I go right to 10ppm with no ill affect on my fish or shrimp?
  23. My 55 gallon hadn't gotten a single water change in years. The Nitrate level was somewhere well above 80. After nearly emptying it by gravel-vacuuming, and refilling it with new water reading 0 ppm Nitrate, the tank was immediately near 30 ppm Nitrate. I then put so much pothos on the top that the roots fill about half the tank, and added 2 Seachem resin bags to the HOB filter. Just over a week later, Nitrates were back up to 40-80. It's now been a month since that 95% water change, and Nitrates are still 40-80. There's no way it's overstocked or overfed - it's just an angelfish, and Malaysian trumpet snails. I've been very careful to give the angel just a flake more than he'll eat per day, letting that little bit fall down for the snails. Ammonia and Nitrite are always at 0. So now I'm looking at a bottle of bacteria that contains a "blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate." But I don't know of a place in my tank that's low-flow enough for the denitrifying anaerobic bacteria to live. (Underneath the gravel maybe?) My only other thought is to try to stuff the tank with Vallisneria, which I hear is great for gobbling up Nitrates. Based on your experience, what would you try?
  24. My tank isn't very old. I'm on my 3rd week of water testing, and did a partial water change last week. The last 2 tests I've seen something peculiar : ammonia is 0.25, nitrite is 0, and nitrate is about 5ppm. It read the same last week except nitrate seemed closer to 10ppm. My understanding of the Nitrogen cycle is that ammonia would be consumed and nitrites are formed. Nitrites are consumed and nitrates are formed. So I should normally see ammonia and nitrite at 0, and some value of nitrate (assuming no plants). If there's a small amount of ammonia, but no nitrite, is it that there wasn't enough bacteria to consume to ammonia, but plenty to consume to nitrite? I used API Quick Start before I added the fish. Not sure if that's telling of what's happening. Or maybe this is normal?
  25. I am not new to the hobby. I keep 10-12 tanks plus 2 quarantine tanks. All but one have been running with few changes for over a year. They are all average to heavily planted. Some are heated, others are simply at room temperature. 1 or 2 could be considered over stocked a bit, but none are heavily stocked. All tanks have 1 or more air stones. None have any filtration except plants. I have ran a HOB on 2 of the tanks when I felt the mulm was excessive (about 2-3 weeks on each tank one time). Most of my experience with planted tanks was in the soft water similar to what Cory has. All of these tanks are using very hard water. Until recently everything was doing so well that other than checking to see how my new water tested, I didn't bother testing. Using Tetra easy strips, I tested my water by filing a 5 gallon bucket, adding Prime then waiting 2 days. Results: Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0, GH 150-300, Chlorine 0, KH 120-300, pH 7.2 - 7.8. Tested 3 buckets on different dates, that's why there is a range. I then used the last couple strips from that bottle and my tank results were about the same - except the Nitrates ranged from 40 ppm up to 200 ppm. That scared me, so I ordered a new bottle of test strips. Received them today. Results are the same. Some tanks are higher, some are lower, but they all test 80 ppm or higher for Nitrates. My fish appear healthy, the guppies, platies, mollies, plecos and white clouds are all breeding, the fry are growing normally. Only one tank has significant algae problem (hair algae). I stopped the Easy Green once I saw the high nitrates, prior to that I was dosing weekly but not super consistently. My questions: Should I be worried since the only problem appears on the test strip and tanks don't seem to be struggling? Should I continue dosing Easy Green, I think plant growth has slowed a bit since I stopped dosing?
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