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  1. Title says it all, Being a member of the Youtube Channel, Chris Lukhaup gave his talk and then gave all the members access to these beauties. I blew them up and had them printed and I framed them for my office.
  2. Hello nerms, It has been a while since I posted in here, always lurking though. Roughly two months ago I added a male Aulonocara Rubescens and 3 Females from a local breeder to my fishroom. I managed to get a colony started but I opted to keep the babies in with the moms and dad. Two of the three females carried and spit. Fast forward, I had 4 fish survive long enough to grow. I have since moved the larger fish to the 110gallon I got set back up. I have the babies in a grow out tank to eventually add back in. I am here to see if there are any suggestions on how to stock this tank as I am new to Peacocks. Of course an all male show tank would be ideal but is that the only way to keep them? I breed other species and sell them in order to fund partial fishroom costs so I hoped to do this, while having a big tank full of these guys. Anyhow, any recommendations for stocking would be awesome. Thanks 🙂
  3. I am just wondering if we are able to get a hold of any aquarium coop merch? I wish we could attend these shows for free swag or at least order off the website lol I would like a sweatshirt! Any idea of when or how this will happen for members outside of the US?
  4. I thought it would be helpful to post an update here. This picture is my GSP who is in his new home in the fishroom. He just got out of quarentine! Mind you its a bit earlier than I would like but he moved to a tank all by himself anyway. After some advice on Specfic gravity reccomendations from you guys, I started him on a drip acclimation and the tank it is currently sitting at 80 Degrees with a specific gravity of 1.005. Im thinking over the next few weeks I will bring him too 1.008. He has already downed two cherry shrimp and loves when I feed him bladder snails 🙂
  5. This food is good stuff! Luckily my work allows me to travel. I stopped in at a small LFS to an area that is roughly 2.5hr drive from where I live, without ordering online, it is the closest retail store that carry's any of their products. I managed to get my hands on the Krill flake and Community crave. My angels, livebearers and shell dwellers love both so far. My rams and apistos love the krill flake. All around it has been widely accepted in the fishroom. Definitely recommended! I'm excited to get into some of the sinking pellets
  6. Right now I have on Hand API Aquarium salt but from what I am reading, this salt will not work? I am very new to the brackish setup but I just ordered a Refractometer that will show up tomorrow. I want to create ideal conditions for this puffer. I would love to keep the plants but it is not a end all for me as I do already have a few planted tanks in my fish shed. I was ultimately looking to create an ideal environment. From all the feedback here we are getting, I am coming to realize that the water quality is of utmost importance but the salinity level can vary a bit. I have purposely been raising bladder snails with my Shrimp tank in order to feed a puffer when I did get one. Man I hope I can get this setup in time to allow for proper keep for my little guy. He did eat some frozen blood worms on day 1 and I am going to introduce some snails today. Does it need to be marine salt for brackish conditions?
  7. Thank you for the feedback, my general understanding of planted tanks was that they do not tolerate salinity and thus why I don't treat my planted tank with salt if and when It needed it. I am not very educated on the brackish/salt water side as I have always had freshwater. I don't mind tearing some of these plants out of this tank for the puffer and slowly converting it to brackish, when you water change, do you prepare a quantity of water with salt and conditioner and add that to the tank? Or can you change with freshwater and over the course of a few days, raise the salinity back up?
  8. Hey Nerms! I just added my first Green spotted puffer to the fishroom. My daughter named it pickles. from alot of the research online I am seeing that they like brackish water, some people also keep them freshwater as well. After watching @Cory puffer talks on YouTube and his puffer videos, it seems most puffers prefer the plants. I would love to keep my puffer in the best enviornment for him. I have no experience with brackish water, so I am wondering what is the next step to keep plants in brackish? Thanks 🙂
  9. Hello Nerms! I've been struggling with some green algae forming on the shells, glass and Rocks in my tank, I cut down on the amount of food I feed. as well as lighting. It is still very present. I realize the fish are totally fine and it is doing no harm but I was wondering if I could add some Ottos with them? Any thoughts on inhabitants to help with algae?
  10. No, I actually do not heat the shed, just the water. The sheer volume of heated tanks it seems is enough radiant heat to keep everything a decent tempature! Just curious what kind of substrate your using in your tanks to get the growth you have? I dirted my two planted tanks!
  11. Your fishroom is awesome! Thank you for the feedback. I am deffinitly going to try those matts, I understand algae is part of keeping aquariums but it is over ridden my shell-dweller tank which currently does not house any plants and is driving me crazy lol So I actually did consider just insulating the shed and not heating any aquariums so I could keep cold water fish but I like too many different species that I said screw it lol In the picture, my GBR is in my 55G planted community that maintains around 81 degrees, I also have another Ram tank that stays around 84 degrees and to be honest, There is not a noticeable difference in the fish colours or eating patterns. On a side note, the picture of Easy green was when I first received it and it has been blowing Seachem Comprehensive out of the water. I am assuming you are also using easy green?
  12. My wife and I moved in September 2021 to the house we are in now. Before I moved, I had started back into the hobby full swing about 3 months prior, I bought a 110 Gallon tank with intentions of a heavily planted community setup. Shortly after getting that started I acquired a 55g tank from my cousin. This I turned into an inverts tank. Fast forward to the move in our new place and we now have a 10' x 10' Shed with Power inside. I decided that was going to be my future fishroom at our new place. Watching Cory and other fishtubers it was difficult not to want Multiple tanks or as people here would call it, MTS. Since then, I have insulated the roof with home made materials..(I should mention, I live in Canada and the last few weeks have been in the negatives at night.) I currently have a 55 gallon, 30 gallon, 20 gallon Hex, (3) 10 Gallons, (1) 15 gallon and (1) 40 gallon pond. They are all driven by sponge and I do heat all the aquariums individually. Doing this, I have managed to keep the shed around 20 degrees warmer inside, in comparison to the outside air. I love every bit of having this fishroom and I heard Cory mention something about a fish shed setup on a live stream with Dean a few weeks back. I thought it would be fun to mention I have this going and I need some advice on lighting. I'm struggling with algae, in my 10 gallon tanks which are all side by side on the same light. Just a few pictures Ive taken in the fishroom.
  13. So I added my second GBR and immeditely there has been liplocking and clear fighting. Is this normal? How long does it last and will they kill eachother?
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I am going to add the second male in and let them establish dominance. I guess when it comes to fish keeping I am a bit more timid. I originally added the first one alone because the other male constantly chased the other around the tank they were both in. This made me want to seperate them immediately in order to keep peace and avoid any injuries. Ideally I would love to keep some golden rams or apistos in the same tank at some point. I am new to the cichlids! Thanks for the advice everyone I had just read the ratio of 1m-2F was to acheive a pair and then remove second said female after, I guess I just want to acheive breeding conditions for all my tanks if possible because I enjoy that aspect of the hobby. At this point, I don't mind sticking with Two males in the 55, knowing it will workout okay. It just may mean some activity goes on in the tank when they cross paths as long as there is no injuries to the fish.
  15. I guess I should start this off with saying, Ive had a 55gallon planted community tank running for about 6 months. After purchasing two GBR about two months ago, I ended up adding one of those into the 55 with my Serpae tetras, rummy nose tetras and BN pleco. I have the other GBR solo in a 10 gallon at the moment because they were fighting together. (I bought them young and hoped I would have a M/F pair. Turned out their both male.) I would like to add the second male to my 55 gallon planted as well, The question is, I realize it may cause some aggression. Everything I have read it seems I would need 1M - 2F in the tank. I'm asking everyone here if I add the second male, given there is alot of hiding spaces with the driftwood, plants and rocks. Will this be okay? I'm not concerned about overstocking as much as I am with just allowing peace within the tank. Eventually I would like to see what other types of fish I can run in there with this community. Thanks 🙂
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