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  1. 1. Can anyone identify what this white spot is? I’ve had this fish nearly 3 weeks purchased from a private breeder. I isolated it in a separate tank from my other fish, treated with salt first which made it much more pronounced. I added the salt upon seeing this fish swimming upside down and acting odd (which has since stopped). I have some ick X and was going to add that too, but I don’t know if you can have both ick X and salt together. 2. can ick X be used simultaneously with salt? 3. Is this a female fish or a male? I’m thinking it’s a female. I really want to save this fish!! thanks!!
  2. Two weeks ago I added 6 ember tetras to my tank, they are hard to find in my area so 3 came from one store, 3 from another a few days later. I stupidly skipped quarantine and added them to my 10 gal established shrimp tank (I know it was stupid to skip quarantine... I'm paying for it now.) A few days later I noticed a tiny white spot on one of the fish, and pulled all 6 out for quarantine. I didn't have ich-x on hand (mistake #2) so I used a "highly recommended" medication from a local aquarium store. Fish were almost better by day 3 of treatment, and then day 5 ich re-exploded in the quarantine tank. (Was doing daily 30-50% water changes, quarantine tank is bare bottom, vac bottom with water changes) temp in quarantine was 78 degrees, no ammonia/nitrites or nitrates. Water parameters in shrimp tank are on point and shrimp are still thriving... definitely came from the second store as their entire fish section is currently shut down (I called but they wouldn't tell me what the fish are sick with) I used the other brand of ich medication for a few more days before my ich-x arrived (6 days other brand in total). Changed 2 days ago to ich-x and increased temp to 82 and this morning one of my tetras had very large spots compared to the small ich size. (Visible on photo on head). 3 of the tetras have no visible ich, and have never had spots that I have noticed. The other 3 are heavily spotted. It's weird to me that 3 are sick while 3 are not if it is ich, and these larger spots also make me wonder. But they have lasted for a total of 8 days thus far so whatever it is isn't a fast killer. Should I keep treating with ich-x? or should I add in maracyn and paracleanse and then not be able to perform water changes daily? Thank you anyone for help. Sorry this is so long of a post I tried to include all relevant info. Also its very hard to get a decent photo of them...
  3. I have been monitoring my tank the last couple of days for possible ich or other parasite issue. See post below for history on the issue. As suggested in that post we did a big water change this morning , probably like 35% to 40%. I added about 1 tsp of aquarium salt after the change. We also rinsed our media in the aqua clear in aquarium water as well. Just tested the water and it's better than before the change. API Freswater KIt: Ammonia: 0 , Nitrites 2-3 ppm, Nitrates: 10 ppm PH: 7.0-7.2 ppm. Temp 75-77 degrees According to api 5 in 1 test strip: about the same on liquid readings, KH: a bit darker than the 0 reading. TONIGHT: I am checking on the fish cause my pleco is darting and dashing. I think I see a row of 5-6 white dots on it's top fin. Albino Pleco, so not exactly easy to spot. Finally held still long enough for a photo. Later after the photo while he/she was holding still on front of the glass, I think I saw a couple on the side fins as well. I added more salt as I'm really trying to take that route. I do have a bottle of Ich X that I bought today just in case. Just don't want to use if it I don't need to. Before salt I had added around probably a tbsp or maybe slightly over . After water change I added 1 tsp, and after seeing pleco I added 1 Tbsp. But being as I'm pretty sure those are white spots I'm seeing, thinking I should before it gets too bad. So with a ten gallon, how much should I use. Between salt and ich X . This is our first fish tank so inexperienced and don't want to mess up anything with the cycle and all. Pleco Photo: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPS9EdaLDIeYv4hbhSgzOywDUmZHn-8DYmGIT4K Little History..
  4. Hi! I will upload a picture when I can, but my fantail goldfish is a wild man and difficult to photograph. I noticed around May 20 that my fantail has 7-10 focal raised white spots on the distal tip of his tail fin. He otherwise seems 100% normal, energetic and still has a voracious appetite. I have another fantail who seems completely unaffected by these spots. I figured this was ich and started treatment as soon as it arrived in the mail (last night was treatment #9). I also increased their tank temp to 80 degrees and have been dosing salt after each water change to cover for secondary infections. I also have a sponge filter, so there is some aeration in the tank. I'm following the instructions on the Ich-X bottle (30% water change, 10mL for my 20gal tank, repeat every 24 hours). I know the medication isn't effective until the buggers pop off his scales, but I'm wondering if this is something else since I feel like we are long past the life cycle of ich and the lesions on his tail have not changed. My questions to you: 1. How long do I treat for ich before looking into something else? 2. What other differentials are there for this problem? Tank parameters: pH - 7.6-7.8 (has been on the higher side with my daily water changes, usually sits around 7.4-7.6) Nitrates 20 Hardness 6GH Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 5 Water Temperature 80F (usually keep it at 74) tank mates: some plants, mystery snails and ramshorn snails
  5. My 1 year old Betta has a white cotton-ish area on his tail between the top and bottom fins. He's does not act sickly, but is a little lethargic. I used Pimafix for about a week and saw significant change, but his 10 gallon tank got quite murky. Since I know it helped I want to put him in his own hospital tank away from the 4 ottos and plant life in the 10 gallon. The fish bowl holds about 3 liters. How much Pimafix is safe? Would 0.6 ml work? I also have Super Ick Cure. Would that be better? Do I need to worry about the temperature before relocating him? I also read aquarium salt with the medication would help, is this true? Since he is as old as he is, I just don't want to hurt him and I will admit, I am a beginner at this. Thanks in advance.
  6. Heat treatment has worked wonders in the past against ich, but can pandas take 30°c? Anyone got experience with this? I know they prefer cooler water than most corys.
  7. Hello! So I have some Rasboras in quarantine right now (for a little over a week), and just as my Neocaridina shrimp arrived to be quarantined with them, I noticed a few Ich cysts on 2 of the rasboras. They've already had one dose of Paracleanse, and their second dose is due tonight. I need to add Ich-X into the mix to treat the Ich now, but I worry about the shrimp being overwhelmed having just acclimated to the tank and then loading meds in, especially as I got a bonus lil shrimplet! Would you recommend waiting until tomorrow to dose the medicine, giving the shrimp some time to acclimate, or will the meds not affect them enough and I can go ahead and do it tonight? Thanks!
  8. I’ve had larger fish with ich, so it was easier to tell that it was ich. But my ember tetras are so small and have larger white spots on 2 out of 10 of their heads. Is this ich? Do I go ahead and treat it? Just making sure before I put the Aquarium Salt in. I had a really tough time getting good photos, sorry. 10gallon, 74 degrees, frog bit and pearl weed up top, feeding 3x per week frozen foods, 1 beta fish and 10 ember tetras. Tank is like 4 months old. Should I change the water less? I’m currently changing it 1x per week with 30% water change plus gravel vac. Am I stressing my fish out too much with too frequent water changes? Maybe go down to 1 water change every 2 weeks?
  9. I have a 5g QT set up. It's been running since November. I sometimes use it to house fry, treat a fish, but mostly it just grows out plants for me. So I purchased some ottos 48 hours ago. They looked okay, got home settled them in & the next morning at least 2 have spots on them. I have 4 ottos in my 29g & was just purchasing a few more to enlarge their school... My 29g looks pretty empty. I purchased Aquarium coops med TRIO so I have ICH-X on hand. The spots are white and mostly on fins, a few on body. I've had ICH before on mollies when I first started & did not know what it was or how to treat it, & it killed all my mollies years ago. I remember exhausting myself with WC, Salt, and herbal remedies petco gave me that didn't do anything. -How do I dose ICH-X in a 5g with scaleless fish? Should I use half doses? - I started by slowly increasing my salinity, right now it is at 1/2 teaspoon per 1 gallon. - My water conditioner is Prime, is it safe to use Prime, salt & ICH-X together? The only other additives are Easy Green liquid fertz & two Seachem root tabs. - lots of anubis & RRF plants Live in here. -No, my heater is not adjustable. Its a 100W aqueon 78° preset Parameters are: Nitrate: under 20ppm. Nitrite: 0. Ammonia 0ppm. Chlorine 0. PH: 7.4. GH: between100-150ppm (not degree) KH: 60ppm. Parameters have been the same & stable for a long while now.
  10. Title asks it all. Is this ich on my fish? Pictures are from today and Tuesday. I am devastated. I obviously can't take back my pleco if I have ich-y fish so that puts a wrench in things. I think I spotted a couple of white dots on the pleco too. Can I treat my entire 75 gallon tank? I just have two acaras, two ropefish, and the one pleco.
  11. I am at a loss!!! Take a look at this koi platy...struck down by something like epistylis, I have been treating with both kanaplex and metroplex (separately) for over two weeks with food. Everyone’s eating. Is this a disease I am missing? I literally cleaned the entire tank already, took everything out, scrubbed it, vacuumed...why isn’t this clearing up? I am absolutely losing my mind. Other fish in the tank don’t seem to be affected (hard to see on the albino corys) and one of my three dojos has a few visible spots
  12. So I stupidly thought that it was a good idea to put 30 Platy fry in a 40 gallon breeder tank all by themselves. This morning, I saw Ich on 2 of them. One with a speck on the pectoral fin and the other fry with two specks on its gill plate and mouth. I have begun treatment by raising the temperature to 86F. It’s an open-top with a HOB, so the depletion of Oxygen is not an issue. Unfortunately, it is also a planted and graveled tank. Does anyone have tips for me? Any would greatly be appreciated. I also want to add salt, but all I have at home is Great Value Plain Salt: no Iodide, but has Prussiate of Soda ? I should’ve left them in their little 3 gallon, but Petco was having a deal on tanks, so I bought the 40 gallon for $50, quickly seeded it from another tank, and added the fry, thinking that more room = faster growth rates. What a mistake that was. edit: added "fry" to Platy in first sentence
  13. I had to shut off my external canister filter (with activated carbon) for a few days while I treated for ich. When the treatment is over ( a week or so) can i just turn it back on or should I clean it out first.
  14. Hi, First time treating for Ich and following directions on bottle. I isolated the 2 fish to my Mcguvered isolation tank that were showing ich and have treated the rest of my 20 gallon now for two days. i see no signs in the tank and the ich has cleared up on the isolated fish with one of them dying/ The one that died I expected since I dropped him during transfer! The remaining looks good, no salt flakes also after 2 days. My understanding is that I should change a third of the water everyday and then readminister the ICH-X? That way you have fresh water and a new dose of ICH X. Am I on the right track? My nitrates have been running high but I do a weekly 25% change and gravel vac. My tank is I would say heavily planted. About 6 fish on cleanup and then about 10 fish on regular duty. Thank you ahead of time, Doug
  15. Last time I dealt with Ich was years ago and i remember the spots being more defined and larger. I not 100% sure if this is ich on my betta because the spots are so tiny. I wanted to confirm before i start treating with ICH-X.
  16. Hi, Could someone please tell me whats on my angelfish? I ordered the 3 meds coop recomends but they won't be here for 3 more days and I can't wait. He's super uncomfortable and itchy. What is it and what could I get at petsmart to get rid of it. Thanks so so much! 20gal. Water within normal limits 2 Angels, 2 bristlenose plecos, 3 corys https://tinyurl.com/62cffmky
  17. We had a tank with Ich. Since the corys were uninfected we moved the corys to an empty tank, and doing heat treatment on the main tank. Now I have heard that if we move back the corys to the main tank they may reintroduce ich, even they have no visible spots. Now I don't know what to do. Can corys spread ich, and how do you know if they have the parasite? /Peter
  18. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with using the medicine IchX with a bamboo shrimp in a tank. I've already raised the temperature but I'd like to get the ich out of my tank as fast as I can. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hello! Two days ago, my electric blue acara developed three or four small white spots. Three of my tetras also had one or two white spots show up. I slowly cranked my temperature to 86° F, hoping to kill the ich. The next day, the spots were gone. Then, the day after, three tetras again have a small white spot or two. My angelfish also had a small spot show up, but it's now gone. Does this mean the heat treatment is not working, if the spots reappeared on the tetras and also showed up on the angelfish? Should I wait and see if they disappear again before assuming it isn't working? I'm considering trying Ich-X in combination with the heat, but nowhere near me sells it, so I'll have to order it online and wait a few days for arrival. Also, should I consider that it isn't ich at all? Some of the spots honestly seem slightly large and raised compared to the characteristic grains of salt, but then I've never had ich before for comparison. And the majority of fish haven't had any spots or symptoms, only these few. From what I've read, ich tends to spread quickly and aggressively. I have noticed a little bit of flashing from the infected acara and also my pleco, who seem to be acting slightly strange, but that could also be due to the heat, and also could be symptomatic of other ailments. They are otherwise eating and active like normal. Here are more details 60 gallon planted tank with one angelfish, one electric blue acara, one firemouth, one snowball pleco, 12 black skirt tetras, 11 glowlight tetras, and several nerite snails. pH: 6.8. Ammonia: 0. Nitrites: 0. Nitrates: 20-30 ppm. Temperature: Normally 78-79° F, currently 86-87° F. GH: 4. KH: 0.
  20. Hi all, had some ich develop in my tank after adding a few new fish. Didn’t have issues for a few days but now all new fish (a few tetras and three platys) have various stages of the parasite. I want to try to treat naturally, aka no meds. I have read about just increasing the temp to 86, exhausting the ich’s life cycle etc, but the thought of shocking my fish from the high temp is terrifying me. I love my fish and I would be heartbroken if I cooked ‘em. in the tank: 3 dojos, 3 neon tetras, 5 cories, 3 platys, some shrimp and snails. Only fish affected with ich are the tetras and platys (new fish). I’m actually amazed my other fish never seem to get it... who has kept dojos at this temp for 2 weeks? Anyone?
  21. So I recently put some new plants in my tank and not to long after found a couple fish with ich. I’m still treating the tank with ich x and higher temps. Tank has been established for years just recently changed to a planted community tank. I’ve been doing the daily water changes along with the treatment. My question is do I use Easy Green and Iron while I’m treating for ich. Keep in mind all plants were planted about 10 days ago. I have a Java fern, Amazon sword, Red dwarf (has stated to grow) Cryptocoryne Lutea, Staurogyne Repens, and a anubias petite,
  22. Need Ich x dosing advice. Newb fishkeeper here. Sorry for the long post. Adventures in ICH treatment! I have a 29 gallon, community tank and 10g Quarantine Tank. Water parameters, 0 amm, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrates, 15 gh, 8.0 ph. 5 Corydoras, 1 hillstream loach, 14 rummynose tetras (in Main tank), 4 cardinal tetras (in main tank), 2 dwarf gouramis (in QT), 1 golden wonder killifish (in QT). On friday, I saw that many of my fish had the ich. 2 cardinals and 7 rummy nose tetras had little white spots on their fins and head and gills. They werent covered but in spots sporadic throughout their bodies. I moved them into a 10g quarantine tank after an hour of chasing the sick ones down. THen I noticed 3 more tetras with spots in the main tank after moving the other sick ones. Screw it, i'll just treat both tanks, Saturday, I did a 30% water change with vaccuuming for both tanks and used Ich-X in the afternoon and several hours later half the sick tetras had half or most of their spots disappeared! By Sunday afternoon all but 2 fish had zero spots. Since I had corys in the main tank i decided to move the recovering tetras and QT fish (2 gouramis, 1 killifish) from the QT and moved them into the main tank to raise its temp to mid 80s with salt treatment. I WC the QT at 80% and moved the cories into it (i was worried about high temps and salt affecting them). By the evening, after a 30% water change and gravel vaccuum in the main, I dosed again. two hours passed and 4 of my rummynose tetras died (spiral of death, they all drifted with the tank current and they were gasping bodies pointed upwards). I did an emergency water change at 75%. Water de-chlorinated, bottom vacced (second time that day too). Fish are stressed but no death spirals. Threw in some stress guard and stability for good measure. Today this morning, i found a cardinal tetra with a visible white fuzz near its dorsal and its fins were fringed but still swimming around ok but lethargic. Moved him into QT and threw a dose of paraguard after move. No signs of ick on the surviving tetras nor lazy swimming. Basically. I dont know what i should do as far as the ick treatment. Should I keep dosing but at half strength for another 1 to 3 days? Current situation, QT has all my corys and a cardinal with fungal fuzz and fin wear. WHile Main tank has all the fish with no more white ick spots. What an adventure. How should i proceed from here to kill off water column and substrate ich? Lower the Dosage?
  23. I have a 65 gallon. Cycled with a few guppies. Just added 6 cardinal tetra from a chain without quarantine... I believe its a ich outbreak. Am 0 Tries 0 Trates<20 I treated with super ice cure 6 packets. Only had 4 left couldn't find any more locally so I bought liquid super ice cure. They have different active ingredients. I treated again today with the 4 remaining packets (40 gallon worth). Was that the right move? Or. Is it ok to mix the two meds?
  24. I bought amazon puffers about a week ago. They go ick (I assume) almost immediately. Ichx wasn't doing much at all, so I stopped ich x and I did round of API General Cure and API Erythromycin. Now they look worse than ever. I have resumed Ich x but I'm concerned (perhaps overly) that it's something else and perhaps I should be doing something else. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  25. BigRedd

    Is this Ich?

    I was checking out my aquarium and I saw some white spots on one of my brown Venezuelan cory's. I'm not sure if it's a disease, or if it's simply bruises or something from brushing up on plants a lot. It doesn't look like ich when I google imaged it. They have a soft white underbelly. Here is what one of my other cory's looks like for reference: My tank parameters are pretty good. Always at .25ppm ammonia or lower, nitrates are typically around 20, and I haven't detected nitrites since I cycled it.
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