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  1. Hello! I can’t find any info on where on the stem should I cut off the new plant never done this before? another question is, is my little plant ready to be cut off and planted? last question, when I do cut the plant off will another start to propagate?? thank you!!
  2. Hello! I have a beta tank with two Cory catfish and a platy. I have an opportunity to get some guppies. Would guppies be good tank mates for a beta?? Help 😅😄
  3. Hmmm... not sure I recently just got my first beta. This is mines body shape... yours looks a little unique!! 😄 maybe it’s the shorter fins making it looking a little different?
  4. Awesome thank you!! I am using aquarium co ops root tabs and I was a little worried I wasn’t gonna be able to locate the tabs cause I forgot exactly where I put them 😅
  5. This may be a dumb question, but do I have to dig around for my root tabs in order to put in new ones? Or do they dissolve in the substrate??
  6. Thank you! Just got him from the local fish store 4 days ago ugh. Thanks for the tips!
  7. Hello! I just noticed one of my platys has an odd white color on its side. The scales are raised in that area and almost looks like the scales are like, disintegrating? Not sure couldn’t get a super good picture. Should I remove him from tank??
  8. 😂 they’re so cute and tiny who would have thought they could produce something that long!! Thank you 🙏
  9. Thank you so much for the reply. I see no bloating at all! I will just keep an eye out to make sure nothing weird happens. Just sorta freaked me out cause all 5 decided to go to the bathroom at the same time and looked like that😅
  10. My platy fish all appear to be constipated. It’s brown and light brown. I just got them from my LFS and only fed them a little this morning. Should I fast them for a day or two?
  11. Yea I’m sure you’ve got a pretty accurate range of you’re using two ways to test
  12. I use the API freshwater master test kit! I find it to be pretty accurate and have read good things about it. Kind of expensive but worth it in my opinion! Ived used test striped before and they were always hard to tell what exactly they indicated lol
  13. The tank has been cycling for 16 days total started it up 1/21/21
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