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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I will try to live up to the hype. 😉 I forgot to mention, I have long-finned gold white clouds in my 100g Rubbermaid stock tank, and I LOVE them. They stand out against the murk of the pond during the day, they grow HUGE if you auto-feed them, and they even developed a little rich reddish color in some of the bigger ones. I highly recommend those guys!
  2. Aww, thanks Daniel! Wish I had more time to be more present here! In the last year I've learned some more things about cool tools, tiny tanks, time management over multiple tanks, and even 3D printing, and I hope to contribute in the near future! Just gotta carve out the time...
  3. Hi Nick: Thanks for the kind words! I ended up taking down these ponds, mainly because they became a lot of maintenance work and I had less time to enjoy them than before. As the weather gets colder, sure I'm set up for the fish to be fine in Southern California, but that doesn't mean I want to hang out there all that much. Something to think about, even for the warmer climates! So I distributed my fish among my tanks and am now only running the daphnia culture, which is still thriving quite well! So let's do a post-mortem... What worked well? Heaters, man. The 200 watt heater in the 15 gallons of water kept the fish nice and toasty even on the coldest mornings. I think this stability encouraged breeding. There were babies showing up in every tub! On the same note, feeding fry food every night, regardless of whether I saw fry or not, probably helped as well. The lights were great. I would NOT do a pond without a light, because I want a better view! What would I do differently? The box filter was a bad idea. In practice, it's just too much maintenance. Quite honestly, I should have just used sponge filters, or better yet, probably nothing with just an airstone. I think I would have even started to play with HOB filters, adapting them to the weather and angled sides of the tubs. Duckweed was a bad idea. It got everywhere, whether I wanted it or not. I liked the frogbit. I would have started with more plants up front. I should have put in a LOT more guppy grass at the outset, to prevent the algae from taking hold. Alternatively, I could have planted a lot of water sprite, but I think the floating plants were most conducive to breeding and protecting the fry. I would have used finer gravel. The cheap pea gravel is just not very attractive. I would have made the "electrical boxes" easier to service. The USB-air pumps don't last more than a couple months outside, and changing them was very difficult. I should have centralized the air to a single air pump. What about the fish? Honestly, I found most of the fish in my nano-ponds to be fairly boring. While they did breed, they all looked the same from the top. The exceptions to this were the clown killies and the guppies. I'm not a huge guppy fan, but they were far more interesting to watch than most, because of their more vigorous activity and waving tails. The killies weren't so active, but they are pretty to look at form the top, with the silver dot on the top of their heads really grabbing attention. I think if I were to do it again, I would definitely try platies, especially if I could find some interesting colors. Hope that helps! Bill
  4. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, that was very generous of you to say. I'm really happy you were able to use it! I love it when something so simple and inexpensive can make such a difference in the maintenance tasks! Hope it sells more Easy Root Tabs for the Co-Op! I know I wasn't really buying them prior to having an usable tool...
  5. I have one that's a solid 5 inches. Give them plenty to eat!
  6. Yeah, I have to agree with this. I honestly would order more if the box was a bit more stealthy! It also makes gift-giving a little more challenging.
  7. I have a 10-gallon tank in my bedroom, and in the quiet of the night, I can hear my AquaClear 30's lid vibrating. Removing the lid prevents heat conservation and triggers too much evaporation. So I stretched a thin rubber band around the back part of the lid's lip: This suspends the lid a millimeter or two above the filter, yet holds it in place: No more vibrations! Enjoy, Bill
  8. Awesome! Bookmarked. Thanks!
  9. And regarding cutting, I don't have a table saw, but I've used hand saws, a bandsaw, and a circular saw for mine. All cut through very nicely!
  10. Clear packing tape makes a perfect hinge for these lids. It sticks REALLY well, and it's nearly invisible. No need for fancy hinges!
  11. I found it doesn't seem to block much light at all, but I don't have a PAR meter. 🙂
  12. I never feed my BBS live. I always freeze them immediately using the below silicone ice cube tray, and do 2 more batches over the next couple days. It makes tiny cubes! My fish all love them just the same. Then, I'm set for several weeks of feeding! Back in the day when I was keeping them alive, I mixed fresh saltwater, rinsed and water-changed them, and kept them in a shallow tupperware (covered, with a hole in the lid) in the fridge. They stayed alive for about a week.
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