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  1. I know I've seen some lovely people on here use pots and other nifty items in their tanks to plant and do things like hide crushed coral but I forgot to save the info and my thyroid brain doesn't retain info very well. I'm wondering if that's a better option in a cory tank because they love to root around in the substrate. What kinds of planters and common items are safe that you use in addition to the ACO planters? What do you plant in them? I know ACO recommends the following for their planters: Anubias Ferns Cryptocoryne plants Grass-like plants (like dwarf sagittaria and vallisneria) Bulb plants Pics would be great also! Thank you so much! I appreciate you Nerms!
  2. Hi All! For my next tank (20 gallon long), I'd love to have a sand beach for my cories surrounded by another substrate. Thinking eco complete and maybe some gravel. What kinds of dividers have you used to keep the sand separate from the other substrate as best you can? Pictures of your setups would help too!
  3. Ok so I've recently become obsessed with designing a species only tank for some panda cories, hopefully long finned. My goal is a 20g long. How important is it to match their habitat of origin when aquascaping? Do I just stick to plants from South American? Is that too limiting? I've gone down a research rabbit hole and need to get pulled out of it. Thank you Nerms!
  4. I’m gonna be setting up a new style of tank (for me) and it got me thinking about the different styles of aquascaping. Over 30 years most of the time I would buy whatever decorations at the box stores I liked and try to mesh it together. Then I steered towards natural rock and driftwood only tanks, keeping mostly African cichlids it worked best. Now over last year I’m heavily into planted tanks. So what’s your favorite aquascaping style? 1) box store decor = fake plants, fake logs, shipwrecks, castles, ect… 2) natural stone/ wood = real stone or wood only 3) lightly/ moderate planted = some plants some decor fake or natural 4) heavily planted = very heavy plants real wood/ stone all styles included 5) biotope = specific natural environment to mimic or recreate an exact location 6) themed = non aquatic decorations to create a special environment or feel that has little to no natural decor (like they do on the show Tanked a lot) 7) other = other pics if possible! This thread is meant to inspire others to try different styles and go outside their comfort zones. I never thought I would do a themed tank but I really wanted to try something way different than anything I’ve done in the past.
  5. I recently found out about this cool online scaping simulator. I am planning for a new tank, and decided to give this a shot. While it isn't perfect, it was certainly fun to play around with it. I could have done this for hours! Here's the scape I did on this website. I have to say its pretty cool. It's called scape-it.io
  6. I’m starting a new 55/75 gallon tank. I have an idea of what I want the scape to be and my idea includes have bonsai trees. My question is what kind of plants ca I use as “leaves” that will grow well. I’ve seen Monte Carlo and moss as ideas but I’m looking for soemthijg unique. I don’t have any CO2 or high dollar fancy lighting nor do I really want to get involved with all that. There’s a lot of plants that look like they could work but I dokt know how they would grow without being in the substrate. Thanks in Advance!
  7. I'm just getting started with the early planning stages of my 55 gallon tank! Where do you begin with scaping? How do you come up with a theme? I'm lost when it comes to getting started! My first tank, a 29 gallon, was for me to play around with and just get my feet wet with the hobby. Now I want something with a more cohesive look to it. Do you buy hardscape pieces first and build around that? Do you go seeking hardscape to fit your vision, then build a plant aesthetic from there? I'm a complete novice to scaping. I'm using a natural color off-white sand as my substrate (inert) and Il'l be keeping the tank low tech. I want something that is low maintenance and easy to clean, and I'll need a little driftwood because I'd like to try a bristlenose pleco for this one.
  8. Greetings everyone this is my first post here, Wanted to know if anyone has any advice on my planted 55 gallon. I do a 40% water change every other week , I have a hang on back and a cannister filter on it . I'm not really a fan of how its looking so any aqua scaping tips would be greatly appreciated , also this is my first large aquarium and I have been struggling with the plants and algae, i am currently dosing the recommended amount of easy green and easy carbon and root tabs but due to the large amount of plants should I maybe dose more?, many of the larger leafy plants have brown spots. All the fish are doing great and look healthy the only aggression i have is from the Redtail shark. Any thoughts and feedback on the tank would be awesome Thanks.
  9. Hey folks, show me some of the ways you guys hide sponge filters in your tanks. I love the natural look of my aquarium with the exception of the massive sponge in the back corner.
  10. Im doing a carpeted 40 gallon breeder witha bonsai tree as the center piece. Looking for ideas on what to put on the bonsai tree that will handle high light. Tree will be on a hill. Top will only be a few inches from surface and light source will be a fluval planted 3.0 36-48.
  11. I planted the monte carlo in my 5 gallon to see if it would carpet without co2. Its been a few months and nothing yet. Now time to try something esle. I need help on choosing what kind of plants to put in here. It houses one betta named Hugo. Floating plants are illegal where I live.
  12. I would like some feed back on my plans for the 40g tank I'm getting ready to setup, I'm in no hurry and taking my time so I make as few mistakes as possible. getting feed back on my ideas has always been helpful and appreciated and I'm hoping the same happens here. I included a rough floor plan above for my project. the fish I'm interested in keeping: 1. 3x Banjo river loach 2. 4x Kuhli loaches 3. 12 neon tetra/ longfin neon tetra if I can find them 4. few shrimp if I feel my water parameters can support them my equipment: Fluval 307, a little concerned it my have to much flow Aqueon pro 150 titanium heater looking for the Hygger 60w HG-957 led but may have to settle for the 36w HG-978 do to lack of stock. I have a 20lb bag of CaribSea Eco-Complete but concerned it could hurt the loaches I was planning on just using it as a base and coving it up with Fluval plant substrate and have not settled on what type of sand to use but leaning on Topfin or CaribSea Super Natural. the border in the floor plan I'm planning to use crafting mesh and cut it to 2"-3" and silicone it in place and then silicone Dragonstone chips to it. I do have a piece of wood and several dragon stone pieces to add for decorations and have not decided on particular plants but I would like some with red coloring and some carpeting plants as well. well that's it, all ideas and opinions on my choices and concepts are welcome - Thank You
  13. Hi I'm new around here 👋. Sorry for the length of this but im trying to give as much detail and my thought process as I can! Honest thoughts on this please? I can't quite envisage how it's going to look long term. My plan was the Java fern growing bigger out the wood and eventually blocking out the sight of the filter on the right hand side. The wood has lots of little gaps to jam plants into. The cave in the corner has that massive bit of Java attached, could be split individually if required. Should I add something other than Java fern to the wood to mix it up a bit? There is 2 caves hidden up the back where my pleco lives with water wisteria planted in-between them, I'm hoping this will fill out and give a bit of a backdrop to that part of the tank behind the larger pieces of the wood and provide cover for the caves. On the left, the sponge is an experiment with the Elodea Densa and moving to another tank. I'll explain at the end 😉 I have some Vallis growing over here which is spreading quite well so far, I'm hoping to fill that side of the tank with that, also have anubias on a piece of wood towards the back corner. I did try the Elodea planted over here but it was messy looking so removed it. The small plants in front, I can't remember what they are, chain sword maybe? It's not showing any signs of spreading anyway I also have a couple of questions.. How much space does the filter need around it to work most efficiently? Can I plant closer to it? Seems like wasted space. Will there be issues with the anubias being so close to the sponge filter on the left? I know they like shady areas. What are the two plants I've pictured, is one a chain sword right enough? The Elodea is a bit of an experiment I'm trying, I'm hoping it will attach to the sponge filter and grow though that so I can easily move it around since it's a weighted bottom. The stem on the wood to the right was to see if it would attach and grow up through the wood however I'm having second thoughts about this as I type, looks a bit out of place. I've added pictures from all angles so you can see what I have exactly. Should I change anything? Add anything? I'm welcome to any and all suggestions please! Thanks if you got this far 😆 and yes Barry does like to photobomb every picture I take 🤦‍♀️
  14. If you were to use a background plant such as vallisneria and use another plant at the back of the tank, would the vallisneria take over the whole background to where you can't see the other plant or would it survive?
  15. I noticed a lot of people on here maintain planted community tanks. Since I’ve moved on from those setups, I figured I’d give everyone a quick insight into my involvement in the hobby. I hope you guys can get some inspiration from these pictures. All setups were without CO2 & lighting was 8 hours a day.
  16. I am starting a new aquarium, I want to plant from seeds the carpeting but am not sure what is a reputable place to get my seeds from . If anyone has any advice sure would love to hear from you . Thanks
  17. Hi everyone! Just out of curiosity does anyone else think that some types of algae in certain places can look good? I really love this brownish algae on my drift wood, since it makes it look really weathered/seasoned when the tank has only been setup since the first week of January.
  18. Lets say you had a empty 5-10 gallon, what would you do with it? Explain what kind of scape you would want and what kind of fish you would stock it with.
  19. From what I've gathered from you lovely beings is that A LOT of this is trial and error so I want to just test out a few different plants to see what works and what doesn't for my 10g. I have three different swords I got a month ago and they're doing really well. Got some crypts and moneywort the next go round and the melting is real but I'm hoping they'll come back fine. My tank is stable at ph 7.4, 0 Ammonia, 0 nitrite, ~5 nitrate -- which I'm going to work on increasing to ~20 ppm when my Easy Green gets here. I have Easy root tabs for the swords and crypts. My plan is to get a few java ferns and a few different kinds of anubias -- Nana "petite," barteri and coffeefolia -- to put in there to see what happens. Am I just throwing money away or being incredibly brave by experimenting? Will the Easy Green be sufficient for the java fern and anubias? Or do I need Carbon and Iron as well? I'm just planning on using super glue to attach them to hardscape.
  20. I recently rescaped. I have no idea what to do with the clump of dwarf hair grass. I know I need to cover the equipment better. Any suggestions? Low tech planted 20G I wanna get my male Apisto some more female friends so he can draw his attention away from the one in there. I hear they’re better in harems anyway. I’d really like to have a spawn! I feel like the wood is too much but I like the look of it.
  21. I have a 29g that my green spotted puffer lives in with a scape of cichlid rocks and plastic plants that he/she can explore. I would really like to replace the plastic plants with something live as all of my freshwater tanks have only live plants in them. I am also hoping that live plants could slightly help lengthen the time in between water changes by consuming some nutrients. Are there any plants that are easy to get online or that I can look for at my LFS that will tolerate brackish water? Thanks in advance!
  22. Will floating do better in an open toped tank or one with a lid on it
  23. I saved this beautiful branch of Crepe Myrtle that was broken off in a recent ice storm. It has such an interesting texture that I thought that I had use it in my tank. I did a little Googleing and found Crepe Myrtle to be a hardwood and on the safe list. It’s been in our backyard since a sprout so I know there are no pesticides or anything like that on it. It appears to be completely dry since it was in winter dormancy when it was broken off. I’m hoping to use it in a new 29 gallon that I’m setting up. I believe that it could be cut into two pieces and become a great wood feature that could span from one side of the tank to the other. I can just picture Java Fern and Anubis attached to it . I guess I have a couple of questions... Would you think the wood is seasoned long enough? I can put it in the oven but pieces close to 30” long would be difficult to boil. I will just have to pour boiling water on them in a Lowe’s bucket. How would one advise to incorporate them into my new aquascape? I’m using black Eco-Complete. I have 3 or 4 other small pieces of driftwood that I have been soaking. Any other answers that I don’t know enough to ask the question? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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