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  1. RainbowGeek

    Fin rot

    How much salt a gallon to cure mild fin rot on betta?
  2. I don't think its a breeding pair because... -They are not showing signs of breeding -Its been happening for a few weeks, no eggs -I beleive one is not sexually mature, still a young boy. I have an empty 10 gallon tank which would be fine for the bullied tank short term but not long term.
  3. I have 3 angelfish in a 40 gallon. The pecking order goes largest to smallest. The smallest is bullied lots, and its fins are very jegged due to nipping. The smallest one is usually up in the corner and isn't so much swimming around, so now I'm worried. What would fix this? Getting a new angel to mess up the pecking order? Add some dither fish? (I already have 6 cardinal tetras and 6 zebra danios) Get some more plants to add some cover? Get rid of one (only if I have to, I really, really don't want to)
  4. Hey @Cory and team. Love your videos, and your products! I live in Canada and need some more Easy Green. I noticed its sold out on amazon.ca, any word on when it may be available?
  5. @Lizzie BlockIs the care package still happening? I know I wont win, but I liked to see other peoples reaction
  6. What repashy should I get for my bristlenose pleco? -Soilent Green -Morning Wood -Community Plus
  7. I just got a 150 gallon of craigs list. I keep mostly 10-30 gallons, so waterchanges dont seem to be that much of an issue as I just use a gravel vac. But thats gonna take real long if I use a gravel vac on a 150. I have seen online of people using their canister filter to back wash or a water pump to pump out the water to do a waterchange, but it doesnt seem that they vaccume their gravel with their weekly waterchange. I would like to use the pump or canister filter idea for my 150. My question is do I HAVE to vacume the substrate or can I just take out 25% or something of the water each week?
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