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Found 7 results

  1. I'm looking for suggestions that can be placed with breeding Apisto's that won't get murdered or snack on fry. If such a suggestion exists!
  2. I am going to be getting some corys and I want them to be comfortable. I recently watched the video from Aquarium Co-op on how to breed corydoras and the phrase "be the fish" came up a LOT. So I want to keep some "dither" fish with the corys. I was thinking about using chili rasboras but I've never kept them so I don't know how they actually act. I'm thinking of keeping the corys in a 20 gallon long with live plants and hopefully a slightly tinted color. If chili rasboras aren't a good dither fish, what else should I use? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys I have a 125gal that I have Nicaraguan Cichlid, a small Synodontis Catfish, a Porthole Cory and a Congo Puffer. The Nicaraguan's are shy and need a dither fish. So I was using Giant Danio but when I add the Congo Puffer I noticed them bothering the Puffer and I don't want that. So I removed the Giant Danio and am looking for something else to help make the fish more comfortable. Anything out there that won't pester the puffer and would be fine with the Nicaraguan's? I worry about Tetra's out competing the puffer. Barbs, Mollies, Platy and Swordtail pestering the puffer. Guppies getting eaten bye the catfish.
  4. I have one Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) and 5 bumblebee oscars / fat Oscars (Astronotus crassipinnis) some clown loaches that are young and will be going to bigger tank later some feather finned squeakers (Synodontis eupterus) a red finned shark some Chinese algae eaters a young green Phantom pleco and a few yoyo loaches I'm looking for a detherfish to help the bumblebee Oscars it's 120 long
  5. Can anyone give me tips on getting my orange laser corydora’s to be more active . I have 9 in a 55 gallon planted tank for about 6 months now , with sand and lots of wood and rock to hide . It seems I’ve made too many hiding places as I don’t see them at all unless they are eating. I have a big amazon sword and jungle vallisneria to dim the light so it isn’t too bright for them and I still don’t see them 😔 . I have to slowly creep up to the tank to even see them before they spot me and dart off. I have 11 rummynose in the tank also , am trying to get more for a larger school. Should I add more cories ? I wasn’t sure how many is too many for that size tank as they get a bit larger than some of the other species. @Cory @Cory Gang @Corycatfan
  6. What odd choices of dither fish have you tried? How did it work out? Yesterday I bought three beautiful, juvenile marbled angelfish--at Meijer of all places--to increase the size of my small angel gang and hopefully decrease aggression. The new angels are about half dollar sized and healthy looking. When I introduced them to my current quarantine tank, a lightly planted and snailed 29g THEY FREAKED THE HECK OUT! They were terrified of me, blood worms, flake food, light, darkness, gravel, plants, snails and existence, in general. I decided to reassess in the morning and possibly employ the dither fish strategy I saw in the recent Coop video. My little grocery store angelfish had not improved by morning and still would not eat the very scary, high quality food stuffs I tried to feed. Enter: the molly fry gang. I added four 1/2 inch black molly fry--too big to be eaten. They have all the confidence and general boisterousness of their adult counterparts on a much smaller scale. It worked. Within a few hours the angelfish were moving with confidence in the tank, even when I approached. When I threw some Fluval Bug Bites in the tank they greeted the food with the kind of piranha-like enthusiasm I've come to expect from angels. Now they have taken up the angelfish hobby of repeatedly testing all flotsam to see if it's edible. If I were a better photographer I could show you how beautiful my new angels are. It's truly a test of will not to go back and buy up the lot.
  7. I watched a video @Cory posted 2 days ago on said subject but you only listed like 5 fish was wondering if we could get a list of big dither for predictor fish and a list of smaller for say your spiny eel that’s hiding or smaller fish none the less
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