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  1. Thank you so much for responding. This is all very helpful.
  2. Hi! How is your betta sorority going? I am very recently considering this for a 55 gallon, though I'm worried because the opinions out there on this are so polarized. I appreciate you sharing that you did it even though you were worried about backlash (and I hope that didn't happen to you after all).
  3. I just stumbled upon this thread, I always check out anything ADF related. I'm so sorry for your loss. Agree that you did everything you could and there was likley something preexisting. Bless you for rescuing all those cuties and giving them a good home in the end.
  4. I admit I'm not as familiar with using lava rocks in the filter. Is it a hang on back and the lava rocks will be bio media? In any case, I think it should work. I like to propogate plant clippings in my hang on back filters, so I keep the lid off of the filter and I just stick the plant stems in wherever they will fit, so I do think you can do both the plant and the biological material in the hang on back. As an alternative, another user posted a cheap and good looking how-to create riparian planters for your tank using mostly household items here: I don't think you'll need any other chemicals. You got your water conditioner, and your beneficial bacteria boost. A lot of people say that quick start (or fritzyme 7, which I use) is not necessary or snake oil, but I do find it helpful and use it. Though even while using it, I strongly recommend waiting for the tank to finish cycling or use established filter media/substrate/plants, anything else that will add beneficial bacteria to your tank. And yes I think bug bites will work fine as an ammonia source, people sprinkle it in as if you're feeding imaginary fish, as it breaks down it will produce ammonia to start the cycle. It takes time and won't happen automatically. You seem much more patient than me haha, I have also used Dr. Tim's liquid ammonia. Irene aka Girl Talks Fish did an great series experimenting with different methods of cycling: Another item you may want for your betta is Indian Almond (also called Cattapa) leaves. Adds tannins to the water and has anti-microbial properties that are beneficial to bettas. oh and a heater if you don't have one already. So excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of your future betta friend!
  5. Oh yes … he next started trying to bite through the glass 😅
  6. Been a day so thought I’d share this video of our baby bearded dragon seeing a cherry shrimp for the first time (no shrimp was harmed in the making of this video). 😆
  7. Congrats and welcome to the hobby!! Bettas are amazing and beautiful fish. This sounds like a good start! You knew what you were doing getting the testing kit first, and not the fish. It sounds like your cycle has not yet started. The quick start provides beneficial bacteria, and I believe the stress coat is a water conditioner. You’ll need a source of ammonia to feed your bacteria colony. You could buy bottled ammonia or put in some fish food. you’ll know your tank is cycled when you see ammonia, then ammonia goes to zero and you’ll see nitrite, and then you’ll want to see nitrite and ammonia at zero and a higher nitrates reading. This could take up to 4 weeks. (I’m not doing as good of a job explaining this as the youtubers do - Corey’s old video with the mnms is perfect) one thing you’ll need to keep an eye on is that you’ll be removing but also adding back in nitrates with every water change because your water source already has nitrates, so you’ll want to monitor the those levels routinely to make sure they don’t get too high. you could add extra plants or even put a pothos plant (make sure to really wash the soil off the roots) and put it in a hang on back filter. The plants will take up the nitrates from your water. When you eventually get your fish, you may want to hold off on feeding for a couple days, to let the beneficial bacteria in your tank adjust and not overload it with waste. Then gradually feed small amounts to slowly build up the capacity of your beneficial bacteria to process.
  8. Just received shipment of 8 long fin panda cories today. One DOA. One more went downhill towards the end of the acclimation process. Was in same bag as the DOA actually. the fish cannot keep upright and is swimming erratically. I can see some redness on the side of the body. And they are gasping currently have them in a measuring cup with some maracyn-treated water. I kept the water level low so that they could easily get to the surface for air. this one also has some pretty severe fin rot. would you euthanize? I could wait for the morning, but feel bad as they are very likely suffering. I actually don’t have clove oil on hand, but I do have Tricaine.
  9. Yeah you have to upload a video elsewhere first and then post the link. I use google drive, but I think the youtube links are better because they show previews and sometimes the google drive file will get funky. P.Diddy is so cool! Can't wait to read more about your journey with him!
  10. Thank you! The walls are not painted - I did have black paper covering the back and part of the sides for a long time, because unfortunately it would be quite difficult (but not impossible) to paint at least the back of the aquarium now without draining and moving it. I have a thread (which I sadly haven't updated a while) journaling this tank, implementing some other really good advice I got on this forum to try and address the glass surfing. I think paper is probably not the same as paint, but the paper didn't seem to help. I'm hesitant (probably selfish) to permanently block the sides because it's really the only way I can check on my plecos in there. I have also tried adding lots of tannins to the water, which also didn't seem to help, but I really liked the look of it! I just haven't kept it up in a while, but plan to start doing that again. I also have floating plants across the top of the water which also helps provide some shade. Adding a bunch of endlers as sort of dither fish seemed to help for a while, because the puffers got busy chasing and eating baby endlers. But now they're back to surfing and I have too many baby endlers! Seeing a video where Dean expressed his views on glass surfing (he doesn't necessarily always interpret it as stereotypy like I do) was enlightening, and helped give me a different perspective. Maybe you're right and it is time to get out the paint...
  11. so pretty! My betta that was mostly white with a few spots like that turned all navy blue too over the course of a few months. Love your school board and that you are a teacher! Thank you for what you do!
  12. I just restarted my 20L (which previously housed male endlers and a betta) after moving those inhabitants to other tanks. I just bought some long-fin panda cories from AquaHuna and already have blue dream shrimp and mystery snails. I theoretically have a very small blue-eyed lemon bn pleco in there, but I have not seen it in a week. This for me would be enjoyable both as a display tank and hopefully a potential breeding project of both the shrimp and the corydora. Please share what you decide to do!
  13. Are you looking more for a solo centerpiece puffer? I have amazon puffers and am happy to share more of my experience, but have only kept them for about 9 months so far though. I have a group of 6 in a 55 living with a bunch of endlers and 2 plecos (who I never see). They are super adorable and relatively affordable (except they add up when buying a group), but my main struggle with them is the constant glass surfing stresses me out. Have not had to clip teeth yet, but expect I will eventually.
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