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  1. There appears to be a baby Amazon sword, growing off my Amazon sword. Can I cut it off and propagate it?
  2. After I finish my fight with Ick (different thread), I plan on combining my tanks and rehousing some fish. What is the best way to move carpeting plants? I have a Dwarf Sagittaria that is blowing up in my 5.5 (I am very new to plants) along side it is my dwarf hair grass which is growing well. What is the best way to move these plants? I have been very nervous to disrupt my tank (cleaning or otherwise) since the Ick started. Please be kind, I am aware that my 5 gallon looks abysmal.
  3. Happy Saturday All! I have a nutrient deficiency issue and I can't figure out exactly which nutrient I'm lacking. I've looked at the diagram the lovely @Torreyhas posted several times and I'm still stumped. The oldest leaves on my swords are turning translucent and the tips are disintegrating. Here are my stats: pH: steady at 7.6 Ammonia levels: 0 Nitrite levels: 0 Nitrate levels: 40+ Hours of lighting per day: 6 (2 hours on with a siesta and then 4 hours on) Lights being used: led that came with the Tetra kit How long the tank has been running: 1 year Dimensions of the tank: 10g The temperature of the tank: 75 degrees Stock is 4 pea puffers Add Easy Root Tabs about once a month, Easy Green liquid at recommended dose for the tank size once a week and potassium at recommended dose once a week Substrate is eco complete topped with gravel Any thoughts? I tried taking a pic but I'm not the most amazing photographer. I'll try again when the light goes on if needed. Could it be as simple as just adding more root tabs? Thanks Nerms! 💕
  4. Today was moving day for the giant sword overtaking my 20 gal neocaridina. So far so good. I cut the big sword in half and moved it to my 75 gallon community tank. Added a crinum I bought at Aquashella Chicago to the shrimp tank. Water is a bit murky. Doing a small water change in both tanks today and regular 10-20% on my normal Wednesday. B4 and after of the tanks.❤️🐠🦐🌱
  5. I have a java fern and amazon sword that are nicely supplying me with new plants! Have a couple questions on how to use these properly For the amazon sword, I have let this go for a time and the roots are pretty long. If I want to separate this and plant in substrate, should I coil up all the long roots, or maybe trim a bit? For the java fern, I have a few rooted offshoots on this plant. Since this is a rhizome plant I know to not plant it in substrate, but if I removed these should I just attach to a rock/wood like I would a full plant? Or should I wait until more it develops more.
  6. Experiencing a little sword melt. Tank started in February 2021, this sword was one of the first plants in there. Been dosing with easy green once a week and CO2 for about a month for maybe 6 hours a day. Ammonia .25ppm and Nitrates 5ppm. Have just added root tabs but would the CO2 cause the sword roots to sap all the nutrients from the soil? Using Seachem Aquasolum. Thanks for any help!
  7. This weekend I'll be running a sale. Buy a package of Easy Root Tabs and get 50% off any Sword Plant! Amazon Swords make a great centerpiece plant for any tank and the care is extremely easy. They benefit extremely from root tabs and Co-Op tabs are a great deal for 20 at $9.99
  8. Hey, i moved a big beautiful amazon sword to my pond a couple of months ago and ever since it looks like something is eating the leaves. All of the leaves are chewed up like this im worried its not gonna make it much longer. The pond just has LF Leopard Danios, MTS, Bladder and Assasin snails as far as i know. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions let me know.
  9. Now that my sword is finally getting some nice lush growth, I'm trying to figure out which subspecies it is. It was sold at a big box store as Echinodorus Amazonica, or "Amazon Sword", however its foliage makes me think otherwise. Instead of wider, plumper leaves, mine seems to be fairly narrow, and taking on an almost ruffled edge to most of the larger growth. I'm thinking it might be Echinodorus Martii, or "Ruffle Sword", since it seems to be maxing out at about 14" tall, and equally as wide. Sorry for the less than stellar pic, bowfronts with CO2 "sprite water" aren't the easiest to get a good shot... especially with the photobombing long fin black skirt tetras. I don't think the shape of the foliage is due to any nutrient deficiencies, since I'm dry dosing weekly per EI.
  10. I ordered some mini Amazon Sword plants (Echinodorus parviflorus) for an upcoming build. Can I in Terracotta pots in my 29 for a couple of months until I build my new 20 gallon tank?
  11. Hi there fellow hobbyist. I have an Amazon Sword that is planted into the substrate at the bottom of my tank and has gown out of the water column. I would just like to know if this is common? I have a 30cm (11.8 inch) high tank and the plant has grown to over 50cm (19.6 inch). I really like how it looks and would like to know if you can somehow force this to happen. I also broke one of the stems and used sticky tape to almost graft the stem back in place. Has anyone tried this and had success? I will follow up on my results concerning the sticky tape fix. 🌿
  12. Is there a smaller species of Amazon Sword? I'm planning my aquascape for my upcoming 20 high build. Ideally I'd like something like Amazon swords but only about 6-8 inches tall when fully grown.
  13. Hello. I currently have 3 plants in my 10 gallon. I've noticed what appears to be growth and just curious if that's what I am seeing as I'm new to all this. The concern I have is with my amazon sword, not sure if it just still adjusting or melting or what. Some of the leaves are just seeming more transparent. There is is Fluval Stratum substrate under the rocks. And there is a Flourish root tab under the rock and root tabs that were placed with the Scarlett temple as well. The scarlet was all together in the black pot (sword and temple both came from aquariumcoop website) , but I separated and planted them into the fluval substrate. I have been dosing with Seachum flourish once weekly, Thanks for any input. 🙂 Java Fern: Scarlet Temple: (white strands coming from it.. Amazon Sword:
  14. What are your experiences with keeping a bristlenose pleco in a tank with Amazon swords? I heard that they will rasp at the leaves, but I also heard that if fed enough plant material (veggies, Repashy) the damage is minimal. I'm ok with some nibbling, but I'd like to know if my swords are in danger of being destroyed. I feed Soylent Green, but I'm happy to switch to other foods. I can also just keep my bristlenose in a sword-free tank, but I originally got it to go in the 75 that I just recently moved my giant sword to.
  15. My Amazon sword has melting leaves and holes. It’s been in the tank about a year. I use the all in one fertilizer. My Java fern is also looking the same. What can I do?
  16. First planted aquarium. I clearly didn't buy enough plants for the 60. Got some rocks I found along the road for decor. (tested safe) Hoping they all survive. Got some dwarf baby tears and water sprite coming soon. Anubias will be planted in an easy planter.
  17. How long should I let the runner go before cutting it off and moving the little plants to a different tank? There are 6 small plants now.
  18. Hello everyone, I just stopped by a LFS for some more plants and came upon a plant they seem to think it’s in the Anubias family that looks like an Amazon sword? I ended up purchasing it because I was intrigued like I said it kinda looks like a sword but with thicker anubias feeling leaves. Anyone have an ideas on type/ name?? I’ll take a picture once I have a chance. Thank you in advance!!
  19. I currently have a 10g tank heavily planted and purchased plants from my local fish store. I have two Amazon swords (one is a red flame) and they produce leaves weekly. That being said I have replaced them in the substrate several times because the roots cannot seem to grow. I have had the tank for 3 months and have fed the swords heavily (3/4 easy root tabs per month) and am wondering if the scuds are eating the roots. Had anyone else had this experience? I am debating starting the tank all over in a 30 long with new substrate and replacing my filter sponges along with heavily cleaning my decorations. thoughts?
  20. I've had this plant for a year and at first had it planted in substrate but almost died kind of glued it to a piece of lava rock and it started to grow back rather well never got the name as it was a gift so im trying to figure how big it will get currently in a 5 gallon nano thanks all
  21. I bought 2 Amazon Swords in January of this year. It's now the middle of March and they haven't grown much. They're maybe an inch or 2 taller. My ph is 7 and KH & GH are 70ppm (ish). I use Seachem Flourish regularly. I have also used root tabs. They get plenty of light as well. Any ideas why they won't grow?
  22. Hello! I can’t find any info on where on the stem should I cut off the new plant never done this before? another question is, is my little plant ready to be cut off and planted? last question, when I do cut the plant off will another start to propagate?? thank you!!
  23. bought All Plants i bought from aquarium coop. This a newly established aquarium 29 gallon. its 21" tall ,24 wide ,12"deep Water parameters. Temperature :around 76F HRPH: 8.2 ammonia: 0-.25 nitrite: 0 nitrates: 40-80 GH: 0 KH: its high.. i don't know I use stress coat to condition tap water for changes, and let the water sit in a bucket for a few days. (Sorry about the cloudy water in photo.Doing a water change today. Just recently added 5 cory cats and had a bacterial bloom then my son accidentally turned off my sponge filter for a few hours i didn't know. 😮 So the plants Looked good on arrival, They got caught in that recent snowstorm somewhere during transit, but still arrived looking nice. (Props to aquarium coop for awesome shipping.) I Use the easy green and iron. Java Fern: I glued them to rocks and plants weights ,started having black spots in a few days now almost completely blackish brown now. Amazon sword: Planted in substrate with root tabs. leaves turned yellow in a few days, now almost see-through and brownish yellow. but the shoot still green. Micro grass: planted in substrate just melted and disappeared gone. Water sprite : planted but just melted and disappeared vanished. banana plant and moss ball are ok it seems. Running a brand new finnex 24" low light led. on a timer (i know micro grass is high light but thought it might ok.) Lots of money Not much success.And frustrating Would it better to condition my water for plants or just find plants that can handle my water conditions? (high ph and such) If so what plants would that be? ..I have a water softener system for my house that i use the tap water for tanks. And a separate r.o. system for drinking water. my ph runs high. Talk to me.
  24. At what point do I propagate and what is the process? I have a few different tanks in the process of being set up and eventually I want to move some plants from this tank and my 75 over. Right now they are only a quarter full as I try to get dwarf baby tears to carpet. Thank you
  25. I bought this plant about 8 months ago from pet smart as an amazon sword plant but it has not grown taller than about 4 inches but has grown to about 10 inches wide, i dose about once every 2 weeks with liquid ferts and add root tabs about once a month, could it be a lighting issue that is making it so this plant isnt growing taller or is it actually not an amazon sword i was led to believe that they grow fairly tall.
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