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  1. Will someone please confirm that this is a detritus worm? My wife is acting like I found the spawn of satan in one of our tanks and is about ready to tear down the fish room! She has a pretty substantial phobia of worms and parasites. I enjoy messing with her and I’m tempted to have her look at the underside of our tanks 🤣🤣🤣🤣. thanks in advance
  2. If you think you know what type of worms these are please let us know. I posted a short youtube video at the bottom of this post. I netted some floating plants out of one of my tanks tonight and then set it over a container so that it didnt drip all over my desk. Later when i went to dump the net out i realized the net had strained all of these worms out of the floating plants ans down into the container seeking water. I have no idea what type of worms these are. Apparently they were living in the roots of the floating plants i would assume eating the detritus that is caught there. Anyway they are pretty interesting and actively seek out bits of floating plants when i added them to the container. Im wondering if i should add them back into my tank or not. They seem like they would be a great live food source for small fish. Let me know what you think i should do. Aquarium Mystery Worms Video - Youtube
  3. I ordered some neocaridina shrimp and plants from someone and got some hitchhiker snails which I was excited about. When I saw two of them today they had little white strings waving from their shells. Does anyone know what they are or if I need to do anything about them? Thanks, Brad
  4. Hi everyone, Two nights ago I saw a weird worm like creature on my driftwood. I did some research and thought maybe it was planaria. The next day, knowing what characteristics to look for found several more and yes they are definitely planaria. 20 long planted tank and the water changes based on stable water chemistry, I do one about every 2 weeks. I don’t gravel vac much at all to leave the mulm for the plants. so, since I have breeding shrimp in the tank what should I do about the planaria? Thanks so much!
  5. I'm cycling a 5.5 aquarium and it has this white wiggling thing in the glass and some in the water can some one know what thay is I have no fish there at all I'm just doing a fishles cycling but I dump alot of fritzzyme 7 in it like have a bottle lol. I'm worry if those things are bad or good for the cycling 5.5 aquarium
  6. I am beside myself. Just found camallanus worms protruding from my peacock gudgeon (I chose to euthanize it). I have a 40 gallon heavily planted community tank with MANY fish, shrimp and snails. Substrate is Seachem's Black Flourite Sand. The way I see it, using the likely medication of Levamisole is not an option, as I am not willing to lose all of my vampire and amano shrimp. I just ordered an Aqua Top SP7UV Sterilizer in the hopes of getting at this nightmare in a different way. What are you opinions?
  7. Hi guys so I have a 50 gallon planted tank and today I noticed some worms in my tank in the substrate. My fish don't really show any signs of disease and I haven't had die off, But I'm not sure if these worms are something to be worried about or not. I know that a lot of planted tanks get Detritus Worms I'm just sucky at identifying them from harmful worms haha
  8. Will these worms hard my shrimp and bladder snails? I have never fed them blood worms so I don’t understand how they got in here if they are blood worms.
  9. For the past couple months these white "critters" have appeared in my small (2 gallon) shrimp tank. Can someone identify them and let me know if they are harmful to my shrimp and catfish? Thanks, Bill
  10. I bought a package for Hikari Frozen Tubifex Worms at my LFS. I have never fed these yet, but went down a rabbit hole of reading how tubifex worms should not be fed to fish at any cost, as they are rampant with parasites. Hikari is reputable, but I obviously don't want to take the risk, if it indeed exists. Any thoughts?
  11. Are these worms? There seem to be hundreds of them on the glass. They are 2mm or less in length. White in color. Thanks for your help.
  12. Malakaiea

    Help Worms

    SO I have had a worm infestation for awhile now and what I have been trying isn't working and I think the only other thing I can use to get rid of them is the API General Cure but I am afraid it will hurt my crayfish I have had her almost a year and she was big when I got her so she isn't a baby but I wanna make sure it will be okay for her. They are not only all over the tank but also on her so I need her to be in the tank when I dose it! Thank you! I have tried not feeding and traps as well as Prazipro these are the worms on one of her molts the are usually on her and the glass
  13. I have a 29 Gallon Aquarium, with 8 pristella tetras, 1 pleco, 1 peacock goby, and 5 full grown endlers. I also had an apisto borelli which unfortunately died last week. Not sure exactly why but assuming starvation cause it wouldn't eat and was pooping long white strands. I also had 1 other endler which died. My aquarium has had an algae bloom for about 2 weeks now, and when I say algae bloom I mean water that is a greenish color. It eventually got so bad that I couldn't even see the fish in the aquarium. so about 3 days ago I started running a UV light filter which has been clearing up the water considerably. My question is, any solutions on how to prevent algae blooms in the future? I also think that I might be overfeeding, any ways to tell? My last question is about 2 small whitish brown worms I saw floating around in the middle water column? I looked around the aquarium and couldnt see any more. Is seeing worms in an aqaurium a good or bad thing? should I do anything to try to remove them? Later today I am going to do a deep cleaning of the aquarium ( Gravel cleaning, water change) and I also plan on adding aquarium salt to the tank. Any other Potential Solutions?
  14. Nathaz5


    Does my guppy have signs of internal worms?
  15. I was looking at my crayfish because she has eggs and just wondering how they are dying and i noticed there are some small worms on her mouth then u noticed two on the glass I need to know what kind they are what to do!!
  16. Long story short, I ended up with camallanus worms in at least two tanks. Since my fish were no longer eating, I opted to dose twith levamisole. Per the instructions from Select Aquatics, I dosed twice over two days (25% water change + 1 dose, 25% water change + 1 dose.) I used the 15 gallon spoon for my 20 gallon long (it holds ~16.5 gallons of water after substrate, hardscape etc.) so I'm reasonably certain I didn't overdose. No inverts were impacted, and my remaining fish have been passing worms like crazy. Since then all my tank's inhabitants have been acting normally, albeit with reduced appetites. However, since the levamisole treatment I've been able to detect ammonia in my tank. It's been cycled and running for close to a year with no issues and the only change I've made in the last several months is the application of the de-wormer. I've been monitoring it over 4 days now, and I'm consistently seeing detectable and rising ammonia levels in the water. I vacuumed the substrate thoroughly for each water change to help remove any dead worms, and to remove rotting organic matter in general. I would be very surprised if built up organics were the cause of the current ammonia spikes. The tank is very lightly stocked, thanks to the worms, but there's clearly not enough of a working bio filter to keep up. I've tried bringing media and filters from other cycled tanks in to help things catch up, but that's been no help. My concern is that the levamisole has wiped out my bio filter and since it's still in the water, is wiping out any new bacteria I introduce. I'm at a bit of a loss in terms of ways to remove the medication from the water. I had some carbon on hand, and I've added that to my HOB, but I'm not sure if there's more I could be doing. Other than carbon and water changing, is there anything I can do to speed up the process of clearing the levamisole from the tank? It seems like its presence is wiping out any beneficial bacteria I introduce. I'm also not able to find anyone whose experience with levamisole mirrors my own. Most people seem really happy with the treatment and don't experience a cycle crash. Any thoughts on what might've caused my treatment to go haywire? Thanks in advance for any advice! Battling these worms has had me bummed out for weeks now. I felt like I finally had the upper hand once I managed a diagnosis and treatment, but it's gone all pear-shaped on me.
  17. I've had these rainbowfish for ~4 months now, and they've been bulletproof until today. I noticed one of my females resting near the bottom of the tank and sort of swimming in place. She looks normal, except her fins are tucked and there's something dangling just in front of her anal fin. https://imgur.com/a/qigpHlv So far, she's done this twice today. The first time lasted ~30 minutes before she swam up and was back to normal for a few hours. As she was swimming up she was flaring her fins a bit. Second time was about an hour ago and she just recently went back to swimming normally. I have a hard time believing this is normal behavior, but nothing in the tank has changed for weeks. Tank parameters are 0/0/20 8.0pH 78F in a 20 gallon long with several other forktail rainbows, none of whom are acting strangely. They're fed a varied diet of frozen worms/daphnia, live baby brine shrimp, BugBites flake and VibraBites. Could this be related to spawning behavior? I've found a few eggs in the sponge filter, so I know they've spawned in the past. I'm guessing parasite, just based on the dangly bit attached to her body, but I figured I would throw it to people with more expertise diagnosing things like this. Thanks for any help with a diagnosis!
  18. Hi all, I am a newbie and still cycling my planted tank , (no more ammonia but nitrite still high ) The thing is that I go some algae in the process... with the algae I started to see other creatures appear (hitchhikers form the plants) I am guessing . I see baby snails and I know that these are good , I also see very skinny and long worms, they almost look like white hair until you notice them crawling and eating the algae . I also see tinny little creatures looking like small bugs or fleas ? I know that some worms are and some creatures are good and some can be very bad I going not find on google a worm that looks like the one I have and I want to make sure nothing bad is going on before adding fish after the cycling . I tried to take a picture but these are very small things we are talking about so it blurry Thank you
  19. Hi everybody I am new to this forum and I am not sure how this post will turn out . I have a 60 gallon freshwater tank with a sand substrate. I currently have four cichlids one of which is a peacock, one is a good size electric yellow and the other two are, well honestly I don't know. One was born in the tank but doesn't look like a peacock and the other one has a rounder shaped body than peacock. But anyway they are all cichlids. I also have a picasimus and a pictus catfish. My pH level is about 8, the temperature in the tank is always a steady 78°. About four weeks ago my picasimus started to develop fin rot . I have never had to deal with such a plethora, or virtually any illness of any of my fish for the last couple of years, so not knowingexactly what to do, I used the aquarium Co-op trifecta of maracyn, Para cleanse and ich X. I had done so much reading, so much research, I couldn't remember exactly what I read or what I heard and where. As a result I confused the quarantine instructions with the dosage instructions on the box and treated the fish as if in a quarantine situation instead of an actual infection situation . After the week-long course of treatment was finished I gave the tank of water change the picasimus' fins started to look better, everybody seemed healthy and then a few days later that gigantic outbreak of these Smiley faced roundworms occurred! Apparently they were in my picasimus ? Right around the same time I found that nasty looking flatworm dried out on my tank lid ! Yikes ! I guess it was kind of a blessing in disguise otherwise I might not have ever known they were in there. Anyway there are also round red worms hanging in some of the plants I'm not sure if that's a different worm all together like a callamanus or if it's just a different stage of the same worm . I also found detritus worms in the test tube for my ammonia test water . Well in the meantime I guess cuz the fish were stressed out ich completely exploded in the tank . I assume the photos I posted show a couple of different stages of tomont and theront. These poor guys are being eaten alive! It seems like the ick larva are the worst after I restart the filter after a water change . You will also see in one of these photos tiny almost green colored translucent things floating that look different from a lot of the other floating stuff. They look a lot like a pea shell that you would remove off of a pea before you feed them to a fish. Anybody have an idea what that is? In one of the pictures you will find what looks like a worm wrapped in a cocoon I think I read somewhere that the fish does this sometimes to protect itself before it poots out the worm. I didn't have time to wait to order more meds from aquarium Co-op so went to my local fish store and got supplies to begin a regimen of prazipro and coppersafe as well as feeding them Metroplex with garlic guard (if they eat it ). I am inexperienced and did not realize that the sand had been lowering my copper levels to a point where the PPM were probably ineffective . I'm not sure that's the reason, but I was told that calceus matter and cichlid sand could lower copper levels, but even after dosing according to the bottle the copper levels were low. I finally bought a copper test kit and seems like I had only been running a dose of .20 parts per million for the last couple of weeks . So two important weeks of the battle have been lost ! I'm still not clear on what the parts per million for freshwater should be. I have read they need to be as high as 1.5 to 2 parts per million to be effective . However the general consensus seems to be .50 parts per million Max? Especially with a pleco and a catfish . I have also been using Levemesol and vacuuming the worms off of the sand to no avail . Only stressing out the fish with the water changes even more . It's a wonder they are still alive . A couple of them have quit eating . This has been going on for 4 weeks . I'm afraid to take them out and put them into a makeshift Hospital tub for fear of stressing them out even further . I know this is a huge post I guess I would like to know exactly what these worms are, definitively what is the proper PPM for copper in freshwater tanks and would it do any good to take the fish out and put them in a makeshift Hospital tub tank if it is prepared correctly . Thank you in advance for your help . Steve
  20. So I tried to get the best picture possible of these worms in my 29 gallon. I don’t even know how I got them in my tank nor what type they are. They look like Detruis worms but they move so quick it makes me think they are planaria. I have big ones and super small ones, any ideas of what they are, and what I can do to get rid of them. Thanks, Tacoplayz
  21. I can't get a good closeup as its on the back glass of my tank, but I also saw a couple of them free swimming. I don't have fish in this tank yet TG but am wondering if the worms will die of starvation without fish/fish food in there, or if I need to treat with panacur. And if so then I guess I need to take my 4 new snails out and quarantine them but have no idea where as I have no more tanks. The worms are small. The pics are 10x mag on my cell. Any help in identifying and eradicating appreciated!
  22. I've had a worm composting system running in my basement for years now to recycle my home's organic waste and to use the output in my rose garden (rose gardening being my other, and probably longest-lived hobby; been at it a few decades now!). It just dawned on me to ask . . . can I use these as live food? I have a bajillion, more or less an endless supply. Anyone have experience with this? Pros? Cons? Tips? Don't know why I never thought to ask this before.
  23. Hello everyone, I have a 10g planted / shrimp tank that I started about 4 months back. At that time I was under the impression that I could feed them micro pallets, that I feed my tetras in the bigger tank. Turns out I grew a bunch of hair algae, snails, hydra, and this worm I can't figure out. I have taken care of the hair algae by water changes, and changing the food to dedicated shrimp food. Took care of Hydra by using a Azoo Hydra/snail treatment. This worm is a mystery to me, as I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I started taking them out using a tissue paper first, but then I would not see them in the day, now they mostly come out at night. The reason I want them gone is that I think they are eating shrimplets, as I haven't seen any, though there have been a few shrimps with eggs. When they move they move by elongating their body, sticking, and then pulling the body back. They have a hard skin when I have touched them. I am not sure how to attach a small clip, as the forum would not allow me. Thanks a bunch, love from Lahore, Pakistan.
  24. I have a brand new 20g long tank, heavily planted and fishless cycled it for 2 weeks. I introduced 5 baby ramshorn snails, as I noticed a lot of protein and biofilm building in the tank, plus all the decaying plants (dwarf saggitaria sheded a lot from transplanting it to the new tank) ...and I just noticed what could be planaria. Two or three tiny tiny worms cruising slowly through the glass... Not entirely sure if they are or not, but they could be, as one of the tanks at my LFS has planaria in it and they might have cross contaminated other tanks, and somehow I might have transfered it to my tank. Yesterday I added one betta and 3 albino corydoras, as I read online, fish most times eat them and keep them under control, also that planaria will thrive if there's overfeeding, which is not my case, however all the waste from the driftwood and plants could be an issue. What are your thoughts?
  25. I’m pretty new to the hobby. I currently have 5 guppies and one pleco in a 10 gallon. After doing research I’ve learned that a 10 gallon is not sufficient for a pleco and plan on getting the correct size tank in the next month. But I was completing a water change when I noticed something wiggling through my tank that I assume to be a worm. I found one a month ago after getting new plants from the co-op in a small 3 gallon quarantine plant tank. I caught it and disposed of it. But now they’re in my main tank. I haven’t switched over any plants from one tank to the other so I’m unsure how it could’ve been introduced. I caught the ones I just found in my tank and put them in my bathroom sink to video. I have caught more than a dozen worms. I don’t know what to do! Please help!! also just realizing that you can’t post videos so I took a screenshot. And circled the worms
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