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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! New member here but long time viewer and supporter of Aquarium co op. I come to you guys with something I’m kind of freaking out about the past few days. I noticed my albino hoplo catfish had something white and worm looking hanging out of its anus about 3/4 of an inch long. I noticed it 3 days ago and it’s still there looking exactly the same. Photos are a bit blurry since it was so close up but it’s there. Can anyone tell me exactly what I’m dealing with here? Tapeworm partially hanging out? Something else? He’s acting normal and eating fine but yet that’s been sticking out for days.. any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. Let's start with the swim bladder most case of swim bladder are cause by over feeding and the stomach putting pressure on the swim bladder constipation or bacterial infection of the swim bladder and injury to the swim bladder Frist I would recommend fasting your fish for a couple of days and doing epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 2 gallons for no more than 15 minutes 2-3 times a day as eposm salt acts as a muscle relaxants to help with constipation if that has no effect then I would treat with antibiotic medication in food Kanaplex is my go to antibiotic treatment you could also use maracyn2 and furan2 are not very effective at a higher pH above 7.8 if your in the UK I would treat with Sera baktopur direct tables if it's a damage swim bladder caused by an injury it case of wait and see some will improve given time other will not improve and may have to be euthanize if you think there suffering clove oil is one of the most humane ways to euthanize your fish
  3. Hi! Just put my new baby pea puffer in their 5 gallon aquarium. Bare bottom with one big fake plant for adequate coverage. This is a quarantine set up as I know Pea Puffers generally come in pretty sick due to being wild caught or catching something from another batch. I’ve been researching for a few months how to care for them and the best practice for deworming them. I did watch a video from aquarium co-op stating he uses A.P.I General Cure, A.P.I Erythromycin, and SeaChem’s Ich-X. I have started the process of treating with these medications and all seems to be going well following doses according to box recommendations as Cory said in his video that they work well together and following box directions generally does the job. My question is... how long should I expect to treat my Pea Puffer with these medications? I don’t want to harm the fish or dose too little (following water change instructions according to each medication). I also know my Pea Puffer is not taking food at this time (read that happens when meds are distributed). I’m not sure when I should break from this to make sure it’s eating and staying in optimum health for treatment or if they just have to power through. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. I have a 30 gall bowfront aquarium that is heavily planted. tank has a few guppies, 10 cardinal tetra, 5 dwarf gourami, 6 neon dwarf rainbow fish, hundreds of baby mystery snails and 6 cory cat fish. I can add pics of the tank once I get home for better help. I've been fighting internal parasites for almost 7 months now. slowing loosing a fish or two every month. I have been using the med trio for 2 months now and have tried dosing salt. i think those medications aren't getting into the stomachs of the fish for treatment. most of the fish still appear to be eating with the exception of a few guppies and all fish I have seen with long stringy white feces. the only thing I haven't tried is medicated fish food. Dose anyone have any good recommendations for either making my own medicated fish food, or finding some online to purchase? I'm having a hard time finding any online for sale.
  5. Hello my fellow canadians, I was wondering, how do you deworm fish? With the very limited stock of meds in Canada we cant just go out and get paraclense (we need a vets perscription for that). I know that enough salt can kill worms/ internal parasites. I have also read of Supertech 100% natural fish health remedy And how it treats for external parasites such as ich and also bacterial infections and fungus. But I have never read of people using it for internal parasites. So when QT'ing puffers and other wild caught fish do you guys even deworm?
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