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  1. Hi! I got another question regarding my new 55 gallon. I started the cycling on 5/28 and been doing a fishless cycle with fish food. I did add some Fritz Zyme 7 too. My tank is heavily planted, I was able to save money on the equipment, so used that part of the budget to go with the plants. I am using a Finnex Planted+ for my light. The cycle has been proceeding as I expected to a point. My Ammonia rose and then went to 0, and then I had heavy Nitrites and Nitrates. The Nitrites and Nitrates started dropping, as of today the Nitrites are now 0 and my Nitrates are now very low too, at 3. PH has been at a 7.4 consistently so far. So I am a little concerned now. The cycle went really fast, much much faster then I expected from everything I researched. Did the plants just suck up the Nitrates that fast? I do have some Water Sprite, Hornwort and Frogbit in the tank, could they be eating up the Nitrates that well? All my plants are doing fine, with only one of the Crypts melting. I have been using Easy Green once a week, with the dosage listed on the bottle, should I use more? I am worried my Anubias and Buce may not be getting enough nutrients now too. Even if it may be safe, I am still going to hold off for now on fish, it just seems to have been completed way to fast. Maybe I am just being overly cautious here.
  2. Well, I think it’s time I started a general thread where I can post updates about all my tanks. If you like low maintenance planted community tanks, fish breeding projects, watching a novice set up outdoor ponds, and the occasional cat/chicken, then I think you’ll find something you enjoy here. 😊 Here’s the status right now: This is my main tank. It’s a 55 gallon with a power head and three cheap submersible lights. I’ve had it running around 15 months. Substrate is soil with a gravel cap, which I do not recommend. 😆 Fish: My honey gourami mating pair, Mom Fish and Dad Fish Two yo-yo loaches Two otos Two super red bristlenose plecos A school of 9 tetras (one neon and the rest cardinals) called the School of Dr. Neidecker after my mom who bought them for me Three amano shrimp Oh and a few snails that the yo-yos haven’t eaten yet. This is my 10 gallon grow-out tank. It’s usually for the baby honeys, but right now it’s quarantining a new honey! I’m hoping this is a female so she can be Dad Fish’s next mate. It seems like Mom Fish is slowing down. Adding the new honey to the community tank will be iiiiiinteresting. 😁 And these are the new outdoor ponds! I just filled them up a few days ago. I’m excited to experiment with them! I’ve never done outdoor ponds before.
  3. Hi there, I just picked up a 55 gallon Aqueon tank from Petco today and was in the process of leak testing it when I noticed that a lot of bubbles started to appear along one of the seams as the tank filled. This is the first tank that I have had do this so my automatic instinct is to return it. Before I lug it all the way back to the store I just wanted to get some advice on what others would do? Thank you for your help.
  4. hello me and my lady just started our new aquarium a 55 gallon fresh water, we found a lot of helpful videos on youtube from the Aquarium Co op channel. but for the most part were new to all this and would like to learn as much as possible to improve and move up in our tanks as we build. right now we have two white zebra angel fish, 2 asst angel all small, 3 candy cane tetras, 4 von rio tetras, 2 Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, and 4 glo tetras. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated always! next on our list is upgrading to two large sponge filters
  5. I have a 55 gallon aquarium currently using two Marineland covers with LED lights. Since I started adding live plants, I have found that the Anubias are doing fine after 6 months but the Java Ferns are slowly dying off. First the leaves get brown spots and over several weeks die and need to be removed. All plants are attached to rocks via string, rubber band, or super glue. Water chemistry is generally OK with pH of 7.6, nitrites and ammonia at near zero and nitrates fluctuate between 20 and 50. I want to add more plants to help with nitrates and for appearance so I am considering adding a Fluval 3.0 LED light to be able to provide more light to the plants. The aquarium measures 12 inches by 48 inches with a divider bar in the middle. Height is 18 inches. Should I get the 36 inch/46 watt or 48inch/59 watt light? Also, once I remove the existing Marineland covers, should I replace them with glass covers to reduce evaporation and fish jumping out of the tank or is there something else people would recommend?
  6. A fellow forum member very kindly suggested that I could start a journal about this tank and my efforts to address constant glass surfing by my juvenile South American Puffers. Here is the other post/thread, if anyone is interested: (I admit, the title is a bit melodramatic). Basically, they glass surf constantly and - without getting into any conflict about the ethics or morals about what that means or whether we should keep wild-caught animals in captivity - I personally just do not find it enjoyable to watch animals do this. So I was considering giving them up, but decided to take the other good advice I received on that thread (really I am so grateful to this community) and will try to adjust the environment to see if I can reduce this behavior. Attached is a picture of the tank as it currently stands. It is a 55 gallon with half sand, half gravel substrate; planted with jungle val, java fern, java moss,subwassertang, and frogbit across the top; pH is a bit high (8, sometimes up to 8.4); nitrates are always pretty low in the tank (5-10 ppm at most). I change out 15 gallons about once a week - mostly trying to clean up the substrate. There are 6 south american puffers - at first I intended to only keep 3, but there was one in particular that was much more stressed than the others and avoiding food, and I know they prefer to be in groups so I got 3 more. The biggest group I felt I could manage in a tank this size. They are still young (about 1"-1.5"). I got them in Dec-Jan. They get 1 cube frozen blood worms once a day (I do occaisionally skip a few days when I see a lot of planaria in the tank), and 10-30 snails that I toss in throughout the day. I tend to drop the snails into the plants, so that the puffers have to find them. I tried live blackworms early on, but had a parasite scare (happy to elaborate later if anyone asks), so I've been gun shy on using those since even though the puffers loved them. I thought the blackworms were from California Black Worms, though I bought them through a local fish store (I live in Northern California), so I'll have to look into a direct source since I hear that company is a trusted brand. Here are some links to videos of the behavior I'm seeing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/u9p2Mno1Dhmp88Vk9 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fxbzbvVGKcgPPkCoRJWi7ESHf7WQF6JI/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hey everyone! I have a question regarding the size of a regulator for Co2 injection on my 55 gallon tank. I am looking to get injection going but don't want to drop $300 on a regulator. Would the UNS mini be able to provide enough Co2 into the tank? I definitely want the dual stage aspect and a reputable brand. Any insight is always appreciated!! - Joe
  8. Hello I’m putting tank together for my son that’s the glow fish, And me that’s the plants. I only runs glowing blue lights at night and super bright led grow lights 7 hours Duing day idk Petco lady told me don’t run to much. I ordered hardyest plants, I think Amazon sword, Java, micro sword, Java moss and Amazon. I used 5 bags eco substrate black maybe to much idk. My son got tetra glow fish and question I have had anyone mixed These with shrimp? He wants blue shrimp I’m thinking I can grow dense Java moss across bottom this will keep a population alive? I have tidal hang on filter 110 and aquarium coop sponge filter should be good there? Also I want snails my boy loves bugs so mystery snails I think breed easiest? I think wait till plants established or algae starts to bloom before I order shrimp and snails? aquariums only 1 week old at this point 4-17-21 and advise be great thx.
  9. planning on getting our first big tank. it will be the wifes "office desk tank" at 55 gallons. trying to plan everything out so it goes smothly. the original plan was to get the aqueon delux hood and getting the aditional light to put in each hood. would that be enough light in a 55 for our base plant selection of large anubias, apintegen, filagree, and wysteria? also any ideas for stocking would be nice, the wife wants the focus of this tank to be mainly a guppy tank, but we would like other fish as well. the reason for the hoods its it must be cat proof so our cats dont go swimming
  10. Hello everyone ive had my 55 gallon planted for almost a year now. Im a returning hobbyist and was super interested in planted tanks so i was doing alot of work on it. 50% water change a week light on max for 8 hours a day on a timer. Ph usually 7.2 -7.6 nitrates were always around 20. and decent Kh and hard water. I dose easy green once a week after the water change but my plants kept showing signs of deficiency. Is it possible my light is too strong and causing my plants to want to grow faster than they can without co2? they keep making new leaves but the older ones fall off or go yellow and pale and form pin holes. i tried dosing more and didnt help so im gonna lower the brightness abit. any tips? tanks 🙂
  11. Hi Guys! I consider myself a newbie. I was given this catfish for my 55g and I do not know anything about it. The guy told me it will do well being the only one. He said it was a albino catfish. Can’t seem to find one that looks the same on the web.
  12. My tank is a 55 gallon its not a traditional 55 gallon its much wider the demensions are length 40 inches height 20 inches width 17 inches i want to put an oscar and a parrot chichlid and 2 electric blue acarain it i do water changes every week my filter is a canister it does 264 gallons an hour im buying all the fish as junivelles and upgrading the tank in 2 years
  13. So I am gonna build a tank for my axolotl for when he’s an adult (around 6 months out) but I want to get a wild type axolotl for him to live with of the same sex could this be a problem and my second question is I could either move my discus into a 75 and use there 55 for the axolotls or just buy another 55 witch would you go with and why
  14. Here is the stocking 2 discus 1 angelfish 1 rope fish 1 dwarf (I believe) pleco I want a light carpet and a couple plants that float at the top like Lilly pads I would like it to be a medium planted tank kinda like this picture but with a light roof also any idea of price to do this
  15. Have a 10 gallon that is purely gravel and fake plants. I decided I wanted to get a bigger tank and found sales. I currently have a snail, a few male guppies, and some corys. I have looked into substrates somewhat, but still slightly overwhelmed on it all. As for plants I've read that Amazon sword, java fern, and anubias are great plants to start with. I would like to find plants that would pair with those fish and potentially a dwarf gourami, school of tetras, and maybe a very small pleco (like a clown.) As for the substrate, inert or not. Am I able to use a few inches of a substrate like eco complete and then a thin layer if gravel over for the corys to sift through? Also, what is a good beginner substrate to look into that won't overly complicate water parameters. I did watch co-ops video where he mentions recommending crushed coral, so I would use roughly 5lbs at his 1:10 ratio. Lastly, was reading about c02 injection and etc. If I used an oxygen stone with a outside filter would that provide enough natural flow to inhibit my need to go that route?
  16. What’s a good light for a standard 55? I see aquarium co-op’s website recommends a fluval 3.0 for “high” light, but wanted some second opinions. Currently I’m running a marine land from an old reef tank, but my cabomba is stretching for light, getting leggy and lost it purple color. I also want to venture into other red plants and carpeting plants, so it’s time for an upgrade
  17. I thought I would do a little journal of my journey with my very first 55 gallon tank. Even when I was big into fish tanks as a kid in the early 70s, I never had a tank larger than 20 gallons, so this is pretty exciting for me. I just came back to the hobby a couple of months ago and dove in headfirst. I have two 20 gallons, two 45 talls, a ten and the 55 gallon tank. Only one of them currently have fish; I have some guppies and cherry shrimp in one of the 20s. Although one of the 45s has finished cycling and will probably have more guppies next week. I'll focus on the 55 gallon though since I have not done anything with it yet, other than make a few decisions. Here is the tank currently: //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/20200918_103659.jpg.2f661240beba402d3c31a8e47e5841a2.jpg Cables and such will be hidden. I have some material coming today to cover the top 2x4s with, then I'll make it a little prettier. I decided to do the plasti-dip for a black background and I am doing the twin wall polycarbonate for the lid. Most of my supplies for the tank are coming via UPS today, I bet our UPS guy is going to be surprised when I hug him... Filtration: I am going a little overboard with filtration for now, with the two large spongefilters from the Co-Op and a marineland 350 HoB. For air flow, I just grabbed one of the Aquatop Breza 100s from the Co-op and a battery backed up one from KG Topicals. Heater: I bought two of the 300 watt Eheim Jager's heaters and the JBJ true temp controller @Daniel recommended on another thread. I'm only going to put one of them in the tank for now, I just want one for back up. Substrate: Going with just Eco-complete. Plants: I already have a bunch of plants waiting in one of the other tanks. So far I have: Vallisneria Christmas moss Java Fern and Water Sprite. I want to also get some type of carpeting plant too, but haven't quite decided what yet. Hardscape: I'm going to walk down to the bay tomorrow morning and look for some interesting hardscape stuff. If I can't find anything I like over the next few weeks, I'll grab some of the usual suspects online. Fish: Probably will change, but I'm currently looking at 6-8 Boesemans Rainbowfish, 6-8 Rasboras, but haven't decided on which one, and 5-6 dwarf corys as well as some type of shrimp. {EDIT} For some reason it won't put the pic where I want it, instead it just displays the path and puts the image at the bottom of the post... //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/20200918_103659.jpg.2f661240beba402d3c31a8e47e5841a2.jpg
  18. In the planning stage of transitioning my 55 community over to my 120 after all is ready. I have seen plenty on youtube about setting up a new cycled tank with existing media etc, but I've never done it before, so just want to make sure I am doing it right. How would you go about setting up a new tank? We are using a different filter on the new tank, but I do have some filter media I can move over to the new tank (not sure if it's enough?) I also plan to reuse 3 large pieces of manzanita that have been in my 55 for about a year - so I know that will carry some of the bacteria as well. Will this be enough to get it up and running? Or do we need to let it go through an actual cycle before moving the fish?
  19. I have a 55 gallon with the dimensions 100 cm x 50 cm x 40cm i want to put bigger south american cichlids how many can i put and im putting a canister that does 264 gallons an hour
  20. I have had tank for 25 of the last 40 years and have decided to get a bit more serious. My current tank is a lonely 20 gallon but a 55 is coming soon! This one will be done correctly from the start. Lots of plants! I bought my first test strips and they are depressing! I recently had a smelly (sulfur) tank and am trying to fix it up. I have 1 surviving platy, 4 neon, 4 zebra, 3 cory and a snail. Daily water changes. I am determined to get it right for my fishy friends! I also keep goldfish in a pond in my yard. They have been living there for about 6 or 7 years now, breeding and seemingly happy now that the raccoons have moved on. Thanks for any advice and best wishes from my fish tank to yours!
  21. I am setting up a new 55 gal. It will have sand, tiger drift wood with lots of hiding spots, some rocks and some live plants, but mostly I want the open clean look. I will have two modified HOB filters each rated for the full tank. So starting up the tank isn't an issue, however, I have recently fell in love with a blue ram I have in another tank. Now I know I want as many and as many different kinds in this new tank as I can and be healthy!!! How many (and how many different kinds) could realistically live happily and healthy in this tank? And should I add other fish kids in with them, if so, what? Female bettas, (probably not enough plants in my plan) dwarf gouramis, 3 angels? Tell me your thoughts and help me with your experience!
  22. My 55 and my 40 have ich. I called my local aquarium store and they suggested that I use seachem's ployguard. I used it and it seems weak. I have ich-x and want to change over to that. However, seachem has that sulfathiazone in it. I says on the ich-x bottle not to use with other meds especially those with sulfa. I treated my 40 first and lost 3 angelfish and I was warned that the med would turn my water blue, it never did. Somehow I cross-contaminated my 55. My favorite fish are in that 55. They clearly have ich and I've treated with salt and an airstone and temperature raise. Should I change over to ich-x and how would I do that safely. Would i do a massive water change after filtering with carbon. Then add more salt and the new meds?
  23. My 55 gallon bottom seal popped at the front and emptied my tank. I was able to rescue the fish. No cracks in the glass that I can see. It only leaked out from around the bottom trim. My reseal plan is to remove the bottom trim. Clean it up and resealicone it in place. Then scrap out and replace the bottom bead of silicone. I was planning on leaving the sides untouched but wanted a 2nd opinion.
  24. Im glad to be apart of this forum. Im a beginner fish keeper from ohio. I currently have three tanks. A 55g with some java moss that's just starting out. some Helfiyr I probably spelled that wrong. Vallisneria and bolbitis broadleaf. I have a male and female African dwarf frog. Two mystery snails one Ivory one blue a black racer nerite snail. One ghost shrimp it ate the other three shrimp that was blue and red. And three Guppies 1 mail Orange and two female purple. Then I have a 10 gallon setup no filter no air I'm just using it for experimenting with plants. Then I have a 5 gallon setup I plan on doing red or blue shrimp in it has a filter that is running with micro swordgrass. I have a 20 gallon long that is a terrarium right now with a few different plants some isopods red wigglers that are rogue and some springtails and I plan on transferring when I get a 20 High because the plants are getting too tall. I would like to use the 20 long for the babies if the Guppies have any. I have also started a custom fake rock wall for the 20 long I just have to get some of the hydraulic cement already have the foam shaped and detailed I will add a photo
  25. This tank has been up and running just over 2 months, 55 gal, substrate is a mixture of ecocomplete, gravel, and sand, planted with about 10 Java fern bunches, Java moss, 3 banana plants, 2 dwarf aquarium Lily bulbs. Temp is currently at 78, ammonia, nitrites are 0; nitrates are <10 (I’ve always had trouble getting nitrate levels even to a readable level in this tank). currently stocked with 3 Amazon puffers. I have this white bio-film, or fungus recurring, even after scrubbing it off a couple times. At first it was just on the drift wood and now it’s covering the moss. im less worried about the aesthetic, but will it choke out the Java moss? I can scrub it off the wood with a toothbrush, but how do I manually remove it from the moss? Using shrimps and snails to remove it is not really an option bc of the puffers. Thanks in advance!
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