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  1. Hi everyone. I'm looking for suggestions on species to breed for profit in my 10 and 55 gallon aquariums. I'm open to pretty much anything that can sell well and be reasonably easy to breed (German Blue Rams would be the highest difficulty I'd go for). I'm thinking at least one livebearer...not sure which tank to designate for that species though. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Hello from Southern Maryland. My name is Jesse I recently decided to get back into the hobby when a friend of mine was offloading his 55 gallon aquarium. So I setup that aquarium in my basement with the fish he had, since then I have made a new home for a pleco that was outgrowing a 20 gallon tank from someone I know. The pleco can be seen in the 55 gal aquarium in his jacuzzi. Now i have taken control over 2 other aquariums a 5 gal that my wife had, which houses a platinum beta. A 20 gallon aquarium that I have started that is a planted tank (I have a plant in the front of that tank that was a bulb that i cannot identify. Hopefully someone can identify for me.) The 20 gal has a few fish in it mainly a powder blue dwarf gourami. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone here. I have included a few tank pictures.
  3. Hi all, I am in need of replacing my light and I want an easy option I don’t have any demanding plants just low light ones ( anubias, Java fern, hornwort) I was curious if anybody has any shop lights or if I should just go with a Finnex stingray 48” I’m not too picky I have Finnex stingrays and love them, but wanna try maybe the super budget options that still grow plants I’m not afraid to scrub some algae;)
  4. I’m about to get a pleco for my 55 gallon. I have a tank-length piece of driftwood in there and lots of plants. The first time I tried to add a pleco, it ate a ton of wood and then I didn’t see it for ages... months later I found a large vertebra. 😳 The fish store guy said it probably starved, and though I think it’s equally likely it gorged itself to death, I want to make sure I don’t repeat my mistake. Repashy food seems to be the way to go here. But which one should I get? I have two yo yo loaches, two otos (hoping to get more soon), a handful of tetras and two honey gouramis. Everyone eats the sinking pellets I put in for the loaches, and I’m worried my pleco won’t have a chance to get any food, Repashy or otherwise. Plus there are so many kinds of Repashy that I’m at a loss. Should I assume everyone will eat it and just go for the Community Plus, hoping the pleco gets brave enough to join the crowd and eat? Or do I try to go with something like Bottom Scratcher or Soilent Green to try to discourage the other fish? Nobody that I have now really likes algae wafers—they always get eaten last. Any advice? I know I probably just have to try something but I’d love any suggestions or nudges one way or the other!
  5. We should all share our ideas on 55g breeding for profit set ups. I am in the process of putting one together. After watching several of Corey's videos on breeding for profit, here is what I have come up with. 2M/4F guppy or endler (i can't decide) 1M/2F Ancistrus or a fancy pleco such as Blue Phantom Cherry Shrimp Corydoras (will try for Sterbai if I can find some) Java Moss or Juppy Grass What do you think of this set up and do you see any issues?
  6. 2020 has afforded me a lot of free time... With Craigslist I have been able to score 4 tanks, 3 stocked and one that had just been torn down (10g, 20g, 29g and a 55g). I will say a lot of my decisions have been guided by hours of watching Aquarium Co-op's videos, so if anything this is a long "thank you" letter to Aquarium Co-op as well as others sharing their knowledge and experience. The 20g tank- had a decent sized black moor goldfish, two angel fish, one cory, a guppy, a stick catfish, a platy and a molly. It was a community tank of horrors (though everyone was alive and no fin nipping I could see). Scaped with dragon stone and two swords plants. When I picked it up the hob filter had been broken for a couple of days. I immediately re-homed the goldfish and the angel fish to my lfs. I put the guppy into a mutt guppy tank tank. I will probably re-home everyone but the stick catfish at some point. The good news was that I was able to get the parameters dialed in over a few weeks and had a tank open for quarantine. My wife had said we could get a Tetraodon schoutedeni at some point and I happened to find one from a reputable vendor. Then I started the first of two ramshorn snail colonies. I believe he's a male and yet to name him but has a great personality. My daughter loves watching him and feeding him. The 55g tank- so then I got thinking, "what's better than one puffer? More puffers." I found someone getting rid of a 55g that had recently tore it down and was willing to deliver. I have an industrial table that's rated to hold north of 1000lbs but I want to stay on the safe side so 55g was a big as I wanted to go. I had been running an extra sponge filter so that helped get cycled along with 6 glowlight tetras added after 4-5 weeks. Hard scape and plants from a lfs, plants from Aquabid and a number of plants from Aquarium Co-op. I went for ADA Amazonia soil with a partial sand cap. I have been watching a lot of aquascaping videos (one of my other hobbies is growing rare orchids from Central and South America). The ADA soil definitely turned my water yellow and plays with your ammonia tests with having ammonium. Aside from a trio of puffers I knew I wanted a cory community. Was able to find a group of 9 Corydoras eques and I am planning to bump to 12 or 15 depending on final stocking. They are awesome to watch. Still not sure what I am going to do for dither fish, likely rasboras or danios. Debating on getting a reticulated hillstream loach and/or a Siamese algae eater. I know I am going to be dropping the pH with RO water at some point for breeding so need all inhabitants to be happy with that. Not sure if I will put any cherry shrimp in it or not. Part of the idea is to breed puffers and Corydoras but limit the potential for eggs being eaten. I have a "time-out" tank ready for my male if I can get two females to complete my trio. In addition to the ramshorns I started a scud tank and will be working on black worms and starting an infusoria culture this winter. I upgraded my lighting today and that's the latest picture. I am planning to add more moss and possibly fill out the right side of the tank with something else, maybe anubias or a large species of fern. I may change the plants in the middle a little too before adding my puffer to his new home. Right now the 10g is being used for quarantine and I have ramshorns, pond snails, guppies and cherry shrimp in the 29g. Still a lot to do but enjoying the journey so far! Pics are my puffer, the 20g the day I got it home, and evolution of the 55g over the last month.
  7. I thought I would do a little journal of my journey with my very first 55 gallon tank. Even when I was big into fish tanks as a kid in the early 70s, I never had a tank larger than 20 gallons, so this is pretty exciting for me. I just came back to the hobby a couple of months ago and dove in headfirst. I have two 20 gallons, two 45 talls, a ten and the 55 gallon tank. Only one of them currently have fish; I have some guppies and cherry shrimp in one of the 20s. Although one of the 45s has finished cycling and will probably have more guppies next week. I'll focus on the 55 gallon though since I have not done anything with it yet, other than make a few decisions. Here is the tank currently: //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/20200918_103659.jpg.2f661240beba402d3c31a8e47e5841a2.jpg Cables and such will be hidden. I have some material coming today to cover the top 2x4s with, then I'll make it a little prettier. I decided to do the plasti-dip for a black background and I am doing the twin wall polycarbonate for the lid. Most of my supplies for the tank are coming via UPS today, I bet our UPS guy is going to be surprised when I hug him... Filtration: I am going a little overboard with filtration for now, with the two large spongefilters from the Co-Op and a marineland 350 HoB. For air flow, I just grabbed one of the Aquatop Breza 100s from the Co-op and a battery backed up one from KG Topicals. Heater: I bought two of the 300 watt Eheim Jager's heaters and the JBJ true temp controller @Daniel recommended on another thread. I'm only going to put one of them in the tank for now, I just want one for back up. Substrate: Going with just Eco-complete. Plants: I already have a bunch of plants waiting in one of the other tanks. So far I have: Vallisneria Christmas moss Java Fern and Water Sprite. I want to also get some type of carpeting plant too, but haven't quite decided what yet. Hardscape: I'm going to walk down to the bay tomorrow morning and look for some interesting hardscape stuff. If I can't find anything I like over the next few weeks, I'll grab some of the usual suspects online. Fish: Probably will change, but I'm currently looking at 6-8 Boesemans Rainbowfish, 6-8 Rasboras, but haven't decided on which one, and 5-6 dwarf corys as well as some type of shrimp. {EDIT} For some reason it won't put the pic where I want it, instead it just displays the path and puts the image at the bottom of the post... //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/20200918_103659.jpg.2f661240beba402d3c31a8e47e5841a2.jpg
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Joe and I am a first time planted tank fish keeper. I currently have an 55 gallon community type planted aquarium. This is my first aquarium. I am hoping to learn more and progress in my abilities.
  9. I have a young blood parrot what type of fish should i put with him
  10. A couple of days ago I got my 55 gallon setup with Fluval Stratum and also got some "Natural Creek Stone" I got from Home Depot, thought it would be a money saver, look neat against the black background and substrate. I did rinse and clean the rocks. However, after 2 days have gone by I am noticing a sulfur smell. I've never used Fluval Stratum before but I also don't think that's where the smell is coming from. I have a feeling it is coming from the rocks. Someone had suggested I boil/bake the rocks but I do have a concern about explosions and not sure that would necessarily fix the problem--but then again I don't know. The tank is not stocked with any fish and won't be until likely after the holidays. Other concerns about the rocks, because hindsight is 20/20, is whether or not the rocks will alter the water chemistry, hardness, etc over time. I plan on doing a large school of neon tetras and possibly other fish that prefer similar water parameters. Haven't completely decided on everything. My gut instinct is to remove the rocks and find a new purpose for them, after all once plants are taking over the tank I probably won't see much of the bottom anyway. I don't know what type of rock these are other than they're natural creek stone and not cement. I guess the first question is to rule out the possibility that the Fluval Stratum would be the cause of the smell? Second is the likelihood of these rocks being an issue. I'm not opposed to removing the rocks but wouldn't mind not having to remove them either. edit: The water parameters after 24 hours after filling were: pH 6.6, GH 72 ppm, KG 36 ppm, Ammonia 1 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm and Nitrate >0 but less than 5 ppm. I rechecked the water and nothing has changed (that I can measure).
  11. Since the picture below, my 55 no longer has my angelfish. The plants have grown some and I have several amano shrimp. I am considering the following: Hillstream loach Black kuhli loaches Many varieties of endlers Galaxy rasboras Brilliant rasboras Chili rasboras Bamboo shrimp Otocinclus honorable mentions: Red white clouds (maybe long-fin) Select Apistogramma I am interested in anyone thoughts. What groupings/varieties would you suggest? Should I just put some of everything in? What problems could I be asking for? What other suggestions should I consider (I really want to keep the amanos)? Some options will eat fry vs those that wont...
  12. I got started with fish keeping in 1995 when I was about 8 years old my parents bought me a 10 gallon tank and 4 guppies I ended up with about 100 in about a year. 🙂 I learned a lot about water changes and the cycle of life. We moved when I was 9 and my tank didn't come with us so the hobby ended there...fast forward 22 years and I was given a 55 gallon tank and I bought 12 rainbow tetras and 4 guppies. I fell out of practice over the 22 years and forgot all about the nitrogen cycle. I went on YouTube and found Cory's peanut butter M&M video (nitrogen cycle) and I was hooked. I then spent the next month watching Aquarium coops channel. I'm coming up on 2 years STT and loving my hobby. I really like being able to create an ecosystem in my living room for each specific group of fish I keep. I'm about to conquer African Cichlids and Haps. I have a 75 gallon (This is going to be the Cichlids tank) and my son now has a 55 gallon (Community Tetra tank) This hobby has really taught me patience and how to just leave nature alone and let it do it's thing. Any tips or suggestions in my new Cichlids tank I will appreciate the input. Glad to call myself a NERM! 🙂
  13. I'll have a spare 55g available soon and it would be nice to ustilze it as breeding project so that I can make some money to pay for what I spend on the hobby. African Cichlids are very abundant in my area so that is out of the question. I'd like to hear your suggestions. Thanks!
  14. Im so confused! The tank details: I just set up this 55 gallon. It has a fluval fx4 with a heater, bubbler, prefilter, and spray bar. I added the monte carlo about 3 weeks ago and the other plants about 3 days ago. The monte carlo was a tissue culture, so all the terrestrial leaves are melting and new ones are growing in, as well a new roots. Ive added easy green and easy carbon around every other day for the last week and a half. I also added cycled media from my old tanks and beneficial bacteria starter liquid. Now for the problem: I just checked my nitrates and the its sitting really high, around 40-80ppm (i cant really tell which color it is based on the chart). The ammonia is at 0ppm and the ph is around 7. I think it maybe all the melting from the monte carlo causing a spike in ammonia->nitrates. Ive never had this happen during a tank start up. Also, should I do a large water change. I have ludwigia in the tank and have read they dont like dramatic changes in water parameters. If I should, what percentage do you recommend? Update: I just moved into this new apartment thats a few blocks away. I assumed the water was the same. However, this is the reading of the faucet water with dechlorinater in it. Nitrates: 20ppm, ph is at 8.2., ammonia is at 0~0m25ppm. Is this normal? Also, after a 50% water change my waters sitting at about 40ppms still and ph is now 7.8. Should i do another 50% water change?
  15. We've been struggling with our tanks for several weeks. One had to re-cycle after several rounds of medication and the other was just waiting for a re-scape and the arrival of quarantining fish. After a couple of weekends of work and a few cycles of cloudy-clear, cloudy-clear in the 55-gallon, I woke up this morning to 2 beautifully scaped and clear tanks. It was a nice surprise!
  16. Hi there, I have a 55g planted aquarium and right now I'm only using a double sponge filter. I am curious as to what your favorite filters are for a tank that is planted (hopefully will be heavily planted) with 10 fish? Thank you so much!
  17. Starting a 55 Gallon build.
  18. I am trying to add few nerite snails to my 55 gallon tank. how many is recommended size. i have few guppies and tetras. 2 or 3? please recommend.
  19. Hello fellow Nerm's i need advice on what boards to use for a 55G stand made with cinder blocks. 🐟
  20. Parrot cichlid 2 x blue acara and a green terror and snowball pleco does that work for two years in 55 and can i add more
  21. I have a 55 gallon tank with heavily planted with amazon sword, java moss, java fern and four filters - one hang on back filter, 2 bio bed filter, 1 sponge filter. i have few guppies and would like to add tetras now - Orange Von Rio Tetra - 6 count Ember Tetra - 6 count Black Neon Tetra - 6 count around 15 guppy fryies. any suggestions
  22. Hey everyone! I’ve been fishkeeping for about a year. I currently have a planted 55 gal with 2 yo-yo loaches, a honey gourami mating pair, four neon tetras and 2 otos. I also have a 10 gal grow out tank. I’m raising 2 generations of gourami babies and plan to sell them at my LFS. I’m happy to be among some fellow nerms here!
  23. Will a parrot cichlid an oscar a snowball pleco and two severums work for 2 years in a 55 gallon if i buy them as junivelles
  24. I want to put a parrot cichlid a jack dempsey and a snowball pleco can i add any more as im only keeping them in this tank for two years and im buying them as junivelles
  25. I have a 55 gallon and I am thinking of setting up a CO2 system and was wondering what are good setups for a newbie who knows very little about solenoids and all that.
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