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  1. Hello, I have 2- 10 gallon tanks and wanted to know if people have had any experience putting Amano Shrimp with Honey Gourami’s?? In the first tank I have Kuhli Loaches and Chili Rasboras with an Amano Shrimp. The second tank has a Honey Gourami, Celestial Pearl Danios and Panda Corydoras. In the second tank I’ve tried Amano Shrimp multiple times and they all have died within days whereas in the first tank the Amano Shrimp seems to be doing well and has already successfully molted. The parameters for both tanks are identical- 0 ammonia and nitrites, 30-40 nitrates, 2 degrees kh and 8-9 degrees gh, 7.2 ph, and both planted. Could the Honey Gourami or CPD’s be picking at the Amano Shrimp just enough to kill it or is there something else going on?? The Amano Shrimp were small around 1/2” when I got them and were either from my LFS or Aqua Huna. All the times I’ve tried I end up finding the Amano dead within days with no signs of it being eaten, they’re just all white.
  2. I’ve had no luck with reticulated hillstream loaches because the two that I had at different times were both real aggressive towards the Cory cats in my tank. But with that said I have read on the forum that some people have had no issues. Unfortunately I really like those loaches but I would rather keep Cory’s.
  3. I had lots of trouble with Pogo and stem plants but I tried floating them first and when roots start growing out I’ll plant it in the substrate. So far so good!!!
  4. The only product that I was able to notice a significant difference was Fritz Zyme 7. Stability did nothing with my experience.
  5. The tanks are pretty well established (2 1/2 years) but I was using the ACO multi strips and had a hint of nitrite, so I wanted to rule out any ammonia. I wanted to try out the ACO ammonia strips since I just got them and was running low on the API liquid ammonia test. Also a Cory Cat was missing and I couldn’t find him so that may have caused the nitrite to show up. The super red pleco that was in the tank was very aggressive and I feel he may have killed and eaten the Cory…I’ve since taken him out and given him away.
  6. I recently bought the ACO ammonia test strips for the first time and can’t get the color on the pad to change, it stays the original yellow color. I’ve followed the directions, dipping the pad in and out of the tank water for 30 seconds and even just leaving the pad submerged for the entire 30 seconds. I’ve tried the test strip on all of my 3 tanks and used up about 10 test strips in all. I double checked with the API liquid test and it’s showing no ammonia. I wanted to check with the forum before contacting customer service.
  7. @Pepere How do you respond directly to someone’s post like you just did with mine and show the persons quote?? I’ve been trying to figure that out…thanks and sorry for going off topic…
  8. I would recommend a glass top especially to save on heating and to keep things from falling in (I have kids so that’s a concern of mine). I do have to clean it because of buildup but I feel it’s worth it.
  9. I totally agree with @Pepere and a tank without CO2 you definitely need patience since everything is a lot slower. I only started seeing positive results when I tweaked and waited though frustrating as it is.
  10. This happened to me exactly and it was because I wasn’t doing the API liquid nitrate test correctly. You have to follow it to a T…
  11. @Gideyon C. Lucens and C. Parva (both sold by the Co-Op) stay small around 2-3 inches and need low light and no CO2 and will carpet but will be slow so purchase multiple pots if you can. Lucens will grow faster then Parva…
  12. I think we may have seen the same video and I believe it took 6 weeks for the Cryptocoryne Tropica plant to have leaves. This will encourage it to stay small. I would add a root tab or plant it in some nutrient rich soil to help the growth.
  13. I was just reading on the ACO Facebook thread that once you open a fish back that was shipped that the Ammonia will spike and it’s better to plop and drop then drip acclimate the shrimp. Would adding a couple of drops of the Seachem Prime neutralize the Ammonia and avoid the spike??
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