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  1. THIS. I HEAR THIS ALL THE TIME, regardless of tank size. And I think it's something those of us fishkeepers who care about building something lush and colorful are likely to hear more often. The last 20 years have really brought some amazingly colorful fish into the freshwater hobby (I worked my first LFS in 1990). People just don't realize how much life and natural color a freshwater tank can bring to those who invest some effort. 🙂
  2. Specs on the reserve capacity of that model seems to say 9Ah, or 9,000 mAh, which is very close to my test model. So you should get close to two days as well, I would think.
  3. Agreed, the design of these leans into the "tubes and pipes" aspect so common to fish rooms, and "really ties the room together." 😉
  4. Really beautiful. I think it was particularly masterful to go with black angels; their silhouettes are so striking! Wonderful work!
  5. No no no, not at all! With your connections and setup you should wipe the floor with me. 😉
  6. Okay, you're a little understocked. Here's mine. 🙂 I buy multi-packs from Amazon, and there are countless times I've been really glad I had this or that doodad.
  7. Just a reversed-bottle-style fish catcher, sized down for multi fry... Hi all: Catching shell dweller fry can be a real challenge, unless a tank is set up with separating them in mind. But if you're like me, and you have a nicely planted and decorated tank with happy multies who are breeding like guppies, and just need to get them out to prevent massive overcrowding, it's pretty much impossible to catch the little buggers without decimating the tank. They don't run into their shells, they hide low to the ground, under the shells, behind plant roots, etc. And they can be pretty fast. So I wasn't sure an adaptation of the simple bottle fish catcher would work if scaled down...but it does! This was my process: First, I sourced the right size bottle. It needed to have an opening that was small enough to keep out most adult fish, and also not be too large for smaller tanks. I settled on this 8 oz squeeze water bottle from Crystal Geyser: After pulling off the pull-top cap, I removed the screw-top lid. It conveniently has a divider to filter for really small fry, if you want. I didn't need it that small, so I clipped it out with a small pair of snips: I then cut the top off with my bandsaw, although a pair of scissors would have been just fine: The top part needs a small slit cut in it, so that when it is reversed and jammed back into the bottle, the edges will overlap slightly and it won't buckle. The slit is about 1/4" long: Then, in order to promote good circulation, I punched small holes all over. Although you can melt some with a red-hot nail (heated over a candle), a narrow tip on a soldering iron or wood burner works much better. 🙂 The top jams tightly into the bottle. No sealing is necessary, making it easy to separate later. I added some micro-pellets as bait, and placed it in my tank. After 8 hours, I pulled the bottle out; it had caught 16 fry! Big success on the first day! Subsequent days I only caught 3 at a time, but I'll get them all eventually. Placement really matters. I ended up making two more traps, so I can catch them faster. Fun, quick project, useful for the breeder's toolbox! Enjoy! Bill
  8. Tough call. I normally do much bigger water changes after meds, but 50% will be more stressful than 25%. IMO, I would do the 25%, and probably then focus on lowering stress and heavy feeding as often as they'll take it. If you have it, maybe try a big chunk of Repashy?
  9. This is a tough one. I think if I were in your shoes I would hold of on additional dosing right now, and try to remove as many stress factors as possible. And feed him live or frozen bloodworms if he'll eat. As for the Paracleanse, are you sure it's internal parasites you're dealing with? I think I would give him a break from meds for awhile and try for stress-free conditions and ample nutrition for awhile. Good luck!
  10. I would do the water change first. I would also consider a waiting period of 2-3 weeks between rounds, for two reasons: 1. It'll stress their kidneys less. 2. It'll give you time to get any of the parasites that are currently protected from your meds in egg form to hatch out. Good luck!
  11. Nicely done! I'll have to keep this in mind.
  12. I think if you want six hours, you should consider turning that computer off. One PC power supply is like 10 tanks, probably.
  13. Ah yes, that's a good one. I think there's a core philosophy difference here. Some people regard fish as pets, many regard them as art/decor. If the latter, the "expendable" mentality rears its ugly head pretty easily. But it's no less real a perspective on fishkeeping.
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