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  1. This kid is like 12 and smarter than me lol. great video thogh. Ive got a 125g thats been running since july that was planned to be discus. It currently has Boesmani and Paleatus Cories in it. I keep goin back and forth on whether i want to bring them in.
  2. @Andy's Fish Den i was in the same boat. My LFS had a pair he was keeping in the store to breed. Explicitly not for sale, I swear he was fish teasing me lol. They both ended up jumping out of their tanks unfortunately. So for sure keep a good lid. After seeing them in person I had to have them but could never pull the trigger on aquabid as it seemed like a hassel. Luckily an out of town store brought some to the fish swap last week and I picked up the pair for $50. I don't understand why these aren't in every store EVER. By far my favorite fish I own currently.
  3. @FrostiesFishesoh yeah they've been hitting the blood worms hard. I currently have a super low stock 125. With 8 boesemani a few Florida flag fish. Ph around neutral, around 200ppm Gh, 79° heavily planted. They seem happy as they were only hiding a few days and are out and about quite a bit now. I'll probably throw them in a 10 when its time to make a breeding attempt but I'm just letting them acclimate to my water currently. I just saw a Steenfot aquatics youths video with Randy Reed where he was trying to breed blue gularis as well. The method he was attempting was just a 1/2 inch of #3 gravel in a tank, and gravel vac the eggs out for hatching, no peat moss. Honestly I might try both methods to experiment.
  4. I bought them a few times for feeding my figure 8 puffer and threw them i several tanks. I usually have half of the group die within the first week then the rest do fine. Ive actually had them breed in my brackish 29g and fresh 10g the colony has been going strong for a couple years.
  5. @FrostiesFishes thanks for the response. Ive done the peat moss method with gardneri before. Im curious as to what age/size they are sexualy mature. My male is about 3 inches and the female is just a bit smaller. Did you condition them with BBS or chase any parameters to induce breeding? I do have fairly hard water out the tap(over 200ppm GH) but I do produce RODI for certain projects. Also what strain of blue gularis is yours?
  6. I have a rainbow cichlid that I bought in 2013 or 2014!
  7. Finally remembered to get on this forum! Looking for people's experiences on keeping are breeding Blue gularis killi. Not many mentions on here about them, which is surprising. I have been trying to get them FOREVER and finally landed a pair at a fish swap last week. They're even better in person! I'm baffled that they aren't the most popular fish ever. Great color, patterns, personality and size. Everything i ever wanted. My plan is to breed these guys I'm curious what other people's experience has been with them. Thanks in advance, and stoked to be here. Jason
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