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  1. I feel the same way about lots of different killifish. I got my hands on a pair of Blue Gularis and cannot for the life of me figure out why everyone doesn't have them. They are gorgeous fish and very entertaining to watch. I think I'd like to keep more killifish now.
  2. I remember seeing this thread awhile back and wanted to add to it. I just received my pair of Blue Gularis today. These are Niger deltas. I will be breeding them this fall. Absolutely love them.
  3. In the early spring, I put a small group of juvenile Ameca splendens out in a small tub outside in the shade. I didn't expect them to do so well considering the temperatures get up to 106 in the summer time, but they have grown and thrived in this setting. Floating frogbit, duckweed, guppy grass help shade it even more and provide grazing options for them. This tub is rarely fed, or tampered with, providing only top offs. This group is active and looks fantastic. I'm very happy with the outcome and will be trying other goodeid species next year.
  4. That's a wise decision. I think anyone keeping cichlids should have extra tanks and backup plans. I love them, but they can be a pain, especially if you aren't used to dealing with aggressive fish.
  5. I have one, she maxed out at about 3-4ish inches and more resembles the size and temperment of a Convict. A 20 gallon would be fine for one. I've never seen them get very large. Mine is in a 29 gallon alone because she's a very hateful little thing. One of my favorites though. 😄
  6. Praecox Rainbows make wonderful dither fish, but any fish large enough to not get eaten will probably snack on some fry.
  7. They do love green beans! I just sold the rest of my last batch of BN plecos to a LFS about an hour away. I'll be ready to breed more soon. I miss the little buggers scooting and wiggling around 😊
  8. I would love to hear the Angelfish ranting about "pest snails on his wall" 😄
  9. Yoshi likes to blow bubbles, then eat the bubbles. Blow bubbles, then eat the bubbles🤭 What silly things do your fish do?
  10. Congrats on your baby super reds! They are a lot of fun to raise and so cute when they're little. I like to add handfuls of leaf litter to my baby BN tanks, they love grazing off of it all day.
  11. Best I've gotten of the male so far, the tannins are pretty heavy in this tank. Care wise, they seem a lot hardier than most people let on, and these guys have eaten everything I've thrown at them so far. Pellets, baby brine, bloodworm, and daphnia. I love watching them move. They are almost cat like. They sure do love their caves though. I would ike to have a bigger community tank of them.
  12. Was able to get a photo of my female Betta albimarginata peeking out from the log cave and some leaf litter. Still trying to get a photo of my male. These are such graceful and sneaky little fish.
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