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  1. I got amanos to take care of my hair algae issue… which is now 95% gone. But they incessantly eat my plants! Especially larger leaves that have massive holes now- any advice? I already feed my bottom feeders daily (which the amano shrimp steal about 70% of that food too!) Not to mention: they also scratch the paint off my aquarium plastic decorations!!! I assume this is ok since they are aquarium safe? But it’s a bit concerning
  2. Ok, so Sakura made it through a case of Velvet and fin rot (popped up during quarantine and caught early, thank goodness). After nearly 2 months in quarantine, he is finally in his home with his tank mates--5 Amano shrimp. For those who have seen my prior posts in general discussion, I decided to go with a nice piece of dragon stone that I sanded down and cleaned out really well and I'm so glad I did!! My Amanos love to hide in the holes when they aren't eating or swimming around. I also made my own polycarbonate top with acrylic hinges after watching @Cory's video on DIY tops. So glad I found that. I absolutely hated the light this particular kit came with and not having to mess with glass was a godsend. So, thanks, Cory! Sakura is very, very happy in his new home. It took me the 2+ months he was in the QT getting treatment to get it together and "seasoning" with pre-seeded media and plants. The shrimp are doing well too; I made sure they had lots of algae to come in and eat. They've all molted within a week of settling in with no issues. I'm very pleased as this is my first foray into shrimp keeping as well. Sakura tried to chase them at first, but after realizing he can't catch them, he's since given up and just ignores them. So, plants are growing in nicely and I'll keep updating pics as the mini Christmas moss grows in. Here's what I have: manzanita wood water wisteria rotala indica dwarf lily crypt undulata anubias barteri anubias nana petite mini Christmas moss anacharis Without further ado, may I present: Sakura & Shrimp Co.'s 10 gallon column planted tank 🙂 He loves hanging out in his coconut! DIY polycarbonate top! For those looking to do this who live in apartments with no big power tools available (my situation), it IS possible to hand-cut it with a sharp box cutter (and if you're like me--accident prone--a pair of cut-resistant, protective kitchen gloves). It takes A LOT of effort and care (and strings of cathartic four-letter words and sweat and, man, was I sore for a day or two afterward), but after carefully cutting it and then sanding the cut edges with basic sand paper--course followed by extra fine-- it turned out far better than I thought it would having not used a power saw. It just takes patience (and if you have youngins', I highly recommend you wait until they're out of the house to cut it so you can unashamedly use your full vocabulary 🤣)!!!! Also, if you don't need the big 8 foot piece, Home Depot sells a 4 foot by 2 foot piece online for around $35ish. One of the Shrimp Co. munching on Repashy! And as a final side note: I'm currently using a Top Fin Silenstream 10 that came with the tank kit for filtration, but I'm replacing it with an Aquaclear 20 from another tank that's also getting an upgrade (to an Aquaclear 30). It's not that the Top Fin filter is necessarily bad, but I just don't care for how it works. Whereas the ACs pull the water up through media, the Top Fin just pushes from one side to another, making hot-rodding it a pain. Not a whole lot of room for media either. I like the convenience of pulling the media basket out of the ACs for maintenance, as well as the ability to get to the impeller for cleaning. This is my first time using fine sand substrate, too. It doesn't stay clean for long, but Sakura likes to swim along the bottom a lot and I don't worry about his fins as much as I would with gravel. Always try everything once! I'm looking to add a Malaysian Trumpet snail or two to keep it churned up and help with spot algae on the glass. I also ordered my plants from several different online sources. I wanted to see who had the best products, prices, availabilities, shipping and longevity. It's been an interesting experiment so far for sure! I finally completed my first planted tank, guys! Yay! Let's see if I can keep it thriving!!!
  3. My amanos are like vultures for sinking foods I drop for my Kuhli loaches and Bolivian ram- they will take foods that are equal to them in weight and perch on a leaf somewhere so the others can’t get to it. anybody else have this problem, and ideas to keep them away?
  4. So I did a small water change last night with my small Python (just the siphon, not connected to faucet)...I needed a little extra water to help with rinsing out my filter media/sponges...well, after I put the filter back together, I saw one of my small Amanos swimming around in the bucket of gross water...I scooped him out and put him back in the tank, so no harm...but...had I been using my bigger Python that I use for full water changes and tank maintenance, he would have been sucked through and I would have murdered my amano 😞 I don't necessarily need to do a thorough gravel cleaning, but I try to do at least some where I have some algae growing on it, so I could add a sponge, but I'd still like to get some of the "gunk" out so...? any thoughts? What do you do when cleaning a tank with amano shrimp? (I rarely even see them at all, so figures I would suck one up with the siphon 😐 )
  5. So…I definitely did not put (going on 13 that I can see) more than 3 Amano shrimp into my fresh water aquarium [20 gallon Hexagonal tall]. Did I just accidentally, and quite to the contradiction of all advice, breed and raise Amano shrimp in fresh water? I probably should do a bit of scrubbing of my tank here soon, but the positive is that I have recently noticed more and more Amano shrimp grazing off the algae on all the decorations, and counting them, they have to have bred. The only thing that makes sense is that I did increase the salinity quite a bit a few months back to try and beat off some ich before giving in and getting Ich-X delivered. There are definitely plenty of places for the shrimp to hide in some sphagnum moss and rocks, so I have not seen them until the last few weeks starting to appear. But I have lost no fish in the process, so the salinity could not have gotten to lethal levels. I am seriously at a loss, Unless there are some Neo Cardina that now look like Amano shrimp. These would have been purchased from Petco, as there are no local shops in my area. I am confused, and delighted all at the same time.
  6. I found a dead amano shrimp 3 rooms away from my fish tank. I’m utterly beyond belief it could ever walk that far even if it escaped Has anyone ever seen this??
  7. I have some berries amano females. I actually really like this shrimp and am going to attempt to make more. I have set up a 10 gallon with salt water filled half way and one of my berried females I na jar. When the larva hatch, I will move them to the salt water side. As they start to convert, I will fill the tank the rest of the day and then do frequent water changes over the next few days to get the salt out. Right now just waiting.
  8. I added some amanos to try and help my algae growth - within a couple days of adding to my tank at least 3 have either molted or died. Looks like just the shell remains, I don’t see anything else, so I assumed they molted and didn’t die. The other few are doing just fine, busy eating at my driftwood and algae covered plants. Is this normal behavior immediately after going into a new tank?
  9. I just got a breeding group of Red Cherry Shrimp that I wanted to keep with my 4 Amano shrimp in the same tank? I would hope to breed them but I wasn't sure if the Amano would eat the babies or adult cherries. Am I better off keeping them separate or will they get along fine as long as I keep them well fed? Tank is full of Java Moss and I feed hikari crab cuisine and new life spectrum algaemax pellets
  10. I have encountered a hair algae problem in my 10g planted tank. How many Amano Shrimp would you recommend? I'd rather have a clean up crew than manually remove. Tank has been running for 1 year: Ember Tetras, Neon Green Rasboras, and Chili Rasboras are in the tank. A butt load of snails to boot. Consistently water is: 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, ph 7.4, kh 4, gh 11, Nitrates 40 - 80 Lights are on a timer for 7 hours. Other equipment is in my signature. Attached is what the algae looks like in my tank to give you perspective.
  11. Hi all I bought two amano shrimp yesterday from my local store they looked smaller in shop but on arrival home there look huge I’ve got a 50 gallon with small fish like tetras cherry barbs ottos and a pair of rams will my fish be safe I’ve read stories of these attacking fish is this true help please
  12. Hi everyone! My 5 gallon fluval spec tank will be left unattended for the next week while I am on vacation. It currently only has some bladder snails and some amano shrimp. The tank is about half full with java moss. Should I make arrangements to have someone drop some pellets in the tank or should I just leave it be and maybe up the light timer for some algae growth while I am gone?
  13. I swear I thought I watched and read enough species profiles on shrimp, where I thought I knew enough about them. But I feel like I must have missed the behavior section, because somehow I got the impression that shrimp were delicate and fragile 😄 I never kept shrimp before and just bought three Amano shrimp to help with the algae in my tank--they are doing an awesome job by the way--but these guys have personalities that I just didn't equate with shrimp! I thought my neon tetras were buttholes, since they spend half their waking hours annoying each other, but these Amanos are no joke. I have only had them for a bit, over a month, and I went from thinking they were dead to seeing them enough to determine these guys are not gonna be ornamental like my snails. My amanos are quite a bit aggressive! I was initially amazed at how they marched right into a feeding frenzy to get food and sometimes would perch on top preventing access. They always seem to be the first to the food too, and not at all skittish about my presence. I even watched one pick up a wafer that you could not have told me he had the ability to lift, and run away with it leaving everyone else foodless 😂 They also do some swim battling between each other which is quite entertaining and are awesome little acrobats that love swinging from my jungle val. These are some bold little guys, and if I would have known this beforehand, I would have gotten them awhile back.
  14. Would Amano shrimp be safe in a tank with Cardinal Tetras and Siamese algae eaters?
  15. Sigh... Today I got home and found one of my amanos having a little snack. I thought "where did you get that" it was one of my RCS. I feed well, perhaps even over feed. Is that "normal"? Did I make a mistake mixing amanos and RCS? I started with 20 RCS and the most I can count regularly is 6-7. They can hide so I expect I have maybe double that. But definitely less than 19. My brief research says RCS are supposed to outbreed the predation...But I haven't seen any that look like males since I added them to the tank. And none are berried as far as I can tell. My amanos are giants. The big females are well over 2" Do I need to get some more RCS to hopefully get a male or is there something else I can do to prevent predation?
  16. Hi- I just got 6 new Amano shrimp yesterday and added them to a 20gal. I have other fish in the tank such as cories, neon tetras, GBR, kuhli loaches, mollies. It is also heavily planted. Is there a way to get my Amano shrimp to come out more often?
  17. Hello, All! I wanted to start a journal here to kind of keep track of things and hope that others enjoy seeing this stuff too. I know I love seeing/reading about everyone else's tanks through their journals. I currently have 2 tanks, a 20 gallon and 14 gallon. Both have Bettas with some tanks mates. I am hoping to convince my boyfriend that I need a third tank once I start my new job, which would be a guppy community tank I think. I "rescaped" my 20 gallon tank today and thought it would be the best time to start this journal off. I plan on doing the 14 gallon tomorrow and will add that here tomorrow. My 20 gallon is currently home to: Galadaeros (aka Gal) the Halfmoon Betta 2 Nerite snails 6ish Amano shrimp 5 Otocinclus 8ish Ramshorn snails I started this tank back in January when I fell in love with Gal at a Petsmart. I have had fish off and on throughout my life, but unfortunately not to the level of care that I now know they need. I have since fallen down the rabbit hole and am OBSESSED. This is what the tank looked like this morning. I am currently fighting some hair algae, but it is SO much better now than it was. I think I am finally beating it! Though, it does look cool on my castle, I think. This is what I ended up with. I hope my PSO will fill in the background soonish, since it is all spread out now. I am thinking about adding a background but cant decide between black and dark grey. Gal is pouting because he only got vibra bites today, not frozen bloodworms. Gal likes to rest on the hair algae. And a super cute Oto. I am in LOVE with these little fish!! Thank you for coming and seeing my tank!
  18. Okay, so I ordered some shrimp and they look amazing! All active and hopping and alive! I am going to be drip acclimating them for a few hours. Big question: is this specimen container going to be safe to use for drip acclimation, or should I use a five gallon bucket? I know they jump but I don’t know if there’s enough water in the bag to cover the bottom of a bucket with any amount of depth.
  19. Hey guys, i just wanted to get your opinion about drip acclimating amano shrimp. Is it really necessary? I dont get why you should do it other than temp. thanks, Aaron
  20. Parameters: 10 gallon, 79* pH 6.6 Ammonia and nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 50-100 GH: 150 KH: 40-80 I lost an amano in my 10 gallon grow-out tank yesterday. It was very pink looking, like a cooked cocktail shrimp. Today another amano is turning pale and opaque. I think this could be a bacterial infection... but could it also be a nutrient deficiency? Anyone seen this before? I’ve had these shrimp since January and this is the first issue I’ve seen with them. Unfortunately I had a similar problem with cherry shrimp in this same tank before I got the amanos. The tank was shrimp-free for at least a month between the two, and I was hoping any infection would have died without a host, but maybe not. Other info: A week ago I treated this tank with paracleanse trying to save a quarantining honey gourami.
  21. So I recently set up a 20 gallon planted tank aquascape (picture attached). Plants are starting to fill in (there is a large group of various Rotala species to the left that you can't really see) and so far I have 10 Amano shrimp in there and 4 otocinclus. When I was working on the hardscape I ended up creating two caves. When trying to think of what to put in the tank I was doing research and found that Apistogrammas would appreciate a cave. I was specifically looking at either a pair of Agassizzii, Macmasteri or Viejita. I've never kept a Apistogrammas before but looking for opinions of those that have. Will these make dinner out of my Amanos or is this one of those depends on the individual fish situations? I don't mind if the Amano shrimp are more stealth to hide from the Apistos but I don't want them living in fear and ultimately they are there to eat algae which they won't do a great job of if they are constantly hiding. So do I have a shot with the Apistos or should I move on and try something like a school of Celestial Pearl Danios instead?
  22. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone had an issues with Amano shrimp Eating Eggs? I Have an apisto trio and not sure if I should remove the amano shrimp. i do have quite a bit of algae so im not sure if they will ever be too hungry but hopefully you guys will have more experience. Thanks in Advance!!
  23. My amano shrimp females are berried regularly and have always wondered what it would be like to try to grow up the young. I know that it is quite complicated (involving saltwater, etc). Has anyone had any experiences they would like to share?
  24. Will Amano shrimp be able to escape through this egg crate top on my aquarium?
  25. I started with 3 Amano shrimp and they did great for a few weeks so I got 3 more. The next morning I found 3 of the 6. Then a few days later just 1. Then none. OK, I hear they are good at hiding. A week goes by...none to be found. Now I'm concerned and curious. I look under every rock in the tank. Nothing. Maybe they have some sort of stealth technology that lets them go invisible? THe more I look into it, the more I read about them climbing out and looking for other water. Uh, oh. I look all over the floor, and sure enough I find one crispy Amano shrimp. Dang it. I then look all over for more. No more to find. Maybe when they die with the cloaking mode on they stay invisible? A few days later after Christmas (and a short...Jesus it would be cool if... prayer...) I see one climbing on my HOB filter! A Christmas miracle! No more to be found, in the tank or out. This past weekend I was at the LFS and of course I can't resist and get 3 more. The next day...gone! Now I feel bad for these shrimp I keep sentencing to a short life of crawling across dusty hardwood floors. So another prayer (what can I say...I believe it works) and back to work. Yesterday I was getting my new 40g tank ready and I took the HOB filter to the bathroom to pull the media for the new tank/filter. It is a Tidal 55 so it has the handy bucker like thing you pull out with the media in it. As I am draining that I see movement in the bucket. What is that? Well I'll be...an Amano shrimp. I take the media out and...two more are sitting in the bottom! I then look into the filter body (main black part) and sure enough, 3 more are sitting there together looking at me with an expression of, "What? All the food we could want and privacy. What did you expect?" Mystery solved. Amano shrimp are remarkably clever, good climbers, very social, and if they can find a hiding spot...they will go there and you will never see them. No stealth cloaking tech...just well honed instincts.
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