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Found 19 results

  1. My one Amano Shrimp just seems to lay on and around the Amazon Frogbit floating plants I have in my planted 46 gallon with community fish. Is this normal Amano Shrimp behavior or is there something wrong with this shrimp? The other 3 Amano Shrimp i have are seen on occasion in my planted tank, only if I spend many minutes looking for them. Is this all normal or are they not feeling safe with my large Common Pleco hovering around. Or something else?
  2. I started with 3 Amano shrimp and they did great for a few weeks so I got 3 more. The next morning I found 3 of the 6. Then a few days later just 1. Then none. OK, I hear they are good at hiding. A week goes by...none to be found. Now I'm concerned and curious. I look under every rock in the tank. Nothing. Maybe they have some sort of stealth technology that lets them go invisible? THe more I look into it, the more I read about them climbing out and looking for other water. Uh, oh. I look all over the floor, and sure enough I find one crispy Amano shrimp. Dang it. I then look all over for more. No more to find. Maybe when they die with the cloaking mode on they stay invisible? A few days later after Christmas (and a short...Jesus it would be cool if... prayer...) I see one climbing on my HOB filter! A Christmas miracle! No more to be found, in the tank or out. This past weekend I was at the LFS and of course I can't resist and get 3 more. The next day...gone! Now I feel bad for these shrimp I keep sentencing to a short life of crawling across dusty hardwood floors. So another prayer (what can I say...I believe it works) and back to work. Yesterday I was getting my new 40g tank ready and I took the HOB filter to the bathroom to pull the media for the new tank/filter. It is a Tidal 55 so it has the handy bucker like thing you pull out with the media in it. As I am draining that I see movement in the bucket. What is that? Well I'll be...an Amano shrimp. I take the media out and...two more are sitting in the bottom! I then look into the filter body (main black part) and sure enough, 3 more are sitting there together looking at me with an expression of, "What? All the food we could want and privacy. What did you expect?" Mystery solved. Amano shrimp are remarkably clever, good climbers, very social, and if they can find a hiding spot...they will go there and you will never see them. No stealth cloaking tech...just well honed instincts.
  3. I'm not sure this is the best forum for this question. I couldn't find info online and what I did find is counter to what I'm seeing so I thought I would ask. How long to amanos stay berried? After their last molt two of my amanos are heavy with eggs...can hardly swim. They are both quite large almost 2" nose to tailfin. What I read online says they only hold their eggs for 4-5 days, but both have been carrying them for over a week. pushing 2 weeks. Since they aren't in a brackish water will they not release and just reabsorb the eggs or what's going to happen? Should I add a weco wonder shell after this to help them recoup lost resources? I obviously realize that amanos will not successfully breed without some super complicated brackish/salt water setup. I'm just curious if I just need to wait this out of if I need to address it somehow or expect that these shrimp will not be long for this world.
  4. I have a 30 gal community tank with black tetras, neon tetras, one male betta, oto's, kulhi loach and a lyre tail molly. I put 8 amano shrimp in there last night. They are not full grown but they are not extra small. What are the odds they will survive? I hope good..😬
  5. Velvet or skin flukes? Flashing but still eating and not lethargic. I've looked all over the website about how to treat velvet. I also watched many videos but I'm not sure what med I should be using. I have Ich-x and the bottle states it is to treat velvet- but not sure if this is the recommended treatment. If yes- do I just use the same instructions it states on the bottle for treating Ich? I've blacked out the light to the tank but not sure what else I should be doing. Please advise!
  6. So I bought 3 Nerite snails and 6 Amano shrimp to help with diatom algae... and I’ve bought some crab cuisine and algae wafers for when the algae runs out... and well... it’s running out! They’ve done an amazing job. But now I’m concerned my snails aren’t getting enough food. I definitely see the shrimp go after the crab cuisine. I tried a blanched zucchini and no snails were interested. I haven’t tried the algae wafers yet but I’m concerned because of course the bag says to only feed what they’ll eat in a few minutes... but like... they’re snails. Lol it’ll take them forever to find the food. Should I just leave it in the tank and let it dissolve?
  7. I ordered 6 Amano Shrimp and they arrived yesterday via UPS. I drip acclimated them and then put them in my 29g tank. The tank has 20 neons and 4 male molly fish. The shrimp were somewhat active last night, but this morning they are MIA. I can't find any of them. Are they hiding until they get acclimated to the aquarium or do Amano just stay hidden? These are my first shrimp and am concerned I just murdered a small family of Amano's.
  8. Greetings! I've been watching Cory's youtube videos for over a year now and running my 5 gallon for almost as long. Two weeks ago was the 1-Year mark for this five gallon. Looking back through some pictures it feels like I've been through a lot since then - mostly plants... The creatures have thankfully stayed the same - or have grown at least! We've got: - 7 white clouds - a mix of the bog-standard variety and a couple gold-ish ones - including one that is offspring of the original six - 1 sort of helpful amano shrimp named Tony-Tina (pre-schooler naming committee FTW!) - 1 very helpful nerite snail named Beatrice My main concern is plants! I've got through a fair number of diebacks - some with known causes - over enthusiastic pruning of taiwan moss; others remain a mystery - like the anubias I had that basically melted and died right away. A recent addition of some luwigia repens seemed to mark the start of a big die off of plants in the tank. The two images are about a month apart, with the sparser one from today. There had been lots of great java fern growth over time - hoping to get some of that back. I've got some plants on their way from Aquarium Coop as I type, as well as some root tabs. Hope some more consistent feeding will help in making a happier environment for the plants. Everyone else seems to be doing just fine. If you're really eagle-eyed, you can see all the denizens of the tank in the "cleaner" pic. Looking forward to being part of the community.
  9. I noticed this about two days ago. This is one of my biggest Amano shrimp. The other large one is beginning to get an orange tail. Is it a failed attempt to molt? Is she going to die? They were both full of eggs the past few weeks.
  10. Is it likely that honey Gouramis would eat Amano shrimp? Are Amano shrimp nocturnal or very shy? I added a pair of honey Gouramis and four Amano shrimp to my planted community tank two days ago; the shrimp went right to work on some algae and all seemed well. Yesterday I was able to spot just one, today none so far. I have been accused of having an obsession, as I have spent so much time trying to spot them. 😉There are places for them to hide, and they are quite small, so...
  11. Im wanting to get some amanos for my 20 gallon but im concered my redeye tetras might be agressive towards them. Does anyone know if thats the case?
  12. I have a question for anybody who has ever tried to breed Amanos. Yes these are real Amanos- I've done the whole pipette the tiny larvae out of the breeding tank and transfer to saltwater, feed phytoplankton and diatom algae, change lots of water, etc. and I believe some of them are getting close to morphing! (This was my big project when quarantine started what seems like forever ago.) So my question is, how do you know when they have morphed? From what I understand it's fairly obvious, but I'm getting paranoid about not being able to tell and not transferring them back to freshwater quick enough. I'm also concerned because the oldest larva is moving around quite slowly... maybe it's just preparing to morph? Maybe I need to feed them something different at this stage? It's just been so much work to get them to this stage, I don't want to screw it up now!
  13. Is my Amano shrimp pregnant? If she is, what am I expecting? 100s of babies? Lol
  14. Okay I have read that amano shrimp need brackish water to hatch their eggs and for the zoes to survive. But I know I do not have brackish water and I have a extra shrimp baby shrimp that appeared. I assume it can happen from time to time because it did. Has anyone else experienced this?
  15. So all day today things were good. I go to feed them dinner and I find one of my Panda’s is half eaten. I have no idea who ate him or what happened! It is my 10 gallon. 1 male betta 2 (now 1) Pandas 4 Amano shrimp I am so sad! I used to have 5 pandas but 3 of them died late July/August due to high nitrates. I’m so sad.
  16. Hi, I've had four amano shrimp for the past 6 months, raised from juvenile to full size in my tank. 2 male, 2 female, based on dot pattern. Parameters, pretty steady since I got them, tested with API liquid drops: Ph: 7.2 to 7.6 Gh: 9-11 deg Kh: 3 deg Ammonia, nitrite: 0 Nitrate: less than 20 Temp : 78 F The past three weeks they have been extremely inactive, mostly piling together, sometimes on top of each other, doing nothing more than fanning swimmerettes. Typical behavior in the past has been constantly scouring the tank for food and algae, rarely interacting with each other, just in passing. Now hair algae is left untouched, and they only seem to eat the occasional shrimp pellet if I drop it right in front of them. And even that is nowhere near the ravenous frantic eating I'm used to seeing from them. They have always molted fine and appear to be continuing to do so, but going back to the lethargic behavior after. Nothing is harassing them, they aren't hiding most of the time, no new tank mates, nothing breeding in the tank. There are also neritie snails in the tank that seem to be their normal selves with normal behavior. I tried a dose of General cure and 5 days of maracyn both per the boxes; their behavior has remained much the same as described. No visible signs of anything unusual on their bodies. Video that shows their typical behavior of the past three weeks: https://imgur.com/gallery/KPOvtd0 Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  17. It’s everywhere and it’s really disheartening to see. I leave my lights on 7 h a day, but I’ll be cutting that back to 4-5 most likely. I need advice on how to get it under control. My first thought was snails and shrimp, though it maybe a while before I can get my hands on some.
  18. I came home today to a dead Amano shrimp and it was weirdly pink... like cooked shrimp Pink. I hurriedly checked my thermometer although everyone else seemed fine. My ammonia is 0.25 and nitrite is .25.... (which I know should be zero) Did the ammonia do this? 29 gal, planted, was forced into a fish in cycle due to my child’s destruction of my other tank.
  19. Well. I think its safe to say no hobby has taken my life by storm more than Aquarium keeping. I started a couple months ago and have 3 tanks already and I just got these beautiful babys today. Ill be updated my adventures here for the foreseeable future.
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