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  1. Sorry i didnt specify about the methylene blue. the filter was into a quarantine tank and I used methylene blue in there, I just washed the filter with hot tap water but I am not sure if I can put the filter in the main tank again.
  2. Yesterday I tested my water and the pH was 7.6 High range ph 8 No ammonia No nitrite Nitrates 40 GH Around 200 ppm KH 107.4 ppm And today I made a water change, and all of a sudden one female Platy just entered in some kind of shock like an hour after and died like having a heart attack.,.... And everyone else is super fine even her offspring born some days ago.. it was a nitrate shock?? Levels after the water change are the same as before it, but nitrates are now 5 ppm.
  3. About the bubbles, yeah they eventually pop and disappear. My sponge filter and air stone are close together so it looks like the bubbles accumulate too much. I change the water every two weeks and yesterday I did according to schedule. Thank you for your help 😊
  4. I've been dealing with this guppy who I´m having trouble identifying the cause of his little developed belly. He looks active, swims around, or chases some companions sometimes. Water parameters were stable always, with no ammonia or nitrate spikes. And he and the others still eat like pigs. Days before this week he started to do little white poops so I got concerned. Some people told me it could be internal parasites so I got Metroplex to mix with snello (my fish love it) to start medicating the entire population including the guppy. I read that general instructions say to feed every day until the infection clears up or up to 3 weeks, so I started giving snello wth medicine. At the end of this week he has been doing between white and brown little poops, I don't know if he´s improving or I am diagnosing the problem wrong. please help I don't want to lose him and overfeed my fish. Their previous feeding schedule was once every two days. Sorry for the low-quality pictures, I hope to be clear.
  5. Can I use Metroplex without focus? Does garlic work as a parasite killer or nothing? Trying to save guppy with a belly and white poop, but not stringy. i have metroplex, garlic guard and aquarium salt
  6. How long could it take to be fully cycled?
  7. thank you, i ill try to have mine running too!
  8. Can I use a piece of sponge from my filter to cycle the QT too?
  9. But what if the medicine drops the bacteria critically?
  10. I have been managing an uncycled QT tank because some of the meds could crash something so delicate as the cycle of a tank. Have you had experience with that? I healed one guppy from fin rot like that. But I want to know professional opinions 🙂 I always watch for pH and Ammonia spikes since its uncycled and will never had nitrite or nitrate. Please be nice ... if I am doing wrong I would like some advice to correct my methods. thanks 🙂
  11. I have an automatic heater on 79 F always .
  12. Yeah! My water looks apparently perfect! Or that's what I thought, I'm still figuring out what the heck is causing illness in them. Because my snails thrive, my plants thrive, but my guppies don't. I've lost another one recently. I think I finally found out what was going on, I started to see tail rot in one of them so I started Maracyn's emergency treatment immediately and he started to get better! Still has a short tail but has energy, swims with his tank mates, and eats, I have high expectations of him. Yes, they give birth to live young but I have never bred them, maybe in the near future. Guppies are really beautiful and colorful fish to watch, but they are sensible. I recommend The Guppy Channel on YouTube and also Cory's Aquarium CoOp videos about them, they are his favorite fish! I am rewatching all of that to keep learning because I'm determined to have a guppy paradise. I have a red guppy named *Canijo*, which means *bully* in Spanish haha, he is terrible with some tank mates sometimes, he likes to chase them and any weak fish he finds. Is my fault he turned like that because I did a fish-in-cycling when I bought him and he was alone for a long time, he became territorial. If you wanna get guppies, PLEASE CONSIDER BUY THEM IN GROUPS!! Don't buy them alone.. I also have three Endlers, a mini guppie's cousin I have read your story, I'm really sorry about your Danio he looked as beautiful as your other fish. I would love to have Glofish one day. I think that to be more successful and not buy any medicine everybody tells us to use, we must research for common illnesses of the fish species we are keeping and just buy the necessary medicine which helps us to prevent and treat that illnesses. One of the things I have learned from this hobby is that EVERYONE HAS ITS OWN METHODS to do fishkeeping right, sometimes it will be common, and sometimes not. Each tank is different and each hobbyst too. Don't be desperate or act impulsively, choose carefully the method that you feel could work for your fish. And while we learn, everything results better if we move slowly and steadily. Thank you for reading if you get to this point!
  13. This is what I've been needing to hear or read since I started the hobby in August. I wish I could hug you, Thanks I really appreciate it! You're totally right 👍 I've been losing guppies and still figuring out how to prevent them to get sick or if that happens, save them. I've done tons of research, adequate my tank to be a guppy paradise and still suffer from fish loss. That specially hurts when the guppies were a little bit pricey! I'll be happy to exchange experience with you and know about your tanks! Feel free to leave a message anytime 🙂 As you wisely said, everything is part of the experience. Let's keep it up!
  14. I've lost a few guppies and I felt terrible, diagnose fish disease that isn't like ich is hard.. thanks for your help 😊
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