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  1. It was definitely tall when I purchased it. I do have a light that is considered “high light”.
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve had Valisneria in my Aquarium that I bought from the Co-Op a few months ago and for some reason it never grows tall. It sends out plenty of shoots but stays low. I have a Finnex Fugeray Planted Plus light, Nitrates around 20 ppm, pH 7.4. I dose with Easy Green and use ACO Root Tabs.
  3. Hello everyone, I have an aggressive female Reticulated Hillstream Loach in a 20 gallon high with 2 Platies, 5 Albino Cory’s and 1 Bolivian Ram. I’ve had him for about 2 weeks. The first week he would constantly hide and keep to himself. Then I got a second female Hillstream Loach and the shyness went away. My concern is that at feeding time and only at feeding time he gets overly aggressive towards all the fish (and not just the other Hillstream Loach), especially the Albino Cory’s (but so far he leaves the Bolivian Ram alone). I put in extra sinking food, Repashy and Hikari sinking wafers, but he just swims around the bottom and barrels over the Cory’s and any fish that gets in his way. So far I’ve not noticed any injuries on any of the fish. I’ve read that people have had aggressive Hillstream Loaches before and it usually calms down. Should I wait or return him to my LFS??
  4. I’ve had an issue where one of my Kasa plugs switches to “Local Only” and the only solution for me is to reset the plug and redo the configuration. I’ve searched online and can find no other solution.
  5. Hello everyone, I use the Co-Op’s fine poly pad and course sponge (no carbon) in my Penguin Pro 125 and wanted to know if the fine poly pad itself removes any of the Easy Green fertilizer from the water??
  6. I love my 5 Albino Cory’s and at times when they are resting in a group and I drop food in the tank it never fails to get them going frantically. They may have poor eyesight but they can sense whenever I feed the tank. I thought at first they would scavenge around the Repashy or sinking pellets eating the scraps that broke off from the Platies taking bites out of the food.
  7. TMartins


    I’ve noticed all of my fish (1 Bolivian, 3 Platies, 5 Cory’s) flash at some point or another. None have any visible signs of parasites, infections or injuries and are swimming and eating fine. They’ve been through rounds of Ich-X, Paracleanse and PraziPro. I haven’t done the other med on the Trio because they exhibit no signs for it. I will just have to monitor them and try not to over analyze.
  8. TMartins


    All my fish seem fine and in good health. They’re all eating well and swimming around and their colors are vibrant. It’s just that flashing every so often?? I’m constantly checking the parameters and everything is good.
  9. TMartins


    Hello everyone, my fish in a 20 gallon aquarium have been occasionally flashing on the live plants and gravel substrate for some time now. First it was definitely Ich because I could visually see the white spots. I treated them with Ich-X and it went away. Then I treated them with PraziPro for 4 weeks and they’re still flashing. In the 4 weeks I was treating with PraziPro there was no sign of white spots. It’s happening too with a separate Grow Out tank I have with Platy fry, some of the fry I’ve seen flashing on occasion. Should I continue with PraziPro or is there some other irritant in the water?? I’m feeding them Spectrum pellets, Vibra bites, Repashy Community Plus. I live in Fall River Massachusetts and I’ve noticed the city doing a lot of construction but not sure if it’s to the water lines. Temp 76-77 / ph 7.4 / Ammonia & Nitrite 0 / Nitrate 5 / Kh & Gh 6 / I have coral rock to keep the ph from dropping (soft city water) / I use Seachem Prime
  10. Thanks @Patrick_G for the tip. I am using API testing solutions and went back and followed the Nitrate steps and I got back 5.0 ppm for Nitrates. I was doing the Ammonia and Nitrites right and following the same for Nitrates.
  11. I leave my light on for 10 hours a day and I’m just using an old fashioned hood with a 6500k fluorescent bulb. The Amazon Sword has quadrupled in size since I bought it from the Co-Op. The Valisneria is growing but very slowly and the Baby Tears and Wisteria are moderately growing. I go by what the Co-Op says as recommended and I bought the Easy Iron for the Bacopa but for whatever reason the stems of the Bacopa kept dying and I finally gave up. Since I have the Easy Iron I was wondering if it would help the plants I have in the tank since Easy Iron is not recommended by the Co-Op and not just dosing to grow algae.
  12. I just purchased 1 Hillstream Loach from my local LFS for a 20 gallon high Aquarium. I know it’s been just a few days but every time someone walks in the room she goes and hides. I know she comes out when no one is around and does her thing because I’ve sneaked up on her and watched. Has anyone had this experience and is buying 2 more the answer?? Is 3 Hillstream Loaches OK for a moderately planted 20 gallon high tank??Right now I have 1 Bolivian Ram, 2 Platies and 5 Albino Cory’s in the tank. She’s not bothered by the other fish, I’ve witnessed one of the Cory’s come right up to her. It’s a cycled tank with 0 Ammonia/Nitrites/Nitrates, 7.4 PH, 6 kh & 6 gh.
  13. Hello everyone, I had purchased Easy Iron mainly for Bacopa but since it never took off I was wondering if I should still dose with the Easy Iron for the other plants like Amazon Sword, Valisneria, Baby Tears, Water Wisteria and Java Moss. I am using Easy Green 4 squirts 3 times a week in a 20 gallon tank because I never have nitrates, it’s a cycled tank with low stock at the moment.
  14. Love what you did with the tank, really nice.
  15. I think this is the best forum on the internet. When I decided to get back into the hobby at the beginning of 2021 live plants never crossed my mind. After discovering Cory and Aquarium Co-Op on the internet I’ve learned so much especially about the benefits of live plants. I purchased my first plants from the Co-Op and now I would never have a tank without them.
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