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  1. I dont know how I feel about these. If I continue.. would you ever want to see them in your store one day @Cory ? @Robert? Will it be worth my time?
  2. I've read through several fish profiles for White Cloud Minnows but there seem to be a lot of generalities listed ("brine shrimp but don't forget some vegetable matter, a good flake food, maybe daphnia etc.") I was just going to pickup some brine shrimp I'm not clear if I can feed that alone. Can anybody recommend some of the specific products they use for their minnows so I can be sure I'm buying the right thing or things? I'm probably making this harder than it is but just want to be sure I don't miss anything. Thanks!
  3. Kind of a funny story. A while ago I had a 10 week old WCMM swimming around in my tank, I'm assuming my WCMM's bred before I rehomed them, and I was doing some mulm vacuuming, doing this required me temporarily removing some plants, which I put into a small 5 gallon box full of water I was intending to use as a shrimp breeder, so I pull the plants out, put them in the box, then put them back in the tank. Two days later, I'm preparing to cycle it, so I go ahead and check the ammonia levels, and in the middle of the test I notice something moving in the tank, and it turns out, it's the baby white cloud! Presumably the morass of stem plants I have acted like a net as I was pulling it out, a couple of minutes later I look back at the ammonia test and it was 4ppm. So this 10 week old fish lasted two days, utterly neglected, in 4ppm of ammonia. If you're a new hobbyist, get a school of white clouds, maybe 8/10 in a 20 gallon long, they will likely shrug off most beginner mistakes.
  4. I'm going to start an outdoor pond with a 100 gallon stock tank. How many Long Fin White Cloud's would you recommend starting with so that they breed like crazy?
  5. There is one fish (out of four white cloud minnows) that seems to be lacking oxygen for some reason. I recently installed a CO2 pump, could this be affecting the fish? Do I need an air pump to balance this, and why is it one particular fish? Apologies, my camera is a dinosaur. Any advice would be helpful, thank you.
  6. So I have five white clouds, the first fish is what they used to look like, and the second is what four of them look like now. I recently converted my 10 gal to a 20 gal. You can see on the first fish that he's starting to look like the second. What is this? I noticed that my zebra danios had this years ago for quite a while, before someone pointed this out on these fish I didn't think to ask...which one is 'normal'? (sorry couldn't get a super good pic) edit-I recently popped some pond snails in for the assassin snails to eat/bc I wanted to get rid of them+2 more pics (fish is getting darker)
  7. One of my long fin white clouds has a growth near his eye, but it is not on his eye. It looks a bit like a wart, doesn't seem to bother him, but does me. I have isolated him and treated him with Maracyn, but no change, could this just be a harmless growth or should I try something else. Thanks.
  8. Anyone have any parameters for Whitecloud minnow water hardness? I am currently running 15-18 GH and 15-18KH. Should I dilute with distilled water or is this range acceptable?
  9. I am wondering what to feed my whiteclouds? Are tropical flakes okay even though they are cold water fish? I currently have been feeding extreme krill flakes with some freeze dried bloodworms/ brine shrimp. Does this sound good or can I improve?
  10. So I bought white clouds from a petsmart a while back (20) and I ended up with 10 surviving to today (months/1year later?). I brought in my water to be tested and it was within parameters so they refunded me the dead ones (they were young and it turns out they had gotten to the store the day before) I was feeding them some bug bites along with frozen brine. They grew and a few got really round and they started dying (the ballooning ones). I ended up stopping feeding them frozen brine and I didn't have any more deaths. I now feed them a couple good flake and live baby brine. They have been through two treatments of para lense in October. Nobody has died since that first month but I have one that is super balloon-like, not just female looking. I am hoping to breed them in tubs this spring but could this fish have parasites that would pass on to offspring? Should I be worried or because nothing has happened just leave good enough alone? Blurry pictures because they won't stand still
  11. New to the hobby! I just added a pair of mountain minnows two weeks ago. I am lucky enough to be local to aquarium co-op... Brought them home and could easily see that the female had a very full belly, but thought nothing of it. Well, I got lil ones all over. About 15! That's all good but I think maybe I ought to get the breeding pair separated. Thoughts from the community on this? Rehoming one or the other etc.
  12. I am unintentionally breeding cloud minnows in my snail tank. I used them to cycle my main tank. So this has lead me to some thoughts and questions. What do you do with the babies when they grow? How do you get into becoming a professional fish breeder? THANKS
  13. I wish I could find the post that inspired me. Some clever nerm had set up a beautiful 10g (I think) full of plants and moss for their desk, no heater, no filter, just a good light on a timer and a small school of white cloud minnows. And it was mwah, perfect. I keep thinking about the challenges of a low-tech, but still low-maintenance tank and how fun it would be to set up, smaller or larger, community or display. How would you set up your ideal low-tech tank?
  14. Hello, I recently rescued 3 white cloud minnows from my local fish torture center (petco/petsmart). I put them in a 4 gallon container with a sponge filter, java moss, and rocks. I am now looking for inspiration for a white cloud tank, I have contemplated moving them outside this summer into a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub I used as an outside bath last summer. I am considering increasing my numbers by ordering from aqua huna, as I am worried I received all males. Any images of white cloud tanks or advice in keeping these fish are desired.
  15. i have some questions about them . can they live and breed with cherry shrimp in a 10 gallon . will they eat the fry and baby shrimp . are they okay with liquid rock water? thanks for the help 🙂
  16. I have no desire to breed the white clouds we just added to our community tank. However, I have some females who are so full of eggs that I am feeling sympathetic. Is there something I can do to get them to drop/scatter their eggs? Will they keep holding onto them if conditions are not right for their survival? I know guppies can do that. (Although they certainly don't hold onto anything in my tanks - babies everywhere all. the. time.) Should I be concerned? Thanks, Alesha
  17. Greetings! I've been watching Cory's youtube videos for over a year now and running my 5 gallon for almost as long. Two weeks ago was the 1-Year mark for this five gallon. Looking back through some pictures it feels like I've been through a lot since then - mostly plants... The creatures have thankfully stayed the same - or have grown at least! We've got: - 7 white clouds - a mix of the bog-standard variety and a couple gold-ish ones - including one that is offspring of the original six - 1 sort of helpful amano shrimp named Tony-Tina (pre-schooler naming committee FTW!) - 1 very helpful nerite snail named Beatrice My main concern is plants! I've got through a fair number of diebacks - some with known causes - over enthusiastic pruning of taiwan moss; others remain a mystery - like the anubias I had that basically melted and died right away. A recent addition of some luwigia repens seemed to mark the start of a big die off of plants in the tank. The two images are about a month apart, with the sparser one from today. There had been lots of great java fern growth over time - hoping to get some of that back. I've got some plants on their way from Aquarium Coop as I type, as well as some root tabs. Hope some more consistent feeding will help in making a happier environment for the plants. Everyone else seems to be doing just fine. If you're really eagle-eyed, you can see all the denizens of the tank in the "cleaner" pic. Looking forward to being part of the community.
  18. I was wondering what would be recommended for maximizing white cloud fry production. If I feed the parents well and provide lots of cover, will they not predate on the eggs and young, or do you think I'd have more success producing high numbers of fry by somehow separating them from the parents...and if so, what strategy do you use for separation? Thank you
  19. Greetings! Just found out about this forum from the podcast. I'm thrilled to be in the community and plan to share an intro later, but I'm trying to get an answer to a question so I can finish up a plant order! Between the Easy Root Tabs and Easy Green, which would be best for a five gallon tank? I'm planning on planning some vals and possibly amazon sword. Some simple stuff that can provide some cover for the fish and be nice to look at. Can I get away with just root tabs? If Easy Green is geared to be 1 pump for 10 gals, can you get half a pump? The tank has been running for about a year. I've had some mixed luck with plants thus far. No additional ferts beyond the bio-load from 6 white clouds, a nerite, and one happy amano shrimp. I had some taiwan moss that went crazy, I trimmed back and then it died. Live and learn! Thanks all!
  20. Yay or Nay? Side project ... mini butterfly koi look-a-like
  21. So I have this tiny White Cloud Minnow that is absolutely stunning... but such a bully! He terrorizes the 12 other minnows in the tank. Yesterday they were all crammed in one corner of the 20 gallons and he wouldn’t let them move. I named him Jaws! I gave him his final warning yesterday but he did not listen (must be a teenager!) He is all alone in his 10 gallons now. 2 weeks ago I had removed him from the tank, rescaped and moved him back but peace lasted only for 2 weeks. Not too sure what I will do with him. They are schooling fish and not meant to be alone. Yet it stresses my fish so much when I try to catch him with a net that I am not sure if I want to try to put him back in the main tank in a couple of weeks. Because if it fails and I must net him again... My fish are startled by everything. Even the glass magnet sends them in a frenzy... 😖
  22. I moved the inhabitants of three outdoor tubs indoors, including both color varieties of White Clouds, all to a 20H. I think I am seeing breeding behavior. Will anything interesting come from breeding these?
  23. I ordered WCMM from my LFS (no breeder in the area and we are in lockdown so couldn’t go pick them up). One of them is really thin. Its belly is just flat, not rounded (but not caved in either). He mostly swim by itself toward the surface. Yesterday it was unable to eat my Hikari fancy guppy pellets. Today I gave them frozen bloodworms that I thawed in Seachem garlic guard and the little fish would take one, munch on it for 10 seconds and spit it. Same with a smaller piece. I isolated him with a fishnet and tried again the fancy guppy hikari food but it was too stressed to eat. I live in Canada, we do not have access to any fish medication so I was afraid with all this stress he would develop something like ich. I isolated him in a small pitcher with aquarium water, a plastic plant from the tank and a air stone. I have tried giving him food again but it mostly stays at the bottom of the pitcher. I am at loss for the next step? Should I put him back in the tank? I have frozen daphnia, should I try these before? Thank you everyone.
  24. Greetings. I feel so terrible- I am new at fish keeping. Decided to pick this hobby to try and feel better - to change my mind from focussing on my chronic disease, anxiety, etc. Sadly... I care so much, I am oversensitive, I want to do so well, I donˋt want to cause any harm or stress to my fish... I end up really anxious. Poor Candi must be so annoyed with my all questions. And at the end, I think I did the opposite and made the passing of one fish much more stressful then it should have been. Yesterday my golden White Cloud Mountain Minnow got spooked by something and swam up and then down really quickly, crashing on the substrate. It looked dazzled after that so I closed all the light and let the group settle in a early night to reduce the stress. This morning it was just swimming at the top, barely moving, not schooling with the others, its mouth wide opened. Not much reaction - one fish even bumped into him. I didn’t want him to suffer, or suffocate or die of starvation and didn’t know if maybe he had something stuck in its mouth. I put him in a small cup, tried to look in its mouth, using a tiny object to poke gently- there wasn’t anything that I could see. I could close its mouth but it would reopen in the water. And the poor thing started trashing and wiggling... I think I half killed him by stressing him out so much trying to help. At the end I euthanized him with clover oil but it pains me to think I put him through so much in its last moment. Some would say it’s just a fish, but I don’t agree. No living creatures should suffer. Anyway, not too sure what to do next time if something happens to my fish - try to help it with the chance of making it worst and high level of stress... or letting nature run its course. Thank you for listening. I figure I would give Candi a break...
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