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  1. I meant that filling a tank with that much seems pike a waste. And that's what I've been seeing online. If spraying, it just seemed like I could just spray bleach directly instead of diluting.
  2. My betta died after an almost 2 week bout with dropsy. Question... Since I have no idea what the cause of his illness was, I'm thinking I need to sanitize. I understand the bleach method (1 gallon bleach + 9 water), but that seems like a waste. Wouldn't a bleach solution that is sprayed on the glass be more efficient or is it not as effective? I do plan to do about half that amount to do the gravel, decor and filter. If the spray is possible, what is proportion? Also, another note... I know people say toss the gravel, but I don't plan to reuse immediately. I was thinking of bleaching, drying, and storing it away. Is that okay?
  3. That looks nice as a substrate. I may consider this instead of black diamond blasting sand. I was imagining it would be gray and I would top off with bdbs.
  4. I'm going to try a second round of treatment for my sick betta, and will try a mix of metroplex and kanaplex. I've read that when the two work together, it is more effective against culminaris. Assuming that is the cause of his dropsy. It was recommended to feed using focus to bind it with food. But if I do this, will the otherwise floating food still float?
  5. @quikv6, I appreciate the response. I'll admit I was surprised he made it this far since noticing dropsy. But his lethargy has me doubting if he can be cured. I was worried another course of kanaplex would harm his kidneys. He also has this greyish patch on his head that I think came from an internal parasite, likely due to stress. Maybe from treatment or just being sick. I'll look into focus and starting again. I may wait until Sunday which will be a week since taking it out of the tank.
  6. I have a betta that is sick, and showing dropsy. Currently only doing aquarium salt. I've already completed kanaplex and had a little epsom in the tank as well. His bloat improved but pineconing is still there. More lethargic but does still swim when he wants, and still eats. So this morning I noticed this on his fins. The ends turned pinkish shortly after getting him. But the portions where the fins are red at the ends is what concerns me. It looks like blood, and it's like that part of his fins were cut. But I've seen bettas who nipped their fins and never saw it like this. Any idea? I'm showing all the fins incase you notice something. But the part in question is on the bottom of the picture.
  7. If my fish room was more than one tank, I may have researched this possibility. I was thinking of just making a raspberry pi device if the peripherals existed. Such as water level and temp.
  8. I've seen "DIY King" make a filter/skimmer/gravel vac. The latter he used to vacuum sand. The grooved edges for the skimmer allowed him to vacuum without sand going up. If you make a slow moving plenum, you can keep water moving through the sand so you theoretically don't need to disturb it. But you'd need to tear down the tank you make it.
  9. I've designed in my head a device that can monitor temperature and report it to your smart device. It can be done. But I'd like for it to do more than just temperature.
  10. A wand that stays in the tank, attached to a monitor that reads in real time all the necessary water parameters.
  11. I came quite close to considering plants, but didn't feel like dealing with it. Silk plants still do what I need. @Carltronics, As to your question... I've considered adding a small sponge from the coop because I needed an airstone to help my sick fish. Why not just make it a filter instead and get the same benefit plus more. I'm no expert, but your logic seems sound. I'd put it on the other end. I think eventually all the water will make its way to one of the filters, but if it's on both ends, it'll be more likely to happen sooner than later.
  12. I'm sorry about your betta. Im preparing for the same. He's still with me, but I've run out of options. Just put a little bit of epsom in the tank to get rid of the bloat, and that worked. But pineconing is still there. He also developed a gray patch on his head which I understand is the effect of a parasite, likely triggered by stress. Not sure if it's the cause of dropsy. Aquarium salt is all I have left. I'm almost done with my container. He's more lethargic, not as responsive as before. But when he wants, he swims well.
  13. @gardenmanI recently saw a fish store tour of the fish hut in NJ. Not exactly sure where in Jersey though. It's about 3 hours from me. Not sure if I can go there just to look at fish. I just have my big box stores here, and one LFS.
  14. @JoCinWBany update on your betta?
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