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  1. HDM I can't even!! 😂 I've never used a Promethean Board...but it sounds like a good time! We had an issue where the teacher's chairs were producing so much static they were messing with the SmartBoard inputs...it took us foreverrrr to figure it out! Those dang sticky electrons! A sick betta might definitely be easier in that instance, for sure!! At least the educators got new chairs! 😜👍
  2. I am very impressed with your precision!!! What's the plant in the middle of the tank (I pulled a screenshot, see below!)? I love the variation in color as you look from left to right...and I'd love to achieve that kind of contrast...but I'm a Java fern girl, living in a low-light Java fern world! 😜
  3. If only bettas were as easy to fix as a pesky SmartBoard! 😜 (I feel like I heard somewhere that you were in edu-tech...I'm the tech assistant at my school...pretty much only good at fixing printers, SmartBoards, and resetting Chromebooks! Forgive me if I'm cray! 😂) I am rooting for y'all!!!
  4. That's a good idea! I hear you on avoiding medicating! I will say, I feel like Betta fins take FOREVER to heal...so, you may be doing everything right, but progress might be slow...as long as you're not going backwards, you're going forwards! 50% change once a week is pretty solid...how big is your community tank? If you don't see a positive change when you remove the tetra, you could also try separating the Betta.
  5. This looks like nipping to me...who else is in the tank? His tail seems too short for him to be nipping...but his roommates might be suspects! In my experience, clear on the edges of fins = growth. A good sign, for sure! Also...frequent water changes helped me get my colleague's fin-rotten betta to regrow most of his finnage...how often are you water changing? I think I water-changed Geode every other to every third day (no meds used)...but he was in his own, un-cycled small tank (3.5 gal), not a community.
  6. Added some Orange Rili Shrimp to the tank...the kids were FASCINATED...apparently, Sig and Figgy aren't charming enough...but throw in some cute shrimpies...INSTANT ADORATION! 😂 "What ARE those???" "Are they going to get any bigger???" "Oh my gosh...they're so weird!" "Are those the shrimp that you were talking about last week?? We Googled them to see what they were like!" "Eeeek! They're so little and cute and FAST!"
  7. Please keep us updated! I'm so sorry she's feeling poorly!! I'd offer advice, but I don't have an amazing track record with sick bettas (currently 0/2...unless you count Pete scraping his head...then I'm 1/3). Hopefully, the Furan-2 sets her right! Swimming to you is super positive...as long as her activity remains relatively normal, that's a great sign!
  8. The TV series Fringe is pretty fun! I binged that one a few summers ago. Kinda reminds me of a more humor-driven X-Files. I tried to read Dune earlier this year and got too tangled up in the characters and gave it up...I'll be interested to watch the reboot movie!
  9. Hooray for North Carolinians!!! Welcome to the forum! 🥳🥳🥳
  10. Let's see...I started a cart the other day...sponge filter, pre-filter sponges, plants, test strips, dechlorinator, and...plants!
  11. ....this one has me converted! That water lettuce is 🔥! 😂👍 Are there any cool ponds in public places where you live?? Location: Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte, NC
  12. Ahhh - the dreaded driftwood biofilm! Completely normal and harmless. Totally gross looking, feeling, and smelling! 😂 The only thing I have to add is that my nerite snails tackled my DBF issue much faster than my shrimp did...if you can handle the possibility of their white, dotty, superglue-like eggs popping up in your tank, they will become your tank MVP's (in my opinion and experience)! 😜👍
  13. Very excited to follow along with your journey!!! 🥳 Cute pupper and awesome tanks and stands! Who is the fan of more water changes? I'm very jealous that your partner is interested in fishkeeping, too...mine will admit that my tank is cool, but is not keen on my hobby-related purchases! 😂
  14. Thank you for this!!! I will have to check these out - our back yard is pretty wild right now, and so we've been chipping away trying to make it a little more organized (read: less weedy) and to attract more fun wildlife...this thread is perfect for inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful outdoor spaces!
  15. So very jealous of this - I've got one consistent hummer that visits my little rail box with the scarlet sage and the baby bells (Calibrachoa). I'd love to have a flock, but I think that means I'll have to make my yard foliage a little more tempting! 😂👍
  16. Pete says thank you for the compliment! (And, thank you for putting all of that together!! Those photo competitions were really great! You two did an excellent job with the organization of those contests!! 😆👍) Hugo sounds like he has quite the personality (and, he is pretty, too!!)! Hugo posts are some of my favorites. The bettas really do make the rules, don't they?? Pete likes to monitor his minions from the MagFloat! 😂
  17. This tank seems to be doing well! Pete was perturbed that he didn't win prettiest Betta, and then he got distracted by the corydoras noshing on the Shrimpee sticks ("Whatr you guyz doin??"). 😜👍 I started using Easy Carbon to help fight some algae in the tank a few weeks ago...things were going along swimmingly until I decided to get fancy and dose twice in one week (I'm dosing wayyyy under the recommended), and the crypts did not like. I got a pretty good deal of crypt melt...but I'm enjoying the effect. The area to the right of the tank feels much like a "crypt forest" right now because I vacuumed out all the melted lower level leaves (the melt could also be occurring because the upper level leaves are blocking light from the lower level...didn't think about that until just now). In any case, Pete and the cory cats love weaving through the "trunks" of the taller leaves. One sprig of the scarlet temple survived...I'm about ready to trim and plant. I got wild (well...wild, for me) and trimmed and planted the bacopa with some success. Maybe stem plants don't completely hate me after all! 😂 Here's a minute in my tank after feeding the Shrimpee Sticks, for funsies:
  18. @NanoNano - I am convinced that you buy from Amazon at your own risk...so many sellers, so many items! (But also...so convenient!)
  19. This looks like such a dream build! 😍 I've always wanted to try the tiger lotus...it's actually in my cart as we speak! Excited to follow along with ya! 🥳
  20. Hi Tim!! Welcome to the forum! 🥳🥳🥳
  21. Love the plants and Muay and the awesome "Don't tap on the glass" sign! 😍 I wish I had more fun decor in my tank...I'm pretty much just plants and driftwood. Welcome to the forum, Blake!! 🥳
  22. Speckles is adorable!! 😍 Welcome to the Forum, Chloe!!! 🥳
  23. Sometimes, when I daydream, this is exactly the type of store I'd like to create (I actually have an empty store front picked out and everything! 😜)! But...I do not know enough or have enough coin or bravado to make that daydream a reality...haha!
  24. Hello forum fam! 🤗 Thank you for making this community so magnetic! 🧲😆 You can see how I got hooked into this crew by looking through my HS Tank thread - @Streetwise immediately made me feel important and cool and @OceanTruth and @Socqua made me feel like I made new, fun friends! @Brandy offered solid advice that I've slowly been following (I originally thought shrimp were silly, and now I loooove shrimp...and I never would have tried them without her suggestion!). And then, when tragedy struck I received so much support!! @Colu talked me through what I should do and @James Black (among many others) offered support! Y'all have talked me through anxieties (I'm prone to those 🤣) and taught me so much! I always enjoy reading posts and comments from @lefty o and @Mmiller2001 and @Daniel and @Patrick_G and @H.K.Luterman and many, many more! I feel like there are many members that are "The Greats!" in my mind, and I always feel like I've done something big when they like or comment on my posts! @Sal has provided so much style inspo for me - I am still looking for the perfect cabinet for my 20 gallon, and I'm determined to find it!! @Isaac M and @Hobbit remind me of how fun it is to collaborate on exciting projects...I wish they had been my group members/lab partners in school! 😜 I could go on for days - I have so many other people to mention...it's very hard to narrow it down! If you have ever liked or commented on any of my posts...I appreciate you more than you know! I am so proud and excited to be part of such an awesome community of aquarists and wonderful friends! All the feels y'all, all the feels! 🥰
  25. I think there may be several different versions of the Purigen bags out in the world - I have used Purigen in both my tanks in the past and I really like it! One of the tanks looked like a snow globe (those tiny white particles are definitely a thing!) for a few days. The particles did clear up on their own. I was worried about the particles harming my fish, too...but my understanding is that they are not harmful. I will mention that the Purigen I got from Amazon did release a snow flurry of white particles in my tank, but the Purigen from ACO did not. Also...I just used to forum search function to look up Purigen because I thought that I had made a post and someone comforted me about it, but I couldn't find it (so, I might have dreamed it)! There are TONS of different experiences with Purigen posted on the forum, as well as recharging experiences (which I never tried). I hope you end up having a good experience!! 😆👍
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