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  1. I am thinking red root floaters or duckweed (this one does grow fast, but really with floaters maintenance is easy because you just scoop out excess and throw away).
  2. Without seeing it, its hard to say for sure, but it sounds like its normal typical behavior.
  3. Well water and city water can very greatly. Consider testing both to know what you are working with. However, also realize you should be able to temperature control the city water in your setup. Adding water that is particularly cold during a water change may shock your fish.
  4. Over the last few years, every guppy I have bought from Petsmart has passed. Typically I find they are coming in with a type of parasite or infection. I personally have had great experience with breeders off Aquabid. At my LFS. It has been hit or miss depending on the guppies. Some of the guppies they have received from their vendors have not done so well for me. However, the guppies that are locally breed by the owners/staff seem to do absolutely great (never had a lost).
  5. If I was going to go with a fish, I am not sure if I would do celestial pearl danios. Honestly, I think a 5 gallon may be to cramped for them. Perhaps a school of 6 to 8 pygmy corydoras.
  6. Depends on the setup, if it has a lid, and current. Out of my few 5 gallons, the one I enjoy the most is the on my desk with 3 african dwarf frogs and 2 mystery snails. Fairly easy setup, Water lettuce on the top, covering about 2/3. On the bottom, a mixture of dwarf sagiterias, crypt wendtii, and anubias nanji. Hardscape, I have a few pieces of broken dragon stones to make caves. Filtration a nano co-op sponge filter. Each week I remove about 1/2 of the water lettuce which grows back by the next time. I do a water change maybe every 3 months as the nitrates plummet to zero unless adding fertilizer. I add one squirt of easy green each week. Feeding schedule is fairly simple. I feed the frogs on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I feed the mystery snails shrimp food on the same day too. I have a small nicrew heater that I have set to kick on at 74'f. This setup does require a lid. This setup because of the frogs needs low flow. I do use a fluval aquasky light on it, and keep it pretty much cycling between coming on when I get to the office at 6 am with a sunrise cycle to a sunset cycle when I leave at 6 pm. I have the light peak for two hours during the day at 70% white/60% green & red/10% blue. The frogs are active during the first part of the day as the light is ramping up and in the last part of the day as the lights are ramping down.
  7. Due to my hard water, I like frogbit and dwarf water lettuce.
  8. If you could tell your fishkeeping self something in the past, what would it be? What I would start off with is skip over the cheapest lights and buy something medium grade like a Fluval Aquasky or Plant 3.0 or Finnex Stingray. Light will play such an important part of the enjoyment of the tank. Also you will find yourself more easily combating algae when not having to deal with the excessive blue in cheaper lights.
  9. Honestly, for a cheap heater I am liking the Nicrew one with a remote or external means to adjust. They display the numbers nice and large, so I don't have to get my readers out to check the temperature. And fairly inexpensive on Amazon. Only downside is that heaters have a good chance to take a hit in shipping and not work. I am not sure what temp you keep your room and what temp you want to keep your tank, but you should be somewhere inbetween a 50watt and a 100watt heater. https://www.amazon.com/NICREW-Submersible-Temperature-Adjustable-Controller/dp/B08GXBGW65/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=nicrew%2Bheater&qid=1634150174&sr=8-3&th=1
  10. sorry about that previous mistake. meant to post day 3
  11. I thought I'd start a fun little thread documenting my journey in setting up an indoor brine shrimp tank. 6 cups of insta ocean for a 5.5 gallon tank. Water straight from the tap. Using chaeto macroalgae to help control nitrates. Using an old nicrew light because of the sheer volume of blue lights on it which is supposedly good for chaeto. This video is of the tank on the 2nd day. The brine shrimp had just began to hatch. I need to learn to take better videos/pictures of aquariums.
  12. So this morning I pulled out an old five gallon to continue my brine shrimp culture for the winter months. I pulled one of the two sponge filters from the outside brine shrimp pond and grabbed a handful of chaeto. I use chaeto to help absorb the extra nutrients they produce. Plus it is fast growing and easy to sell. And by keeping a small amount alive I will have it ready for next spring. The temperature is set to 76f.
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