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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I’m looking for some input for my next tank - specifically stocking and aquascape. Background: I am American, I live in Barcelona, Spain, and I brought a pair of Vienna guppies back with me that I bought from 614 Aquatics while I was visiting my parents for the summer. The pair has had 16 babies so far, and while I am caring for them in simple breeding and rearing tanks, I want to be able to sit and enjoy these very special fish with a nice planted aquascape… so I bought a new tank that will allow me to observe from three sides, including my desk and a guest bed. Purpose of tank: Vienna guppy display & breeding Peaceful nature aquarium, deceptively simple, highlighting fish and - to a lesser extent - also my skills at aquascaping Nano community Specs: 42L 35-cm cube tank (Urna Blau Cubic Aquascaping 42L) roughly 11 gallons Small sponge filter with USB pump - and probably a small HOB filter for additional filtration and water polishing Small heater Blau nano light - may swap out for something like a NICREW 30cm LED light Stocking options: Start with a pair of VG but later up to 3-4 pairs Some breeding of Neocaridina shrimp down the line after tank matures (likely yellow or orange) My go to cleaning squad: 2 amano shrimp, a nerite snail, and probably ramshorn snails Kind of want to include a couple other fish… mainly a nice shoal of grayish nano fish and a group bottom dwellers. My options: panda corys (I love them, have never kept them, and fear this footprint might not be right for them…I have looked into smaller corydoras species - like hastatus or habrosus, but feel like whenever I see them, they are schooling about midwater rather than hanging out on ground, which is more the look I want, I think? Although I’m a bit apprehensive if corys dig up plants - not sure?), either platinum or mottled gray medaka (which I already keep / breed in indoor/outdoor ponds, so I can easily add or remove as desired), Yunnanilus cruciatus, Normani Lampeyes, Black neon tetras Oryzias woworae White clouds Input welcome!!! (Non negotiable: VG. Top choice: panda corys.) Aquascapes I am considering: Option 1: “Riverside” Inspirations: https://youtu.be/oHtACMTK0oY https://youtu.be/AxPbDGFFoSk https://youtu.be/pMyzCUBYUNY https://youtu.be/Q0juwigB4vM Option 2: “Wabikusa Bouquet” inspirations: NATURE IN THE GLASS 'A bouquet of aquatic plants' | ADA https://youtu.be/f3cHV6S0W9o https://youtu.be/Is-lg6eoFJ0 https://youtu.be/7Qz6Z7GeMoo (but with tank filled completely) Option 3: “Epiphyte island” Inspiration: MulMung’s albino full red guppy tank Notes: This tank will not be my main breeding colony of Vienna guppies. Of course, I want to encourage breeding, but I also have a 20-gallon pond tub for growing out and breeding. I’ll likely remove newborn fry from this tank and add to grow out tub. Eventually extra adults may be sold (yes, some fishkeepers in Spain know Aquarium Co-op!). Basically, breeding /overstocking isn’t a concern as it’s (a) my goal and (b) most VGs can stay in other tanks while this is mainly display. I do want a balance of VGs and another fish or two. I want to avoid too many distracting/busy branches and wood that a net may catch on (see above). Alright, so given alllll that context, what insights and advice do y’all have in terms of aquascape and stocking? 😅😄
  2. There are bonuses to both kinds of aquariums With nano tanks, there small and can fit on desks, are easily moved, and IMO a lot more fun. Lots of the time stocking will be with small personable fish like pea puffers, bettas, sparkilng gourami, etc. All though with the smaller tanks = less stocking options. With bigger tanks you have the option for more plants, fish, hardscape, and can start housing big fish. Or do you like nano tanks because of the fish, but like bigger tanks because of the space? So would you perfer a 30 gallon with a sparkiling gourami group, and other small tetras? So which do you perfer? Explain your reasoning:
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