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  1. thank you! i'm going to be setting some more up soon and i'll update this post with the rest of them ☺️
  2. so i finally redid this tank the other week while listening to the sunday livestream. i'm going to give it a month or two to let the plants grow in and i'll do a full update on here. in the meantime i wanted to show off this group of red-orange platies i got from a local breeder. the color on these is incredible and i can't wait to breed them. peep the medusa statue super excited for those. i also expanded the rasbora schools, here is one of my established chilis looking gorgeous. these are arguable the best looking nano fish out there. here is a gorgeous red lizard that i got from a local breeder as well. he is very difficult to photograph so this is the only clear one i could get. and lastly, a happy oto is a fat oto
  3. it's been a while but i have had this bowl set up for over 6 months now. everything is grown from those assorted seed packets from ebay. i am using fluval stratum as the soil and keep it covered 24/7 with clingwrap. It was set up in the beginning of december. i didn't think to grab any photos of me first setting it up but just imagine a bowl with stratum in it and that's all there was. it gets direct sunlight from the window and is zero maintenance. this is what it looked like in march about 3.5 months later. and this is what it looks like as of today now that i'm having some more free time im excited to play with more jars and bowls. i have quite a few in storage i can use and i'll try to be more active on this thread. thanks for looking!
  4. i wouldn't consider myself an expert but i can definitely give some tips for creating a planted goldfish tank. you will have much more success with fancy goldfish vs common/comets in my experience, those wreck havoc on all plant life. when you set up your goldfish tank you should take the goldfishes' natural digging behavior into consideration. it is best if you find some way to block off the plants so they goldfish cant dig them up. the coop plant holders are a good option. i used black river stone and driftwood to block off the back 1/2 of the tank so the goldfish can swim through the plants but they cant reach the substrate to dig. i left them the front 1/3-1/2 mostly open (although lots of val and other plants have grown in now) so they can dig to their hearts' content. if possible, set up the tank without any goldfish for at least 2-4 weeks. you can do this while it is cycling but this allows the plants to grow in and develop a good root system so they are much more difficult to pull out. this also gives them the best chance of surviving any nibbling since they will have a healthy root system to bounce back. i didn't do this but i highly recommend it, even though i have swords, crypts, and val in the front open area, the roots are so deep that the goldfish can try to suck them up but they stay put. avoid fine stem plants and mosses. i have had the best luck with: vals (i have giant) swords crypts pogostemon stellatus oct. bolbitis ferns/anubias subwassertang floaters emersed plants are your friend. they look nice and are very effective at removing nitrates from the water. pothos are the most common and easiest but i also have various monstera, peace lilies, and a host of other plants growing as well. i struggle with keeping nitrates in the water so i fertilize heavily and only do water changes every 2-3 weeks (which for the stocking i have in this tank would be impossible to maintain without the plants). i hope this helps, a combo of this should set you up for the best success.
  5. they're definitely going to outgrow this so it will need to be upgraded. for now it is fine, i agree, and they definitely take advantage of the plants.
  6. i am planning to be more active on here, ive just been so busy with life and work that i havent had time but its all slowing down just a bit and i have cool projects up my sleeve! i just redid my medusa tank (after many months of saying i would) and am excited to give updates on that.
  7. thank you! im scared of what it will look like in another year, i might not be able to see any fish. i am planning on moving once the market is somewhat more stable and i will probable have to drain this tank and move it as is lol
  8. photo dump + updates it's been a little bit since my last update and there has been a new addition so thought i would do a photo dump of the current tank. it is pretty overgrown but i dont want to make any changes since it is balanced, i tried to clean up the emersed plants on top but wasn't very successful as you can see 😂 excuse the poor photos, it's hard to get a good photo without reflections and at night. full tank shot. i added a school of blue danios (danio kerri) which i think are a seriously underrated fish. i wanted some fast moving schooling fish to add some activity to the tank and these did the trick. they've been in for about a month and a half and are doing fantastic, very active and they are gorgeous with their blues, purples, and reds. i had a hard time photographing them so i hope the photos do them justice. watching the males dance in the morning is always fun, i have around 20 something of them currently. some photos of the rest of the inhabitants billy the rescue moor this is robert, i was picking up the danios at my local store and he looked so sad. the other goldies were active and swimming and this poor guy was listless in the back giving me the saddest look. so naturally i took him home and now you would never be able to tell! (don't worry he and the danios went through a full round of qt with meds) the knight goby is doing great this is one eyed joe, he came to me this way but his lack of an eye definitely does not affect his behavior and how much he loves to eat. another underrated fish in my opinion. given the right set up these guys are amazing tankmates for goldfish. they need a lot of cover and plants so as long as you can manage those they do well. my pair (sam and susan) are 8" or so and much more bold/comfortable the larger they get. i dont expect them to get much bigger than this though. once i have the space i want to breed this pair. sam loves his krill flakes. here's him lost in the sauce... here are a few photos of the emersed plants up top. i have a rather extensive houseplant collection and i cant stop myself from adding new, random plants into the mix to see if they will work. these are all quick iphone shots i just grabbed (it was too dark last night). the tank is in an upstairs loft and the pothos has started trailing down the wall th these golden leaves are larger than my hand! i hope you all enjoyed this update and the photo dump.
  9. i eyed her too until i realized i unfortunately live across the country 😢 luckily i live near some really good breeders
  10. thank you! the first is a sumo loach and the second is a violet goby: he is nearing 8” now and getting chunky
  11. this needs a trim! i threw in some leftover subwassertang hoping the goldies would eat it and they didnt so now i have it everywhere
  12. my plants came from a goldfish tank where goldfish were actively breeding, i wouldnt expect plants to come with fish as hitchhikers to be a common thing. the only time i do plant dips is when i know the plants are coming from outdoor ponds/groweries and thats only so i dont bring in various larvae that are common in those set ups.
  13. thats gonna be tough to do with any plants that will give you a tree or leaf appearance. mosses can have issues with hair algae and anubias would probably be the same. you can try creating a floating ring and fill it with floaters above the tree to shield it from the light?
  14. hey all! a well(-ish) known online fish seller/supplier recently told me that salt makes erythromycin ineffective and the two should not be used together. it was my first time ever hearing this and i can’t find anything online really discussing this either. is there truth to this or does anyone else have any experience? i have always kept some salt in my qt and hospital tanks while treating with meds.
  15. the goldfish loft is slowly coming together
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