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  1. Thanks. that is what i was looking for. I bought 5 one for each of my tanks. My theory is that one airstone can provide enough air in a power outage where i normally run two in each tank. Part of my hurricane preparedness. Your article reads like an engineer wrote it (with some writing skills), as a retired electrical engineer i give this a 👍.
  2. Irene; Glad you are here. It isnt the size of your tanks but the size of your heart that matters.
  3. Hi John; I was one of your subscribers back in the old days of before the store. Glad you are here. Glad your fish room is starting to achieve your vision.
  4. So jealous. My house cant take more than a 125g without major modification. Love your angelfish, do you find having one type better? I have two and definitely have two sides in my tank.
  5. I have and do. I retired because of Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy in 2017, constant debilitating pain. I am glad our hobby has helped you as well.
  6. To add a bit. I am a Retired Engineer, live in Charleston South Carolina. I have been to all 50 states, lived in 11. Been to 93 countries. So i have a lot of experiences in common with everyone. My son is a Resident Surgeon in Memphis, and my daughter is a returned Peace Corps alumni (was stationed in Siem Reap Cambodia near Angkor Wat). My wife is a classical musician and Bassoonist.
  7. When i was 5 my mom got me a 20 gallon tank (which i still have, its a 30 xtall now), this was 1967. My kissing gourami and i watched men walk on the moon together in 1969. I currently have a 90 gallon African Peacock Cichlid tank, a 75 gallon Discus tank, a 75 gallon Angelfish tank, a 45 gallon Rams tank, and a 30 xtall community tank. With a 30 xtall tank being resealed to be a hospital tank. The hobby and the labors to keep maintenance up keep me busy in my retirement. The picture is of YellowJacket my adult discus. Boy have things changed. Enjoying the community, i used to only get the community feeling when i went to the fish store. Love watching youtube and connecting.
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