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  1. It can be really frustrating when tanks just don't seem to line out. But, I find that a lot of the time, all we need to do it step back and let everything settle. Every time you try to fix things and make changes you're adding stress to the fish, and to the ecosystem in the tank. That includes planting new plants, moving stuff around, messing with lighting, just about anything. For an established fish population, it's no big deal. For a species of fish that's known to be shy and finnicky, I would say you may just need to give them some time without any changes.
  2. I've only ever kept Pygmy Sunfish in species-only tanks, and they were still quite shy. I kept a couple pairs of Okefenokees. I'd expect the constant movement from the white clouds to keep them in hiding, and the scarlet badis to pick a fight. I'd want to have way more cover in the tank for Pygmies, too - mine always kept to the weeds and shade.
  3. Nice tank! I've been thinking about setting up one of my spare 10's for a Samurai Plakat. Such beautiful fish!
  4. That was a good read! I love how big all of their bellies are - I'm a heavy feeder, so it's nice to see some other fishkeepers who keep their fish fed like they can't say no!
  5. I'm digging the tank! I think once I upgrade my Flowerhorn to a 120 I may have to do a little bit of copy and paste action 🙂
  6. Seems as if most of the images on this page aren't loading for me anymore 🤔 wonder if it's a forum issue? My internet is working normally. Anyway, saw the sailfin pleco out today: He's been getting a roughly 3"x3" sheet of Nori every night, along with some green beans and Repashy. Nanaue eats some of it, but I only throw it in there whenever the room is completely dark, so I don't think he gets much before he settles down. I can tell he's getting some of it though - he really is becoming a chunk!
  7. All is well in the tank! One cool thing I've noticed about this tank is how quickly it's digesting nutrients. Algae is obviously growing, and so is the red slime, but compare today's FTS to the one I took on Monday: Obviously the CUC will help a ton with the diatoms I'm seeing, but I'm not sure they're helping quite that much. I haven't done much testing on the tank, but most everything looks very happy. The polyps are big and open, and all the feather dusters are breeding and building bigger tubes. The macros have yet to really catch onto growth, but I'm betting they're just establishing and recovering from shipping stress. The cucumber is still okay, too - hiding away underneath the rock in the middle.
  8. Got a water change done on my flowerhorn tank and my brackish tank, today. Also laid down in the floor to look into my Cherry Shrimp/Mystery Snail tub, and while I didn't see any Mystery Snail eggs or shrimplets, I did see a bunch of pods and such in this tank. Pretty cool how life appears so quickly without fish to eat them 🙂
  9. You're correct - about .002 per week is supposed to be safe. From what I understand, you're not actually acclimating the different nitrifiers to a higher salinity, but are killing off the less salt-tolerant strains slow enough for salt-tolerants ones to take their place without too much disruption. The Crypt Wendtii I put into this tank has begun to quickly deteriorate - it was doing okay, and begun to turn yellow a couple days ago before beginning to rot today. Unfortunate, but so far the Jungle Val seems to living. The Pothos is actually growing, albeit with some old leaves showing die-off. Hm. You can see the shriveled up leaf at the bottom. That unfurling leaf on the pothos has made progress, though. And, while this isn't the best photo for it, the puffer's beak does look a bit better. Still long on one side, but much improved.
  10. You'd be surprised what manages to hitchhike and survive! Mantis shrimp, pistol shrimp, large serpent stars, eunice worms, bobbit worms, all kinds of things. I think I actually did see this guy at one point, whenever the aiptasia who was in the front moved the first time. I looked in, and saw something brownish-yellow. I thought it was just the Aiptasia's foot, but it totally could have been him wrapped up in there! I topped this tank off for the first time today - just 1 liter, which really isn't so bad for a pico. The tank had evaporated up to 1.027-1.028, which is a bit higher than what I like to run - I mixed the tank at 1.026. I was aiming for 1.025. Whenever I decide to do a water change, I'll be correcting that to 1.025. For now, I'll maintain the 1.026. Everything is doing well, I think. We've definitely hit diatom-time, but I knew that was going to happen when I dosed that Iron. Oh well! The Cactus Caulerpa I put into the back of the tank has some hair algae on it, but only part of it - makes me think that bit may be dead. Otherwise, while I've not seen any obvious growth on any macro, I've not seen rapid deterioration, which is relatively common after shipping. It's been successful, I think! Oh, and the Button Polyps seem to be loving life, too. If you look closely, the polyp on the bottom left actually has more speckling around the mouth than the others do. Looks like a slightly different morph! Cool. Definitely worth like $6. Cell phone pics, but you get the idea.
  11. You'll have to make a thread! I haven't really tried marine snails - I feed crushed MTS every now and then, though, which are probably a similar hardness to most small marine snails. I don't have easy enough access to small marine snails to really do a ton of those - I can order some, but shipping is still expensive on them!
  12. IME, GSPs are very likely to kill the mollies. It may be alright for a while if you get the puffer small, but I'd plan on moving them out fairly quickly. They can be little terrors!
  13. Believe it or not, the puffer doesn't eat the fry! The mollies I have in there now were born with the puffer in the tank, and I had to rehome plenty of them. Mollies are beautiful!
  14. Alrighty, so I've noticed the puffer hiding a lot since I introduced the killis. I've also seen the male killi getting more and more aggressive towards the female, but usually just during feeding time - and she hits him right back. Makes me think that maybe these guys are going to be suited to a different tank where they're the focus, not the puffer. I might need a second brackish tank.
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