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  1. I noticed the larger of my two Zebra Danios playing tag with the SAEs. What I originally thought to be aggression seems to be more like play. The larger Danio seems to occasionally enjoy chasing any fish in the tank for a short sprint before breaking off and swimming away. I haven't seen any physical contact. I thought this was some sort of aggression until I saw the Danio chasing the SAEs. When one is chased the others will follow until the first SAE stops for a snack. The pursuing SAEs will stop and stare down the aggressor until the Danio chases one of them. The game continues until the Danio loses interest or the SAEs stop to graze.
  2. Hey all! As a mental health professional, I was curious about what the world thinks about fish from a biopsychosocial standpoint and found an article a couple years old: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/article/fish-have-feelings-too/ I'm curious what y'all think! Do fish have feelings? How do you know?
  3. Hey bought 4 dory's.one of them seems to hide and stay to himself,,,,,the others full of energy,,,,,,,had them in the tank over a month now
  4. Hello, first time apisto owner. I have apisto macmasteri and I have been noticing breeding behavior. Lots of flaring, she is more yellow and showing the tank boss her belly. She is staying more in the location of the cave, but do they come out of the cave if they have eggs they are tending to, or are they like male plecos that stay with them. I don’t want to disturb her aquarium coop hut haha. pictured is my male thanks!
  5. 55gl 4 months old at 80ish, one canister, one hang on the back with aragonite and a mesh filter bag. stocking, duckweed, hornwort, bell pepper and an unknown plant. pestnails, 12 MTS, 10ish guppies 3 Pilates 4 Molly's and a 7-in pleco, (bad test strip ph7.2) retest 4x ph6.4, gh 300+, kh 120ish. A 0, NI 0, NA 30-40 Does anyone know why my guppies and platys are all hiding up in the corner directly under the outlet of the canister filter, cuz the Molly's and the Pleco are still running around just fine only changed 5gl 3 days ago and the only thing different is I did not add salt back to the water I changed, and some of them are diving to the bottom and rubbing into the sand like trying to wipe something off of themselves for about a week, hence why I changed water and did not add salt, so I don't know what they're doing, do 1 of y'all of know (edit 3 I think I have bad strips and kits, strip 1 ph 7.2 - 7.6 strips 2,3,4,5, 6.4, 7.6 6.4 6.4, api test kit low ph sold 7.6, high ph 7.8 maybe a 8, so still idk I guess the mystery just gets thicker)
  6. I have 7-8 Chili Rasbora in my 15 gallons flex planted aquarium. They are housed with 14 green neon tetra, 3 clown killifish, 3 nerita and about 10 shrimps. Temp is 75, pH 7.4, 0/0/20, gh 7 and kh 4. They are most of the time gathered together in one corner of the tank, swimming in place. None of the other fishes seem to bully them. In the picture, you can see them all in the top right corner where they stay most of the day. where there are no floating plants. The killifish are all over the place and the green neon prefers to swim in and around the plants on the left. I was wondering if it’s a normal behavior for my Chili? Are they afraid of something? I have a 20 gallons with same parameters currently housing 1 honey gourami (soon to add a 2nd and 2-3 otocinclus). Should I move the Chili in that tank, and increase their number to 12 (but according to aquadvisor, I would be at 112% of capacity but still over 125% filtration capacity). I do 20-30% WC each week. This is the 20 gallons.
  7. Hey everybody! Over the years, I have found some fish act abnormally to their common descriptions. For me, I have had friendly bettas to devil guppies. I wanted to make this post to show my puffer's latest hobby and hear other people's experiences/ stories. Bob the schoutedeni puffer is a semi aggressive fish. When he first came home with me, he did not bother the plants nor the other fish. Now days he's a pair of scissors in the water, cutting plants like a gardener with an over grown shrub. The weird thing is, he only snips plants that are either crypts or vals, he leaves all other plants alone. You can see him being proud of his leaf mess. I know the red plant isn't a crypt or val, the pleco managed to uproot it. Please share your stories of funny behavior from your fish, I would love to hear them!
  8. My betta has been acting unusual the past couple days by not showing any interest in eating. He just watches the food float on by. Fasted him for a day. Tried again and the same thing happened. Water parameters are all normal. But a thought came to mind. He recently built a rather thick bubble nest. My understanding is that this usually happens when they're ready to mate. The nest in the past few days has started going away. He's not working on it anymore. Could his behavior be related to the end of his "ready to mate" mode? And he'll soon get back to his usual diet? Or is there no correlation? Otherwise he's still pretty active. Doesn't show any outward signs of being sick. In the mean time, I raised the temp. Got rid of the polypad to let the IAL tannins do its thing. (the IAL developed mulm. Is that a concern?) in hopes if it's just constipation, it'll pass. I was just curious if there's any relation between post-bubble nesting and behavior of a betta.
  9. Hey all, this is my first time keeping a betta? So I want to know if this is normal behavior, he likes to just lay down on the bottom of the tank. He does this a lot. It started approx a week ago. Before that he was almost always swimming in the water column or flaring at his reflection. I checked water parameters: ph 7.4 nitrite and ammonia 0 Nitrate 20-30ppm gh 150 kh 40 he also eats fine. He prefers to pick the food off the ground and doesn’t intercept in the water column very often. When he does swim, he doesn’t have any issues. the only other behavior I have noticed is he will occasionally flash on the decor. No skin/fin abnormalities that I can see. let me know if he is being normal or if this is something I need to be concerned about. thanks, derek
  10. I moved my common pleco to a larger tank four weeks ago. He was alone before for a long time. He occasionally did some fast turning in the past but not a lot of flopping around. Now he's smacking the lid of the tank many times a day. He never did this before. The other tank had a black hood, this has a glass flat lid. Our water is very soft (I will address that shortly) but the other numbers are good. He sticks to the glass sometimes, as usual, but also does that leap face-first straight up. He used to come to the surface when I dropped in some flakes, but no longer does this. He sometimes grabbed his algae wafers and carried them around eating them, but does not do this now. I add a pinch of flake in the morning and give him his wafer at night. His companions now are three mollies. Is this normal? Was his generally placid behavior in the past NOT normal? I've had this guy for maybe eight years. I'm concerned. Also on edge bc his leaping is startling me.
  11. So up until this point, I was almost sure both of these fish were males. I saw them doing this today. I have never bred my fish, but I have absolutely no clue what they could be doing besides that. I have a couple questions: 1. How do I sex these? They are gold honey gouramis. They seem to be about the same color, and I am not quite sure how to sex them by looking at their fins. 2. There is no bubble nest in the tank at this point. Will the male (whichever turns out to be the male) make one after they have bred? Is it possible that they hatch eggs without using a bubble nest? Could they have a nest hidden somewhere under one of the plants at the bottom of the tank? Apologies for the bad quality, but this is the only time I was able to catch them doing it on video.
  12. Just fed my Channoides fry some micro worms when I noticed one of them kept doing barrel rolls... I've seen ricefish fry do some interesting acrobatics but something seems wrong here. on API test strips I'm reading GH 120, KH 40, pH 6.5 to 7, and nitrate and nitrite both 0, temp is about 78, tank is a bare bottom 5 gallon with some floaters and other plants waiting for their final homes. I'm feeding once to twice a day, co-op fry food, bbs, micro worms, first bites, and micron (not so much those last two now, they're a few week old and can handle bigger food) I've been changing about 2 liters of water a week with RO water. The tank also has a couple sponge filters Out of about 20 fry I've only seen one doing this, and this is the first time I've seen it Hoping that even if nobody has experience with Channoides than maybe they've seen it in other kinds of bettas or other families of fish and can shed some light on this Here's a brief video of the fry Edit: Since posting I've lost track of the fry in question, so it either stopped doing it or moved to cover... Not sure if it could be a swim bladder issue? Each roll started and ended with the betta oriented correctly, my experience with swim bladder issues has normally been more erratic than that
  13. Before everything went wong my mollies were peaceful after vigorous treatment(meds, heat, and salt but still ongoing) for ich they are starting to chase and nip each other any ideas why
  14. I have a platy who is about 7 months old, and acting very strange. He either sits on the bottom gravel, or up top at water line, and really doesn't swim much at all, though he certainly can. I know something is wrong because he isn't interested in food. But aside from the behavior, there are no visible signs to point me toward a problem. The platy has good color, fins are upright and not clamped, and I see no signs of fungal/bacterial issues. Visually, he looks great. No flashing either. Normally, I'd say possibly parasitic, but his community tank has been through 2 precautionary Paracleanse treatments within the last month or two. It has also been through a Maracyn treatment. He was the only fish acting this way in the tank, and there's probably 40-50 other platys. There have been no outside fish added to the tank...all were born in the tank. **Parameters: Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate 15-25, GH - 200, KH - 100, PH - 7.6-7.8 Any ideas? I'll try to upload a picture...but visually, I am clueless, as he looks great. Thanks in advance.
  15. In this topic we will try to track and record with precision the breeding of the Rhinogobius species! Fotos are very accepted!!
  16. I've got 9 cardinals in a 15g tank. When they tend to spend their time in the more open areas of the tank except for one who hides behind my rock and java-fern in the bottom corner most of the time. Its color is fine and its not frantic acting so I assume its not stressed. Any idea why one of them is a loaner. I got them from ACO and I reading the shipment history, the group could be a mix of tank and wild. Could the loaner be from a different group and not identify with the rest? Is there another species of cardinal thats almost indistinguishable to people? Is it just a weirdo fish?
  17. I have had my oscar, Redman, since he was a baby, he is now 9-10 inches. His tank mates from the start have been kuhli loaches, dojo loaches, hillstream loaches and some upside down catfish. It was an experiment I ran to see if an oscar would get along with the other fish if it grew up with them. Until a few days ago, Redman has been a buddy to everyone in the tank. He started to flare (mouth open real wide) quite a bit more than usual and began to harass the dojo loaches and only the dojos. I hoped it was an oscar mood swing and observed. Yesterday, Redman started to do quick circles (like a dog chasing its tail)(sometimes he spins left, sometimes it's to the right) for about 5 seconds while flaring and he began to take shots at the dojos. Thinking that he developed an issue with the dojos, I moved the dojos to their backup tank this morning. Redman continues to do his circles and flaring even with the dojos removed. The frequency of his spins has also gradually increased. He leaves the other fish alone, it was only the dojos he targeted. Parameters - Nitrate - 40, Nitrite - 0, Ammonia - 0, gh - 200, kh - 100, ph - 7.0, temp - 78F There has been no changes to the tank besides its weekly water change for well over a year now. Has anyone run into this behavior before? I have seen him go through mood swings before, he is an oscar, but never like this. Frantic is the word that comes to mind when he starts circling.
  18. Hi all, I have recently purchased a breeding pair of cacatuoides double red Male/Female they are in there own tank with almond leaves coconut shell aqua soil and bubble filter aquatic plants. The first week I had them they spawned which was amazing I was told to remove the male to allow the female to look after the eggs and fry . The next couple of days the female had seemed to eat the eggs I don’t know if they where fertilised or just not the best as this is there very first time spawning and are still learning the ropes. So I decided to re add the male but I have noticed that the male keeps nipping at the female and hunting for her in the aquarium also has gone a dark black colouration but the fins and tail are bright red. I haven’t done anything different doing weekly water changes of 25% feeding daily to once every other day with brine shrimp/blood worm/dafnia/ flake food. The female is a bright yellow colour. I’m just curious on why the male is acting the way he is the temperature of the tank has not changed hitting around 27’c. any help would be much appreciated
  19. Hey everyone, just wanted to share some joy. Here is what is good for me, I made a new goldfish pond My pond lilies are making new leaves My gunnera plant is coming back with big leaves My hillstream loaches started breeding My dwarf hairgrass is starting to spread Feel free to share what you are happy about!
  20. Why would a fish (Emperor tetra) be hanging out in the outflow current, riding the flow when it has a swim bladder problem? For a couple of months now he's been swimming around the tank like a kid learning to swim. you know, head up high and almost vertical. he's been doing alright but I didn't expect him to last this long. These last days though he hangs in one spot just riding the current. Why? he doesn't have to stay there. is he joyriding or suicidal? It's just odd to me.
  21. one of my pygmy corys is acting weird all the other fish including other pygmy corys are acting normal water parameters ph 7.2 gh 150 kh 80 nitrate 20
  22. I got two new blood parrots about 3 days ago and put them in a cycled and appropriately suited 40 breeder. At the store they would follow my finger and seemed so excited and full of personality. Since i got them they are out and about in the tank until i get near and they hide until i leave again. They will eat but only if i drop food in then leave, any advice?
  23. I have a problem (?) with my school of silvertip tetras. They have become very timid. Whenever I move near the aquarium, or stand up from the chair that is 3 meters (10ish feet) from the tank they seem to get scared and huddle in the area right of the biggest rock in the image. Sorry about the potato photo, I had to take it at maximum "zoom" to capture their currently natural behavior when everything is fine for them. They point towards the Eheim Powerline XL which is to the right. Basically they are chilling in the stream from the spray bar. The flow isn't insanely strong, as I have customized the spay bar making it longer and with larger holes. The color of water is due to me using Blackwater Aquatan in the tank. Some background info: The tank is a 525 liter one with a relatively large bottom area. I have Fluval FX-6 and Eheim Powerline XL both with a pimped spraybars moving the water. Pimping is done mainly to tame the flow a bit more so the sand doesn't get blown all over the place in the tank. Temps are 24,3 C near the front glass to 25,5 C at the back near the heater. pH is 7,13 at the moment, but the target for me is 6,9. I have been increasing the hardness a bit lately (might explain something), which has pushed the pH up a bit. If my JBL test strips are to be trusted at all, KH is now just about 5 or so, and GH still does not register on the strip. Or rather, only the edges of the first pad are slightly colored. This isn't a shocking thing, the stuff I'm currently using is Sera KH plus. I have ordered Sera KH/GH plus to be able to affect both values in the future. NO3 = 25 mg/l and NO2 and Cl are both 0. I started with 20 silvertips, and they turned out to be fairly territorial little monsters towards each other. Might have been just something to do with sorting out their pecking order in a new tank, but they seemed to stake out claims in certain areas of the tank, only coming together when feeding or getting stressed by a water change. I decided to get some more to get them to perhaps school a bit more, and added another 20 into the tank. The aggression seemed to die down a bit, at least at first, but it seems there are one or two silvertips that really like to watch the world burn, and fought anyone that got close to them. Then something changed, they started to become more withdrawing and jumpy. Before they used to come towards the surface and the front of the glass when I got near the aquarium, basically they had figured out I'm the source of food. Back then they used to mill around in the middle of the aquarium and came to me. Now they hang around the front of the glass and shy away. They even (at least some of them) seem too scared to eat. They used to be tiny piranhas when I fed them, now I'm not even sure all of them eat at all. Only things I have done is increase the KH a bit, over the week or so. I also directed the spraybar of the Eheim Powerline a bit more towards the front as I increased the size of the holes on the bar. So they seemed to go with the flow, but that shouldn't be the main criteria, or even couldn't be, as the flow is stronger at the top, and none of the silvertips is drawn to the flow of the FX-6. Could this be an oxygen thing? I know raising KH buffers the water for pH swings, and it seems more CO2 can be dissolved into it. I'm feeding the tank some CO2 (monitored by JBL pH computer), and it seems the diffuser has been running more with higher hardness. There is a lot of surface agitation going on, so the oxygen shouldn't be an issue. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I have patience to wait and see how this will develop, but I don't want my fish to be distressed or suffering while I do so.
  24. Hello all, Recently my Three Bristlenose have turned into absolute nightmares and bullying any fish that go near them plus they are constantly ripping up my plants. My tank stock that is Neon Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Bolivian Rans and my catfish has always been great and friendly plus my tanks parameters are always spot on - Ph - 7.5 Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 20ppm KH - 6dkh Gh - 5 drops 89.5ppm (soft water) The only thing that has changed within the last 4 weeks is frozen blood worms that I have included with their varied diet. Could the blood worms be making them aggressive? My other fish are all normal...ish Any suggestions would be appreciated 👌
  25. So I have had some cherry chrimp and some blue shrimp about 4 of each, they are in a 16 gallon planted tank with a betta and some otto and 2 guppies. Water parameters are good 7ph 0ammonia 0nitrite 0nitrate the co2 I have is the fluval set up from petsmart and I have a fluval indicator to make sure no excess co2 is present. And so far I have lost about 5 shrimp the last one was a red one whom still had some red, usually I just find the white dead body.. and I noticed also that there's baby red shrimp in the tank now.. the only thing that has changed is that there's some algae in the wood but that algae has a while of being there, it's the brown type. Wood has been there since the beginning though so not a new addition. I just don't know why they are dying. Fertilizer is seachem flourish safe for shrimp and water changes i use prime. At this point I am lost. Any help is appreciated
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