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  1. Bought some plants from the LFS and this little guy was in the bag(trace amount of water in the bottom). Guessing it's a little guppy or endler, but I'm not sure.
  2. I was siphoning up plant debris and snail poop from the unoccupied quarantine tank to get it ready for the next batch of fish. I got all the big stuff up and was starting on the second round of cleanup when I noticed something rather not debris-like at the top of the tank. It was baby fish! I counted about 6 but I have no idea how many I sucked up and tossed out in the grass with the first round of siphoning. 😞 The last fish in the quarantine were rummy nose tetras and dwarf neon rainbows. I really wasn’t expecting babies from either school since I wasn’t doing anything to encourage it. Now I wonder if there are babies in the main tank. I’ve never had baby fish other than guppies so I’m a bit out of my depth with these guys. I have frozen baby brine so I plopped a cube in for them. If I manage to keep them alive I do have the Co-op’s fry food but those granules are pretty big, more guppy fry size. These guys are tiny and nearly all eyes! Really hard to get photos of but here’s one of the little guys.
  3. Found these in the 75 with my Mekong River Puffer Colony today. Only other fish in there are victorea mouthbrooders and variatus platys doesnt look like either of those . 6 and counting just turkey baster'd them over to the breeder boxes
  4. CKZ

    Mystery fry

    Hi everyone! We are hoping someone can help us identify these fry which apparently hitchhiked on some plants we purchased. There are three total, and they showed up right after we plunked new plants into an otherwise empty tank. We tried to do some reconnaissance and headed back to the store to see what was in their tanks, but by the time we noticed the fry a few days later their stock had changed a bit. They are tiny, and currently living with baby white clouds, which are rapidly outpacing the growth of these little guys. Ideas??
  5. Well I just got my first rack of my fish room build up and running 2 weeks ago. Started with 5 20 gallon tanks. Have some rainbow guppies in 2 …neon pineapple swordtails in 2 and BN juveniles in one. Well a week ago I came home to some new additions. One of my guppy trios gave birth. I was so unprepared!! I started making BBS around the clock. Here they are a week old! They are already starting to show color. I am amazed how fast they are growing. That BBS is some great stuff!
  6. So I have seen some spawning activity from my 2k golden white clouds the past few days. I came home today and checked my tank and THERE THEY WERE little 2k fry swimming around. I have counted about 5 so far but it’s a jungle tank so there is probably a lot more. Any ideas on how to care for these little fellers because I haven’t really bred any other fish intentionally other than guppies and now these guys. I have a group of 5 adults 2k white clouds and Pygmy cories should I be worried on the pygmies eating them. Also what should I feed them? Thanks! See if you guys can find the little fry in the hornwort. Hint: he is in the left corner.
  7. Just glanced at my 33 gal long Killifish tank… and found this little one!
  8. I’m worried I have 10 goldfish coming in mail tomorrow and I see this stuff in my tank…. The bugs on top I read harmless goldfish will eat them idk. I would love any help I don’t want get any my 10 orandas 3 months old sick but I think if it’s frog or somthing they will just eat them. I’m stomped I have nothing in tank can drop fry. I have this little 10ish things swimming in 125g tank nothing old enough in tank. I have 5 month old bristlenose 4 of them and had 4, 7 month old ranchus goldfish. I moved them few days ago get ready for new fish. I also have little bugs jumping on top of water I’ve read nothing worrie about. So is this like frog or somthing? I don’t think it’s a parasite or is it!!!?! Doing water change it’s a mess but watch last 10 secs video best few pls https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/KP0T1i-sSwuNTJQMWzCwrw.-5Q-PDOjRtBwY873M6_x8k And here’s what’s on top of my water https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/aHEVYZ1rTMOmVt79yPIEUA.TTXKQMfdYvENe0pftd4S4q
  9. So I'm in the middle of this big move to a new house and over time my tanks have been a bit neglected, none moreso than my 10g cherry shrimp tank. I put it in a weird spot when I set it up so that maintenance was hard and just didn't do much of it over time. I assumed that things had gone south and I'd just have to move on and start over. First of all the cherry shrimp are totally fine, the colony has thrived apparently despite my negligence due to it being planted. Once light got through I realized they were all good. Then I spotted something I did NOT expect - a juvenile corydora. Here's the thing- I didn't put a corydora in that tank. In fact I have never kept any cories, juvenile or adult, in a 10g tank. The presence of this fish is a complete mystery. How, fishkeepers? How did this happen?
  10. Good evening, I found a baby loach in my aquarium. First of all, how exciting! I didn't even know I had both male and females. My question is, how many eggs do they lay and how often? I purchased them to do general cleaning and because they are different looking. I don't know what to do with the babies. other than let them be and hope they don't have to many. They are in a 70 gallon but it is very heavily planted and not set up like one would for these guys so it may be just a one time thing?
  11. This morning I found a few false julii cory eggs in my 20 gallons - about 8. I set them in a fluval medium breeding box and added an airstone. The breeding box hangs outside the aquarium but source its water inside. This evening I was laughing at my nerita snail for trying to push the cholla wood out of its way when I noticed 4-5 fry scattering everywhere 😳 I managed to catch a few of them. Should I add them to the breeder box? Or should I put them in my 10 gallons, cycled, planted, same parameters as the tanks my cory parents are in? There is only about 10 clown killifish fry in it, less then 2 months old, only eating live and frozen baby brine shrimps.
  12. Holy cow what do I feed them and how do I take care of them if they survive the adults
  13. I've got medaka and white clouds in my pond. I went to feed today and I saw a weird new bug in there. Upon closer look, I discovered they were fry! I scooped one up and took a few photos below, but I'm wondering should I feed them or are they okay with random pond microbes? I'm still feeding the pond flake every day.
  14. A couple years ago, I was at the phase of calling every big aquarium box store begging for tips on when the next dollar-per-gallon sale would kick off. Now, things have found a sort of balance. And I find myself mulling over something different. I’ve just freed up a 20 gal. long that had been... let’s see... a German Blue Ram grow out, then a Brilliant Rasbora grow out, then an Apistogramma Bitaeniata F0 breeding setup attempt (mostly fail), and more recently, an Emerald Killifish grow out. Now it’s empty. The ever-eager-breeder in me wants to try Apistogramma Borrelli. I’d add oak leaves, alder cones, tannin from Rooibos tea, a second cave, some pencil fish as dithers.... I can see it top to bottom in my imagination... But I’m pausing to think: what about all the guppies in outdoor tubs? Where will Rams grow out if that is a successful project? Where better could I place a harassed fish (or some bully) if I needed a solo space? What about my C.A.R.E.S. Xenotoca doadrioi I’m getting too crowded with — wouldn’t this be a good option? It’s a tricky spot to manage... that place where some shred of common sense breaks in on total hobby enthusiasm. Irene made a great video awhile back before starting at the CoOp about why you should join a fish club. It was funny how spot on she was about phases in early aquarists’ experiences. In the end, the Fish Club sure resolves a lot of red hot excitement. But the next leg of the journey is interesting too. The mellowing, settling phase...
  15. I walked into my fish room to put some stuff away and I happed to see something moving in a tank that has water but no equipment. I took a closer look and there was 3 baby red wag platys. The filter broke a month ago and I took the adults out had no idea there was babies in there until now.
  16. This little guy appeared in the tank today when I was doing a water change. The tank only has ever had three boys in it. I think he was a hitchhiker on a tiny sprig of guppy grass as an egg (When I picked up his three dads from aquarium co-op). So long and thanks for the free fish.
  17. My son has always been the most observant person in our family, and I just got a yell that "MOM! There's a fish in there!" He was looking at our "empty" QT tank-it's been fish-less for over a month, but I've been periodically putting in a pinch of food here and there to keep the cycle going (and it has snails...like everything else!). Sure enough...there's not one, but TWO little squiggly babies! Now I'm going to have to go watch the tank to make sure it's only 2! The last fish QT'd in there were a pair of guppies and a group of corys. These aren't guppy fry--I have plenty of those to compare them to, so they must be corys! They even squiggle swim like the adults. The pics aren't very good, and it's all fake plants in there--set up to function rather than for beauty! One's about 3/4 inch and the other is maybe 1/4 inch. I have an order of (maybe still alive) loaches coming from AquaHuna on Monday, and they're supposed to go into this tank for QT/Recovery. Should I move the fry to the QT tub with swordtail fry, or to the 95 gallon tank with their parents, guppies, and guppy fry? Where would they do best?
  18. This was a tank i setup from late 2019 from an old jewelry case my mom had lying around, originally it was a 8ish gallon shrimp tank but it picked up other inhabitants along the way. Now the inhabitants include: Hundreds of cherry shrimp 8 briggitae (chilli) rasbora 5 adult ember tetra( freebie from the chilli rasbora purchase) 7 pygmy cory A handfull of pest snails and some rabbit snail. A few mjnth ago i started noticing ember tetra fry, and because i started feeding heavily most has grown to adult size. The problem i want to ask is will the population going to control itself or am i looking at the slowest trainwreck happening?. There are now at least an additiinal 4 juvebile ember tetra and another 6 fry under the pelia moss. I am certain i have adequate chemical filtration but ive never bred tetras before, are they gonna chocke my tank? T tank has an 1.5 inch gravel substrate with another 2-5 mm thick mulm layer on top filled with wiggly tubifex worms. Filtration is a hang on back with a giant pothos growing from it that needs trimming every week. I also added an airstone just in case it helps. Thanks for any advice/suggestion.
  19. It was a great joy when my youngest saw the fry in this tank first! I thought he was looking in a guppy tank, but he was looking at a planted I’ve got started with the ultimate goal of a Bloody Mary shrimp colony. About three or four have made it to about a half inch size, and today was the first time one ventured out into the open. While looking at him/her I noticed several other newly hatched fry. We haven’t done anything to encourage spawning, just one of those “hey, look what I found” situations. So cool when it happens!
  20. I found 10 more Sterbai fry while cleaning out the ole Eheim and before anybody says it there IS a coarse sponge on the intake. Locally Sterbais run $8 each. The moral of todays story is before you dump things out check your trays and strain the water.
  21. I've been just letting my new 20 long just sit while I decided what kind of fish I want in it. To start the cycle I squeezed out the sponge from my 40B into it. Somebody made the trip in the filter. They had to have been eggs at the time. Baby Panda Corys! Two of them! Here's a picture of one tiny little feller.
  22. So, pulled half a dozen Emerald Killifish eggs from a mop awhile ago. Put a Cherry Shrimp in to ”nurse” the eggs — keep fungus down, and eat infertile eggs. It appeared only one egg hatched. Just changing out water in container... and woah! There’s two!!
  23. So there was a lot going on in my tank today.... I had to fish out some sick panda corydoras, I tried to add a wave maker that I believe is unfortunately too strong for my 20 gal long... and through out all this madness I saw what I believe to be a baby ember tetra?!? I have 7 of them and the only other fish were the panda corys... and I know they weren’t breeding. How is this possible? Could there be more? I had a hard enough time netting the corys there’s no way I could ever catch this tiny thing lol (sorry the pic isn’t very good I had to snap it in a hurry.
  24. Hi all. I got my guppies yesterday - 8 females. and was surprised to find tiny fry in the bag too!! looks to be 8 or 9 of them. everyone is in the quarantine tank right now and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I did have one female die, pretty sure it may have been the one that gave birth, since it seems there was damage to her stomach area. but everyone else is doing fine. Should I pull the fry out and then go about treating the adults? I feel the babies need frequent feedings, safety from adults and water changes, while med trio would not be conducive to this. Since all are in my quarantine tank now I would have to figure something out for the fry. Should I just figure on feeding fairly heavy for now with lots of water changes until the fry are bigger? any suggestions on how to get 'safe haven' from adults? the quarantine tank is actually a 7 gal container, with heater and filter. I do have some floating plants in and one medium artificial silk plant, but really not enough cover, though the adults do not seem to be going after the fry at this point, that could change, right? thanks all! any advice to this newbie is appreciated, and to say that I am over the moon with the little surprise packages would be an understatment!
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