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  1. Amazing! Thanks for shining some light on a subject that is so mysterious. This is the first time ive even seen photos of a female badis. Im gonna keep ,y eye out every time im at the lfs from now on. Maybe ill get lucky one day.
  2. If you think you know what type of worms these are please let us know. I posted a short youtube video at the bottom of this post. I netted some floating plants out of one of my tanks tonight and then set it over a container so that it didnt drip all over my desk. Later when i went to dump the net out i realized the net had strained all of these worms out of the floating plants ans down into the container seeking water. I have no idea what type of worms these are. Apparently they were living in the roots of the floating plants i would assume eating the detritus that is caught there. Anyway they are pretty interesting and actively seek out bits of floating plants when i added them to the container. Im wondering if i should add them back into my tank or not. They seem like they would be a great live food source for small fish. Let me know what you think i should do. Aquarium Mystery Worms Video - Youtube
  3. This is a great idea. If its well executed it sounds like it could be a lot of fun
  4. Theyre pretty social, i definitely recommend keeping 2-3. A planted 20 high is plenty of room for a few hillstream loaches. When i first purchased a single loach i had the same experience with him being a bit shy. When i added a female to the tank he absolutely went nuts, it was so cool. I didnt know that a fish could be so obviously and visibly excited before that.
  5. I know! I love the way they all just post up and chill in little groups and chase each other around. So much personality.
  6. Ive had my longfin danios in a pond for a year now and i love it. I think they look great from the top. I wish i had better pics.
  7. I bought a tank at a local big box store that sounds like its just what youre looking for. Its not as fancy as a mr aqua or ada im sure but it also wont cost you anywhere near that amount and i was very impressed with the thick glass especially for the price. Its on my post here: Frameless Cube setup
  8. Also a possibility i hadnt considered. Good point, thanks
  9. Thanks. Theyre longfin leopard danios. I personally think they look reall cool from above in the pond.
  10. Nope, not yet anyway but i was planning on adding some at some point. It sounds like my sword is doomed…
  11. I put an ez root tab in the planter with it when i moved it out there but other than that i think the water is pretty low on nutrients. Ill pop another root tab under it and might pick up some ez iron as well. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Some great ideas here. My mini pond/aquaponic garden was inspired by this same idea. The pond itself is an old wine barrel. The filter was made using an empty plastic drink container as well as some extra gravel and bio rings i had with piece of coop sponge and runs on solar. The main focus tho was reusing water. The pond and aquaponic plant containers reuse all of my water change water from my tanks. In return the pond plants and aquaponic plants benefit from the nutrients in the water.
  13. I didnt notice it at first but i agree, great looking plant
  14. And the long fins look even better from the top than the sides!
  15. Well… not really hacks but maybe alternate uses? Im sure some of you have done similar things but I thought these were worth sharing even tho they are very simple because theyve worked out for me. If you have a tip or just an unconventional use for a product thats working for you feel free to share here. Like many of you i keep floating plants and they can really make feeding a pain. I picked up one of these Coop Worm Feeder Cones for $2.99 and found that if you pop the cone out it makes the perfect plant free feeding ring. You could make a floating ring for pretty cheap but this one stays in place thanks to the suction cup and is hardly noticeable. As an added bonus it doubles as an actual worm feeder cone. The second tip is you can turn your coop EZ Planter into a Kuhli Loach Motel or Fry hideout by just adding some holes. Because theyre hollow you can easily drill holes all around and give tiny critters or in my case my kuhli loaches more access. My kuhlis love the planter and i get to watch them popping in and out of the planter holes all day.
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