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Found 10 results

  1. I posted about my new flowerhorn, Nanaue, in the "What did you do to your tank today?" thread and decided I wanted to make a thread of his own instead of cluttering up that one. Nanaue is living in a standard 40 breeder (for now), and is only about 4" long at the moment. At the store he came from, he was the most active (and aggressive) flowerhorn they had. He was trying to bite me through the glass, following my finger around, and was generally making a fool of himself - I don't usually buy fish for their aggressiveness, but in this case, I think him being so feisty was a good thing! I always keep my flowerhorns solo (besides the occasional pleco, if they allow it), so I'm not too worried about aggression. The tank is filtered with a large Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter (powered by a USB air pump) for biological filtration and an AquaClear 30 so that I have a place for filter floss. I don't typically run any chemical media, although I have been known to keep little pieces of sponge or pot scrubbies in my water polishers for extra biological media for QT tanks. I'm actually only using a 50W Aqueon heater, and it's keeping the tank between 75-80. The tank is near my dehumidifier and a long way from my AC, though, so it natural runs a few degrees warmer than room temp anyway. Nothing special for lighting - just a 36" Marineland LED fixture that I got for $20 from a friend. I wouldn't pay $20 for it again, honestly - it's incredibly dim. If was going to be doing many plants, I think I'd honestly be better off with 2-3 5000K E26 LED bulbs from Lowes, The color is decent, I guess. But it has a terrible spread front-to-back, especially considering it came with an 18" deep tank! I have to keep the light pulled forward unless I want nearly complete darkness in the front 6" of tank space or so. At first, I had the tank completely bare with just a little substrate. He got very skittish, and seemed to be favoring the dark corners of the tank. I went to Lowe's and picked up a couple cheap plastic pots, and pulled some silk plants out of my brackish tank, and that seemed to help him feel a little more comfortable. He's still behaving far more skittishly than I expected him to, but I think he's just settling in. This is his favorite pot - he seems to like the darker one more than the lighter one, so I may go get a bigger size gray one whenever I get the chance. He'll outgrow these small ones pretty quickly! I had a little java moss and a baby Crypt stuck to my sponge filter, so I planted the Crypt into the substrate. I've never had a flowerhorn allow me to grow live plants in tanks, so we'll see what he does to this one. I noticed today (these are older pics) that the Crypt is missing an entire leaf, but it's not been uprooted, so I'm thinking it may have fallen off on it's own since it's not the healthiest plant in the world. We'll see! There is a teeny-tiny new leaf growing in. The biggest issues I've had with him so far has been him jumping at the glass lid and running into the tank walls when he gets scared. He's got a couple bruises on his nuchal hump from bumping into stuff, so I'm trying to get him to chill. If he behaves like this when he's 10", he could seriously injure himself - I had a large flowerhorn break a glass lid by jumping into it once. No injuries, but not a fun mess to clean up. To help him chill, I've been sitting in front of the tank a lot with my camera and lights, trying to get him to get used to my presence, as well as new objects outside the tank. It's been mildly successful so far! Excuse the camera work - it was an impromptu shoot! There's not a ton I really want to change about this tank right now - I'd like to replace the substrate I'm using (aragonite) with something a little darker and coarser. I think a nice brown substrate would be nice, but the main thing I want to steer clear of is the cloudiness from the aragonite. Every time he stirs up the substrate the tank turns white for a couple hours! My fault for not planning ahead, I guess. I'd also like to put a background on the tank, probably a dark blue. I'd considered painting the back like I usually do, but I'm not a fan of blue backgrounds for any other setups, so I figured I'd do something a little easier to clean off since he'll be outgrowing this tank at some point anyway. I'd like to get a new light, but since it's not an urgent need, I think I may just DIY some pendant bulbs above the tank so I could grow some Pothos/other emersed plants out of the top to help with filtration. Thanks for the read!
  2. moosepig

    Little help

    Monkey face flowerhorn is stressed and I need some advice 54g bow front corner tank Seasoned HOB marineland with an Aquarium Co-op black sponge pre-filter (new) biowheeel is seasoned from 20g tank. I made a K1 fluidized bed filter with a 1liter water bottle (running for about two weeks) and a sponge filter from Aquarium Co-op medium. 81F Ammonia .25ppm Nitrite 2 ppm Nitrate 5 ppm pH 8 I started on the 6th of August with Little Spooky, my flowerhorn, in my 20 gallon tank that has an UGF recently established. That tanks perimeters are Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 and Nitrate 20-40 78F The 20g tank seems like a safer place for Little Spooky but I am having trouble deciding what to do. She stresses out when I bring the net towards her. Should I move her back to the small tank or do water changes every two days in the 54g, should I use Prime if the amount of chlorine is not detectable in my tap water? Should I use salt? I am worried about the Nitrite level and cant seem to figure out what to do about this situation I put myself in...
  3. Can anyone recommend a quality Flowerhorn food that you’ve used and had good results with coloration and kok development? We’ve only had Petey a few weeks now and the entire family has fallen in love with him. Even my wife enjoys him and hasn’t been complaining about all my tanks since we brought him home!
  4. today I bough a flowerhorn and want to get the food delivered before I go pick him up. What food do you suggest> I dont care about the size of the hump on his head but I do want something that will make him keep his colors or even help the colors. Thanks in advance!
  5. Our flowerhorn recently developed skin issues on his hump/kok. It started out as partial shrink in his hump then these white things started developing on one side and then it's on both sides now. It's been day three since we added aquarium salt but there has been more white stuff developing on his hump. Should we try maracyn next or increase the amount of salt? Has anyone experienced this before? He still has a healthy diet and is active as before. We have had him in the current tank for at least four months. No changes to the tank. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hi guys, so I recently purchased a baby flowerhorn, he's tiny, barely an inch I believe, currently have it in a 20g long grow out tank, will pass him to a 40gal later on and finally to a 75g for a forever home. Does anyone have any flowerhorns or are experienced in raising them? I want mine to be as healthy an vibrant as possible, and a safe, healthy grow rate (none of that raise temp. to accelerate growth, etc.). Currently have it in 7.6pH, very hard water and at 79F. I plan on feeding him xtreme cichlid pee-wee and then when he gets bigger big fella pellets.
  7. Hi friends!! Please help me to identify a good quality flowerhorn. I am attaching the pics of the flowerhorn that my nearest store has , he claims it to be a superior quality. Please help me
  8. I just got a new aquarium on Dec 24 th..I got a golden base flowerhorn. She had multiple disease and I wasn't really aware of it as it is my first aquarium. Initially she got white spots all over after treating it , she got hexamita..she got holes on head ..I treated that as well and finally since Jan 14th she started eating pallets...but she has been really dull ...she just swim still at one place..when I go near tank she starts moving and responding to me ...also now she has pop eye ...and also today in tank I noticed something like thread...I am sending you picture of it... please let me know what it is and how to heal her....thank you in advance
  9. Can any of these fish eat minnows <fishing minnows> Flowerhorn, Koi and large goldfish? Minnows like "shiners, fat heads"? Would it be bad for them? Could it be an exclusive diet?
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